Research of distributed IDS based on mobile agent and genetic algorithm

Research of distributed IDS based on mobile agent and genetic algorithm

WeiminGao1, LizhenXiao2


1School of computer and information science, Hunan institute of technology,Heng yang 421002,China

2School of electronics information, Hengyang finance economics and industry polytechnic, Heng yang 421001, China

The special radiation and openness of the propagation channel during wireless communication will lead great threats to security of network management and communication.In recent years, there are more and more application of genetic algorithm and the mobile agent in IDS. As traditional knowledge based IDS has to build artificial rules and patterns from expert of field with human interventions, limitations of expert rules will be highlighted with the change of time and space, resulting in unsatisfied detection correctness and effectiveness. As a result, we need to optimize the performance of IDS. In this paper, we first introduce the mobile Internet network architecture and security problems, and put forward a general IDS model and classification, then design aintrusion detection system based on mobile  Agent and genetic algorithm, with flexibility, scalability and strong adaptability and low error rate, which meets the needs of mobile IPv6 environment to use. Experimental results show that the proposed design model has advantages in the performance of the detection efficiency, which is suitable for mobile network.