The Sharing Mechanism Study of IT Enterprises’ Knowledge Alliance

The Sharing Mechanism Study  of IT Enterprises’ Knowledge Alliance

Haiwen Yang1,2, Changqi Tao2 


1 School of Mathematics and Physics, Jinggangshan University, Jinggangshan, 343009, Jiangxi, China

2 School of Information Technology, Jiangxi University of Finance & Economics, Nanchang 330032, Jiangxi, China,

Knowledge alliance is a kind of strategic alliances, which is to analyze the alliance motive and content from the point of view of knowledge. This paper analyzes the impact factors, mechanism of knowledge sharing and spillover effect between IT Duopoly by building a two-stage game model and Prisoner's Dilemma model. In addition, IT enterprises’ knowledge sharing process is also simulated by using MATLAB software. The results suggest that the optimal sharing level of technical knowledge will be reduced with the increasing of network effect of IT product and the equilibrium profits will increase; the bigger the complementary of technical knowledge, the lower the level of technical knowledge sharing which leads to more equilibrium profit and less equilibrium profit; with the increasing of network effects of IT products, company will share less technology and the equilibrium profit has increased; with strengthen of complementary capabilities of technical knowledge, company will share less technology, whereas the equilibrium profit increases firstly and then decreases.