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Part A: Mathematical and Computer Modelling

A SoPC design of a real-time high-definition stereo matching algorithm based on SAD PDF

Xiang Zhang, Huaixiang Zhang, Yifan Wu


School of Computer, Hangzhou Dianzi University, Hangzhou 310018, China

The System-on-Programmable-Chip (SoPC) architecture to implement a stereo matching algorithm based on the sum of absolute differences (SAD) in a FPGA chip is proposed. The hardware implementation involves a 32-bit Nios II microprocessor, memory interfaces and stereo matching algorithm circuit module. The Nios II microprocessor is a configurable soft IP core in charge of managing the buffer of the stereo images and users’ configuration data. The system can process any different sizes of stereo pair images through a configuration interface. The maximum horizon resolution of stereo images is 2048. When the algorithm core works under 60MHz, the 1396×1110 disparity map can be achieved at 30 fps speed.

Study on improved LLE algorithm based on a sample set of well-distributed and weights matrix PDF

Song Fei, Cui Zhe


Chengdu Computer Institute of Chinese Academy of Science

There are large amounts of data has accumulated along with technology of computer, information and network developed. How can we using these data and mining out the valuable information are hot topics in information processing field. There are some distress and difficulties caused by the high-dimensional data on data modelling and data analysis. In this paper, a local linear embedding algorithm based on the improved uniform sample set and the weight value matrix is proposed. The test shows that the improved dimensionality reduction algorithm accuracy is significantly higher than the original LLE algorithm.

The nonlinear vibration analysis of the fluid conveying pipe based on finite element method PDF

Gongfa Li, Jia Liu, Guozhang Jiang, Jianyi Kong, Liangxi Xie, Wentao Xiao, Yikun Zhang, Fuwei Cheng


College of Machinery and Automation, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, 430081, China

A Coupling between the fluid and the structure existed almost in all industrial areas the vibration of fluid solid coupling for fluid conveying pipe was called the "dynamics of typical"[1], Because of the physical model and mathematical description for the fluid conveying pipe was simple, especially it was easy to design and manufacturing, according to the characteristics of fluid conveying pipe, transformed the transverse vibration of the fluid conveying pipe to the beam element model of two nodes. Using Lagrangian interpolation function, the first order Hermite interpolation function and the Ritz method to obtain the element standard equation, and then integrated a global matrix equation. Used the mode decomposition method, obtained the vibration modal of the fluid conveying pipe with Matlab programming. The vibration modal of the fluid conveying pipe in four kinds of boundary conditions was analysed. The characteristics of pipes conveying fluid was obtained which the pipeline system parameters under different boundary constraints. To provide the theoretical support for the research of vibration attenuation of fluid conveying pipes.

Dynamic coupling analysis of rocket propelled sled using multibody-finite element method PDF

Jianhua Zhang


School of Science, Chang’An University, Xi’an 710064, China

Rocket propelled sled is a most important testing tool in aerospace and aviation industries flying along the rails on the ground. It is very difficult to simulate the operating conditions in the computer using numerical analysis method. In consideration of this fact, the dynamics analysis and simulation of the rocket propelled sled were done based on Multibody System Dynamics and Finite Element Analysis theory in this paper. The most difficult work during the analysis was establishing the boundary conditions of the rocket propelled sled. This paper made this kind of attempt. Then the relevant post processing figures and data were obtained, thereby providing the designer and manufacturer with detailed and reliable data. The conclusion is the combination of finite element analysis and multisystem theory is more effective than those before and the boundary conditions are correct and acceptable. The results of it can be important references of structure designers.

A heuristic task deployment approach for load balancing PDF

Gaochao Xu1, Yunmeng Dong1, Xiaodong Fu1, Yan Ding1, Peng Liu1, Jia Zhao2


1 College of Computer Science and Technology, Jilin University, Changchun 130012, China
2 College of Computer Science and Engineering, Changchun University of Technology, Changchun 130012, China

The load balancing strategy, which is based on the mission deployment, has become a hot topic of green cloud data centre. For the question that currently the overloaded physical hosts in the cloud data centre causes the load imbalance of the whole cloud data centre, the proposed makes an intensive study which is about the select location question of the deployment tasks on the physical host and then this proposed a new heuristic method which is called LBC. Its main idea consists of two parts: First, based on the function, which denotes the performance fitness of physical hosts, it conducts a constraint limit to all physical hosts in cloud data centre. So a task deployment strategy with global search capability is achieved. Secondly, using clustering methods can further optimize and improve the final clustering results. Thus, the whole way achieves the long-term load balancing of the cloud data centre. The results show that compared with the conventional approach, LBC significantly reduces the number of failure of the deployment tasks, improves the throughput rate of the cloud data centre, optimizes the performance of external services of the data centre, and performs well in terms of load balancing. Besides, it makes the operation of cloud data centres be more green and efficient.

Finite element analysis of fluid conveying pipeline of nonlinear vibration response PDF

Gongfa Li, Wentao Xiao, Guozhang Jiang, Jia Liu


College of Machinery and Automation, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Wuhan 430081, China

Fluid filled pipe system was widely used in the city water supply and drainage, water power, chemical machinery, aerospace, marine engineering and the nuclear industry and other fields, it was play an important role for improving the living standards of the nation and the national economic strength. Pipe conveying fluid was easy to design and manufacture, according to the characteristics of fluid conveying pipe, transformed the axial vibration mathematical model of the fluid conveying pipe, which considerate the fluid solid coupling to the beam element model for two nodes. Using Lagrangian interpolation function, the first order Hermit interpolation function and the Ritz method to obtain the element standard equation, and then integrated a global matrix equation, obtained the response of conveying fluid pipe with the Newmark method and Matlab. With the Matlab to simulate the axial motion equation of the conveying fluid pipe, study the response of the system in two aspect of fluid pressure disturbance and the fluid velocity disturbance, and the simulation results are analysed, which provides theoretical support for the work of fluid conveying pipes.

Birkhoff normal forms for the wave equations with nonlinear terms depending on the time and space variables PDF

Yi Wang


School of Mathematics and Quantitative Economic, Shandong University of Finance and Economics, Jinan, Shandong 250014, P. R. China

The one-dimensional (1D) quasi-periodically forced nonlinear wave equation with periodic boundary conditions is considered. It is proved that there is a real analytic and symplectic change of coordinates, which can transform the Hamiltonian to the Birkhoff normal form.

Wireless sensor networks optimization covering algorithms based on genetic algorithms PDF

Sun Zeyu1, 2, Yang Tao1, Shu Yunxing1


1 Computer and Information Engineering, Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology, Luoyang 471023, China
2 Electrical and information Engineering, Xi’an JiaoTong University Xi’an 710061, China

This paper starts with two methods applied widely of computational intelligence; Evolutionary computing and swarm intelligence. It makes the Genetic Algorithms (GA) that is classic in evolutionary computing and genetic algorithm that is representative in swarm intelligence as its study foundation. It presents theory and characteristic of the two methods to seek the application of intelligent optimization in engineering practice. In application, in view of the feature that wireless sensor network (WSN) must possess auto-organization, auto-adaptation and robustness, especially, energy of WSN is very limited, this paper fully utilizes the advantages of computational intelligence, marries together both the research focuses. It proposes some methods and ideas for applying computational intelligence to solve optimization problems of WSN. This paper depicts coverage problem of WSN, for the feature that this problem is the problem of multi objective optimization, under the topology control of GA, it applies GA based on sorting to solve the problem, then improves this algorithm to maintain population diversity and obtain high-quality, well distributed solutions. The algorithm it proposes realizes the aim that using the least number of sensor nodes to achieve the best coverage, which is able to save energy of the network, decrease the interference between signals and prolong the network life-time.

An improved light-weight trust model in WSN PDF

Na Wang1, 2, Yanxia Pang2


1 MoE Engineering Center for Software/Hardware Co-design Technology and its Application, East China Normal University, No.3663 North Zhongshan Rd, Shanghai 200062, China
2 School of Computer and information, Shanghai Second Polytechnic University, No. 2360 Jinhai Rd, Shanghai 201209, China

WSN is often deployed in unattended or even hostile environments. Therefore, providing security in WSN is a major requirement for acceptance and deployment of WSN. Furthermore, establishing trust in a clustered environment can provide numerous advantages. We proposed a light-weight trust model which considers data aggregation and communication failure due to wireless channels. It computes retransmission rate to get success, failed and uncertain value, and details the data in parameters to depend against attacks. With comparing our model with LDTS and Model using Trust Matrix, we conclude that our model has implemented a trade-off between detection rate and communication consumption.

Part B: Information and Computer Technologies

An approach of VM image customized through Linux from scratch on cloud platform PDF

Gaochao Xu1, 2, Yushuang Dong1, Bingyi Sun1, Xiaodong Fu1, Jia Zhao1


1 Department of Computer Science and Technology, JiLin University, Changchun 130012, China
2 Key Laboratory of Symbolic Computation and Knowledge Engineering of Ministry of Education, Jilin University, Changchun 130012, China

The cloud platform provides abundant resources and services for users. More and more mobile users began to use the cloud services. They have higher real-time demands on service. The size of traditional virtual machine (VM) operating system is basically large. It will take many resources in deployment and communication process, and always affect the real-time performance of system. To reduce communication overhead and improve deployment speed of VMs, this paper proposes an approach of customized VM image with LFS. LFS can reduce the size of VM image efficiently and enable flexible customization of the VM image by incremental customization. The experimental results show us that the size of VM image generated by the proposed method is smaller than the one generated by kernel tailoring technology in system overhead. Meanwhile it is also faster in running speed.

Blind multi-image super resolution reconstruction with Gaussian blur and Gaussian noise PDF

Fengqing Qin


Institute of Computer Science and Technology, Yibin University, Wuliangye Str.8, Yibin, China

A framework of blind multi-image super resolution reconstruction method is proposed to improve the resolution of low resolution images with Gaussian blur and noise. In the low resolution imaging model, the shift motion, Gaussian blur, down-sampling, as well as Gaussian noise are all considered. Firstly, the Gaussian noise in the low resolution image is reduced through Wiener filtering method. Secondly, the Gaussian blur of the de-noised image is estimated through error-parameter analysis method. Thirdly, the motion parameters are estimated. Finally, super resolution reconstruction is performed through iterative back projection algorithm. Experimental results show that the Gaussian blur and motion parameters are estimated with high precision, and that the Gaussian noise is restrained effectively. The visual effect and peak signal to noise ratio (PSNR) of the super resolution reconstructed image are enhanced. The importance of Gaussian blur estimation and effect of Gaussian de-noising in multi-image super resolution reconstruction are tested in an experimental way.

A ‘Follow-Me’ computing scheme based on virtual machine movement for QoS improvement in mobile cloud computing environments PDF

Xu Gaochao1, Ding Yan1, Ou Shumao2, Hu Liang1, Zhao Jia3


1 College of Computer Science and Technology, Jilin University, Qianjin Str. 2699, 130012 Changchun, China

2 Department of Computing and Communication Technologies, Oxford Brookes University, Wheatley, Oxford OX33 1HX, United Kingdom
3 College of Computer Science and Engineering, ChangChun University of Technology, Yan’an Str. 2055, 130012 Changchun, China

Mobile cloud computing utilizes virtualized cloud computing technologies in the mobile Internet. To improve Quality of Service (QoS) and execution efficiency of mobile cloud applications, we propose a novel computing scheme called “Follow-Me” (FM), which is based on live wide-area virtual machine (VM) migration. In a virtualized mobile cloud environment based on the VMs of cloud side and mobile devices of user side, the purpose of the proposed FM scheme is to migrate the corresponding VM in real-time when a mobile device moves from one service area to another. FM obtains the current positions of mobile devices, estimates the next servicing areas, and finally migrates the VMs along with the mobile users’ movement. The proposed FM scheme has been tested in an experimental environment by using the CloudSim platform. The experimental results demonstrate that FM evidently improves the QoS of mobile cloud computing compared with the existing approaches. FM achieves a better average service response time, a clearly smaller error rate and consumes less energy.

A cloud-removal method based on image fusion using local indexes PDF

Xiao Xiaohong1, 2, Wu Yonggang1


1 School of Hydropower and Information Engineering, Huazhong University of Science & Technology, Wuhan 430074, Hubei, China
2 School of Computer Science, Huanggang Normal University, Huanggang 436000, Hubei, China

For optical images, cloud and cloud shadow is always a problem during image processing and interpretation. Landsat ETM+ images, as a kind of optical images, are affected by cloud too. On the other hand, microwave images such as ALOS PALSAR images, which depend on microwave, is not affected by cloud, thus they are cloud-free. The aim of this study is to develop a semi-automatic method for removing cloud and cloud shadow in Landsat ETM+ images based on fusion of Landsat ETM+ image and ALOS PALSAR image. The key point of this method is to develop a cloud and cloud shadow mask based on which Landsat ETM+ and ALOS PALSAR images can be fused. To accurately define cloud and cloud shadow area, we first approximately draw the area of interest containing cloud and cloud shadow manually, and the resulted AOI image greatly reduce the number of ground objects and the confusion between objects as well. By analysing the spectral and the grey value of the AOI image, we then define LCI (local cloud index), LSI (local shadow index), and LGI (local ground index) to accurately identify cloud and cloud shadow area in Landsat ETM+ images. Finally, a combination mask of cloud and cloud shadow is developed. Based on this mask, Landsat ETM+ image and ALOS PALSAR image are merged. The fused image is cloud free, at the same time; it keeps the spectral feature and the integrity of Landsat ETM+ image.

An efficient method for acquiring and processing signals based on compressed sensing PDF

Song Xiaoxia


School of Mathematics and Computer Science, Shanxi Datong University, Datong 037009, Shanxi, China

Compressed sensing (CS) theory provides a novel sensing/sampling and processing paradigm that breaks through the limitation of Nyquist rate to some applications. However, it is usually happened to the instability and redundancy of the acquired CS measurements. In view of this, we propose an efficient method to achieve adaptive minimal measurements with fewer measurements and good reconstruction performance by adding the pre-processing block into CS data acquiring and processing paradigm. In the proposed method, we firstly obtain the measurements to perfectly reconstruct the signal, and then design the optimization method to obtain adaptive minimal measurements by eliminating the redundant measurements. Experimental results show that the proposed method can obtain fewer measurements to perfectly reconstruct the signal than that of classical CS and sequential compressed sensing frameworks.

Detection of WCDMA uplink signal with combination between sliding match and power spectrum PDF

Xiaoping Wang, Jin Yao, Wangang Wang


Chongqing City Management College, Chongqing, China

Aiming at problem of WCDMA uplink signal being difficult to be detected under low SNR, this paper proposes a type of algorithm in which sliding match combines with power spectrum to detect WCDMA signal. Firstly, this algorithm estimates desynchronizing point of signal using Frobenius norm. According to desynchronizing point, a whole cycle of information sequence is intercepted. Correlation of OVSF code sequence is utilized in which residual carrier or DC component of signal would come into being while the received OVSF code sequence completely matches with local OVSF code sequence. Then its power spectrum is calculated and sharp spectral peak would appear in the frequency position of power spectrum. Through detecting amplitude and position of spectral peak, frequencies of OVSF code sequence and residual carrier utilized in WCDMA signal could be accurately estimated. Simulation results show that this algorithm rapidly realizes the estimation on OVSF code sequence and desynchronizing point keeps good detection effect and may effectively overcome the influences of residual frequency offset on it.

Part C: Operation Research and Decision Making

Multidisciplinary design optimization of complex products based on data fusion and agent model PDF

Lei Li1, 2, Jianrun Zhang2


1 Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, Zhenjiang 212000, China
2 Southeast University, Nanjing 211189, China

Multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO) of complex products is discussed in this article. For the characteristics of higher order, high-dimensional, multi-input and multi-output in design of complex products, application of MDO in design and optimization of complex products is difficult. An effective MDO framework combined with the method of data fusion and agent model is proposed. Firstly, date fusion is applied to deal with the process with a large number of incomplete, vague and uncertain in complex product’s evaluation and optimization; secondly, agent model is used to reduce the complexity of the MDO model; and finally, MDO is applied to complex products design and optimization according to the collaborative design and optimization method. In order to identify the feasibility of this method, the design of diesel engine motion mechanism is discussed and shown a good result. The current study provides a powerful tool for complex products designing and optimization and owns great theory and practical values.

Research on the influence of the different logistics demand structures of the city in regional logistics planning PDF

Si Chen1, Gan Mi2, Dingqi Shuai1


1 Department of Transportation, Emei Branch, Southwest Jiaotong University, Emei, Sichuan Province, China 614202
2 School of Transportation and Logistics, Southwest Jiao tong University, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China 610031

This research analysis the different parts of regional logistics demand at first. There are three parts of the logistics demand considered in this paper; they are logistics demand in the city, logistics demand between cities and the logistics demand from or outside the area. The relationships have been studied by the Grey Theory, and a numerical example has been made to show the way how to analysis the logistics demand structure in the regional logistics planning. In the regional logistics, planning the difference of logistics demand structures of the cities should be fully considered. Then the logistics planning with different regional logistics planning purposes have been programmed. Based on the numerical example, different plans and different influence scopes have been got at last.

Integrating TTF and TAM perspectives to explain mobile knowledge work adoption PDF

Yongqin Jin1, Dongsheng Liu2, 3


1 Zhejiang Digital Financial Management Center, HangZhou, China
2 College of Computer Science & Information Engineering Zhejiang Gongshang University, Hangzhou, China
3 Centre for Studies of Modern Business Zhejiang Gongshang University, Hangzhou, China

It is an advanced research subject to information technology as well as a great influence to the development of mobile work that how mobile work service is adopted and how it provides effectiveness. This article refers to 1) Analyse principles of TAM & TTF models, clarify the precondition and strength & weakness of the model, and propose a new mobile work service model combined with TAM & TTF; 2) Practical study to the new model. The conclusion for this model is as follow: a) two basic characteristics of mobile work and support from up-level managers in a firm are the preconditions whether service will be adopted. b) task-technology matching is the significant factor on service acceptation. c) It could improve employees’ efficiency within the practical use of task-technology matching mobile work service.

Application of magnified BP algorithm in forecasting the physical changes of ancient wooden buildings PDF

Jie Liu1, Qiusi Dai2, Huifeng Yan3


1 School Of Civil Engineering & Architecture, Chongqing Jiaotong Univ., Chongqing, China
2 College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Chongqing University, Chongqing, China
3 Chongqing University of Posts and Telecom, Chongqing, China

CA using neural network model of ancient buildings to predict changes in the physical properties of Applied X-ray detector collection of ancient buildings grey wood elements, so that the ancient wooden building components of each pixel grayscale and Neural Network CA model correspond to each cell, using the CA model "grey" concept learning through the improved BP Algorithm to calculate the grey value of each cell changes, so as to arrive ancient architectural wood elements over time the case of damage by example through the projections obtained wood over time damage to the picture.

The Semi-quantitative evaluation method and application of the risks of geological disaster of the Shaan–Jing pipeline PDF

Cunjie Guo1, Wei Liang2, Laibin Zhang2


1 College of Mechanical and Transportation Engineering, China University of Petroleum-Beijing, Beijing, China
2 College of Mechanical and Transportation Engineering, China University of Petroleum-Beijing, Beijing, China

Based on the index scoring method, the semi-quantitative method for assessment of pipeline geological disaster risks calculates the relative risk of a disaster by investing and assessing the objective existence state of index in accordance with pre-determined scores and weights, and meets the requirements of risk prioritizing and ranking at the geological disaster investigation stage so as to guide the development of risk control planning. A geological disaster risk semi-quantitative assessment system and risk grading standards both of which are applicable to oil and gas pipelines have been established. What has been developed also includes the pipeline geological disaster risk management system software, which integrates the risk semi-quantitative assessment technique based on the index-scoring-method, and other techniques such as information management and risk management, and thus provides a platform of information, technology and management for the management of pipeline geological disaster risks. This method has been used for a unified risk assessment of more than 3300 disaster points along the oil and gas pipeline, and satisfactory evaluation results are obtained, thus providing an important basis for the development of planning of pipeline geological disaster risk remediation.

Estimation of forest volume based on LM-BP neural network model PDF

Dasheng Wu1, 2


1 Key Laboratory of Zhejiang Province about Forestry Intelligent Monitoring and Information Technology Research, Zhejiang A & F University, Lin'an 311300, Zhejiang, China
2 School of Information Engineering, Zhejiang A & F University, Lin'an 311300, Zhejiang, China

Since cost factors are of primary importance, continuously searching for more efficient and reliable estimation models that could integrate or, in some cases, substitute the traditional and expensive measuring techniques for forest investigation is necessary. The evaluation indexes set, which included 10 factors: elevation, slope, aspect, surface curvature, solar radiation index, topographic humidity index, tree ages, the depth of soil layer, the depth of soil A layer, and coarseness, was established. Then, using the integration data of the administrative map, Digital Elevation Model (DEM), and forest resource planning investigation data of the key forestry city of Longquan, Zhejiang Province, PRC, the membership of each factor was empirically fitted by polynomials, and the forest volume was estimated via an improved back propagation (BP) neural network(NN) model with Levenberg-Marquardt(LM) optimization algorithm(LM-BP). The results show that the individual average relative errors (IARE) were from 23.29% to 47.87% with an average value of 33.06%; The groups relative errors (GRE) were from 0.38% to 9.31% with an average value of 3.65%, this meant that groups estimation precision was more than 90% which is the highest standard of overall sampling accuracy about volume of forest resource inventory in china.

Required screw length measurement in distal tibia based on three-dimensional simulated screw insertion PDF

Kun Zhang, Yanxi Chen, Minfei Qiang


Department of Orthopaedic Trauma, East Hospital, Tongji University School of Medicine, 150 Jimo Rd, Shanghai 200120, China

The objective of the study was to provide morphological data of the distal tibia to offer guidance on the required screw length. Computed tomography scans of the ankle in 225 patients were reviewed. Then parameters in the three-dimensional reconstruction images were measured by three independent, qualified observers on 2 separate occasions. The anteroposterior length increases from medial to lateral margin at the level of the base of the tibiofibular syndesmosis. On both proximal and distal planes of tibiofibular syndesmosis, the medial-lateral width increases from posterior to anterior margin. Significant differences were observed in all parameters between male and female and in the minimum width at the level of the roof of the syndesmosis between left and right limbs (P<0.05). All of the parameters exhibited moderate to excellent intra-class correlation coefficient. The anteroposterior screws would probably penetrate the far cortex and injure the structures surrounding the distal tibia if longer than 35.35 mm and 32.53 mm in male and female. The screws should not longer than the maximum diagonals which are 51.29 mm and 46.58 mm on distal plane and 43.64 mm and 38.24 mm on proximal plane in male and female respectively, or inadvertent distal tibiofibular syndesmosis penetration may occur.

Disruption management for resource-constrained project scheduling based on differential evolution algorithm PDF

Weiming Chen, Xiaoyang Ni, Hailin Guo


Faculty of Engineering, China University Geosciences, Wuhan, 430074, China

In this paper, we study the problem of how to react when an ongoing project is disrupted. The focus is on the resource-constrained project scheduling problem with finish–start precedence constraints and the recovery strategies based on disruption management for the different types of disruptions are proposed. The goal is to get back on track as soon as possible at minimum cost, where cost is now a function of the deviation from the original schedule. The problem is solved with a differential evolution (DE) algorithm that can be solved more perfectly on the objective function. The new model is significantly different from the original one due to the fact that a different set of feasibility conditions and performance requirements must be considered during the recovery process. Project scheduling problem library (PSPLIB) has been taken into account so as to test the effect of novel hybrid method. Simulation results and comparisons determine the effects of different factors related to the recovery process and show that the differential evolution algorithm is competitive and stable in performance.

The optimal dynamic robust portfolio model PDF

Xing Yu


Department of Mathematics & Applied Mathematics, Hunan University of humanities, science and technology, Loudi, 417000, P.R. China

This paper is concerned with the optimal dynamic multi-stage portfolio of mean- dynamic var based on high frequency exchange data with the constraint of transaction costs transaction volume. The proposed solution approach is based on robust optimization, which allows us to obtain a worst best but exact and explicit problem formulation in terms of a convex quadratic program. In contrast to the mainstream stochastic programming approach to multi-period optimization, which has the drawback of being computationally intractable, the proposed setup leads to optimization problems that can be solved efficiently.

Travel route choice model based on regret theory PDF

Baohui Jin


College of Transportation & Logistics, Southwest Jiaotong University, North 1st section of 2nd Ring Road 111, 610031 Chengdu, China

Travel route choice behaviour research is a hot issue in the field of urban traffic planning, and it mainly researches the traveller’s route choice decisions under uncertainty conditions, which theory includes such as expected utility theory, prospect theory, and regret theory. Based on the analysis of expected utility theory and prospect theory’s applicable condition and the insufficiency, this paper establishes a travel route choice model according to regret theory. Study shows that people always try to avoid occur that other options is better than that selected option, and the properties of selected option cannot be replaced each other, which fits regret minimization of regret theory. The travel route choice model based on regret theory is simpler than others, and it is suitable for describing traveller’s route choice behaviour under uncertainty conditions.

Optimal contracts of production personnel’s innovation based on slack resources PDF

Heping Zhong


School of Management, Xuchang University, Xuchang, 461000, Henan, China

Based on the analysis frames of the multi-task principal-agent model, this paper establishes a principal-agent model of production personnel’s innovation based on slack resources and obtains the optimal incentive contracts for production personnel while they are engaged in “production task” and “slack innovation” through the analysis of the model. In order to improve the performance of production personnel’s “slack innovation”, on one hand, the firm can reward their “slack innovation” according to the optimal incentive contracts; on the other hand, the firm can optimize the incentive contracts for their “production task” according to the interdependence of the cost functions of “production task” and “slack innovation” to promote indirectly the performance of “slack innovation”. The originality of this paper is not only examining the multi-task problems of the compensation incentives for production personnel’s “slack innovation” but also considering the impacts of the firm’s active actions to support the production personnel’s “slack innovation” on incentive contracts.

A facilities state-based evaluation method on level of service in subway station PDF

Zhou Huijuan1, Zhao Huan1, Liu Baoxun1, Fan Qinglan2


1 Beijing Key Lab of Urban Intelligent Traffic Control Technology, North China University of Technology, 100144, Beijing, China
2 Key Laboratory of Intelligent Transportation Systems Technologies, Research Institute of Highway, Ministry of Transport, 100088, Beijing, China

Subway station is the key node in the urban rail transit system. Its level of service affects directly the subway’s operation efficiency and traveller’s choice of track traffic way to travel. Considering the facility characteristics in subway station and pedestrians perspective, on the basis of a large number of survey data, this paper identifies the facilities which impact the level of service in subway station mainly, takes safety, comfort and smoothness as evaluation index, and evaluates respectively from the entrance, channel and platform area. The judgment matrix of facilities condition influence in each region on pedestrians is constructed and the evaluation model of level of service in subway station has been built based on the facility state. Finally taking PingGuoYuan subway station as instance for analysis, the result verifies that the evaluation method is effective.

Resource management modelling and simulating of construction project based on Petri net PDF

Hailing Li1, Kejian Liu2


1 School of Architecture and Civil Engineering Xihua University, Chengdu, 610039, China
2 School of Mathematics and Computer Engineering Xihua University, 610039 Chengdu, China

This paper establishes a model to exactly express the resource configuration, task duration and information transmission during the project execution phase. Based on the resources’ properties in the projection execution phase and the hierarchical timed coloured Petri net (HTCPN), this hierarchical model exactly express the information required for project resource management, such as the task dependencies, resource demands and the task durations by defining a non-empty colour set as coloured tokens to represent the classes and combinations of the resources. This model is then simulated and analysed on the model structure, resource conflicts and run time using CPN Tools to verify the correctness and effectiveness of the HTCPN modelling of the project resources in the project execution phase.

Study on distribution centre’s location selection of internal supply chain for large group manufacturing companies PDF

Lifei Yao, Ruimin Ma, Maozhu Jin, Peiyu Ren


Business School, Sichuan University, 610064, Chengdu, Sichuan, China

The purpose of this paper is to study what distribution centre’s location selection can bring to the internal supply main management for large group manufacturing companies. This paper chooses the analytic hierarchy process to select an optional location for internal distribution centre’, and evaluate it through the simulation method. Internal distribution centre construction can effectively shorten the delivery time, reduce the logistics intensity, and improve utilization rate of transport equipment. Therefore, the distribution centre’s location selection is necessary and reasonable. This paper simplified some information when running the simulation and it is not all the same as the actual situation. This paper provides a good internal supply main management method for large group manufacturing companies. This paper put forward the importance of internal supply chain for a large group manufacturing company and studied the internal distribution centre’s location selection.

Exploring Dynamic Performance improvement in Service SCM: the Lean Six Sigma’s perspective PDF

Ouyang Fang1, Chih-hung Hsu2


1 Economic and Trade Department, Suzhou Institute of Industry Technology, China
2 Industry Engineering, Hsiuping University of Science and Technology

This paper defines the performance evaluation system of Service SCM. As service is intangible and heterogeneous, the paper is to develop a model that illustrates under which conditions Lean Six Sigma is deemed most appropriate according to the type of service delivered. It investigate Lean Six Sigma practice in service supply chain and show how the Lean Six Sigma improve the performance of Service SCM from the statistics perspective. Furthermore, it stresses the CTQ (critical to quality) to the customer and clarifying their demands in terms of value-added requirements.

The study of urban traffic modal splitting method based on MD model under the low-carbon mode PDF

Shimei Wu, Yulong Pei, Guozhu Cheng


School of Transportation Science and Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin 150090, China

Aimed at the problem of overly-simplify in the factors of travel cost in the traffic modal splitting method, built an Urban Traffic Modal Splitting Method Based on MD Model Under the Low-carbon Mode, to predict transportation share rate; Put forward four considerations such as the travel time, cost, safety and low carbon to describe the travel cost on the basis of the application of MD model; Gave the forecasting process of the prediction model and key variables algorithm, applied the model by the examples of DONGGUAN city. The results show that the urban structure of the transportation changed in DONGGUAN with rapid construction, development in traffic and implementation of transport policy, on the one hand, the travel occupies proportion of public transport (including conventional bus and rail transit) will increase significantly in the future, expected to reach more than 25% by 2020; on the other hand, motorcycle travel will gradually fade away.

Research on dynamic evolution of innovative virtual prototyping technology diffusion based on cellular automata PDF

Guangbin Wang1, Honglei Liu1, Lei Zhang2


1 School of Economics and Management, Tongji University, Shanghai 200092, China
2 School of Business, Shandong Jianzhu University, Jinan 250101, China

The construction industry plays a very important role in the national economy; it is widely criticized because of its slow technical progress and long-term inefficiency all over the world. Building information modelling (BIM) is a transformative virtual prototyping technology for construction industry. VP (Virtual Prototyping Technology) based on BIM as the core technology has been widely regarded as a tool to solve this problem, but was questioned by both academia and industry due to its delayed diffusion. To solve this problem, this paper is based on the characteristics and the evolution rules of cellular automata, built on the CA model of the BIM proliferation process in construction projects, simulating this process, then analysing the impact of important factors such as diffusion willing, decision-making preferences, national and industry support and other factors to the BIM technology diffusion, studying the changes in the proportion of BIM recipients and the importance of the distribution position of the initial to the BIM proliferation process. Finally, it analyses the randomness of BIM technology diffusion.

Research on well-formed business process modelling mechanism PDF

Chen Kai1, Xie Yi2


1 College of technology, Lishui University, Lishui, China
2 College of computer science & information engineering, Zhejiang Gongshang University, Hangzhou, China

It is very important to ensure that the logic structure of business process model is correct before the model is implemented. Because traditional graphical process modelling methods lack efficiency mechanisms or rules to ensure correctness of the logical structure during business process modelling, they need additional methods to verify its correctness of the logic structure after the business process model is established. Therefore, the well-formed business process modelling mechanism is researched. The business process logic structure model is built firstly. Then the semantic and syntactic rules are presents for the correctness of business process logic structure model, and the algorithm is proposed to detect whether the model meets the rules. The modelling mechanism has been applied in our business process scheduling optimization system with integration of modelling and simulation, which shows its feasibility and effectiveness.

Research on wisdom urban public security management system integrated into the situation of urban safety PDF

Luya Wang1, Liang Xiao2,3


1 School of science, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, Private bag 310012, Hangzhou, China
2 Centre for Studies of Modern Business Zhejiang Gong Shang University, Private bag 310015, Hangzhou, China
3 School of Business Administration, Zhejiang Gong Shang University, Private bag 310015, Hangzhou, China

With the expanding of the sizes of the cities, the urban population and property space distribution becomes more concentrated, urban public safety incidents into the increasingly frequent stage. How to intelligent and efficient manage the urban public safety is imminently. On the basis of defining the urban security situation management model systematic, this article will establish the urban safety stratified hierarchical data acquisition of internet of things which is based on urban monomer-group region, study the tracking-summarized-warning-optimization handling mechanism which support the city security complex event, construct the wisdom urban public security management system which is integrated into urban security situation and provide an effective means to realize the wisdom management of the city public security.

Part D: Nature Phenomena and Innovative Engineering

Study on the difference of urban heat island defined by brightness temperature and land surface temperature retrieved by RS technology PDF

Wenxia Qiu1, 2, Huixi Xu1, 2, Zhengwei He1


1 Key Laboratory of Geo-special Information Technology, Ministry of Land and Resources, Chengdu University of Technology, Chengdu 610059, China
2 Institute of Engineering Surveying, Sichuan College of Architectural Technology, Deyang 618000, China

At present, the Remote Sensing is the most advantage method of studying on the Urban Heat Island (UHI) from the space. In general, the method uses remote sensing images to inverse the brightness temperature or land surface temperature to define the UHI. But have any differences of UHI defined by the two kinds of temperature? And what are the differences? This problem is rarely being studied now. Based on this, the brightness temperature (BT) and the land surface temperature (LST) of the Chengdu City were retrieved using Landsat ETM+ image obtained on July 30, 2006. And then, the differences of UHI defined by the BT and the LST were studied from three aspects, which were temperature value, temperature classification and heat island intensity respectively. Research result are the following: (1) There were some differences between BT and LST, and the variation level of LST was higher than BT. (2)There was a slight difference only on the area covered by the low temperature and the secondary low temperature, and the area covered by the others was equal. Therefore, there was no difference on the area of UHI defined by BT and LST. (3) The UHI intensity defined by LST was slightly higher than that was defined by BT, and the intensity value was determined by the method used.

Multi-level dosing and preact self-adaption correcting automatic batch control model PDF

Xuechao Liao1, 2, Zhenxing Liu3


1 College of Computer Science, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Wuhan 430081, P. R. China
2 Hubei Province Key Laboratory of Intelligent Information Processing and Real-time Industrial System, Wuhan 430081, P. R. China
3 College of Information Science and Engineering, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Wuhan 430081, P. R. China

The process flow and system structure of automatic batch weighing system are presented. In order to increase production speed and dosing accuracy, the multi-level dosing control model (high/low speed dosing + inching dosing) is designed. Besides, the inching dosing mode is adopted to accurately compensate the weight deviation. In order to solve the problem that the fall of materials in-air cannot be easily controlled and out of tolerance. The multi-level dosing control model and preact will correct after each dosing dynamically with iteration method, moreover, the target value is predicted with second-order estimator, so as to increase the dosing speed with high weighing accuracy. The successful application proves that the control model can realize the rapid and accurate control of batch weighing process and has quite favourable control and reliability.

Experimental research on transmission efficiency of metal belt continuously variable transmission PDF

Wu Zhang1, Wei Guo1, Chuanwei Zhang1, Yizhi Yang2, Yu Zhang3


1 School of Mechanical Engineering, Xi’an University of Science and Technology, Yanta Str. 58, 710054, Xi’an, China
2 College of Humanities and Foreign Languages, Xi’an University of Science and Technology, Yanta Str. 58, 710054, Xi’an, China
3 The 41st Research Institute, The 6th Academy of China Aerospace Science And Industry Corporation, 1055 mailbox, 010010, Hohhot, China

Transmission efficiency is one of the main limiting factors on metal belt CVT large-scale assembly car. Metal belt CVT transmission efficiency has been invested in this paper, and, test-bed has been established by L13A3 engine, MB-CVT, brake, input sensor, output sensor, coupling and half shaft. Efficiency test results show that, with the decrease of transmission ratio, CVT efficiency first increases and then decreases. The range of efficiency is nearly 45%-89% in increases part (i>1), the range of efficiency is nearly 85%-89% in decrease part (i<1), the efficiency reaches the highest when transmission ratio is 1. The conclusions are in consistent with others conclusion, whereby demonstrating that the established transmission efficiency test-bed is rational and that the experiment results are reliable.

A method of reliability modelling based on characteristic model for performance digital mock-up of hypersonic vehicle PDF

Zhang Feng1, 2, Xue-Hui Feng1, 2


1 School of automation, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an 710072, China
2 School of Information Engineering, Yulin University, 719000, Yulin, China

In order to grasp the complexity of the hypersonic vehicle dynamic characteristics, create its reliability control model, for the mathematical model of hypersonic vehicles is highly nonlinear and strong coupling, introduced the object-oriented modelling method, design a neural network, Petri control algorithm based on characteristics model, the mathematical model of the nonlinear is transformed into the equivalent linear model with control design requirements. And through the appropriate transform, design of the hypersonic vehicle dynamic inversion control system, building performance prototype reliability model based on Petri net, can stabilize the system, get decoupled affect purposes. Simulation results show that the performance digital mock-up reliability model is high accuracy, robustness, anti-jamming capability, has a good dynamic and steady-state performance.

Research of key technology on self-propelled farmland levelling machine and hydraulic servo system simulation PDF

Jiangtao Liu, Jinggang Yi


Mechanical & Electronic Engineering College, Agricultural university of Hebei, BaoDing, 071001, China

According to the present situation of the farmland levelling, the equipment cost is high, maintenance is complex and its cost is high. The paper carries a research on the key technology of self-propelled farmland levelling machine. The key technology includes the levelling knife, the levelling part, the sundry separating device and the measurement and control system of the laser and inclination sensor. At the same time, the paper establishes the hydraulic servo system mathematical modal and utilizes MATLAB to analyse, revise and simulate for the system mathematical modal.

Comfort and energy-saving control of electric vehicle based on nonlinear model predictive algorithm PDF

Manli Dou1, 2, Chun Shi1, 2, Gang Wu1, 2, Xiaoguang Liu1, 2


1 School of Information Science and Technology, University of Science and Technology of China, China
2 National Electric Vehicle System Integration Engineering Research Center, China

This paper develops a control-oriented drivability model for an electric vehicle and a nonlinear model predictive optimization algorithm for an electric vehicle. A cost function is developed that considers the tracking error of setting value and the variation of control volume. Longitudinal ride comfort and energy-saving is also considered. Simulations show that the developed control system provides significant benefits in terms of fuel economy, vehicle safety and tracking capability while at the same time also satisfying driver desired car following characteristics.

Force-fight problem in control of aileron’s plane PDF

Ying Zhang, Zhaohui Yuan


School of automation, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an, China

In order to reduce or eliminate the force-fight phenomenon of single feedback loop of redundant-channels, modelling the whole control system on the basis of analysing the structure of aileron, the correctness of the model is verified by experiments. Simulation results show that set the dead band of the valve which control the feedback loop smaller is conducive to the decrease of system’s fighting-force; for every reduce in the difference of the two valves’ overlap of 0.01mm, the fighting-force decreases one time; when the driving speed is more than 50mm/s, system abstains smaller fighting-force. Therefore, the optimization of structure parameters can reduce fighting-force effectively. When the parameters of valves and driving speed is restricted, another method of using a bypass orifice to connect the two cavities of the cylinder is proposed to solve the problem, simulation results shows that fighting-force reduce 2000N for every increase in the orifice’s diameter of 0.1mm when using the fixed orifice, and using the variable orifice can abstain a small fighting-force and meanwhile reduce the wastage of hydraulic oil.

Gene selection for cancer classification using the combination of SVM-RFE and GA PDF

Xiaobo Li


Department of Computer Science and Technology, College of Engineering, Lishui University, Lishui 323000, China

Gene selection is a key research issue in molecular cancer classification and identification of cancer biomarkers using microarray data. Support vector machine recursive feature elimination (SVM-RFE) is a well known algorithm for this purpose. In this study, a novel gene selection algorithm is proposed to enhance the SVM-RFE method. The proposed approach is designed to use the combination of SVM-RFE and genetic algorithm (GA). The performance of the proposed model is validated on a binary and a multicategory microarray gene expression datasets. The results show that the proposed gene selection method is able to elevate the performance of SVM-RFE, which extracts much less number of informative genes and achieves highest classification accuracy.

Dynamic analysis of ball-screw with rotating nut driven PDF

Shigang Mu


Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, DeZhou University, DeZhou 253023, PR China

There is a certain degree difference between the static and operation condition for the high-speed Ball-screw with Rotating Nut. Therefore, this paper establishes a dynamic model of a preload-adjustable ball-screw with rotating nut by means of lumped-parameter and analyses the effects of changeable table position and work piece mass on the first three axial modes of the free vibration. A highspeed feeding system is modelled and its nature characteristics when the feeding system is in static, low and high rotate state. The results show that, at low speed state, the dynamics of the feeding system is the same as stationary state, and in high-speed conditions, the dynamics is quite different with the static state. The natural frequencies are notably changed with the position change of the table movement. The research lays an important theoretical foundation for developing this novel feed drive system.

Thermodynamic analysis of hydrogen production via zinc hydrolysis process PDF

Ming Lv, Haiqiang Liu


School of Mechanical Engineering, Hangzhou Dianzi University, 310018, Hangzhou, China

The thermodynamic studies were carried out for the hydrogen production via zinc hydrolysis. It is shows that it is reasonable to keep the temperature of zinc hydrolysis under 900 oC. The system pressure has no notable thermodynamic influences on the hydrolysis reaction. The initial H2O/Zn molar ratio should be controlled in a reasonable range. The concentration of steam in carrying gas in experiments should better be kept above 50%.

Study on prediction of sintering drum strength under small sample lacking information PDF

Qiang Song1, Ai-min Wang2


1Mechanical Engineering Department, Anyang Institute of Technology, Anyang 455000, Henan, China
2Computer and Information Engineering College, Anyang Normal University, Anyang 455000, Henan, China

The paper provides a grey model and support vector machine algorithm and method for prediction of sinter drum strength based on the characteristics of large time delay, strong coupling, nonlinear, sintering process, put forward a kind of Combination forecasting model of drum strength based on grey model and support vector machine, the drum strength of sinter ore Laboratory values as output variables, the variables associated with the drum strength of sinter as input variables, using support vector machine powerful machine learning method and strong nonlinear fitting ability, so as to establish a stable, high precision of drum strength, the drum strength stronger generalization ability of the forecasting model, the method of the method has the high prediction accuracy, fast and convenient, and has great popularization and application value, and lay a good foundation for the green sintering technology of sintering.

Discussion on determination method of characteristic stress of Jinping marble under confining pressure condition PDF

Jinglong Li1, Bin Sui2


1School of Civil Engineering Shandong University, Jinan, Shandong Provence, China
2JianBang Co. LTD, China

The characteristic stress is coincident well with the internal crack propagation in brittle rock. The characteristic stress are separately called closure stress, cracking stress, damaging stress and peak stress according to the internal crack state in loading. The propagation and damage extent in brittle rock can be reflected. Limited by loading testing equipment, the characteristic stress in confining pressure condition cannot be determined in China. In order to confirm the stress, the strain curves under different confining pressure condition are used to analysis the problem. The results show that the closure stress, cracking stress and damaging stress can be accurately confirmed by this method. The characteristic stress relates to the confining pressure, and the relationship is approximately linear.

High resolution photoacoustic system based on acoustic lens and photoacoustic sensors array PDF

Jianning Han1, Tingdun Wen2, Peng Yang1, Lu Zhang1


1School of Information and Communication Engineering, North University of China, 3 Xue Yuan Road, Taiyuan, China
2Key Laboratory of Electronic Testing Technology, North University of China, 3 Xue Yuan Road, Taiyuan, China

Photoacoustic tomography is a nondestructive bio-photonic imaging method based on the differences of optical absorption within biological organization. An approach using the lens with negative refractive index and photoacoustic sensors array to make the evanescent wave involved in the imaging process was presented in this paper. A set of comparative experiments was demonstrated on the imaging effect between the ordinary lens and the lens designed in this work. The experiment showed that the imaging effect of photoacoustic tomography by the designed lens had greatly outperformed the ordinary lens. In order to illustrate the good results, according to the characteristics of ultrasonic waves produced in photoacoustic effect, the propagation properties of the acoustic waves in lens with different refractive index was discussed. On the basis of analysing evanescent decay of ordinary acoustic lens which results in the loss of high-frequency information with image details in current photo-acoustic tomography system, the diffraction limit of was broken through and the image resolution was greatly improved by the lens with negative refractive index in theory.

Frequency domain minimum error probability medical CT image blind equalization algorithm PDF

Yunshan Sun1, 2, Liyi Zhang1, 2, Haiyan Zhang1


1 School of Electric Information Engineering, Tianjin University, Tianjin 300072, China
2 School of Information Engineering, Tianjin University of Commerce, Tianjin 300134, China

A frequency domain minimum error probability medical CT image blind equalization algorithm was proposed. Blind image equalization is implemented by minimizing a cost function consisting of estimated image and blur. The steepest descent method was adopted to solve the proposed cost function. Computer simulation experiments show that the new algorithm reduces mean square error and improves restoration effect, peak signal to noise ratio and improving signal to noise ratio.

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