A framework for improving urban noise map

A framework for improving urban noise map

Zhang Bin 1,2, Hu Wencheng2,Peng Linhui1


1 College of Information Science and Engineering, Ocean University of China, Qingdao 266071, China

2 Beijing Municipal Institute of Labour Protection

With increase of urban noise, urban planning and design use noise maps increasingly, and 3D noise map are also paid attention increasingly. This paper investigates the possibility of developing a 3D(three-dimensional) acoustic interactive scene base on VRGIS platform for the creation of noise maps. This involves building simple 3D city model, generation of 3D observation points and noise calculation using standard noise calculation models. Beijing Olympic Center was selected as study area, fictitious data was used to calculate the noise levels of study area. Appropriate spatial interpolation methods were used to develop noise surface. Measurements were also carried out at various locations throughout the test area, which were then used to investigate the accuracy of predictions.