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Part A: Mathematical and Computer Modelling

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Approximation of unit-hypercubic infinite two-sided noncooperative game via dimension-dependent irregular samplings and reshaping the multidimensional payoff matrices into flat matrices for solving the corresponding bimatrix game PDF

Vadim Romanuke


Applied Mathematics and Social Informatics Department, Khmelnitskiy National University, Institutskaya str., 11, 29016, Khmelnitskiy, Ukraine

The problem of solving unit-hypercubic infinite two-sided noncooperative games is considered. The ultimate goal is to approximate the infinite game with bimatrix game, ranking the approximation accurateness. This is fulfilled in three stages. Primarily the players’ payoff functions are sampled under stated conditions of dimension-dependent irregular samplings. Then the sampled payoff functions as multidimensional payoff matrices are mapped into ordinary flat matrices under a reversible matrix map. Finally, after obtaining the solution of the corresponding bimatrix game, equilibrium finite support strategies are checked out for their consistency, being used as the approximation accurateness rank. If consistent, then the bimatrix game can be regarded as the approximation of the initial noncooperative game. For particular cases, conditions of the weakened consistency are stipulated. Different types of consistency ensure the corresponding bimatrix game solution varying reasonably by changing the sampling steps minimally. If the solution is not even weakly consistent by the most primitive consistency in ranking the approximation accurateness, then the sampling intervals should be shortened. If any shortening is impossible then the sampling points must be set otherwise. The suggested approximation tool is fully applicable to games, which are isomorphic to the unit-hypercubic infinite two-sided noncooperative game.

Data decomposition for formation aggregation values of hypercube in multiprocessor parallel computing systems PDF

R Uskenbayeva, N Mukazhanov


Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering, International University of Information Technologies 34 «А»/8 «А» Manas Str./Zhandosov Str., Almaty, Kazakhstan

In this paper possibilities of aggregational values calculation is considered. Aggregational values are the main element of multidimensional operative analytical processing. The main reason of using parallel computing systems in data processing is to increase productivity level. Although, parallel computing systems cannot be used in processing all data types. Data processing algorithms and processing data should be gradually adapted to parallel computing systems’ usage. In this regard, data decomposition for formation aggregational values in parallel computing systems in data operative analyzing is considered in this paper. In order to identify dependence between data during the process of decomposition Bernstein's conditions are used. At the same time implemented course calculation of from 1-dimension to n-dimension and parallel computation of course interactions will also be considered.

Models and algorithms of testing software on the basis of the basic spesifications PDF

G I Khassenova, S T Amanzholova, N G Khaimuldin


International University of Information Technologies, Kazakhstan

This article discusses the study of software reliability. Define the concept of software reliability. Examines existing software reliability models and their classification. The main stages of the software life cycle.

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Part B: Information and Computer Technologies

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Research on digital resources integration model in cloud computing environment PDF

Ying-jiang Han


Henan Technical College of Construction, Zhengzhou City Zip Code: 450064, China

This article analyzed the present situation of digital resources integration, expound the content and methods of the digital resources integration, focused on related digital resources integration theory for cloud computing environment, combined with the characteristics of cloud computing, and proposed the application and improvement of the digital resources integration based on cloud computing technology.

The application of database technology in the network management system PDF

Yong-qiang He, Xue-rui Wang


Henan Institute of Engineering, Zhengzhou, Zip Code: 450007, China

In today's society, the internet was increasingly expanding the scale of the computer network, the structure of the network has become more and more complex, the network management system must have a higher intelligence. A large amount of data had been processed in the network management system, and the application rules on data processing are the two most basic elements, and the database had provided a technical solution to achieve the function of these basic elements. This paper discussed the network management system, the basic function of network protocols and network management MIB databases, the ERC plus method of database design are discussed, and the application example is given. The article also analyzed the adaptability of network management application on database. The design and maintenance of the network system is very useful.

Using apache storm for big data PDF

S Surshanov


IITU, Kazakhstan

The rapid growth in information technologies has resulted in creating of new concepts, opportunities and challenges. Big Data (BD) is one of them with its tools and techniques. Big data is becoming a metonym for competitive advantage in business. However, majority is not yet familiar on what are or what is meant by “Big Data”. In spite its huge benefits, big data has serious challenges and requires some critical thoughts when it comes to analyzing of big data. This study focuses on exploring the meaning of BD, identifying important parts of research on BD and its analysis concepts using sample from Twitter information using the real-time processing software called Apache Storm.

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Part C: Operation Research and Decision Making

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Teachers present situation of information literacy for college and university teaching PDF

Zheng Xu


Zhumadian Vocational and Technical College, China

With the continuous development of the Internet information technology, it had also changed for the colleges and universities education teaching model under this background. And it has become a very important task in today’s colleges and universities for the information technology literacy teachers training. In this aspect, many universities and colleges had this problem in this aspect, some even went into a myth, and wasted the manpower and material resources. This article aimed to analysis the current stations of teachers information literacy during the teaching in universities and colleges, and discussed the methods of obtaining teachers information literacy.

Research on the low carbon packaging of food PDF

Yan-qi Liu


North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power

Now the food safety issue had become the subject relating people's livelihood, and in which the food packaging issue become more and more important, and had got much attentions. This paper was to research and analysis of the problems of food packaging at present stage, and investigated from the direction of low carbon environment-harmonious food packaging design. Then this study put forward several design ideas, such as: integrated design, simple design, packaging technology and material selection, etc.

Discussing to the application of virtual reality technology in competitive sports for simulation training PDF

Lei Chen


Command and Tactical Department of Henan Police College, Zhengzhou, China

The application of virtual reality technology in competitive sports for simulation training can be used to movement’ analyses, evaluate, arrange and innovation. This technology improves the technological content of sports training. Therefore, it makes athletes to grasp sports technique quickly and keeps in good form. The paper describes research status and development trend of the technology of virtual reality and physical stimulate and its application in sports training. And it discusses the function and system of virtual reality technology in simulative training.

Study on intelligent stadium operation management assisted by computer PDF

Xiying Zuo


Department of Physical Education, Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Henan, China

With the emergence of intelligent constructions, the designs of stadium which act as the venue for sports events also develop rapidly to the direction of intelligence. Computer technology is not only able to help the venue manager to finish various tasks but also be able to realize the information exchange of all systems. The control technology can realize the automatic manipulation over all kinds of equipment. Currently, the intelligent system of stadium is able to realize the share of resource and information, to enhance the equipment utilization and to save energy, providing a safe, comfortable and convenient environment for users.

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Part D: Nature Phenomena and Innovative Engineering

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Numerical simulation of deposited behaviours of Al particle on Mg substrate in supersonic particles deposition PDF

J K Yao, X M Wang, Y X Liu


National key Laboratory for Remanufacturing, Academy of Armored Force Engineering, 21 Dujiakan, Beijing, China

ANSYS/LS-DYNA is used to simulate supersonic particles deposition process of Al particle impinging on Mg substrate. Critical velocities of particle at different spraying temperatures and deformation, highest temperatures, stress and strain of particle/substrate are studied. The results show that with the increasing of spraying temperatures, the critical velocities experience a small amplitude decrease. For the two aspects of single particle and two-particle impingements, the highest temperature rises with the increasing of initial temperature and the deformation morphology and stress and strain of particle/substrate vary with/without tamping effect. Upon the effect of tamping, the flatten ratio of pre-deposit particle is bigger than the particle without the tamping effect at the same velocity. The values of maximum stress and strain of two-particle with tamping effect are both higher than single particle impinging. The change gradient of stress without tamping effect is much steeper in comparison of two-particle impinging with the velocity increasing while the change curve tendency of maximum strain is similar to the flatten ratio.

Study on supported perovskite-type catalysts for catalytic combustion of volatile organic compounds PDF

Chaocheng Zhao, Xiuxin Xu, Yongqiang Wang, Lin Li


College of Chemical Engineering, China University of Petroleum, Qingdao, 266580, China

LaxCe1-xMyN1-yO3 was supported on γ-Al2O3 by equal volume impregnation method. The effects of loading amount, calcination temperature, element type and element ratio in the A-site and B-site on catalytic combustion of toluene were investigated. Then the catalysts were characterized by XRD, BET and SEM. The results showed that the optimum preparation condition of the catalyst was the loading amount of 12%, the calcination temperature of 750°C, and the catalyst form was La0.8Ce0.2Mn0.8Co0.2O3/γ-Al2O3. Under the action of this catalyst, the ignition temperature T50 and complete conversion temperature T90 of toluene were 243°C and 303°C, respectively. The supported perovskite catalyst maintained perfect perovskite structure and dispersed uniformly. Its surface area and porosity were greatly increased. The whole structure was fluffy and conductive to practical application.

Nursing on maternity anesthesia surgery PDF

Ji Zhang1, Lei Fan1, Ruilian Cheng2, Jimin Yu3, Jiping Liu1


1Women&infants Hospital Of Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou 450012, China
2People’s Hospital Of Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou 450012, China
3Zhengzhou NO.7 People’s Hospital, Zhengzhou 450000, China

Objective: Analysis to strengthen the effect of nursing in gynecology and obstetrics anesthesia surgery. Method: This study had select the 100 cases of patients with the treatment of anesthesia surgery of obstetrics and gynecology in our hospital from July 2012 to July 2014, in which, there were 60 cases of patients for full term care on perianesthsia care period, and 40 cases of patients ( the control group) whom were only given general nursing. This paper compared the nursing effect of the two group. Results: recover fineness rates of anesthesia care group was 96.7%, patients satisfaction rate was 96.7%, the incidence rate of complications was 7%; recover fineness rates of control anesthesia was 87.5%, the patient satisfaction rate 85.0%, and the complication rate was 7.5%; The anesthesia care group effect was more promising (P<0.05). Conclusion: the full term perianesthsia care could significantly improve the anesthesia effect during the maternity anesthesia, and worth clinical extensive application.

Perioperative nursing on patients undergoing gynecologic laparoscopic surgery PDF

Ji Zhang1, Lei Fan1, Ruilian Cheng2, Jimin Yu3, Jiping Liu1


1Women & infants Hospital of Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou 450012, China
2People’s Hospital of Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou 450012, China
3Zhengzhou NO.7 People’s Hospital, Zhengzhou 450000, China

Investigate on perioperative nursing on patients undergoing gynecologic laparoscopic surgery. Methods: There were 121 cases of obstetrics and gynecology patients who were selected in our hospital, they were required to laparoscopic surgery and were randomly divided into control group, 61 cases in this group, they were given routine care, there were 60 cases in observation group, they were given Psychological Nursing care on the bases of routine care which the same as control group. Compare the sedative effect, psychological reactions, clinical signs and SAS score to evaluate the effect of psychological care. Results: compared to the control group, the anxiety cases of observation group was of significantly less (P<0.05); compared with admission, SAS scores in observation group on the preoperative and 1 day after decreased significantly(P<0.05). Compared with the control group, the observation group at each time point was significantly lower in the depth of sedation score (P<0.05); the differences in the systolic blood pressure and heart rate after break five minutes between two groups were significant (P<0.05). Conclusion: compared with obstetrics and gynecology laparoscopic surgery patients in the periaesthesia give regular care to give psychological care to patients with depression, education sentiment mitigation, sedation enhancement surgery.

Using laser scanning technology to 3D Imaging and study on volume measurement PDF

Xianjie Yang1, Gang Du1, Zehui Cheng1, Dongxia Zhang2


1Department of Information Engineering, China University of Geosciences (Beijing), Beijing 100083, China
2Department of Beijing Vocational College of Agriculture, Bingjing, 100083, China

Based on the necessary of large volume fast measurement of material stack, this article introduced the principle of laser scanning technology in achieving 3D imaging and volume measurement, and the method of establishing 3D surface model with coordinate conversion and image processing effectively, in order to improve the accuracy of volume measurement in material stack. Experimental result shows good characteristic of speediness, accuracy and short periodic.

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