Semantic integrity and K-anonymity

Semantic integrity and K-anonymity

Liming Huang1, Jinling Song1, Yan Gao2, Qianying Cai1


1Hebei Normal University of Science & Technology, Qinhuangdao 066004, China

2Liaoning Institute of Science and Technology, Benxi 117004, China

The data set in data base have certain semantic commonly, and these mantic need to be satisfied with the form of some constrains, such as functional dependencies (FDs) and multi valued dependencies (MVDs). Never the less, the k-anonymity model may be destroyed the semantic integrity in the process of k-anonymization because of the incontinent generalizations. So, in this paper we address the issue of how to preserve the semantic integrity of data set in the k-anonymization process. We define any data dependency named k-multiset dependency (K-MSD), which can ensure a data set satisfies k-anonymity constraint. In addition, we propose K-MSD algorithm to realize k-anonymization through constructing K-MSD between attributes, and propose K-MSD-AG algorithm to preserves FDs or MVDs as while as constructing K-MSD.