Pre-obfuscation model based on COIL intermediate language

Pre-obfuscation model based on COIL intermediate language

Yubo Yang1, Wei Huang2, Wenqin Fan2, Zhengming Hu1


1Information Security Center, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, 100876, Beijing, China

2School of Computer Science, Communication University of China, 102600, Beijing, China

Code obfuscation techniques changes and complicates the logic and structure within the program on the basis of assuring the procedures being implemented correctly, which needs to transform the original program to an intermediate form which can be analyzed. Most of the pre-obfuscation models at present are lack of unified and formalized intermediate language, and the results of the pre-processing cannot accurately extract the information needed in obfuscation. A pre-obfuscation model COTOOL which is based on COIL is put forward in this paper to accurately locate the distribution and weight of the obfuscation node in the program taking advantage of the pre-processing algorithm of COIL intermediate language. The experimental data shows that this model improves the obfuscation efficiency and effectiveness greatly.