Real-time video transmission system based on embedded middle-ware TAO

Real-time video transmission system based on embedded middle-ware TAO

Jiangyan Sun1, Xiaoqiang Jia2


1Modern EducationTechnologyCenter, Xi’anNormalUniversity, Xi’an,710077,Shaanxi,China

2School of Mathematics and Information Science, Institute of Applied Mathematics, Weinan Normal University, Weinan714000,Shaanxi,China

Analysis of the application of real-time video transmission system in the cluster operation platform, use thin clients Model, introduce the CORBA middleware, designed a program tailored to ACE + TAO dynamic program, development program as far as possible use smaller memory and smaller storage space, Combined with embedded real-time Middleware technology to construct distributed heterogeneous video transmission system. In order to verify the feasibility of the scheme and real-time, CORBA A/V services and CORBA NamingService are combined with, and the real-time video transmission system of Embedded Middle-ware Based on TAO is realized. The system is composed of client and server, the client is composed of two parts and divided into sender and receiver according to the role, UseMFC and MiniGUI to develop user interface, runon Windows system and Linux system, the server is in VxWorks system for data forwarding function. With a 100Mbit/s bandwidth LAN environment, video of the subscription, the release, playing, pausing functionhas been realized by testing. In the aspect of real-time, video data, from collecting to playing with delaying in 150ms. Bandwidth in 352×288 pixel single collection of pictures, in case of 32 frames per second, the bandwidth consumption occupies only 500-540 kbps, and realizes the low bandwidth consumption.