The GPS information acquisition system based on Zigbee

The GPS information acquisition system based on Zigbee

ZhenghuaXin1,LiangyiHu2, GuolongChen1,QixiangSong1, Hong Li1


1School of Information and Engineering, Suzhou University, Anhui Province,234000, China

2School of Economics and Management, Suzhou University, Anhui Province, 234000, China

This system designs the global positioning system (GPS) module in the CC2530 chip. So it is called the GPS wireless sensor node. It makes the GPS combine the Zigbee node. The Zigbee is the communicating protocol for the wireless sensors. The location information is sent from the terminal sensor through the Zigbee protocol to the coordinator wirelessly. The coordinator sends the GPS information to the PC or other terminal via the serial. At last, the personal computer can communicate the position information with other users via a wired or wireless network. If the GPS information timely can be transmitted by the Zigbee wireless network, then you can get the more accurate positioning system through the software in the upper host computer. It will be widely applied in the field of the industry and the agriculture.