Research progress of implantable intra-body communication

Research progress of implantable intra-body communication

Shuang Zhang1, 2, Yuping Qin2, Jing Xiao3, Yihe Liu1 

1College of computer science, Neijiang Normal University, Neijiang, 641000, China

2The engineering & technical college of Chengdu university of technology, Leshan, 614000, China

3Air force Logistic College, Xuzhou 221000, China

The intra-body communication is an emerging wireless communication technology. According to coupling modes of electrodes, the intra-body communication is classified into two types, the capacitive and the galvanic coupling intra-body communication. The capacitive coupling communication is inappropriate for the medical implant intra-body communication because this communication mode requires the common grounding, while the galvanic coupling communication can exactly make up for the disadvantage of the former. In existing research overview, prototypes and experiments concerning the two coupling communication modes are thoroughly discussed, and research status of “surface-to-surface”, “surface-to-implant”, “implant-to-surface” and “implant-to-implant” communication methods is emphasized as per installation positions of electrodes. Furthermore, opportunities and challenges of the communication technology are presented as well as its prospects.