2013, volume 17, №5

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Part A: Mathematical and Computer Modelling

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The research of K-medoids clustering algorithm based on density PDF

Ping Liu1, Hao Zhou1, Junping Yang2, Taorong Qiu1


1 The school of Information Engineering, Nanchang University, Nanchang 330031, China
2 Affiliated Hospital of Jiangxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nanchang 330006, China

In view of that the clustering result of the traditional k-medoids clustering algorithm being sensitive to initial cluster centers. A new kmedoids clustering algorithm based on density was proposed in this paper. It conducted a rough clustering to generate several particles at first. Then select the centers of the k densest particles as the initial clustering centers. Tested by using UCI data sets, the validity of the proposed algorithm is demonstrated.

Research on the task scheduling algorithm optimization based on hybrid PSO and ACO in cloud computing PDF

Chunping Wang1, Keming Chen2


1 School of Mathematics and Computer Science, XinYu University, JiangXi, 338004, China
2 School of Continuing Education, XinYu University, JiangXi, 338004, China

In cloud computing environment, there are a large number of users, which lead to huge amount of tasks to be processed by system. In order to make the system complete the service requests efficiently, how to schedule the tasks becomes the focus of cloud computing Research. A task scheduling algorithm based on PSO and ACO for cloud computing is presented in this paper. First, the algorithm uses particle swarm optimization algorithm to get the initial solution quickly, and then according to this scheduling result the initial pheromone distribution of ant colony algorithm is generated. Finally, the ant colony algorithm is used to get the optimal solution of task scheduling. The experiment simulated on CloudSim platform shows that the algorithm has good effect in real-time performance and optimization capability. It is an effective task scheduling algorithm.

The adaptive genetic algorithm graphics design based on fuzzy entropy thresholding method PDF

Jianhui Yang, Ke Mu


School of Mathematics and Statistics, Zhoukou Normal University, Zhoukou 466000, China

In today's society with rapid development of science and technology, the computer figure image design can be widely used in various industries. The quality of graphics design plays a very important role in the film, television, advertising, exhibition, art, electronic play and so on. With the development of computer information technology, the design of the graphics technology will progress. This paper prompts a adaptive genetic algorithm graphics design method based on fuzzy entropy thresholding which can improve the quality of digital graph. The experiment shows that the AGA-FET method proposed in this paper overcomes such defects of the traditional FET method as low computation efficiency of the exhaust algorithm and poor adaptability to the various images resulting from presetting the bandwidth of membership function.

Research on the adaptive weighted mean algorithm for lightweight scheme of database encryption PDF

Xiaoyan Wang1, Rui Sun2


1 Henan Polytechnic, Department of Information Engineering, Zhengzhou, 450046, China
2 Henan Polytechnic, Department of Information Engineering, Zhengzhou, 450046, China

Database security is very important in an information system. Most database management systems (DBMS) use access control to protect database. But access control can't resist bypass threats. Database encryption can resist these threats well. Encrypting data can exist on different positions in a DBMS. This paper compares four database encryption schemes in DBMS and proposes six design criteria for database encryptions. According to these criteria, we implement a prototype in Postgre SQL compliance with the fourth scheme. Our design hasn't impact on other database functions and makes no changes on DBMS structure. So it is a good way to enhance database security especially existing DBMS. Finally, we compare performance of database between with encryption and without encryption. The downgrade of performance is little and tolerable.

Research on the parameters of unit element indirect calibration method PDF

Shi Jun


College of Electronic Engineering, Jiujiang University, Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province 332005, China

The theory of unit element indirect calibration is introduced by this paper by the key parameters of unit element indirect calibration is how to precisely measure the induced electromotive force in the low cost cases. The relationship of measurement error between electromagnetic flow meter and small measurement tube was analyzed in detailed, and the specific expression was given. The comparison experiment was made between unit element indirect calibration and actual flow calibration; experimental results show that the analysis of small measurement tube precision is credible.

A novel key establishment algorithm for distributed wireless sensor network PDF

Feng-juan Ma1, Da-wei Song2


1 Weifang Engineering Vocational College, Shandong Qingzhou 262500, China
2 Weifang Engineering Vocational College, Shandong Qingzhou 262500, China

In the security mechanism of distributed wireless sensor network, key management plays a fundamental role. Because the distributed wireless sensor network has a large scale, its node resource is very limited and distributed, key management mechanism of traditional wireless network is not suitable for it. Therefore, a security mechanism based on the combination of elliptic curve cryptosystem and public key is proposed, which realizes safe key establishment and certification. The security of the protocol is analyzed. Energy consumption of the proposed key establishment scheme is simulated and the results show that this protocol is feasible to be applied to wireless sensor

Moving target-tracking algorithm based on sparse representation and particle filter PDF

Qiu-fen Yang1, Can-jun Li


Department of Computer Science, Hunan Radio &TV University, Changsha, 410004, China

This paper proposes a target tracking algorithm based on 2-dimensional PCA (principal component analysis), which can solve the difficulty of current target tracking algorithm to adapt to the appearance change of target caused by the illumination, shield and position change. First of all, the 2-dimensional PCA method A and sparse representation are used to build the target appearance model, which can reduce the dimension of target; then, by introducing the update method of increment subspace to conduct online update of the target template, it can reduce the algorithm’s requirement of memory space and increase the accuracy of target appearance description; finally, the simulation experiment is conducted. The simulation result shows that compared to other tracking algorithm for moving target, the algorithm proposed in this paper can more accurately track the moving target in the video image, which also shows great robustness to the illumination and position change, and it has significant advantages for the target tracking with serious shield.

Digital media animation design based on max script language PDF

Qiaoqiao Feng


Harbin university of science and technology, Heilongjiang Harbin, 150080

MAX SCRIPT can perform a large number of routine operation to solve the repetitive modelling task for us in the process of manufacture. This thesis mainly realizes wolf's character animation and the action of walking, running, jumping, falling down and finger gestures of character animation are designed. Modelling, pasting material, skeletal skin and importing code is investigated. And at the same time, Max Script of 3DMAX can make production of animation more rapid and precise.

The application of unilateral single value control chart based on lognormal distribution PDF

Shibo Xin, Xi Wang, Yanquan Chen


Beijing Technology and Business University, Str. 33, Fucheng, China

The risk theory tells us that the short-term high risks exist at the right tail of the distribution. So we advocate the design and parameter estimation method, which the special figures that reflect short-term risks are within the control limits of unilateral single value control chart based on lognormal distribution, and we also put forward how to use unilateral single value control chart through examples. This essay aims to monitor the short-term risks by means of control chart and reduce unnecessary losses of high risks.

Research on the local fractional Hilbert Transform based on fractal theory PDF

Zhang Yan-zhou, XU Dong-fang


Basic Courses Department, Henan Polytechnic, Zhengzhou, 450046, China

With the development of computer technology and database technology, more and more MIS are implemented. In this paper, the local fractional Hilbert transform in fractal space is established. The characteristics of this local fractional transform are discussed in the following. Considering the basic properties of the local fractional Hilbert transforms, a kind of transform for local fractional is derived and analysed. The result shows that the transform can reach better performance.

Research on the implementation of a database encryption system based on R algorithm PDF

Haiyan Xu, Jing Guo


Henan city in Zhengzhou Province Henan Polytechnic, Zhengzhou, 450046, China

With the development of computer technology and database technology, more and more MIS are implemented. Database is a basic platform in MIS,it stores a plenty of information which is shared by many users. Therefore, database security technology has become the key technology in the development of MIS. According the security requirements of a MIS, this paper introduces R encryption algorithm which adapts to database, and discusses the architecture and characteristics of a database encryption system based on application layer. Also the paper gives a detailed description about the implementation methods of key technology.

Research on the adaptive PID control algorithm based on RBF neural network PDF

Dong Yang1, Xing Zhao2


1Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Institute of Jiangsu JianZhu Institute, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, 221116, China
2China Petroleum Chemical Corporation Pipeline Transportation and Storage Company, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, 221116, China

Aim at the limitation of traditional PID controller has certain limitation, the traditional PID control is often difficult to obtain satis-factory control performance, and the RBF neural network is difficult to meet the requirement of real-time control system. To over-come it, an adaptive PID control strategy based on (RBF) neural network is proposed in this paper. The results show that the propo-sed controller is practical and effective, because of the adaptability, strong robustness and satisfactory control performance. It is also revealed from simulation results that the proposed control algorithm is valid for DC motor and also provides the theoretical and experimental basis.

A new boundary tracing algorithm of the contour of objects in the binary image PDF

Leiming Sun, Tianshun Huang


Henan polytechnic, Zhengzhou, 450046, China

By analysis of common boundary tracing algorithm in the binary image identification, this paper proposes a universal boundary tracing algorithm based on contour, which can judge the trend of contour according to the last boundary point. In search for the next boundary point, it only needs to judge 5 points on the candidate and then the next boundary point can be found. Thus the method reduces search times and the boundary tracking is greatly reduced. The algorithm is also effective for line segment whose contour is not closed by scanning the contour to get information. Experiments show that the algorithm is not only fast, but also accurate about the contour recognition. For the object which has complex images, algorithm can embody its superiority.

The research of digital media instrument recognition method based on the distribution overlapping degree of the Gaussian mixture model PDF

Huayun Long


Hunan University of technology Music College of HUT Hunan Zhuzhou 421007, China

This article mainly studies the musical instrument recognition in digital media based on audio. First of all, the features ar e studied in this paper. so in this article we choose Gaussian mixture model as models of the instruments, we use K-means algorithm to initialize Gaussian mixture model, and use EM algorithm to train Gaussian mixture mode l. based on this, through the study we find that the convergence of EM algorithm relates to the overlap of Gaussian mixture model, therefore, we use the overlap of Gaussian mixture model to determine the convergence of EM algorithm, and carry out in the traditional Chinese musical instrument recognition system, through the experiments we find that when we use the overlap of Gaussian mixture model to determine the convergence of EM algorithm, the recognition rate can be obviously improved.

Basketball Auxiliary Training Method based on Video Analysis Technology PDF

Liu Wei


Chongqing University of Education, Chongqing 400067 China

In order to improve basketball training in university, video analysis is adopted. System requirement analysis and system function module is investigated. Then the key technique referring to video analysis is given. The results of the experiment show that the testing methods of the system can objectively reflect students' understanding on basketball tactical and ability of observation, analysis, decision-making on the match situation, as well as improve tactical awareness. Therefore, the study results can be effective for physical education services, and is expected to provide new ideas and methods for selection of the sports talent and physical education in university.

The improvement of particle swarm optimization algorithm based on stability analysis PDF

Qun Jia1,2


1School of mechanical engineering,Nanjing University of Science and Technology (NUST), Nanjing
2College of electrical and information engineering,Huainan Normal University, HuaiNan

Particle swarm optimization(PSO) is a very important swarm intelligence algorithm which plays an effective role in searching the optimum piont of space systems. The key to search for the optimum piont is the behavior of each particle as well as the entire swarm. During their searching, the stability of the particles is the premise to ensure the convergence of the system. Only under the condition that the whole searching process is of stable convergence does pso algorithm effectively find the global optimum. This paper analyzes the relationship between PSO parameters from the aspect of stability and achieves the goal of ensuring the stable convergence of the algorithm.

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Part B: Information and Computer Technologies

Part B: Content PDF

Based on double threshold segmentation gait recognition method to design of motion control system for middle size league soccer robots PDF

Zhenli Lu1, 2, 4, Kai Tian1, 3, Limin Mao1, Bin Li2


1 School of Electrical Engineering and Automation, Changshu Institute of Technology, 215500, Changshu, China
2 State key Laboratory of Robotics, Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang, 110014, China
3 China University of Mining and Technology, 221116, Xuzhou, China
4 Institute of Electronics and Telematics Engineering of Aveiro, University of Aveiro, 3810-193, Aveiro, Portugal

To achieve a soccer match where robots against human, the key issue for robots is to effectively identify human action. Through analyzing the characteristics of the human gait, and combing with the motion character of the meddle size league soccer robot, based on the tracking information of human skeleton captured by Kinect, a gait recognition method of double threshold segmentation is proposed in this paper. The gait recognition field is demarcated by acquiring the depth information of the human skeleton. The “go-forward” and “go-backward” and “piaffe” gait rules are developed, which can also generate motion commands to control the middle size league soccer robot to represent the gait. The experimental results show that the proposed method can realize motion recognition in real time, which has strong practical performance and can provide technical reserves for related research.

A session identification method of Web user based on K-means algorithm PDF

Xiao Ping


Department of Network Crime Investigation, Criminal Police College, China

The session identification is an important work in the early stage of analysis of behaviour, which has a decisive impact to find out the behaviour characteristics. After analyzing these common session identification methods, we put forward a kind of optimization method to identify Web user session based on K-means algorithm. We compared the method proposed by this paper with other two methods including θ equals thirty minutes and the session identification based on time distance in three aspects: the number of session, the value of absolute evaluation function A(h) and the value of relative evaluation function R(h). It shows that the session identification method proposed by this paper can identify the real user session more completely.

Analysis of calculating authors’ breadth centrality in the collaboration network PDF

Guangming Li, Lu Dai


College of computer, Dongguan University of Technology, Dongguan 523808, Dongguan

In collaboration network, based on the relations and cooperation between coauthors, we evaluate importance of scholars, in what position scholars are, such as the centrality of scholars. This information reflects scholars ‘research cooperation. In this paper, the methods were given up from various perspectives, which indicate that the network contains a lot valuable information about scholars. Mining and identification of this information with in-depth analysis will play a significant role in guiding the formulation of science and technology management and technology policy.

Research on the data warehouse testing method in database design process based on the shared nothing frame PDF

Keming Chen


School of Continuing Education, XinYu University,XinYu University, JiangXi, 338004, China

This paper firstly introduces the recent research on data warehouse and describes the technology of data warehouse in process of design of database in detail. Data warehouse is a new technology in data management and information, and is mainly used to raise efficiency of data querying and to support decision. We use the theory of data warehouse to design database application system and to organize the database system in order to overcome the shortcomings of the database application system, such as low efficiency when there is a large number of data or in a new work, the data is difficult to transfer into useful information, and it can’t satisfy the needs of long time analysis and prediction. According to the actual situation in a certain company, a concrete design of such a system is put forward in the paper. After the infrastructure of database products was briefly introduced, the performance of cloud computing database under the workload of business type, testing technology standard of cloud computing database was especially analyzed, and the evaluate and assessment methods of capacity of cloud computing database was expatiated.

The fast multi-level fuzzy edge detection of blurry images PDF

Ke Mu, Jianhui Yang


School of Mathematics and Statistics, Zhoukou Normal University, Zhoukou 466000, China

To realize the fast and accurate detection of the edges from the blurry images, the fast multi-level fuzzy edge detection (FMFED) algorithm is proposed. The FMFED algorithm first enhances the image contrast by means of the fast multi-level fuzzy enhancement (FMFE) algorithm using the simple transformation function based on two image thresholds. Second, the edges are extracted from the enhanced image by the two-stage edge detection operator which identifies the edge candidates based on the local characteristics of the image and then determines the true edge pixels using the edge detection operator based on the extreme of the gradient values. Experimental results demonstrate that the FMFED algorithm can extract the thin edges and remove the false edges from the image, which leads to its better performance than the Sobel operator, Canny operator, traditional fuzzy edge detection algorithm and other multi-level fuzzy edge detection algorithms.

Research on the detection of abnormal traffic for multi-channel network PDF

Lixia Liu1, 2, Hong Mei1, Bing Xie1


1 School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, Peking University, China
2 Dept. of Information Engineering, Engineering University of CAPF, China

With the rapid growth of the categories and numbers of network attacks and the increasing network bandwidth, network traffic anomaly detection systems confront with both higher false positive rate and false negative rate. A traffic anomaly detection system with high precision is presented in this paper. First, we use multi-level and multi-dimensional online OLAP method to analyze traffic data. In order to reduce the computational and space complexity in this analytical process, some optimization strategies are applied in building DetectCube, the minimal directed Steiner tree algorithm is adapted to optimize multiple query on the Cube, and the traffic data is summarized at appropriate level with the help of discovery-driven exploration method. Second, a concept of entropy to measure the distribution of traffic on some particular dimensions is given and the values of entropy in every window and every Group-By operation are collected to form multiple time series of entropy. Finally, we employ one-class support vector machine to classify this multi-dimensional time series of entropy to achieve the purpose of anomaly detection. The proposed traffic anomaly detection system is validated and evaluated by comparing it with existed systems derived from a lot of real network traffic data sets. Our system can detect attacks with high accuracy and efficiency.

Throughput analysis of network coding in the internet of things PDF

Si Chen


College of Computer Science and Technology, Changchun Normal University, Changchun, 130032, China

Network coding is one of the most important breakthroughs of information transmission technology in communication network, whose main idea is using intelligent function of Router and encoding transmit information by intermediate node of network to improve the efficiency of network transmission. The throughput about IOT in military based on the network coding is analyzed. The simulation results indicate that the network coding can enhance the throughput about IOT in military more than before.

Research and implementation on cloud computing security based on HDFS PDF

Zhilong Liu


School of Mathematics and Computer Science, XinYu University, JiangXi, 338004, China

This paper focuses on the research of the cloud computing security, proposing the file data management model and implementing the security of the cloud computing based on HDFS. The design of the file data management system under the cloud computer environment is achieved based on HDFS, which is with the functions of upload and download data parallelism, user management, inventory management, etc. Aimed at solving the disadvantages of HDFS that is lack of security storage and transmission of the file data, and the integrity checking, the access authentication security mechanism of data node to the client under HDFS, which is based on the IBE algorithm.

Research on the decision-based adaptive weighted mean filter algorithm for impulse noise removal PDF

Wengang Zhou1, Fen Fu2


1 School of computer science and technology, Zhou Kou Normal University, Henan, 466001, China
2 School of computer science and technology, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, ChongQing, 400065, China

The decision-based adaptive weighted mean filter is proposed to remove impulse noise from the highly corrupted image. The proposed filter first identifies the corrupted pixels using the soft decision-based noise detector and then removes the detected impulses using the adaptive weighted mean filter while keeping the uncorrupted pixels unaltered. Extensive simulations indicate that the proposed filter significantly outperforms a number of existing decision-based filters in that it can remove impulse noise from the corrupted image effectively while preserving the details in the image very well.

The location technology of mobile nodes in wireless sensor network PDF

Yingchun Qi, Huiling Guo


School of computer science and technology, ZhouKou Normal University, Henan, 466001, China

The existing location method usually needs to establish network and the energy consumption is inequality. So it does not apply to a small number of mobile nodes in wireless sensor networks. Aim at the positioning of each node in wireless sensor network, clustered location algorithm is proposed on the premise of analyzing the computational complexity and the energy consumption of positioning. Using Receiving Signal Strength Indication (RSSI) combined with Centroid Localization Algorithm (CLA) to locate the mobile nodes in the cluster. The analysis and simulation results show that the improvement of clustering method can improve the positioning accuracy and reduce the network energy consumption effectively. Then the network life cycle can achieve the longest.

Adaptive relay selection in cooperative communication based on space time block code PDF

Xiaokui Li, Wei Jiang


School of Electrical Information Engineering, Henan Institute of Engineering, 451191, Zhengzhou, China

Wireless cooperative communication technology share resources with each other, can get space diversity gain and improve the system transmission performance, so that in recent years it has received the extensive attention of many scholars in the field of wireless communications. In view of the flat fading channel, adaptive relay node selection and transmission strategy based on space time block code under decode forward mode is put forward and closed expressions of average outage probability and bit error rate are given under the Rayleigh channel. This strategy applies the opportunistic relay scheme in collaborative space-time coding system, which can get diversity gain and coding gain. The experiment results show that the proposed relay transmission scheme has better performance than fixed relay node transmission strategy.

Wavelet transform based video compression algorithm and its application in video transmission PDF

Lijun Sang


School of Taiyuan University of Technology, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province, China, 030600

This paper proposes a novel wavelet transform based video compression algorithm, and then we apply it in the video transmission. Firstly, we introduce a general video coding framework and Basic coding process in the video compression. Secondly, we design an improved wavelet transform in the video compression problem. The proposed modified wavelet transform is executed by a threshold or a bound, which can guarantee the pathway to discover a direction to satisfy the maximum zero engries. Afterwards, we define the path vectors with point subsets of a finite grid to modify the standard wavelet transform. Thirdly, we illustrate how to exploit the proposed wavelet transform based video compression algorithm and a FPGA chip in a video transmission system. Finally, we test the performance of our algorithm using the VIRAT Video Dataset. Compared with Wavelet-SPIHT and JPEG 2000, the conclusions can be drawn that the proposed can effectively compress videos and greatly promote the performance of video transmission as well.

The application of SpMT WaveCache in performance development of dynamic data flow computer PDF

Zhou Ning1, Zhang Jing2


1Hebei University, Baoding, Hebei, China, 071002
2Agricultural University of Hebei, Baoding, Hebei, China, 071001

Along with the gradually rising of the frequency of single core processor, it also brought communication overhead, design difficulty, power consumption and other problems. These problems all come from memory wall, power wall, and etc. However, dynamic data flow computer well solved the problems such as memory wall, and catered to the development trend of current multi-core system architecture. Based on this, this paper made a study on the performance development of a typical dynamic data flow computer system structure - WaveScalar system structure, introduced in detail the application of SpMT WaveCache in dynamic data flow computer performance development, dug the speculative multithreading parallelism of data flow computer, and finally proved with practice that the performance of WaveScalar system structure was greatly improved, and thus is a method of dynamic data flow computer performance development deserving to be vigorously popularized and applied.

Research and implementation of virtual tour training system based on virtools PDF

Zhao Guoliang1, Zhao Guolin2


1 Xi’an Science and Technology University Surveying Department Xi’an 710054
2 Air Force Early Warning Academy.Wu han 430019

With high resolution aerial images as scene map, using 3DMAX as a 3D modeling tool, Photoshop as a texture image processing tools, through field photographs the scene really 3D scene, with Virtools as the 3D virtual simulation platform, through the creation of 3D virtual character, with a design concept of cosplay class RPG network game Fu Zhou Municipal Tourism virtual tour guide training system has been Development. This system has the Fuzhou City Attractions Guide demonstration, three-dimensional roaming, information query and tour guide examination spots module, which is a new application of the virtual reality technology in the tourism industry.

Research on the VXI fault diagnosis for computer network based on immune genetic algorithm in process of data transfer PDF

Yan Zhao1, Yao Chen2, Gang Zhang3, Wei Wei4


1 National Engineering Research Center of Solid Wastes Research Recovery, Kunming University of Science & Technology, Kunming, 650033, Yunnan, P. R. China
2 Intelligent Traffic Engineering Center, Traffic Science Research Institute of Yunnan Province, Kunming, P. R. China
3.Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Kunming University of Science & Technology, Kunming, 650500, Yunnan, P. R. China
4 School of Computer Science and Engineering, Xi'an University of Technology, Xi’an 710048, China

This paper analyses status and requirement of electronic equipment test. Auto test system’s hardware based on VXI is presented. Test diagnosis network architecture is put forward. The advantages of C/S and B/S mode are analysed. The computer network is combined with virtual instrument ideally. Based on existing VXI test system and combined with computer network technology, fault diagnosis network based on hybrid structure of C/S and B/S is developed by Lab Windows/CVI. It realizes instrument’s linking each, share resource and the improvement of the utilizing rate of instruments.

Research on dimension reduction methods facing massive highdimensional web text data based on cloud computing PDF

Deng Hui


Library of North Sichuan Medical College, Nanchong, Sichuan, China, 637000

The cloud model is introduced in the clustering dimension reduction process of the text data. In order to make the feature words selected meet this requirement, the cloud model theory is used for text feature selection, and association cloud filter together with distinction cloud filter is separately done for each feature in the training set; finally, the cloud feature space is obtained. Adopting the cloud computing model can not only allow the text information to be reflected more rationally but also ensure that the vector dimension will not be oversized to influence the machine learning ability. The cloud computing model can be introduced in the massive high-dimensional web text data; on one hand, speed of choosing the feature space can be increased, on the other hand, the data dimension reduction effect can also be enhanced.

Research on the deployment tactics of workloads confliction based on the neural network in cloud computing PDF

Wu Qinlan, Huang Yanmei


School of Internet of Things Engineering, Jiangxi College Of Engineering, JiangXi, 338029, China

Aiming at the degrading system performance that busty workloads bring in cloud computing, a resource deployment model based on error back-propagation neural network was proposed to resolve the problems referred to above. A network module is started automatically when the beginning of busty workloads is judged. The prediction of parameter adjustment value is carried out by using pertained network to achieve the purpose of tracking dynamically the changing of underlying resource and outside world task in cloud computing system. The results of simulation in CloudSim prove that the response speed of resource deployment can be improved efficiently by bringing neural network module.

Research on pattern recognition method based on the analysis of large big quality PDF

Huang Yanmei, Wu Qinlan


School of Internet of Things Engineering, Jiangxi College Of Engineering, JiangXi, 338029, China

As the development of Internet, mobile Internet and networking, we have effectively ushered in an era of mass data. Analysis of research firm IDC released a new digital study reports, this report shows that total global information every two years, will grow 1 time. Therefore, as data growing, how to manage huge amounts of data and analyses has become a very important and urgent needs. Data quality is the basis for conclusion validity and accuracy of the data analysis is the most important prerequisite and guarantee. Pattern recognition development in the 1960s in in signal processing, artificial intelligence, Cybernetics, computer science and other disciplines with its high speed, high accuracy, and high efficiency characteristics of large data processing has its unique advantages.

A study on contour extraction method in computer vision measurement technology PDF

Zhongyuan Cui, Hong Zhang


School of Computer Science and Technology & School of Software, Zhoukou Normal University, Zhoukou 466001, CHINA

Image segmentation and border extracting technology play an important role in the computer vision measurement system Aiming at the shortcomings of traditional edge detection methods, considering the features of computer vision measurement, a practical contour extraction method is introduced. In the method, image segmentation is based on the gray threshold method, the mathematical morphology method is adopted to remedy the defects of binary image, the contour of image is stored into chain一code through contour tracking algorithm. Using this method, the one一pixel一wide border of image can be easily extracted. The principles and algorithms of key technologies of the method are described. The experiments show that the features of the method such as denoise and precision are better than that of the traditional edge detection methods. It can be applied to practical engineering measurement system.

Research on a New Generation of Wireless Internet of Things and Gateway PDF

Jie Zhang, Tianqi Tan


Dongguan University of Technology, Dongguan 523808, China e-mail: zj0769@126.com

The paper put forward a networking scheme for short-range and low-power wireless application network base on 6LoWPAN protocol, use 32bit ARM Cortex M3 MPU and 86FR212 to form a network system, design a new generation wireless gateway, the gateway is low cost embedded with multi-protocol wireless gateway.

An Improved K2DPCA Dimensional Reduction method for Hyper spectral Remote Sensing Image PDF

Feng Hui1,2, Pan Zijin1


1Faculty of Mechanical Electronic and Information, Jiangsu Polytechnic of finance &Economics, No.8, Meicheng East Road, Huai’an, China
2College of Computer and Information, Hohai University, No.1, Xikang Road, Nanjing, China

An improved kernel two-dimensional principle analysis (K2DPCA) dimensional reduction method for hyperspertral remote sensing image was proposed in this paper. It decorrelated the columns of remote sensing image by the standard K2DPCA, then used columns 2DPCA to further decorrelate the row direction. It could achieve the dimensional reduction at both widthways and lengthways for remote sensing image. The original images could be reconstructed by the principle components of extracted from each bands of remote sensing image. Experiments were verified with AVIRIS hyperspertral remote sensing image Cuprite, and the result showed that this new method could not only ensure the reconstructed image quality, but also effectively improve the image compression rate.

The technology of marking animation based on virtual reality PDF

Linlin Li


1Zibo Vocational Institute,Zibo, Shandong, China, 255314, China

This topic mainly the manufacture flow which usually uses on the domestic present film and television animation based on virtual reality profession in carries on the analysis, elaborated that further strengthens the digital special effect effective application the necessity, the union concrete case development "the effective application "the around contrast. Unifies in our country movie, the television as well as the advertisement work is good or bad points carries on the analysis. At present in domestic and foreign, our country already had set up the corresponding research, the production as well as the teaching organization. Myself believed how to reduce equipment's loss, haw the more comprehensive performance screenwriter's thought that how more comprehensive development digit special effect research and so on application domain to take the film and television animation creation the important thoughts.

Research on the Retransmit Intention of Negative Word-of-mouth based on Interpersonal Trust in Mobile Internet Community PDF

Yanyan Dong, Qiong Li, Li Li


School of Computer Science and Technology, Hankou University, Wuhan 430070, China

In order to prolong life of wireless sensor network, a novel clustering routing algorithm in wireless sensor networks based on energy equalization to solve the “hot hole” problems in the clustering routing protocol. Firstly, the monitoring region is divided into circular area which base station is taken as the center, and the monitoring area is divided into multi-sectors, the nodes in blocks form a cluster, and then the cluster head is selected according to the node residual energy, and the corresponding cluster communication according to the dispersion coefficient of cluster head, finally, single hop and multi hop is used to communicate between and the simulation experiment to used to test performance of the algorithm. The results show that the proposed algorithm can effectively improve the network energy efficiency and achieve energy consumption balanced among nodes, so it can prolong life time of wireless sensor network.

Design and Realization of Platform of Mass Data Processing Based on High-performance Computer PDF

Jing Nie


Institute of Information Engineering, Nanning College of Vocational Technolog, Nanning, 530008, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China

Today when network information technology develops rapidly, people propose higher requirements on the speed and quality of information processing. For the purpose of satisfying such requirements, we can only rely on the support from high-performance computers. At present, high-performance computers are mainly applied in the field of science and seldom applied in people’s daily life relatively speaking. The platform of mass data processing can effectively improve the ability of parallel processing of network information and facilitate the storage, management, processing and utilization of information data to become more standardized and proceduralized. The paper proposes the platform of mass data processing based on high-performance computers, analyzes and inquires into the problems in system application, and puts forward corresponding solutions finally.

Study on the Theoretical Model Based on Image Processing Control System PDF

Jiaxian Li


College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Eastern Liaoning University,Dandong 118003, Liaoning, China

With the development of information technology, requirements for image processing have been increasing as well. Only by resolving problems such as image acquisition, processing and storage in the vision measurement process effectively can it be possible to obtain high-standard image information. Based on NI FlexRIO technology, this paper uses a new graphical development platform with the combination of related graphics processing technology to produce a real-time acquisition and processing system, thus realizing the acquisition, processing and storage of image information effectively. Through relevant experiments, the working performance of the system under certain circumstances can be tested. Finally, depending on the superior performance, the result shows that image acquisition and processing is also applicable to other areas of expertise.

An analysis on the current development and risk control of the internet financial of China PDF

Hongling Lv1, Wenyan Qiu2


1Economic and Trade Department, Zhengzhou Electric Power College, Yangming Road., Zheng Dong New District of Zhengzhou city Henan Province, China
2International Department, Zhengzhou Electric Power College, Yangming Road. 8, Zheng Dong New District of Zhengzhou city Henan Province China

The so-called Internet Financial is the usage of Internet technology to develop a platform for financial services. For finance development of the Internet, we have to see its innovation should also see its risks both, and focus on risk prevention. In this paper, the concept of Internet banking, characteristics, China's Internet presence and type of financial models were analyzed and summarized with deep analysis of the financial risk types of Internet, the market risk, policy risk, operational risk, security risk, and the risk of trading platforms, etc. And Case Study on P2P and Yu Ebao are to solve problems of how to control these risks by putting forward their own proposals and how the security measures are taken in two ways.

Research of license plate recognition and location based on SUSAN corner detection PDF

Huanhai Yang


Shandong Institute of Business and Technology, Yantai, Shandong 264005, China

Recognition technology of license plates is one of the important research subject in the field of intelligent traffic. It relates to computer vision, digital imaging processing and pattern recognition and has extensive real application background. Based on license plate location method of SUSAN corner detection, the paper proposes a location method of license plates aiming at the method firstly uses mathematical morphology for initial location on license plate area. Then, the method uses SUSAN corner detection method to detect the corner of candidate regions. Lastly, the method uses the achieved angular point figure for accurate location by using clustering method. The experiment proves that when the angle of inclination of license plates is great and even is vertical, the method not only has ideal segmentation effect, but also has rapid segmentation speed, which helps real-time location of license plates.

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Part B: Cumulative Index PDF

Part C: Operation Research and Decision Making

Part C: Content PDF

Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation over the differences and similarities of financial and accounting functions in enterprises PDF

Lu Cai, Xiangyun Yu


Beijing Polytechnic College, Beijing, China, 100042

As for this issue, the thesis firstly analyzes the specific functions of the finance and accounting in enterprises and certifies the differences. Later, Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) is adopted to establish the multilevel fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model respectively for corporate financial performance and the accounting information quality. Besides, the main evaluation criteria of an enterprise’s financial and accounting functions and the main factors affecting the functions of the evaluation are analyzed to explore specific measures for improve corporate financial and accounting department. It can be concluded that the exercise of the financial functions need to rely on the profitability and the development capacity of the enterprises and specifically speaking, the utilization of factors of production and the quality of the portfolio operating should be placed under well control. The key evaluation criterion of the accounting function is the quality of accounting information, which will exert a positive impact on long-term business decisions. The fuzzy comprehensive evaluation studied in this thesis does not include all the evaluation indicators. And in the practices of corporate development, new evaluation indicators should be explored continuously to improve the evaluation system. Therefore, the financial and accounting functions can be better understood and applied.

The application of computer aided design in art and design PDF

Yafei Deng


Art Department, Yellow River Conservancy Technical Institute, Kai Feng, Henan, 475000, China

The modern art design is the product of the combination of science technology and art, and it is a comprehensive discipline with all kinds of scientific cultural knowledge and art discipline combined closely, also the integration of science technology and art. Using the modern diversified thinking mode to study the application of computer aided art design in the field of art and design. Compared with the traditional methods of art design, computer aided art design has a lot of incomparable superiorities than traditional design methods of artificial, due to the improvement of design software which greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of the drawing process. All stages of design can use computer software to complete; simple use computer knowledge to design software to complete the art design will come true. With the rapid development of computer technology, the 21st century has entered the era of electronic information, computer technology is widely used in various industries, and computer also played an irreplaceable role in the aspect of art and design. Computer aided design provides art designers an unprecedented form of expression of art. Compared with the traditional single set of art, the expression means of computer aided art design is faster, the performance of content present diversity, which is d

Research on university library information level measurement based on genetic algorithms and neural networks PDF

Sheng You


Library of Zhongzhou University, Zhengzhou 4500044 China

Setups a comprehensive indexes system for the evaluation of academic library digitalizing level, presents a new evaluation model for academic library digitalizing level by combining genetic algorithm and BP neural network. Experimental results demonstrate the developed model is valid and practical. The model can give a scientific theoretic guidance for the evaluation of academic library digitalizing level. On the basis of the establishment of the University library digitalizing level evaluation index system based on the proposed neural network based on genetic algorithm Mechanism, and thus give a new university library information level evaluation methods. Measured results show that the evaluation model Effectiveness and practicality of the University Library Information Evaluation provides a more scientific theory.

Explore Application of Hierarchical Approach in College Physics Experiment Teaching PDF

Hongzhi Zhao


College of Physics and Electronic Engineering, Xinxiang University, Xinxiang 453003, Henan, China

College physics experiment teaching is different from the general theoretical knowledge teaching, which emphasizes students’ practical ability and logical thinking ability in experimental design. The traditional teaching approach still has shortcomings in the cultivation of students’ interest in experiment, and meanwhile, it is not conductive for the improvement of students’ learning interest in experimental course. The hierarchical teaching approach proposed achieves the division of teaching contents according to certain layers, so it can be used to implement teaching in different stages according to students’ acceptance of knowledge complexity. Compared with traditional teaching mode, hierarchical teaching enhances students’ ability to understand knowledge and enables them to accept the knowledge implanted by teachers and to study in a progressive and gradual manner according to knowledge mastered. By applying the hierarchical approach in experimental teaching, teachers not only achieve the continuity and consolidation of theoretical knowledge, but also largely enhance the scientific literacy of college students.

The characteristics of immaterial society and its influence on the development of art design PDF

Weiwei Li


Art Department, Yellow River Conservancy Technical Institute, KaiFeng, Henan, 475000, China

The immaterial society is often described as the combination of the digital society, the information society and the service society. In the immaterial society, the way of individuals accepting information, cultural values makes a huge difference. At the same time, the art design also changes in the areas of content, production and transmission, and the final result will be different from the past.

Integrating intangible cultural heritage with instructional methodologies at vocational educational institutions - an exploration of instructions on the case of Kaifeng city and nearby PDF

Qian Zhou


Arts Department, Yellow River Conservancy Technical Institute, new campus, Dongjing Road (west), Jinming District

This paper studies intangible cultural heritage of Kaifeng City and its surrounding area by reviewing current development status of Art Design major offered by local vocational educational institutions. This paper proposes that introducing intangible cultural heritage resources into the educational system of Art Design in local institutions of vocational education in order to achieve complementary advantages and win-win results. The main contribution of this paper is systemically reviewing theoretical framework of educational practices by integrating intangible cultural heritage with Art Design teaching.

A Novel prediction model for champions’ scores of men’s 110 - meter hurdle in Olympic Games PDF

Xiaoxin Li


School of Physical Education, China University of Mining and Technology, Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, 221116

In order to improve the prediction accuracy of the grey model for champions’ scores of men’s 110-meter hurdle in Olympic Games, a nonlinear grey Bernoulli model (NGBM) has been built on the base of the GM(1, 1) model, and a genetic algorithm (GA) has been adopted to optimize the parameters of the model. Based on the statistics of champions’ scores of men’s 110-meter hurdle in Olympic Games during the 1948 - 2012 period, the NGBMGA model is employed to predict the performance of the 2016 and 2020 Olympic Games which is contrasted against the prediction result of the GM (1, 1) model. The results show that the NGBMGA model has higher prediction accuracy, with its feasibility and veracity verified.

The comparison of the undergraduates’ learning values on the basis of different educational systems PDF

Jiangfeng Li


Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan, China
Zhengzhou Normal University, Zhengzhou, China

The “Learning theory” of General Secretary Xi Jinping has pointed out the way for us to encourage the undergraduates to learn and establish right learning view under the new situation. Compare and analyze the undergraduates' learning values on the basis of different educational systems through questionnaire, to provide reference data for these universities to be qualified and put forward some considerations and suggestions on how to cultivate undergraduates to set up correct learning values.

The model research of the teachers' knowledge management support system based on Web PDF

Hua Chen


Yiwu industrial &commercial College, Yiwu Zhejiang 322300, China

In the paper, we mainly introduce the characteristic of the teacher’s personal knowledge management. Then, web technology is simply introduced. In the last, we make the function design of the teacher's personal knowledge management system based on web. And we give a part of modules function design.

Study on English MOOC online learning monitor system and model PDF

Hongte Chen, Li Zhang


College of Fundamental Education, Sichuan Normal University, Chengdu 610066, China

Through assessing over a hundred known recent literature contributions on MOOC and ODL, we get some basic conclusions on MOOC: firstly, conflicting perspectives on MOOC divide education communities; secondly, formal comprehensive analyses of MOOC mostly concur that they are disruptive and possibly threatening to current higher education models, thirdly, reporting of MOOC learner experiences is positive. Based on a large number of documents and tracking projects, we find the result that a solid and effective research must be on the basis of knowing many of the requirements of object and explore specific system function, types of media and the study and practice aiming at certain groups. Therefore, we can only do system research by the way of combining theoretical and empirical. In the meantime, we can find the system model supporting theory from advanced learning theory. It is worth learning the excellent reference model of digital learning system that it can ascend the quality of mobile learning system model.

Study on arts online education of knowledge comprehensive evaluation model based on BPNN PDF

Yuting Han


Nanjing University of information science Technology College of media and art, Jiangsu 210044, China

Connecting with the actual factures of our college and the demands for teaching quality, this topic introduces the artificial neural net theory into the assessment of teaching quality in colleges, establishing relative math model, integrating the complex index and giving measurement in order to provide more accurate and scientific assessment methods for teaching quality assessment. Through MATLAB software programmer, shaping BP neural net model and reaching reason results.

Study on tourism crisis alarming model based on data mining PDF

Zhenhui Dong, Fang Liu


Gansu industry Polytechnic College Gansu tianshui 741025, China

The article systematically analyzed the actuality and modality of Chinese listed corporations' tourism crisis, and discussed the reason of this problem appeared and the method how to resolve. The necessities of establish forewarning model in forecasting and avoiding tourism crisis were clarified; Tourism crisis forewarning models in existence were reviewed; several forewarning models using Enterprise Miner module in SAS were established. Compared with the existing models, such as discriminate analysis models, Logistic models and Neural Network models, the models in this article possessed many advantages and could be used more perfectly on forewarning purpose.

Research on digital marketing system data model based on cloud computing PDF

Hua Sun


Department of Business Administration, Henan Polytechnic, Zhengzhou 450046, China

This paper proposed database marketing systems architecture based the Hadoop cloud computing, in order to achieve massive data processing and digital marketing, with taking the Group database marketing system as an example. In short, we build a cloud-based smart grid architecture of marketing, rely on the existing electricity network, as the theoretical basis for a national smart grid development planning, use cloud computing and the foundation of Hadoop platform technology. The process give full play to the advantages of the cloud computing model, provides open interconnect server and client interaction, system management background, unified and convenient resource allocation. This experiment reflects the true nature of the smart grid marketing system, provides valuable theoretical basis and practical significance for the development of smart grid.

The research of English massive open online course based on virtual technology PDF

Shanshan Chen


Suzhou University Anhui Suzhou 23400, China

Based on the investigation cases of college students English learning websites in the existing sample, the reason of the English Massive Open Online Course why is unsteady on the virtual platform is analyzed in the paper. And the effective resources management and standardization construction is mainly strengthened from the aspect of the content. Finally, the current adult English teaching mode on the virtual platform is selectively analyzed. Meanwhile, some effective reform and innovation measures are put forward in the last.

Investigation and prevention measures of the epidemiology of common sport injury in college physical education PDF

Wei Liu


Physical Education Department, Xi’an University of Science and Technology, Xi’an710070, China

Objective: This paper provides relevant suggestions and measures on the basis of understanding of the common types of injury and their influencing factors among ordinary university students in order to further reduce, and even avoid the occurrence of sports injury so as to improve college students' health conditions as well as secure their lives. Method: A questionnaire survey method is applied here. 150 copies of questionnaires are randomly distributed among Wuhan University students to analyze several aspects, namely, the parts of the college students' sports injury, sports preference, the main causes of damage and damage frequency. Results: The frequency of such sports injury occurred among college students hits 58.3%; the sports injury of boys are more likely to happen than of girls; the most common body parts which are vulnerable to sport injury are ankles, wrists, knuckles, waist and knees in sequence; muscle strain, bruise and ligamentous sprain are main types of injuries by classification of their respective characters; the causes of the college students’ sports injury mainly lie in the inadequate preparation; doing exercises too intensely, poor ability of self-protection and poor physical quality. Conclusion: (1) Schools and teachers should attach more importance on the popularization and publicity of scientific knowledge of sports; (2) For the sports enthusiast in college, the awareness of necessity and significance for pre-exercise activity and warm-ups should be increased; (3) Schools should enlarge both investment and facility construction of sport equipment and athlete field to avoid as much as possible the non-human factor of injury in the process of movement.

Research on the construction of teacher knowledge management support system based on WEB PDF

Guangyu Peng


Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Hunan Communication Polytechnic, Changsha 410132, China

With the development of information technology and Internet, the emergence of WEB2.0 has been applied extensively, has penetrated progressively into the field of education, and has brought new hope for the knowledge management. The 21st century is an era of knowledge-economy, the university is a knowledge- concentrated organization, knowledge is the core resource and asset of creating value, the university teachers are important carriers on knowledge of research, communication, innovation. This paper builds teacher knowledge management system based on WEB2.0 and analyzes the environment of the teacher knowledge management system.

The research into the financial dynamic style using a state-space model PDF

Ai-hua Ye1,2, Yin-e Chen1


1School of Economics & Management, Changsha University of Science & Technology, Changsha, Hunan 410114, China
2Hunan International Economics University, Changsha, Hunan 410013, China

The fund circulation is increasing in the domestic market of financial securities investment, this have frustrated investors a lot. Owing to the fuzziness of each investing objective, mismatched investment momentum of contract and the investors’ demands, and merely publishing investment portfolio for 4 times, it is difficult to for investors to obtain relatively, practical investment portfolio modes. To solve this problem, this research systematically analyzed styles of treasury securities investors using financial profits style analysis, proposed a dynamic style analysis method based on Bayesian filtering, and state-space model. By introducing the examples, the results were assessed with a constraint. The combination model was conducted virtualization processing. The results show that dynamically assessing the financial investment style using the algorithm proposed is proved to be feasible.

A research on RMB exchange rate based on big mac index empirical analysis PDF

Jia He


School of Economics and Management, Neijiang Normal University, Neijiang, Sichuan Province, China, 641112

Based on the Theory of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), the Big Mac Index is widely used to measure whether a country's currency is at its "correct" level since it is easy to understand and clear and also is considered to be one of the important indices for evaluating a country's currency real exchange rate. This paper performed empirical study on the Big Mac index of Australia, Britain, Japan and Singapore by adopting regression analysis model. The test results show that the regression analysis results support the PPP theory, namely the big MAC index is an effective tool to determine exchange rate equilibrium. On this basis, this paper analyzed the RMB exchange rate level evaluated by Big Mac index, and considered that RMB exchange rate is a certain degree undervalued, and will be at a slowly rising trend consistently.

Evaluation and development countermeasures on reverse logistics operations under E-commerce environment PDF

Dong Wang


Zhengzhou Railway Vocational & Technical College, Zhengzhou, 450052, Henan, China

Consumers have been accustomed to undertaking routine logistics activities through e-commerce websites with the expansion of original e-commerce over the past few years. Under this circumstance, people are gradually paying more and more attention to unique operation models of reverse logistics. In this paper, unique environment of e-commerce and outstanding characteristics of its logistics operations were clarified and analyzed. Besides, distinct novel model of reverse logistics was objectively evaluated and a special evaluation model was constructed. Besides, appropriate development strategies were explored according to current market situation as well. Unique evaluation models for reverse logistics are helpful for enterprises to solve multiple difficulties under new frameworks. It is necessary for enterprises associated with reverse logistics to identify consumer demands, properly process real-time information and guarantee quality improvements in logistics.

Teaching practice research of ideological and political classes based on the means of multimedia PDF

Mu Mu1, Jing Zhang2


1College of Art, Agricultural University of Hebei Province, Baoding Hebei, 071001
2President office, Agricultural University of Hebei Province, Baoding Hebei, 071001

With the rapid development of multimedia technology, multimedia technology has established a deep connection with various social fields. Under this background, this article will focus on the multiple problems of traditional teaching method of ideological and political classes existing in today's network environment. It carried on analysis and summary specifically for these problems, summarized the innovation and reform path of ideological and political teaching mode under the network environment, and performed theoretical analysis and practical conditions summary of the innovation and reform method. Meanwhile, this article illustrated how to embody the innovation points of the improved ideological and political teaching mode being superior to the traditional one based on the combination of the actual teaching practice.

Analysis based on the teaching pressure and living pressure model of China’s college teachers PDF

Yan Ma


College of Education Science, Henan Institute of Science and Technology, Xinxiang, 453003, Henan, China

It has been found from relevant research and survey that currently, college teachers are facing the pressure of various aspects, including working pressure, living pressure, environmental pressure and health pressure, etc. These pressures will direct affect teaching quality, target cultivation and students’ quality. Aiming at the above problems, teaching pressure and living pressure model of China’s college teachers has been established in this paper. The results shown that the model established in this research can be applied in real investigation, which has provided a reference to enrich China’s working pressure and living pressure management theory and for colleges and teachers to cope with working pressure and living pressure. So its theoretical and practical meanings are very significant.

An analysis of response coupling relationship between supply-demand inbound tourism flow drive and urban destinations PDF

Li Pan


Tourism Culture Resources Planning and Development Institute of Xuchang University, Xuhan, 461000, Henan, China

Inbound tourism is an important way for a country or region to earn foreign exchange and resolve the employment problem. The development of inbound tourism can not only measure the local economic development level, but also measure the international level of the tourism industry. In this paper, supply and demand in economics is taken as a foothold. By constructing the corresponding system model between inbound tourism flow and urban destinations, it analyzes the coupling relationship between inbound tourism flow and urban destinations.

Production of English vocabulary teaching courseware based on multimedia technology PDF

Chunhui Wang


English Department, Jilin Medical College, Jilin 132013, Jilin, China

As multimedia technology continues to popularize in various fields, English teaching is gradually combined with multimedia technology. Vocabulary learning is often a difficult point in English. English vocabulary teaching courseware based on multimedia technology can help students improve their English vocabulary learning effect and enhance their initiative. This paper mainly studies the production of English vocabulary teaching courseware under multimedia technology.

Mathematical theory development model in public sports education for university students PDF

Long Chen


East China Normal University, Shanghai, China, 200241

This paper aims to study the development model of public sports education, explore the factors that lead the development of public sports education, and give suggestions and measures. Firstly, by analyzing the situation of public sports in a university with literature method and questionnaire method, the paper explores the factors affecting the development of public sports. On this basis, according to mathematical theory, this paper takes organizational theory as the basis and uses Logistic model to analyze the sustainable development of public sports. This paper points out that the sustainable development of sport education system is characterized by its fairness, sustainability, commonality, time sequence, spatiality and identifiability, while it is realized by the rational use of rise and fall. Rational use of rise and fall mainly relies on teachers’ leading of students and development of rich sports education scenarios. The scope of investigation in this paper is limited and the data does not fully reflect the development situation of public sports of all university students. The more comprehensive investigation and the establishment of a better model will provide more improvement suggestions for public sports education development.

Analysis on the application of Internet-based exercise prescription teaching method in PE class PDF

Weiping Cao, Guangchun Zhou


Institute of P.E, China West Normal University, NanChong, Sichuan, China, 637009

For now, with various specialized features, the Internet-based exercise prescription teaching in PE class has resulted in significant teaching achievements in teaching field and been popular among the teachers of various disciplines. Besides, it contributes to learn the knowledge in the class more efficiently for the students. However, the exercise prescription teaching in physical education based on the Internet has been so far widely used in various disciplines, except for the physical education. Under this circumstance, the study explores the application of exercise prescription teaching in physical education based on the Internet, by means of related literatures, the method of calculation, as well as the actual situation of physical education.

Relationship between strengthening internet-based physical teaching and the improvement of excellence rate of students’ physique health tests PDF

Jun Chen


College of Oujiang, Wenzhou University, Wenzhou 325035, Zhejiang, China

According to current teaching objectives of PE class in China, the teachers are required to take measures to ensure adolescents’ physical and mental health, and they are suggested to enrich the physical education means based on existing level, promote the reform of physical education, establish sound sports mechanism, lengthen the students’ sports time and fundamentally guarantee youths’ good health. Accordingly, this study will focus on the relationship between strengthening psychical teaching and the improvement of fine ratio of students’ physique health test based on Internet via analysis of mathematical model, and it concludes that strengthening Internet-based physical teaching can improve the students' physical quality. It is hoped that this study can provide valuable reference for domestic physical teaching.

Feasibility analyzing for shoulder joint training device promoting in primary and secondary schools PDF

Xiaoping Gou1, Zhenqiang Xiong2, Pingsheng Lu2, Mingyu Yuan2


1School of physical education, Longdong University, Qingyang 745000, Gansu, China
2College of physical education, Northwest Normal University, Lanzhou 730070, Gansu, China

The shoulder joint is the most flexible joint in the human body. There are shoulder joint training devices in the fitness squares, which are divided into two kinds of single-disc and double-disc. People handle the rings to carry out shoulder training by two hands. The exercise value is not up to the purpose of shoulder joint flexibility training. The primary and secondary school is the most critical period for the development of the flexible quality. The schools are lacking the special device for the flexibility training, which leads the poor flexibility of the students and can’t achieve the expected teaching effect. In order to solve this problem, here designs and produces the shoulder joint training device. This invention patent has been authorized. The feasibility of the product takes the way of literature, mathematical statistics and experiment to carry out comparative analysis and research. The experimental results show that: using the shoulder joint training device has a remarkable effect.

Research on issues of endowment insurance for urban villagers in Shijiazhuang city PDF

YiChen Liu1, Chunbo Li2, Wensi Pei3


1Huaxin Cologe, Shijiazhuang University of Economics, Shijiazhuang 050031, Hebei, China
2The organization department Shijiazhuang University of Economics, Shijiazhuang 050031, Hebei, China

3Exploration technology and engineering institute, Shijiazhuang University of Economics, Shijiazhuang 050031, Hebei, China

Endowment insurance directly relates to peasants' immediate interests, and has a direct influence on later life of landless peasants. The endowment insurance system for landless peasants has to be improved. Through survey and interview, as well as sampling of urban villages of Shijiazhuang City, where landless peasants mainly live, this paper adopts four-dimensional ecological model and analyzes the existing problems of endowment insurance for land-less peasants in urban villages of Shijiazhuang City. And on that basis, some specific solutions are provided.

Innovation of tennis teaching at College’s PE major based on multiple intelligence theory PDF

Zhilei Zheng


Physical Education Department of Shandong University (Weihai), Weihai, Shandong, China

At present, the popularity of tennis in colleges and universities is gradually deepening, when the traditional teaching theory of tennis is hard to meet the actual teaching requirement of tennis. Under this background, this paper is going to give a deep research and analysis on tennis teaching at colleges and universities, take multiple intelligence theory as the basic theory guidance, and adopt the methods of literature review, survey report and math statistics analysis to explore the objective law of tennis teaching at China’s colleges and universities. Through the research, this paper finds out that the guidance of multiple intelligence theory can promote tennis teaching efficiency of at college’s PE major. Therefore, it can be seen that adopting teaching method of multiple intelligence can promote students’ activity accordingly and improve students’ comprehensive quality roundly in the teaching process of tennis at college’s PE major.

Control model of bus priority at signal intersection considering green loss equilibrium PDF

Xinghua Hu, Xiaoning Zhu, Bing Long


School of Traffic and Transportation Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing City, China, 10044

To equalize the side effect that caused by the delay due to bus priority at intersections, three methods for green loss equilibrium to achieve bus priority were studied, including green extension, red truncation and phase insertion. Based on the assumption that vehicles arrives linearly, delay analysis were made at single priority request of non-saturated intersection when equilibrium is lost. Computing formula of intersection delay was presented with consideration of green light time non-priority phase loss and make-up during green light time. A timing optimization model was established which is known as normal traffic at rest phases, while objects to a function that maximize average delay at intersection. Based on Frank-Wolfe algorithm, solution came out under the diagonalized design. Instance analysis indicates the timing optimization model effectively balanced green loss at phases of non-priority, while deduced the amount of delaying at intersections. New delay calculation more explicitly described the delay change at intersections of bus priority.

Efficient big data processing strategy based on Hadoop for electronic commerce logistics PDF

Jiaojin Ci


Institute of Economy and Management, Nanyang Normal University,Nanyang, 473061, China

With the rapid development of cloud computing, more and more electronic commerce applications are confronted with the problems of processing big data, such as big data from the social media posted by the customers of electronic commerce logistics. In order to improve the big data processing efficiency in electronic commerce logistics, an efficient big data processing strategy based on Hadoop is designed, which is named ECLHadoop. In ECLHadoop, those closely related data blocks are placed at the same nodes, which can help to reduce the MapReduce I / O cost, especially the I / O cost at the shuffling stage. The simulation experiment results show that, based on Hadoop, the ECLHadoop can improve the big data computing efficiency for data-intensive analysis in the electronic commerce logistics service.

Research on the impact of rural tourism on economic growth and employment level based on VAR model PDF

Hui Song1, Ning Zhang2


1School of Management Engineering, Suzhou University, Suzhou city, Anhui province, 234000, China
2School of Business, Renmin University of China, Beijing, 100872, China

In this paper, we use the time series model to analyze the impact of rural tourism to economic growth and employment rate. As rural tourism is a significant factor that will influence the regional economic growth and employment levels, so we make a statistical analysis of the impact of rural tourism growth (RTG), economic growth as gross domestic product (GDP) and tourism industry’s employment rate (RET). The result shows that: First, rural tourism will promote GDP increase. LnRTG at lag 1 period increased one percentage can drive LnGDP increase by 0.871 percentage; Second, rural tourism will also have positive influence to employment rate. LnRTG at lag 1 period increased one percentage can drive LnRET growth by 0.026 percentages; Third, LnRTG is the granger reason to LnGDP, which means rural tourism growth is the reason to the economic growth. At the same time, LnRTG is also the reason to LnRET. In addition, the rural tourism has a certain contribution degree to economic growth and employment rate, and can be used to explain the rising of GDP and employment rate. On this basis, we put forward the related policy suggestion.

On the evaluation of sustainable development of marine economy based on AHP - a case study of the New District in Zhoushan Islands PDF

Yaqing Gu1, Cong Guo2


1Department of Touism Planning, Tourism College of Zhejiang, Hangzhou, China
2Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Qianjiang College of Hangzhou Normal University, Hangzhou, China

Based on the general and concrete principles of index system of marine economy and the choices of the evaluation index, this paper analyzes the index importance by means of AHP and establishes a set of the evaluation index system of marine economy in the New District in Zhoushan Islands, to which an overall analysis and appraisal is given. The main factor that has limited its sustainable development of marine economy, in combination with the factors that influence its development, are put forward in accordance with its connotation of sustainable development of marine economy.

An improved degree measurement index based on the social network PDF

Lu Dai, Guangming Li


Colledge of computer, Dongguan University of Technology, Dongguan 523808, Dongguan

This paper stems from discussion of the structure of the scientific collaboration network, utilizes t methods of complex network analysis and social network analysis, give out an analysis on the scientific collaboration network from both macro and micro perspectives, and in both dynamic and static way. This paper extracts 16 years of conference proceedings articles from 1995 to 2014 as an experimental data set, with the corresponding network known as collaboration network of data mining. Based on analysis of the classic centrality metric, an improved node centrality metrics (c-index) is proposed, to measure collaboration strength of nodes in a weighted collaboration network.

Research on the design of B/S structure sports equipment rental system of school based on local fractional algorithm PDF

Bing Zheng


Department of Physical Education, Tangshan Normal University, Tangshan, Hebei, China

The school's sports equipment management centre has run the sports equipment management in long-term. It was on manual paper records to record sports equipment storage, do statistics, lend, and get back. It cannot get the sports equipment timely statistical information, and cannot record the information. So a simple and easy solution effective was needed. The main subject of the research significance: We plan to build a suitable school sports equipment hiring management systems. It has analysed the system architecture and design patterns, and analyzed the system using J2EE development platform and B / S architecture. The equipment hiring system should include the data entry module, the equipment online query module, online reservation module and statistics module. It learns the functional requirements of the system, the database structures, and the system features modular and architecture design. We used the open resource coding platform.

Research on a new membership functions based on fuzzy SVM PDF

Qiuhua Xu


Zhoukou vocational college of science and technology, Henan, 466000, China

Traditional membership functions in fuzzy SVM (FSVM) were designed based on the distance between a sample and its cluster center, which are irrational for dataset with non-spherical-shape distribution. A new membership function was proposed based on the distance between a sample and a hyper plane within the class. It overcomes disadvantages of traditional designing methods and improves the generalization ability of FSVM, while reducing the dependence of membership function on the geometric shape of sample data. Numerical experiments show that, compared with the traditional SVM and three FSVM with different membership functions, FSVM with new membership function has better classification accuracy. The New method is simple and its computation time is less.

Power systems adaptability evaluation using neural network PDF

W.H. Chen


Key Laboratory of Alternate Electrical Power System with Renewable Energy Sources, North China Electric Power University, Beijing 102206, China

This paper proposes a new strategy at the system level to evaluate and mitigate power system cascading outages adaptability considering protection system hidden failure. An explicit probability model of protection system hidden failures is established to demonstrate its effects on power system adaptability. The event tree is used to analyse the cascading outages sequences. Some adaptability indices are used to evaluate cascading outages adaptability. The neural network is used to obtain the adaptability indices and to propose a solution that can decrease the system cascading outage adaptability under limited budget. The IEEE system is used to illustrate the methodology and present the results.

Application research on long jump training and guidance based on data mining PDF

Tao Lu1, Xiaojun Zhang2


1Qingdao Vocational and Technichal College of Hotel Management, Qingdao, Shandong, postcode 266100
2Henan Institute of Education, Henan Zhengzhou 450000, China

This paper adopts the data ware house technology and data mining technology to establish a sports training assistant decision support system for long jump athletes. To make organic integration of the training factors for athletes, it applies scientific training theory and advanced training methods to the sports training management. We focus on the improvement of two classic data mining algorithms: association rules of Apriori and decision tree classification ID3. For Apriori algorithm, we improve the connections and pruning strategy when creating (k+1)-order frequent item set by k-order frequent item set, and the process pattern of transactions. For the defects of ID3 algorithm, we propose to reduce the computation of attribute gain selection when establishing the tree, and provide corresponding scheme to set the attribute importance. Then the actual examples are used to apply the improved models to the sports training assistant decision support system. The results show our algorithm improve the mining efficiency actually. The generated strong association rules which have higher association can be imported into knowledge library as important base for the sports training schemes.

Predicting the High-rise building construction project safety risk based on QPSO-SVM model PDF

Yuhai Miao1, Jing Chen2


1City Institute, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian 116600, China
2College of Water Conservancy Engineering, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian 116024, China

In this paper, we aim to solve the problem of high-rise building construction project safety risk forecasting. The main innovation of this paper lies in that we convert the project safety risk forecasting problem to a classification problem, and design a novel QPSO-SVM model to implement the classification process. Before predicting the project safety risk, we present an index system, which contains six first-layer indexes, such as “Falling accident”, “Objects striking accident”, “Collapse accident”, “Mechanical injury”, “Fire disaster in construction”, and “Electric shock injury”. Particularly, 29 indexes are included in the second-layer of this index system, and these 29 indexes can effective represent almost all influencing factors in high-rise building construction project safety risk prediction. Next, we describe how to select optimal parameters of SVM classifier using the quantum behaved particle swarm optimization policy. Finally, experimental results demonstrate that, compared with other schemes, the proposed hybrid QPSO-SVM can forecast the high-rise building construction project safety risk with higher accuracy.

Microblog oriented user interest analysis and implementation in personalized information service PDF

Lifang Tang


School of Business Administration, Zhejiang Gongshang University, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, 310018
School of Media and Design, Hangzhou Dianzi University, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, 310018

This paper analyzes and studies the user interest in microblog data and the methods for personalized recommendation. It designs a microblog oriented personalized modeling system and explains the overall structure from a macro point of view. The personalized modeling system for microblog users includes two major parts: interest extractor and personalized model generator. In interest extraction and classification, we use a combined classifier by naive Bayes and support vector machine, to filter the microblogs unrelated to users’ interest. At the phase of personalized model generation, we propose the indicators of long-term and short-term interest by analysis on rules of topic distribution. Two different updating mechanisms are adopted to meet users’ demand for update quality of long-term and short-term interest. The experiments implement our research on a specific information push services system of user blog. Then the relative evaluation indicators in information retrieval verify the correctness and feasibility of the improved algorithm.

Optimal control strategy of rural medical insurance system based on elderly people’s satisfaction PDF

Cai Hui


Heze University, Shandong Heze 274015, China

As a key part of the modern social security system, medical insurance system is crucial for human health and medical insurance. Especially in rural areas, medical insurance system is an important way to guarantee the health of elderly people. Therefore, this paper concentrates on the problem of rural medical insurance system design to satisfy elderly people’s requirements. In China, the medical insurance consists of “social medical insurance” and “commercial medical insurance”. Particularly, the basic medical insurance is constructed by “Basic medical insurance for urban workers”, “Basic medical insurance for urban residents”, and “New rural cooperative medical insurance”. Afterwards, we present an optimal control strategy of rural medical insurance system, and the elderly people’s satisfaction is regarded as the restrictive condition. Particularly, the optimal control strategy aims to maximize the expected value using the dividend barrier and the control policy at a specific time point. Then, the optimal control strategy of rural medical insurance system is obtained via maximizing an optimal return function. Finally, performance of the proposed strategy is tested through insurance will investigation by randomly choosing 10 administrative villages in China’s rural areas. Experimental results show that using the proposed optimal control strategy, insurance will investigation of elderly people is effectively promoted.

Risk evaluation of oversea investment of Chinese enterprises based on fuzzy-AHP PDF

Zhong Qi


Business College, Hunan International Economics University, Changsha, Hunan, 410205, China

This paper is aimed at studying risk evaluation of overseas investment of Chinese enterprises with the application of fuzzy comprehensive analytic hierarchy process (AHP). In order to complete this task, this paper constructed the index evaluation system from three aspects that were macro, meso and micro to assess the risk of foreign investment of Chinese enterprises, the risk factor was divided into three main factors and eleven subfactors. The weight of each factor was defined by means of AHP. On this basis, this paper assessed the risk of direct investment of enterprise S in country X by means of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation, and the result is a high risk rating. The results show that fuzzy comprehensive analytic hierarchy process is good at the risk evaluation of oversea investment of Chinese enterprises, and it provides a reference for oversea investment of Chinese enterprises.

Research on several factors affecting the structural stability of lace material and clothing effect and its solutions PDF

Juanying Yang, Xiaoyan Miao, Jun Yang


Jiaxing Vocational Technical College, School of Textile Art and Design, 314016, Jiaxing, China

This paper analyzed the characteristics of the material and aesthetic lace, clothing style control characteristics of each period of change and development in terms of lace and lace used in the modern types of clothing. Investigate the factors that affect the stability of lace fabric apparel and clothing results in pattern design and process when considering the fabric, structure, process, finishing factor. Through the role of the experiment, testing different organizations, different numbers and different number of warp and weft yarns dense lace slip resistance to research clothing structure, technology, fabrics, such as pre-treatment and finishing of garments and clothing effect structural stability. This paper wanted to meet the structure balance of lace bodice garment and have beautiful effect.

Study on public art design methods of metro space with Zhengzhou Metro line 1 as an example PDF

Binbin Yan


Environment and Art Design programme, Yellow River Conservancy Technical Institute, Kaifeng, China

In this paper, it has been researched from not only characteristics of metro public art design but also principles and methods of metro public art design. The author suggests that humanized design principle play a key role in the process, and the metro space public art design should satisfy both people’s aesthetic and functional needs. The paper studies design methods employed in Zhengzhou metro for an instance, such as theme design, refining cultural elements, and one color for each line and one landscape for each station. Then the author argues that the metro public art should be regarded as a carrier, which makes people recognize cities’ images and cultures.

A study of the construction of teaching staff of He Nan private universities PDF

Jun Zhang


School of Foreign Languages, Huanghe S. & T.College, Zhengzhou, 450063, China

Under the strong promotion of "Twelfth Five Year Plan", more and more attention is paid to private colleges from higher education of our country. With the further development of private universities, teaching staff of private universities is becoming a top priority of its development process. Based on the analysing the current situation of private colleges faculty construction in Henan, this paper introduces the mathematical principles of Markov analysis model and its basic forecasting steps. Then this paper establishes an application example of Teaching Staff planning utilizing Excel, carrying out the quantity plan and classification plan. At last, this paper analysis the result of planning results.

Convenient pickup point in e-commerce logistics: a theoretical framework for motivations and strategies PDF

Xu Junjie, Wu Min


School of Economics and Management, Anqing Normal University, No. 1318, Jixian N Road, Anqing, Anhui, P.R. China

The deployment of convenient pickup point is a novel way to tackle the bottleneck of terminal delivery in e-commerce delivery, exploration of key development motivations and channel organization strategies are benificial to theoretcial research as well as practice of relevant enterprises. Based on China industrial enviroment, a four-ring key motivation positioning model is proposed. In this model, the key motivation of e-commerce enterprise, express enterprise and the third-party platform is identified to improving service level, controlling delivery cost and pursuiting economical profit respectively, the detailed basis for above judgment is also provided. The development patterns of convenient pickup point are discussed, and a joint development alliance is encouraged to construct public pickup service network. Two kinds of operation patterns are compared with a pridiction on evoluion trend, developers are suggested to establish unattended point if provided captical guarantee. The potential schemes of channel layout are also revealed, to protect consumer’s perceived convenience, the entrance of residential area is regarded as the optimal place to establish pickup point. At last, conclusions and shortcomings are summarized with some proposals of futher research directions.

One improved P2P electronic commerce trust model PDF

Xue Zhao


International Education College, Nanyang Institute of Technology, Nanyang, 473004, China

To effectively solve the security problem in P2P electronic commerce trading, this paper analyses the existing trust model and proposes an improved trust model. The trading sum, trading evaluation, trading time and trading time are introduced into the direct trust computing to prevent against malicious cheat of nodes. The punishment factor suppresses the cheat behaviour of nodes and effectively prevents the malicious nodes from cheating at certain frequently. When recommendations from other nodes are combined, the weighted averaging method and trust of the recommendation nodes are used to effectively prevent malicious nodes from providing malicious recommendation. The simulation experiment indicates that this mode can effectively beat the malicious nodes, protect the honest nodes, enhance security of the P2P electronic commerce nodes, and reduce the trading risks.

An Empirical study on affecting factors of stock returns based on the structural equation model-manufacturing as the example PDF

Li Hua1,2, Dou Shiting1, Sun Qiubai1


1School of Business Administration, University of Science and Technology Liaoning, Anshan, China
2Institute of Quantitative &Technical Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, China

This paper uses the structural equation model, and selects 300 listed companies of manufacturing as the research object, and chooses investor sentiment, profitability and financial index as potential variables, selects a few observed variables to study the influence on stock returns. The results found that profitability, investor sentiment and financial index have certain influence on stock returns, and it is a positive correlation. The biggest impact on stock returns is profitability, and then followed by the investor sentiment and financial conditions. In this paper, the research provides a certain reference for investors to make rational investment decisions.

Agricultural drought disaster risk evaluation in Guizhou PDF

Li Yanbin1, Song Sihan1, Zhang Zezhong1, Xie Ruyi2


1North China University of Water Conservancy and Hydroelectric Power, 450011, Zhengzhou, China
2Song-Liao Water Resources and Hydropower Development Limited Liability Company, 130021, Changchun, China

The paper established the model of agricultural drought disaster risk evaluation and assessment index system, defined disaster risk threshold value by using the analytic hierarchy process (AHP), weighted synthesis method and natural hazards index method in the case of Xiuwen, Meitan and Xingren County in Guizhou province. Considering factors of natural, social economic, hazard of disaster-causing factors, the exposure and vulnerability of hazard bearing body and drought resistance ability, guided by theory of meteorology, agricultural science, disaster science, natural disaster risk science and other multi-disciplinary theories, scientific of the model is verified by relevance analysis of crop yield losses estimated on the base of agricultural drought disaster temporal series and drought disaster risk index. The result can provide directions and guidance for drought forecast and risk management in Guizhou province and the similar area.

A risk-reward balancing model of generation side and purchasing side based on optimized total risk-reward PDF

Shoujun Chen, Kun Chen, Zhongfu Tan


The research institution of energy environmental economics, North China Electric Power University, Beijing 102206

This paper used the Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) to analyze the risk-reward of purchasing side and generation side by
purchasing-selling power from multi-market, considered the game between the risk-reward of purchasing side and generation side and built a balancing risk-reward model of two sides in the condition of the optimal total risk-reward of both sides. Based on the total optimal risk-reward, the model optimized the purchasing-selling power proportion portfolio to make the risk-reward of both sides in their acceptable range and increase their reward at the same time. The simulation example confirmed the validity and suitability of the model, and manifested that the proposed model provides both the power purchasing side and the generation side some reference and guiding value for purchasing decision -making.

Research on the key technology of urban planning virtual emulation system base on openGL PDF

Guoliang Zhao1, Guolin Zhao2


1Xi’an Science and Technology University Surveying Department Xi’an 710054
2Air Force Early Warning Academy.Wuhan 430019

3dmax software is a tool of three dimension model. VC is a platform of development. OpenGL is interface of graphics. Urban planning three virtual emulation system is developed. The key technology is researched: 3dmax texture render, three dimension model reading and demonstrator, DirectSound sound effect control, LOD, sun shadow analysis. The system is a successful application of urban planning virtual emulation.

Optimization of shortest path of multiple transportation model based on cost analyses PDF

Yang Yang


China University of Mining & Technology (Beijing), the School of Management, Bejing, China
Beijing Wuzi University, Institute of Logistics, Beijing, China

In transportation process, normally there are several modes to deliver goods and sometimes there is cross-transportation or multimodal transport mode. Meanwhile, in the transportation process, transportation costs, time and risks vary with timeframe. Due to the characteristics of transportation network, transportation costs and transit time will vary with different starting time. Transportation costs can be divided into fixed costs, road transportation costs and transit fees considering multiple influence factors and various options, for instance, railway, airline and waterline. This article illustrates in detail that optimization of shortest path of multiple transportations based on cost analyses and this mode has been verified by genetic algorithm.

Earning quality, Venture capital and Firm value PDF

Jiujin Li1,2, Fusheng Wang1, Chang Xu2


1School of Management, Harbin Institute of Technology, P.R.China, 150006
2Institute of Petroleum Economics and Management, Northeast Petroleum University, P.R.China, 163318

In order to study the impact of earning quality and venture capital on firm value for small and medium-sized enterprises, the paper selects data of small and medium-sized enterprises from 2009 to 2012 in the Shenzhen stock exchange, which finds a positive correlation between earning quality and venture capital. For promotion of firm value and own reputation, the intervention of private equity investment strengthens positive correlation between accounting earning quality and venture capital. The research indicates that the less earnings management behavior exists, the higher earning quality and firm value is. In addition, the intervention of venture capital effectively inhibits earnings management behavior and improves firm value, strengthening positive correlation between earning quality and firm value. The conclusion enrichs related literature and also has an important theoretical significance and reference value for controling earnings management behavior, elevating earnings quality, optimizing the intervention of venture capital and perfecting the related systems.

The fund input mechanism of compulsory education for migrant workers children in China: Guangzhou evidence PDF

Guoming Du


School of Humanities and Law, South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, 510642

The migrant workers have made great contributions to the developed cities, but their children have not fair compulsory education rights in China. Based on an analysis of compulsory education situation, problems and causes of the migrant workers children in Guangzhou the paper believes that it is the key to establish a fair fund allocation mechanism among the inflow governments. The outflow governments and the central government, and proposes three policy recommendations such as building education voucher system in the whole country, eliminating gradually the dual education system, establishing a diversified compulsory education system, and so on.

Integration of enterprise marketing practice and school education based on diversified network teaching PDF

Xiaodong Wang


Mathematics and Engineering Department, Jingdezhen University, Jingdezhen,Jiangxi, China, 333000

This paper focuses on the status among the quality required for marketing personnel, school education and enterprise marketing practice. According to fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method and features of talent evaluation, evaluate the fuzzy comprehensive value of talents by percentage calculation method to determine the basis and level of talent evaluation. This paper describes how to integrate school education into enterprise marketing practice through the diversified network teaching. Enterprise marketing needs to dismiss traditional disadvantages, combine with other countries' marketing methods to make it more scientific and sound, which plays a decisive role in the enterprise. It is a big revolution to teach with enterprise marketing while using the internet, which will have equally important significance.

An analysis of psychological stress model of college students' employment PDF

Weifeng Zhang


College of Education Science,Xinxiang University, Xinxiang, 453003, Henan, China

With the development of educational businesses in our country, there have been more students attending colleges. This is conducive to universal education. However, the employment problem for graduated college students has become increasingly prominent, one of which is students’ psychological pressure in the wake of employment. To effectively address this issue, this paper combines relevant survey data, discusses the source of employment psychological stress of college students and the adverse impacts of negatively coping with pressure through data analysis and comparison, and proposes countermeasures.

English vocabulary teaching based on multimedia technology PDF

Mei Ren


Institute of Foreign Language,Baotou Teachers’ College, Baotou 014030, Inner Mongolia, China

With the rapid development of internet technology, there is a deep connection between social fields and information network. Under such background, this paper will focus on exploring various problems of traditional English vocabulary teaching in current network environment, analyzing these problems with target, summarizing the innovation and reform of English vocabulary teaching mode in network environment, theoretically analyzing the ways of innovation and reform, analyzing and summarizing the realistic conditions. Through the research, the paper found that the English vocabulary teaching based on multimedia technology can better stimulate students to learn English vocabulary, with better teaching result than traditional English vocabulary teaching.

Application of SECI model in ideological and political education of university students PDF

Yingbin Shang


Shaanxi Vocational & Technical College, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, China, 710100

Strengthening ideological and political education of university students is of great significance to help university students establish a correct outlook on world, life and value, and enhance their political enthusiasm and quality. However, from the perspective of current situation of ideological and political course teaching for university students, the effect is not particularly desirable. SECI model theory, as a core theory of knowledge management, elaborates the process of constant interaction between tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge. With SECI theoretical model as the basis and from the empirical perspective, this paper verifies the effect of SECI theory in the process of ideological and political education, and based on this, proposes targeted measures to improve the effect of ideological and political education.

Study on the application of context in college English translation teaching PDF

Yanling Deng


School of International Business and Foreign Studies, Guangdong Engineering Polytechnic, Guangzhou, 510520, Guangdong, China

With the constant development of China’s social economy, college students are expected to have higher comprehensive quality. Meanwhile, English translation ability, as one of the necessary capacities in reading English articles, becomes one of the key items in cultivating college students’ English skills. Under such background, this paper provides a specific analysis of approaches to improve the college English translation teaching. In the process of college English translation teaching, the actual features of English shall be fully considered to conduct study on the application of context in college English translation teaching. Furthermore, several specific countermeasures to promote the application of context in collage English translation teaching is are summarized. Based on these measures, it is to maintain the unique cultural connotation of English articles and promote the standardization development of English translation in the process of applying context to college English translation teaching.

Comparative study of traditional tennis teaching method and modern tennis teaching method PDF

Jigang Zhao, Wei Song


Department of Physical Education, Tonghua Normal University, Tonghua, Jilin Province, 134002, China

As the tennis class is established in universities of China, the traditional tennis teaching ideas and methods can hardly adapt to the increasingly changing education needs of social sports. This paper adopts the literature review, expert interview, questionnaire, logical analysis and other methods, takes the multiple intelligences theory as the theoretical guidance, and starts from fives links including teaching ideas, teaching objectives, teaching contents, teaching methods and teaching assessment to explore the teaching rules of tennis in Chinese universities, innovative the tennis teaching in sports major of universities, and point out the application of multiple intelligences theory in the physical education: starts from the interest stimulation; cultivate and inquire the learning abilities, create new type teacher-student relationship; develop healthy life style with body building as the priority. The multiple intelligences theory is of practical significance in the physical education: it enriches the teaching methods for physical education; it proposes high requirements for the quality of teachers. The sports teachers in universities shall take full use of teaching activities and conduct various teaching contents combined with the teaching objectives, strengthen the cultivation of students’ psychological quality at the same time of improving their physical quality, to ensure all-around development of the students.

The competition pattern of World Olympic Winter Games and the achievement outlook of Chinese superiority project PDF

Jun Liu


Department of Physical Education, Dalian Polytechnic University, Dalian 116034, Liaoning, China

This paper makes statistics of the medal number of every continents and part of the competition results of the competing countries in 21st XXI World Olympic Winter Games and carries on the contrast analysis. At the same time, we studied the Chinese all previous Olympic achievements and the development of Chinese Olympics results, we analyzed the competition pattern and the Chinese Olympic Games development process, limitations and development space. Results showed that China must break through the status of the single source of gold medals and we should vigorously develop China's Olympics entries, and widely develop the athletic talents of other Chinese Olympic projects, we also need to vigorously develop top athletic talent of China's Olympic sports, and make extensive training of China's ice and snow sports talents as well.

Part C: Authors’ Index PDF

Part C: Cumulative Index PDF

Part D: Nature Phenomena and Innovative Engineering

Part D: Content PDF

Research on the temperature field in refrigerated truck carriage with fresh pork in it PDF

Jiamin Wang1,2, Zhaolei Ding2, Chuanzhen Huang1, Zhaoliang Jiang1


1 Key Laboratory of High-efficiency and Clean Mechanical Manufacture (Shandong University), Ministry of Education, School of Mechanical Engineering, Shandong University, Jinan, 250061, PR China
2 National agricultural modern logistics engineering technology research center, Jinan Shandong, 250103, PR China

The CFD coupling flow model is established and refrigerated truck experimental platform is built. The internal temperature field in the refrigerated truck is studied by applying mathematical statistics and the fact that the internal temperature field varies with the environment temperature and the speed of the truck with fresh pork in it is analyzed. The conclusion that the variety of the external temperature has a greater influence on the variety of the internal temperature when the refrigerated truck is at a high speed is arrived. The raise of temperature in the top jet area inside the refrigerated truck is obvious and the internal area temperature near side walls of the refrigerated truck is relatively high.

A method of measuring the cable tension force with the application of smart phones PDF

Chen Shuang-rui1, Yan Quan-sheng1


1 School of Civil Engineering and Transportation, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China, 510640

Smart Phones are portable and extensible, besides they can provide MEMS micro-accelerometer with good support. This article introduces a method of measuring the tension force of the cable-stayed bridge with the application of a Smart Phone. According to the FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) algorithm, the time domain is converted to the frequency domain while we program on the Android platform and the effective peak-picking algorithm is designed to determine the natural frequencies of the cables. An analysis of simulated signals demonstrates that the designed programs can accurately identify the natural frequencies with or without the disturbance and it can also compute the fundamental frequency based on the identified natural frequencies. With the fundamental frequency it goes on to calculate the tension force. A comparison of the result by adopting the method introduced in this article and the one collected from the JMM-268 tension force dynamic measuring instrument indicates that the Smart Phone has some difficulty in measuring the cables shorter than 40m; however, a less than 5% error is detected where the cables are longer than 40m.

Numerical simulation of aluminum alloy quenching by direct thermal-mechanical coupling method and evolution of the elastic-plastic area PDF

Luo Jiayuan1, Shi Chengxiang2


1School of Mechatronics and Automotive Engineering, Chongqing Jiaotong University , Chongqing 400074, China
2Department of Mathematics and Information Engineering, Chongqing University of Education, Chongqing 400065, China

7075 aluminum alloy plate quenching process is simulated using direct thermal-mechanical coupling method, and the corresponding experimental results verify the numerical simulation with high accuracy. Based on the simulation results to study the Variation in the aluminum alloy plate during the quenching process, such as the conversion law between tensile stresses and compressive stresses and the evolution of elastic-plastic deformation area, and these two changes have been compared and analyzed, the results show that, there is always a transition region in the aluminum alloy plate during the quenching process, the region has very small or zero plastic strain, and the quenching residual stress extremes occurs in the region. The existence of the transition region is leading to the quenching residual stress distribution along the thickness direction has "turning point" and is the main reason for the W-shaped distribution.

Internal fault diagnosis of aircraft engine fuel metering unit based on artificial immune algorithm PDF

Wang Liwen1,2, Zhang Lu1


1 School of Mechanical Engineering, Tianjin University, Tianjin, China
2 Ground Support Equipments Research Base, Civil Aviation University of China, Tianjin, China

This paper present an aircraft engine fuel metering unit internal fault diagnosis fault diagnosis method based on artificial immune algorithm. First, the overall structure and basic working principle of FMU are introduced. Then, the model of the key parts of FMU which include Electro-hydraulic servo valves (EHSV), actuator, sine-cosine revolver model and fuel flow valve model are built. With the parts model, the overall model of the FMU can be built. Then the typical faults like fuel leakage and some other faults are simulated with FMU model. Then, the fault diagnosis method based on artificial immune algorithm is introduced. At last, the FMU faults such as cylinder wall attached to the foreign body fault and resolver output circuit faults are detected with artificial immune algorithm. The diagnosis results show that the fault diagnosis method based on artificial immune algorithm is effective to FMU components failure.

Analysis on the influence of shield construction to pile group of hefei high-speed rail south station PDF

Donglin Wang, Yusheng Jia


School of Civil Engineering, Anhui Jianzhu University, Hefei, Anhui, 230601, China

Since the tunnel shield construction produces the disturbance to the surrounding soil, causes the force impact of the near pile foundation, and leads to the additional stress and strain of the pile foundation. This paper uses the station pile group of Hefei No.1 Subway Line adjacent to the Hefei High-speed Rail South Station as the engineering example, utilizes the large finite element calculation software MIDAS GTSNX to establish the three-dimensional calculation model, so as to make dynamic simulation of shield tunnel construction and conduct the analysis on the influence of displacement and stress of pile foundation during the shield construction process. Then make comparative analysis on the data of measured ground subsidence deformation on the site, the results show that this simulation analysis objectively reflects the influence law of pile foundation and ground subsidence deformation, which can provide the theoretical basis for the safe and quick construction of the similar engineering.

Intelligent Control Strategy and Proposed Motor Drive Operating Mechanism for High Voltage Disconnecting Switch PDF

Aimin Liu1,2, Jinhua Zhang1,2, Zhiheng Wu1,2


1 School of Electrical Engineering, Shenyang University of Technology, Shenyang 110870, China;
2 Liaoning Province Key Lab of Power Grid Safe Operation and Monitoring, Shenyang 110870, China

A new type of operating system (motor drive) is introduced to remedy the following typical shortcomings shared by high-voltage Disconnecting Switch (“DS”) operating mechanisms in this paper: 1) poor controllability, 2) failure to meet requirements of opening and closing speeds, and 3) closing bounce. The current and speed dual-loop control method was used in the DS operating mechanism control system. Due to the motor operating mechanism control system’s nonlinearity, the control error is large when the conventional double-loop PID control system was used. The fuzzy control algorithm combined with the PID controller can adjust the control parameters online and enhance its control capability of nonlinear control system – thereby reducing control error. Experiment results show that combined with fuzzy control algorithm of motor operating mechanism, intelligent control system can make real-time adjust the speed of switch contact to ensure the motion of stability and meet opening and closing speed requirements.

Loss Calculation for High Speed Permanent Magnet Claw Pole Outer Rotor Machine PDF

Guangwei Liu, Xingang Zhao, Zhao Xin, Fengge Zhang


School of Electrical Engineering, Shenyang University of Technology, 110870, China

In view of higher frequency electromagnetic field and higher speed rotation comparing with conventional machine, the loss of high speed claw pole permanent magnet outer rotor machine should be considered seriously. In this paper, its structure and operation principle was introduced, and the three dimension magnetic field distribution is analyzed. A new iron loss calculation model is built in consideration of three-dimension quadrature alternative and harmonic magnetic field. In addition, the calculation model of air friction loss and its influencing factors, such as rotor speed, surface roughness and axial ventilation speed, are analyzed. The results of the finite element analysis validate accuracy of that of theory analysis.

Study on the energy storage of super capacitor PDF

Zhang Dedi


College of Electric and Electronic Engineering ,Zibo Vocational Institute,Zibo,255314,China

Super-capacitor is now widely used in the field of industry and daily life. With a view to improve the availability factor of Super- Capacitor, we studied the interrelationship among Super-Capacitor energy storage capacity, charging current and leakage current through a large number of experimental data analysis. Based on those experiments we draw the conclusion that super capacitor energy storage capacity tends to be stable after cycle usage; with medium-sized charging current it reaches the maximum storage capacity, while quick charge with high current will reduce its energy storage capacity.

Development and Application Study of Marine Data Managing and Sharing Platform PDF

Zhang Hongxin, Duan Kanghong, Zhang Xiaobo


North China Sea Marine Technical Support Center, State Oceanic Administration, China 266033

The marine scientific data has the characteristics like grid form, multiple dimensions, and geographic information included. There exists strong semantic and grammar heterogeneity among different types of marine data. So this paper studies and develops the technologies in marine data sharing platform to solve above problems. It proposes a managing and sharing scheme for marine data processing based on distributed computing technology. The scheme adopts parallel and distributed computing technology, Linux cluster technology to process the marine data in Hadoop distributed platform. The technologies of HDFS distributed file system; Map/Reduce parallel computing programming model and Hbase are also used. Then we provide the design of key modules by programming and the distributed system managing of the cloud platform, to offers a data managing and sharing platform with high reliability and stability. Finally the tests verify the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed platform.

Realization of micromouse consecutive turning based on STM32 PDF

Haoming Zhang1,2,3, Yinghai Wang3


1School of computer science & technology, Soochow University, Suzhou, 215006, China
2Department of Electrical and Information Engineering, Tongling University, tongling, 214000, China,
3Department of Electrical and Information Engineering, SIPIVT, 215321, Suzhou, China

In order to improve the stability and reduce dashing time of micromouse in complex maze, the traditional turning trajectory and speedtime curves were abandoned. “S” turning method is proposed to achieve fast consecutive turning. For the “S” turning in straight way, controller fully considers passing of the last turning and leading of the next turning, with the help of compensation and navigation sensors to realize precise correction of micromouse position; For the “S” turning in arcs, different speeds are used to track different arcs, gyroscope records its rotation angle and does real-time angle compensation. “S” turning method is verified by micromouse based on STM32. Experiments of seven consecutive turnings show that the method can greatly improve the stability and reduce the turning time of micromouse.

Simulation analysis and system testing of multi-core processor 16-channel high-density computer software made in China PDF

Jianbin Du


Academic Affairs Office, Qilu Normal University, Jinan 250013, Shandong, China

Godson 3A processor is China’s first quad-core CPU with completely independent intellectual property rights, and the outstanding performance of Godson 3A makes it have broad prospect of application in products including high-performance computers, highperformance pcs, servers, low-energy-consumption data center, high-throughput computing application, high-end embedded applications, and digital signal processing, etc. In order to study the reliability of high-density computer design and the balance between functions and performance, high-density computer with Godson 3A processor as the core design is selected in this paper to make simulation analysis of its design, and emulation software is used for printed emulation simulation, mainly testing its heat dissipation and system performance, and comparing with high-density computers of other types. It has been verified through system testing that high-density computers based on Godson 3A quad-core processor and designed with balance design method are superior in energy consumption, heat dissipation and space.

Design of rotor air-operated pump mechanism and dynamics analysis PDF

Ming Ding


Xuzhou Institute of Technology, Xuzhou Jiangsu, 221008, China

The study combines the merits of pump transportation mechanism and swivel mechanism in Concrete Wet Abrasive Blasting Machine, designs new air-operated spring-piston mechanism to complete the transportation of concrete, deduces the calculation formula of loss in pressure of concrete vertical pump transportation mechanism, completes dynamic analysis of the machine, establish the relevant equations.

Foam flooding reservoir simulation algorithm improvement and application PDF

Yining Wang1, Han Wu1, Xiaojuan Huang2, Shuihui Cao1, Hui Wang1, Jingyun Ouyang1


1China Zhenhua oil Co. ltd, Beijing 100031, China
2School of Energy Resources, China University of Geosciences, Beijing 100083, China

As one of the important enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technologies, Foam flooding is being used more and more widely in the oil field development. In order to describe and predict foam flooding, experts at home and abroad have established a number of mathematical models of foam flooding (mechanism, empirical and semi-empirical models). Empirical models require less data and apply conveniently, but the accuracy is not enough. The aggregate equilibrium model can describe foams’ generation, burst, coalescence from mechanism, but it is very difficult to describe. The research considers the effects of critical water saturation, critical concentration of foaming agent and critical oil saturation on the sealing ability of foam and considers the effect of oil saturation on the resistance factor for obtaining the gas phase relative permeability and the results were amended by laboratory test, so the accuracy rate is higher. Through the reservoir development concepts simulation and field practical application, the calculation is more accurate and higher.

Comparative analysis of the application of aerodynamics impedance algorithm in high and low terrain PDF

Linlin Xing, Peixin Gao


Flying College, Binzhou University, Binzhou 256603, Shandong, China

Aerodynamic impedance is one of the most important factors influencing surface momentum, energy and water exchange. Currently, there are many algorithms about aerodynamic impedance estimation, but most of the researches are based on a certain region or specific underlying surface, while there are few researches about the uneven terrain momentum of different levels of terrain. In this paper, aerodynamic impedance is estimated and analyzed from the perspective of different classic underlying surfaces. Based on the field observation experimental materials of a certain region’s uneven terrain of different levels, and the impedance difference under the condition of different levels of terrain is compared and analyzed so as to propose the aerodynamic impedance method suitable for different kinds of underlying surfaces in this region, and improve the estimation precision of aerodynamic impedance.

A method applied the boundary of sea and land temperature retrieval for atmospheric information correction PDF

Jinping Li, Zhifeng Liu, Zhenhua Wei


East China Institute of Technology, Economic Development Zone Guanglan Avenue 418, East China Institute of Technology, Nanchang 330013, China

A method applied in the boundary of sea and land for atmospheric correction was analyzed by the radiation information which was adopted from the same picture, and radiance  of the boundary of sea and land was estimated by prorating the mixed element The estimation of the atmosphere transmissivity 0  could be given out, in which atmosphere parameter De was measured. And the effects were important actual efficiency and authentic. Simultaneity, several atmosphere patterns were selected by using atmosphere MODTRAN radiation transfer model program, and the different retrieval algorithms were contrasted by presuming the standard atmosphere from America. The fact that derives from study of the boundary of sea and land bears out that the correction method has evident effects and simple operation.

Design and implementation of the nuclear logging instrument controlling and monitoring system based on MSComm PDF

Zhifeng Liu, Bin Tang, Zhenhua Wei, Jinping Li


East China Institute of Technology, Economic Development Zone Guanglan Avenue 418, Nanchang 330013, China

The author used MSComm to achieve the control of the uranium neutron logging instrument, and the real-time communication between the ground software system and the downhole detecting instrument through serial communication technology. Two problems were resolved intensively. Firstly, the real-time parameter control and feedback monitoring are implemented mainly through controlling the high voltage power supply and ion source to control the neutron flux, and utilizing the instrument feedback information to monitor the neutron source state. Secondly, the real-time data acquisition and display are achieved through the data acquisition module which monitors the instrument indirectly and ensures the instrument to work safely and stably. The reliability and practicability of the software system is verified by experiments.

Analysis and study on acoustical quality of a piano soundboard based on ANSYS PDF

Wenhua Mao


Quzhou University, Zhejiang Quzhou 324000, China

Basing on the theory of finite element method and modal analysis,the models of a bare plate and a piano soundboard are established in the ANSYS separately,then the two models' natural frequency and mode shape are calculated and compared. What is more,the influences of density and thickness on the piano soundboard's modal frequency are discussed. The result reflects that the piano soundboard's modal frequency is higher than the bare plate's and the piano soundboard vibrates in more complicate way. At the same time, it is found that the piano soundboard's modal frequency turns to be larger when the thickness turns to be larger and turns to be smaller when the density turns to be larger.

Study on badminton system with auxiliary training based on Kinect motion capture PDF

Jiang Dong


Yulin University, Shaanxi Yulin, 719000, China

First, the paper studies the algorithm to repair self-occlusion body joint information. Due to the existence of human self-occlusion, the motion capture data is not credible. According to the invariance of the length of human body skeleton and the continuity of human movement, this paper proposes a quick geometric method to repair the skeleton information. The experiments show that the algorithm can real-time repair more than half of the obscured joints information, especially the end of the joint information. Then, study the movement redirection based on constraints of terminal effectors. Different human motions are assigned to another role, it will case feet penetrate the ground, sliding, skin stretching or distortions due to bone size inconsistencies. Base on bone length scale factor of virtual role and Capture body, this thesis proposes a movement redirect method of end constraint effectors. First determine the end constraint of the first frame, and get the three-dimensional coordinate information of the end constraint; secondly, based on the length of the human skeleton invariance redirect the three-dimensional coordinates of the other joints. Third, determine the end constraint of the next frame and get its three-dimensional coordinates; finally, calculate other joints three-dimensional coordinates of other frames. The experimental results show that the algorithm can solve the problem of distortion animation, and get standard capture motion data, which will conducive to data analysis.

Design and implementation of an Android-based numbered musical notation editor PDF

Lin Ma


University of Science and Technology Liaoning, Anshan, Liaoning, China, 114001

Android smartphone is the most widely used terminal equipment for daily contacts by current users, which is portable and whose screen is enough to support many applications, so that your favorite programs can be run at any time and any place as long as there are electricity in the phone; the music player is a necessary program on the phone for users, representing the preference of the majority of users; however, currently there is not a better mobile numbered musical notation editor software allowing a multiple of Chinese music lovers, especially those who wish to make his own creation, to record his work when inspired; based on the above demands, the prototype system design of a numbered musical notation editor that is developed on the basis of the android system and can support virtual keyboard input and screen sliding is primarily introduced in the paper.

Fault diagnosis for wind power generation system based on association rule mining PDF

Wenju Ji, Jianwen Wang


Inner Mongolia University of Technology, Hohhot, 010051

This paper concentrates on the problem of fault diagnosis for wind power generation system, which is a crucial problem for wind power industry. Firstly, framework of the fault diagnosis system for wind power generation is presented. This framework is made up of two main parts, that is, “local device module” and “remote diagnosis center”. In the local device module, wind turbines are connected to other servers through lower computers, and then data is transmitted to the remote diagnosis center. Furthermore, the remote diagnosis center can receive the data transmitted by the local devices and then discover faults by the proposed association rule mining algorithm. Secondly, in the proposed association rule mining algorithm, the opportunity and effectiveness of a specific rule is represented as the number of chances to utilize this rule and the average utilization ration of this rule, and then the rules with higher probability are preserved to conduct the Fault Diagnosis. Finally, specific wind power generation equipment is used to test the effectiveness, and experimental results show that the proposed method can discover different kinds of faults in the power generation system with high accuracy.

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