A modeling approach fora class of static nonlinear systems

A modeling approach fora class of static nonlinear systems

Xiaoping Xu1,Feng Wang1, Fang Dai1


1School of Sciences, Xi’an University of Technology, No.58 Yanxiang Road, Xi’an, China

2School of Mathematics and Statistics, Xi’an Jiaotong University, No.28 Xianning Road, Xi’an, China

As the first step of any system analysis, modeling is an important task in scientific studies field. The mathematical modeling has a long research history. However, nonlinear system modeling has still not been well solved. System identification is the theory and methods of establishing mathematical models of systems. In this paper, by using a hybrid technique, a novel identification method for a wide class of static nonlinear system with unknown structure is proposed. The basic idea is as follows. Firstly, the proposed method employs a system model composed with classical models so as to transform the system structure identification problem into a combinatorial optimization problem. Then, the bacterial foraging optimization algorithmis adopted to synchronously implement the identification on the system’s structure and parameters. Finally, compared with the existing method in simulation experiments, some examples are given to illustrate the validity of the proposed method.