Slipping coefficient study of frictional high strength bolt joint

Slipping coefficient study of frictional high strength bolt joint

Jingyuan Li1, Qiang He1, Kai Zhang1, Zichen Lin2, Min Ding1, Jinsan Ju1


1Dept. of Civil Engineering, China Agricultural University, Beijing, China

2Dept. of Civil Engineering, Beijing Forestry University, Beijing, China

The finite element model was developed by the software ABAQUS based on the existed test to analyze the slipping coefficient of frictional high strength bolt joint. The effects of connecting plate thickness, distance from bolt axis to the component edge, bolt hole diameter, and pretension on slipping coefficient were discussed. The results show that the simulated slipping coefficient is about 0.23 and agrees well with the existed test results. It is smaller than the corresponding code value 0.3. Increasing connecting plate thickness or edge distance could improve the slipping coefficient slightly. Increasing bolt hole diameter or pretention would decrease the slipping coefficient slightly. At the same time, the minimum and the maximum pretension curves for M20 bolt were obtained for practical usage.