2014, volume 18, №12

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Part A: Mathematical and Computer Modelling

Geological spatial database and visualization modelling methods for mining groundwater PDF

Wensheng Wang1, Feng Zhang1, 2, Huifeng Xue1, Yongheng Zhang2


1School of automation, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an 710072, China
2School of Information Engineering,Yulin University, Yulin 719000, China

It is one of the research hotspot and difficult of the mining groundwater three-dimensional information and visualization for hydroinformatics, to solve the problem of groundwater hydrology geological spatial database and visualization of 3D geological modelling, proposed a three-dimensional geological modelling method based on finite difference method, and the mine hydrogeological spatial database, the groundwater survey information database,3D geological modelling based on GIS, groundwater spatial visualization of 3D data model and key algorithms are created. Simulation results show that can realize the hydrogeological space in Yulin area database and 3D visualization of geologic model and spatial hydrological data processing method provides a unified data model, the analysis of hydrological data support a large space, and lays the foundation for the dynamic control model refinement.

Method of NC processing for the cover of auto gearbox PDF

Chunyan Zhang1, Yinhu Qiao1, Liang Sun2, Lizhong Wang2


1 Mechanical Engineering, Anhui Science and Technology University, Fengyang 233100, China

2 Chizhou Vocational-Technical College, Chizhou 247000, Anhui 

In this paper, the common car gearbox cover is studied as a processing object, the reasonable technology and equipment is selected based on the figure process firstly. The standard processes and process card are developed through reasonable process, the PRO/E software is used for the processing set, solid modelling, then the processor and the machine code generating, The MATLAB Genetic Algorithm Toolbox is applied for the optimization of cutting parameters.

Robust model predictive control for descriptor systems with time-delay via dynamic output feedback PDF

Dongwen Zhang1, Wei Zhang2, Chenxi Zhang3


1School of Information Science & Engineering, Hebei University of Science &Technology, No.70 Yu Hua East Road, Shijiazhuang, China
2School of Electrical Engineering, Hebei University of Science &Technology, No.70 Yu Hua East Road, Shijiazhuang, China
3School of Sciences, Hebei University of Science &Technology, No.70 Yu Hua East Road, Shijiazhuang, China

The robust model predictive control was investigated for a class of descriptor systems with time-delay and uncertainty, and the dynamic output feedback control law was considered. The systems were transferred to the piecewise continuous descriptor systems and a piecewise constant control sequence was calculated by minimizing a quadratic optimal objective function. At each sampling period, by means of Lyapunov theory and variable transformation, the optimal problem with infinite horizon objective function was reduced to a convex optimization problem involving linear matrix inequalities. The sufficient conditions on the existence of the dynamic output feedback control were derived. Further, an iterative model predictive control algorithm was proposed for the on-line synthesis of dynamic output feedback controllers with the conditions guaranteeing that the closed-loop descriptor systems were regular, impulse-free and robust stable. Finally, a numerical example was presented to show the effectiveness of the proposed approach.

A new algorithm of SAR target recognition based on advance deep learning neural network PDF

Hui Xu, Hong Gu


Nanjing University of Science & Technology, Jiangsu Nanjing China, 210094

In order to improve the accuracy of synthetic aperture radar images target recognition, we have proposed a new algorithm of SAR target recognition based on advance Deep Learning neural network. The traditional radar recognition algorithm has many disadvantages, In order to improve the accuracy of synthetic aperture radar images target recognition, the author have proposed a new algorithm of SAR target recognition based on advance Deep Learning neural network. In this paper, the author have got the feature of SAR image through the Refine Lee filter and HOG transformation firstly, and then realized the SAR object segmentation and recognition through the multi-layers RBM machine and GRNN neural network. and then realized the SAR object segmentation and recognition through the multi-layers RBM machine and GRNN neural network, and the learning rate parameter of the multi- layers RBM machine is optimized through the GA algorithm. The simulation results shows that the object recognition rate of the algorithm proposed in this paper can reach 97%, which can improve the performance of the algorithm obviously.

Flexible road and tyre modelling based on ADAMS PDF

Yang Wang1, 2, Xingdong Xue3, Yongjie Lu2, Chundi Si2


1School of Mechanical, Electronic, and Control Engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University, No.3 Shangyuancun, Haidian District, Beijing, China

2Key Laboratory of Traffic Safety and Control in Hebei, Shijiazhuang Tiedao University, 17 Northeast, Second Inner Ring, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China

3Beijing Dowell HT Technology Co., Ltd, No.37 Nanmofang Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

MSC. ADAMS, a multibody dynamics software, is powerful in modelling of complex mechanical systems and realizes fine simulation on vehicle-pavement coupled system (VPCS). Existing MSC. ADAMS treats pavement as a rigid body and simplifies tyres as a group of mathematical formulas. Therefore, finite element model of tyre and road is the basis of flexible VPCS modelling. In this paper, finite element model of tyre and road was established and introduced into MSC. ADAMS through the MNF file. After the spatial position of finite element model was adjusted, a three-way force could be applied between tyre and road surface by setting their contact pattern. An elaborate VPCS model can be established by combining the universal vehicle prototype model and the established flexible road and tyre model based on MSC. ADAMS.

Global convergence of a predictor-corrector smoothing newton method for generalized nonlinear complementarity problem PDF

Ke Su, Xiaoli Lu


College of Mathematics and Computer Science, Hebei University, Baoding, 071002

A predictor-corrector smoothing Newton method for the generalized nonlinear complementarity problem is proposed based on a class of smoothing functions. Dislike the complementarity problem, there were more functions needed to be considered in generalized nonlinear complementarity problem (GNCP). Therefore, the first thing was to reformulate the GNCP to a system of smoothing equations. Then a predictor-corrector smoothing Newton algorithm was modified to solve the problem. Under some suitable con- ditions, the boundness of the iteration sequence generated by the proposed smoothing Newton method is proved. To describe the global convergent properties of the method, it shows that any accumulation point of the generated sequence is a solution of the generalized nonlinear complementarity problem.

The problem of birthdays distribution by computer simulation PDF

Man Li, ZhiGang Zhang


School of Mathematics and Physics, USTB, Beijing 100083, China

Over the years, with the rapid development of computer simulation, the probability distribution of birthdays [1, 2] has been a hot topic. Based on the distinguishable ball-into-box issue, this paper started from a seemingly simple ball placing problem and extended to the question of birthday frequency distribution, i.e. people birthday in different dates probability distribution and the distribution law. In addition, also the most important, the value was obtained by Monte Carlo simulations with different frequency distribution birthday days through computer, finally achieving the theoretical value of the frequency values to estimate the probability.

Frame synchronization algorithm of adaptive frame length system PDF

Mingxue Bi 


Equipment engineering college, Shenyang Ligong University, Nanping Middle Str. 6, 110159 Shenyang, China

To solve the problem of identifying the alterable length frames, a specific frame synchronization algorithm is proposed in this paper. In the novel frame synchronization algorithm, the alterable length frames are demarcated by searching and checking the Attached Synchronization Marker bit by bit based on the altered frame format. Then the relevant performance parameters are analyzed and educed. The reference values for the rear protect time and the ahead protect time are given to ensure the probability of frame synchronization. Finally, the simulation results show that the novel frame synchronization algorithm can ensure the reliability of data transmitting and data processing for the adaptive frame length system.

The backstepping control of a class of random uncertain linear second order system with single known control direction PDF

Zhaorui Ma1, Cheng Gan1, Na Li2, Xia Li1, Ruiqi Wang3, Junwei Lei4


1 College of Computer and Communication Engineering, Zhengzhou University of Light Industry, Zhengzhou 450002, China

2 College of Electronic Information Engineering, SIAS International University of ZZU, Zhengzhou 451100, China

Department of Armament Engineering, Naval Aeronautical and Astronautical University, Yantai Shandong 264001, China

Department of Control Engineering, Naval Aeronautical and Astronautical University, Yantai Shandong 264001, China

A kind of backsteeping control method is researched for a class of random uncertain linear two order system with single known control direction. The rightness of backstepping control is proved by constructing a Lyapunov function and it is compared with PID method. Simulation result shows that the backstepping method has a strong robustness than PID control for second order system with whole random model parameters

Research on the calculation method of the penetration probability of projectile fragments based on Monte Carlo PDF

Haining Zhang 


School of Electronic Information Engineering, Xi’an Technological University, Xi’an 710032, China

This paper studies the simulate calculation about the coordinates of burst based on Monte Carlo method and the projectile fragments scattered point coordinate .According to scattered point coordinates in fried and the projectile fragmentation, this paper puts forward the concept of penetration coefficient; and through calculating the penetration coefficient, it comes a conclusion that the bigger the coefficient becomes, the probability of target damage is higher. It calculates the probability of a single fragment penetrating target and the overall target damage by using the calculation method of probability distribution. The dynamic simulation of debris’ kinetic penetration and the simulation of the changes of energy and the damaged probability are carried out. In this way, the results of the simulation are analyzed, which verifies the correctness of the theory.

Artificial bee colony algorithm improved by centroid strategy PDF

KemingChen, ChunpingWang


Mathematics and Computer Science Institute, XinYu University, JiangXi, China

Artificial Bee Colony algorithm was the best optimal algorithm proposed by Karaboga in Karaboga, having the following advantages, such as good stability, excellent ability of solution, less control parameters, simple and easy achievable computation, etc. It also had some disadvantages, such as premature convergence in its later period, poor accuracy in its development, etc. Therefore, a new-typed centroid improvement strategy is introduced in the paper for improving the searching ability of the artificial bee colony algorithm. This research is experimented by the common six kinds of testing functions. The centroid strategy introduced in the paper can effectively enhance the searching ability of the artificial bee colony algorithm in terms of the results so that the continuous development of the algorithm in its later period cannot be prematurely converged and the majority of the testing functions can be obviously improved

3D DNA self-assembly formaximum weighted independent set problem PDF

HongWang1, Zicheng Wang2, Yanfeng Wang2, Guangzhao Cui2


1School of Architectural and Environmental Engineering, Zhengzhou University of Light Industry, Zhengzhou, 450002, China

2School of Electric and Information Engineering, Zhengzhou University of Light Industry, Zhengzhou, 450002, China

The problem of finding a maximum weighted independent set (MWIS) is a classical combinatorial optimization problem of graph theory, which has been proved to be NP-complete (NPC). A 2-D DNA tile self-assembly model for solving the problem has been proposed previously, but it still has many deficiencies. In this paper, we will propose a 3-D DNA tile self-assembly model based on 2-D DNA tile self-assembly model to solve the problem. This model includes two parts: the non-deterministic search system and the addition system. Firstly, we can find all the independent sets via the non-deterministic search system, and then get the total weight value of each independent set according to the addition system, and by comparison, the maximum weighted independent set will be found finally. Result shows that the operational time is linear, and the number of the tiles required in the process is constant

Truncated aggregate homotopy algorithm for the least trimmed squares estimation in nonlinear regression PDF

Yu Xiao1, Zhigang Yan2


1School of Basic Science, East China Jiaotong University, Nanchang, Jiangxi, 330013, China

2School of Accounting, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, Nanchang, Jiangxi, 330013, China

In data regression, an important role is played by the least trimmed squares (LTS) estimate, which is less sensitive to the outliers than some other estimators such as the least squares estimator. However, estimating the LTS in nonlinear regression would be unimaginable expensive. For the data set with sizemand outliers , it would require nonlinear least squares regressions. To solve this problem, this paper studies the LTS solution from an optimization point of view, and proposes truncated aggregate homotopy algorithm to the equivalent min-min-sum programming. Numerical tests with comparisons to some other methods show that the new method is efficient

Real-coded genetic algorithm with oriented evolution towards promising region for parameter optimization PDF

ZhiqiangChen1, Yun Jiang1, Xudong Chen2


1School of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Chongqing Technology and Business University, Chongqing, 400067, China

2Chongqing Engineering Laboratory for Detection Control and Integrated System, 19, Xuefu Avenue, Nan'an, Chongqing, 400067, China

In this paper, a novel real-coded genetic algorithm is presented to generate offspring towards a promising polygon field with k+1 vertex, which represents a set of promising points in the entire population at a particular generation. A set of 19 test problems available in the global parameter optimization literature is used to test the performance of the proposed real-coded genetic algorithms. Several performance comparisons with five significant real-coded genetic algorithms, three state-of-the-art differential evolution algorithms and three others significant evolutionary computing techniques are performed. The comparative study shows the proposed approach is statistically significantly better than or at least comparable to twelve significant evolutionary computing techniques over a test suite of 19 benchmark functions

Research for concurrent program data race checking algorithm in control system PDF

HaoLiang1, YunfengAi2


1Company of Postgraduate Management, the Academy of Equipment, Beijing 101416, China

2College of Engineering & Information Technology, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049, China

The designing methods of multithreaded have already been used in control system widely. However the problems of data race, which are brought by multithreaded program, are being the difficulty in control system designing and testing currently. To this end, we optimized the thread-state analysis, designed the conservative lockset analysis. Further, We have introduced the thread-state analysis and conservative lockset analysis methods into Happens-Before relationship algorithm, designed a quick data race detecting method (DHTC) for control system multithreaded program with a certain hardware universality. The DHTC reduces the false alarm rate of Happens-Before relationship detecting methods, meanwhile improves the efficiency of dynamic checking greatly

An adaptive artificial fish swarm algorithm with elimination and clone mechanism PDF

Yao Zhenghua1,2, Ren Zihui1

COMPUTER MODELLING & NEW TECHNOLOGIES 2014 18(12A) 110-116                          

1 School of Information and Electrical Engineering China University of Mining and Technology, 221116, Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

2 School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Yang Zi Normal University, 408000, Chongqing, China

For the problem with imprecise optimal solution and reduced convergence efficiency of basic artificial fish swarm algorithm in the late, the adaptive functions of artificial fish’s view and step were used to improve fish algorithm. On this basis, with the new concept of effective artificial fish proposed, the elimination and clone mechanism was used to increase the number of effective fish to solve the problem with artificial fish individuals scattered and the algorithm convergence efficiency dropped. The experimental results showed that the elimination and clone mechanism enabled the artificial fish to aggregate to the global optimum rapidly, which improved the algorithm convergence efficiency and stability. Finally, the comparative studies were carried on simulation among the basic artificial fish swarm algorithm (BAFSA), adaptive artificial fish swarm algorithm (AAFSA), basic artificial fish swarm algorithm with elimination and clone mechanism (ECAFSA) and the adaptive artificial fish swarm algorithm with elimination and clone mechanism (ECAAFSA). Simulation results showed that, the elimination and clone mechanism could increase the number of effective artificial fish significantly, which improved the convergence efficiency and stability of the algorithm

C0-topology of Hamiltonian homeomorphisms on Poisson manifold PDF

Dawei Sun


College of Science, Henan University of Technology, Lianhua Str. 100, Zhengzhou, China

In this paper, we define the topology of Hamiltonian homeomorphisms on regular Poisson manifold, and prove that Hameo(M) is a topological group and it is a normal subgroup of the Poisson Homeomorphisms, and show that the Hamiltonian homeomorphisms arising from the two norms  coincide on the regular Poisson manifold.

Constructing Theta function solutions to the MEW equation based on symbolic computation PDF

Hongzhang Wang 1, Conggang Liang2

COMPUTER MODELLING & NEW TECHNOLOGIES 2014 18(12A) 125-128                                                     

1School of Mathematics and Information Science Pingdingshan University, Pingdingshan, China 467000
2School of Mathematics and Information Science Pingdingshan University, Pingdingshan, China 467000

An accurate solution of the nonlinear partial differential equation has been the focus of studies for many years. This solution is helpful for understanding complex physics phenomena and dynamic processes. An auxiliary equation represented by theta functions is constructed by using the auxiliary equation method, which is applied to the modified equal width function. Double periodical wave solutions are numerically simulated using the accurate solution obtained by the symbolic computation software Mathematica. Results revealed that the auxiliary equation method is an effective and powerful mathematic tool for solving nonlinear evolution equations in mathematical physics using Mathematical.

Data fitting based on improved genetic programming PDF

Pinchao Meng1, Weishi Yin1, Yanzhong Li2


1Department of Applied Mathematics, Changchun University of Science and Technology, Changchun, China

2College of mathematics and statistics, Beihua University, Jilin, China

Traditional data fitting techniques usually require estimating basis function and they are specific for different application areas. Based on dynamic characteristics of genetic programming, a two-phase data fitting algorithm is proposed. In this algorithm, genetic programming is used to optimize model structure and Least Square method is applied to estimate parameters. Proposed algorithm is tested for different types of data fitting. Not only can this algorithm be applied in different areas, but also it is of high efficiency and accuracy

An improved rule mining technology based on swarm intelligence computation PDF

Zhaoyin Zhang 

COMPUTER MODELLING & NEW TECHNOLOGIES 2014 18(12A) 137-142                                                                                     

School of Computer Science and Technology in Heilongjiang University 150010, China

The traditional artificial fish swarm algorithm is easy to converge to local optimum. An improved artificial fish swarm algorithm is proposed which modifies position update formula of fish according to acceleration. Then rule mining algorithm based on improved artificial fish swarm is proposed, which includes rule coding, rule evaluation and determination of fitness function. UCI data set is used to test the performance of proposed algorithm. The experiment results show that the proposed algorithm has higher classification accuracy than particle swarm optimization and artificial fish swarm algorithm. It also has fast convergence speed compared with traditional artificial fish swarm algorithm.

Analysis of M/Mk/1 queuing model in AVS real-time transmission system PDF

Zhang Qian, Huang Jifeng

COMPUTER MODELLING & NEW TECHNOLOGIES 2014 18(12A) 143-146                                                                  

College of Information, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai, China, 200234

With the development of the video encoding standard AVS, it becomes urgently to transport AVS video stream over IP network for IPTV. This paper utilizing RTP/RTCP protocol to design and realize a real-time video transport system based on AVS standard, The workflow of video player is modelled as  queuing system, using the states information feed-back from receiver buffer to adjust the sender rate and the buffer strategy. It provides important guidelines and insights on the design of streaming systems

Random forest algorithm in big data environment PDF

Yingchun Liu 

COMPUTER MODELLING & NEW TECHNOLOGIES 2014 18(12A) 147-151                                                                    

School of Economics and Management, Beihang University, Beijing 100191, China

Random forest method is one of the most widely applied classification algorithms at present. From the actual big data scene and requirements, the application of random forest method in the big data environment to conduct in-depth study. Due to the big data needs to process a huge number of features at the same time, and the data pattern changes constantly over time, the accuracy of a random forest algorithm without self-renewal and adaptive algorithm will gradually reduce over time. Aiming at this problem, analysis on the characteristics of random forest method, presents how to realize the self-adaptation ability with random forest method in similar situations, and verified the feasibility of the new method of using the actual data, and analysis and discussion of how to further research and improve the random forest method in big data environment.

H∞control for a class of distributed parameter systems with leakage delay and Markovian jumping PDF

XuemingQian1,2, BaotongCui2


1School of Internet of Things, Wuxi professional college of science and technology, Wuxi 214028, China

2Key Laboratory of Advanced Process Control for Light Industry (Ministry of Education), Jiangnan University, Wuxi 214122, China

This paper is concerned with the problem of H∞control for a class of distributed parameter systems with delay and Markovian jumping. The jumping parameters are generated from continue-time discrete-state Markov process, nonlinearities and leakage delay appear in the system states. An H∞ state feedback controller is designed such that the closed-loop system is asymptotically stable in the mean square for the zero disturbance input and also achieves required H∞ performance level. By constructing Lyapunov functional and stochastic analysis, the sufficient conditions of systems is given in terms of linear matrix inequalities. And the criteria derived are dependent on both delay and diffusion operator. Finally, a numerical example is presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of the results proposed

Application of hybrid ant colony algorithm in wireless sensor network coverage PDF

Fei Jiang1, 2


1Laboratory of Intelligent Information Processing, Suzhou University, Suzhou 234000, China
2School of Information Engineering, Suzhou University, Suzhou 234000, China

The coverage control is a fundamental problem in the study of wireless sensor network. The network is required to have a certain quality of service and optimized through some technologies or protocols so as to achieve the maximization of the coverage and provide reliable monitoring data and target tracking service. Based on detailed analysis of advantages and disadvantages of ant colony algorithm and genetic algorithm, this article makes some improvement and proposes a hybrid ant colony algorithm, and such new algorithm combines the strong adaptivity of the ant colony algorithm and the high convergence of the genetic algorithm etc. The experimental results show that the presented algorithm in this article can effectively improve the use efficiency of network nodes and prolong the network lifetime to realize the optimization goal of a network coverage control with highly effective energy.

Voltage control strategy based on immune particle swarm optimization algorithm PDF

Minghua Jiang

COMPUTER MODELLING & NEW TECHNOLOGIES 2014 18(12A) 167-171                                                                    

School of Telecom, ChongQing College of Electronic Engineering, ChongQing 401331, China

As a new swarm intelligence algorithm after Ant Colony Algorithm (ACA), Immune Particle Swarm Optimization (IPSO) is currently an important branch of evolutionary algorithm. Its basic idea is influenced and inspired by research results of their modeling and simulation of behaviors of swarms of birds in earlier periods. And their model and simulation algorithm mainly took use of biologist FrallkHeppner’s model. Though PSO algorithm has been effectively applied in many areas, it has a short development history and problems exist in global convergence. Because IPSO Algorithm has the characteristics of loose mathematical condition, fast convergence speed and simple programming, this paper tries to minimize transformer loss using the IPSO algorithm, providing a new method to solve the automatic voltage control problem (AVC problem).

The research of filter tracking algorithm based on novel hybrid navigation positioning system PDF

Anhong Tian, Chengbiao Fu


Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Qujing Normal College, Qujing 655000, China

In order to overcome the deficiency of location failure caused by lack of GPS satellites in dense urban environment with skyscraper, in view of the advantages of terrestrial digital television signal. This paper proposes a novel hybrid positioning system combining GPS and DTMB, and the model of hybrid positioning system has also been presented. Under different number of particles, we simulate the tracking effect base on particle filter algorithm, theoretical analysis and simulation results show that the filtering trajectory is essentially consistent with true trajectory, good dynamic tracking effect is meet for the precision demand of urban environment, in addition, the more particle number, the better positioning accuracy, the smaller mean error and standard deviation. Thus in GPS blind areas, the fusion of multiple source signals has been utilized to ensure positioning accuracy, and the feasibility and superiority of combining GPS and DTMB has been verified in urban areas, the proposed method can be adopted as a supplement for urban environments in the case of GPS failure, which can improve the positioning performance of navigation system.

Quantitative analysis of stadium operation management and spatial layout optimization based on computer placement algorithm PDF

Yaguang Xiang


Sports Institute, West Anhui University, Liu'an, 237012, Anhui, China

Focused on the problems of the high investment and maintenance cost, slow recovery of the capital and complicated later-period management of large-scale stadiums, this paper proposes a spatial layout optimization strategy based on PSO-GSO algorithm. It extends the behavior classification model of swarm members in GSO algorithm, and adopts the random search together with the angle search of GSO and step size search of PSO algorithm, to well achieve the optimization of spatial layout of stadium. Finally, this paper makes a quantitative analysis on the influence factors of the stadium management. The simulation results show that the PSO-GSO algorithm proposed in this paper has good application in the spatial layout optimization of stadium, and the largest influence factors on the management are the facilities condition and consumption level

Application of optimized ant colony algorithm in network routing PDF

Bingchen Zhao, Junying Huang, Bin Zhang, Shaofang Xia


College of mathematics and information technology, Xingtai University, Xingtai 054001, HeBei, China

The emergence of the ant colony algorithm has caused great attention of scholars, and been widely applied in such fields as the data mining and the integrated wiring design of the large scale integrated circuits and so on. However, as the complexity to solve problems increases, the traditional ant colony algorithm increasingly shows its limitations of solving problems. Based on the ant colony optimization algorithm, this article puts forward the load-balancing routing based on the ant colony optimization, designs updating rules of pheromone concentration specific to the ant colony optimization algorithm, integrates the ant colony optimization and cross layer optimization methods, and designs updating models in terms of the volatilization of the pheromone concentration and different data groups

Network coverage optimization strategy of ant colony optimization algorithm PDF

Wenjie Xu1,2, Xiyu Liu1


1School of Management Science and Engineering, Shandong Normal University, Jinan 250014, China

2School of Science, Shandong Jiaotong University, Jinan 250357, China

As a new-type intelligent optimization algorithm, artificial ant colony algorithm has been applied widely. However, there still exist certain limits in the algorithm itself. The present thesis will make a deep analysis of the optimization principles of ant colony algorithm, figure out existing problems, systematically perceive available improvement approaches and eventually propose a modified artificial ant colony algorithm. During the experiment simulation phase, the modified artificial ant colony algorithm and genetic algorithm will be adopted to optimize the wireless sensor network coverage in an examination area. By virtue of the coverage optimization strategy of the algorithm proposed by the present research, it can be achieved to acquire satisfactory coverage optimization scheme within short periods. Besides, the algorithm proposed by the research possesses better instantaneity and can reduce the vibration of network

Local search ability of frog leaping algorithm in fuzzy controller parameters optimization PDF

Yifei Chen, Sen Xu


School of Information and Engineering, Yancheng Institute of Technology, Yancheng 224051, Jiangsu, China

To solve the problem of slow searching and poor searching ability in tuning PID controller parameters and optimizing fuzzy controller parameters with basic frog leaping algorithm, this paper proposes an improved shuffled frog leaping algorithm based on PID fuzzy controller parameters optimization. First by adding the self-adaptive learning factor, this new algorithm accelerates the convergence speed, expands the search area of the individuals, and maintains the diversity of population, which extends the search ability to a certain extent. And then by introducing the constriction factor and acceleration factor in the particle swarm optimization algorithm, the updating strategy is improved to speed up the search speed of the algorithm, and at the same time to ensure the convergence of the algorithm. Simulation results show that, the improved shuffled frog leaping algorithm proposed by this paper has excellent performance, and is suitable to PID fuzzy controller parameters optimization

Precision optimization of node localization centroid algorithm for WSN PDF

Wenxin Li


School of Electrical Engineering &Mechano-Electric Engineering, Xuchang University, Xuchang, 461000, Henan, China

Aiming at the problems that the traditional centroid algorithm in WSN node positioning precision is not high and the error is very large, this paper proposed a adaptive centroid algorithm based on weighted factor, first of all, determined the weighting factor according to the influence of different beacon node to the unknown node, with weights to reflect the impact of each beacon nodes for centroid position and then all the beacon nodes in the network were conducted with adaptive optimization, translated adaptive optimization of coordinate error into the distance error.The experimental simulation results showed that the proposed adaptive centroid algorithm based on weighted factor was effective in reducing the error of traditional centroid algorithm in wireless sensor network node location, the location precision was improved.

A collaboration ontology modeling method for high level architecture PDF

Jinda Zhu1,2, Libing Liu1


1School of Mechanical Engineering, Hebei University of Technology, Tianjin 300130, China

2College of Mechanical & Electronic Engineering, Hebei University of Science and Technology, Shijiazhuang 050018, China

HLA (High Level Architecture) is the general technical framework for distributed modeling and simulation. But the object model of HLA cannot meet the requirements of semantic data consistency. A collaboration ontology modeling method was proposed for HLA simulation. Firstly, the definition and formal descriptionof collaborative ontology was provided, and constructing method was proposed, it mainly included two critical keys: the ontology template mapping and the conceptual matching degree calculation. Then, the corresponding tasks ontology was generatedaccording to thespecific goal of the simulation, and HLA object model was generated, the main structure of federate object model was designed. On the one hand, semantic data consistency in collaborative simulations for complex product development was enhanced and the efficiency of model development was improved. On the other hand, it improved the reusability of the simulation model. Finally, a case was provided to demonstrate the effectiveness and feasibility of the way

DPQR: an improved parallel DBSCAN algorithm based on data partition and QR*-tree PDF

HongboXu, NianminYao, QilongHan, HaiweiPan


College of Computer Science and Technology, HarbinEngineeringUniversity, Harbin 150001, Heilongjiang, China

As a typical clustering algorithm based on the density, DBSCAN shows good performance in spatial data clustering. When clustering large-scale database, DBSCAN requires the overhead of memory and I/O. With the development of high-performance computers and the appearance of cluster computers in particular, this gives us a way to solve the defects of DBSCAN. The paper presents an improved parallel DBSCAN algorithm DPQR based on data partition and QR*-tree. According to the distribution of data on one or more dimensions, the entire data space is divided into a number of local regions. Each local region is transmitted to a processing unit. The processing unit calculates local k-dist graph for local region to getthe local value Eps, and builds QR*-tree.DPQR executes the partial clustering on QR*-tree. Finally, the clustering resultsare merged in accordance with the merging rules. Experimental results show that DPQR is better than DBSCAN.

Extraction model of forest features based on mutation and bidirectional particle swarm optimization PDF

Yan Li1, Lihai Wang2, Yanqiu Xing2


1College of Information and Computer Engineering, Northeast Forestry University, Harbin, 150040, Heilongjiang, China

2Forest Operations and Environmental Research Center, Northeast Forestry University, Harbin, 150040, Heilongjiang, China

Although the existing forest feature extraction and classification model has a certain effect, but it still exists problems such as accuracy is not high, speed is slowly and so on. According to this problem, this paper proposed an extraction model of forest features based on mutation and bidirectional particle swarm optimization.First, we use mutation operators of genetic algorithm and the Sigmoid function of neural network to make a dynamic adjustment, in order to avoid the particles into a precocious state. Then according to this paper the original algorithm of the initial population is improved on the basis of the use of the two-way optimization strategy, and put forward the speed optimization strategy to help it get a local optimal solution timely when it appeared premature phenomenon and use the optimization strategy of particle effect to enhance the convergence accuracy. Finally the gauss perturbation theory is introduced to improve the convergence of the algorithm when the original algorithm falls into local optimum with optimize learning strategy to make it jump out. Through the simulation experiments, it shows that the proposed forest feature extraction model based on the variation feature subset and two-way optimized particle swarm algorithm with higher precision, better convergence performance

A cloud task scheduling algorithm based on QK-mean clustering PDF

Guozhu Zhao, Liang Ma, Ruibin Zhao


School of Computing & Information, Chuzhou University, Chuzhou Anhui 239012, China

When classifying resources incloud computing environment using the idea of clustering, the information entropy of resources’ attribute can reflect the degree of significance in clustering process. Using information entropy, a task scheduling algorithm based on QK-mean clustering is proposed. We calculate the degree of significance of cloud resources’ attributes, then apply K-mean clustering algorithmto classify the cloud resources according to the degree of significance of attributes, and we create Resources K-tree to store the process and result of the clustering. In this way, we transform the task scheduling process into the process of searching a suitable leaf node in Resources K-tree. The experimental results show that the QK-mean scheduling algorithm can effectively improve the efficiency of cloud task scheduling

Existence and multiplicity of the solutions for singular fourth-order boundary value problem PDF

Chenchen Liu1, Gao Ya2


1Information and Engineer College, Jining Medical University, Shandong 272000, China

2School of P.E, Shandong University, Jinan, 250061, China

In this paper, we research the existence and multiplicity of the solution for singular fourth-order boundary value problem, with the boundary conditions . In this singular boundary value, the function has no monotonicity. By using the method of topological degree, we establish solution existence theorem of singular boundary value problem.

Explicit formulas for the fourth power mean of certain two-term exponential sums PDF

Xiaochuan Ai1,2, Jianhua Chen2, Hua Chen3, Silan Zhang1,4


1School of Mathematics and Statistics, WuhanUniversity, Wuhan, 430072, Hubei, China

2School of Science, Navy University of Engineering, Wuhan, 430033, Hubei, China

3School of Science, Hubei University of Technology, Wuhan, 430068, Hubei, China

4College of Science, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan 430070, Hubei, China

The aim of this paper is to obtain the explicit equations for the fourth power mean of generalized Kloosterman sums. Moreover, this paper also acquires the computational formulas for the fourth power mean of two-term exponential sums. This improves Calderon and Xu’sresults.

Nonlinear Kalmanfilter phase unwrapping algorithm based on the terrain PDF

Man Yan1,2, Defa Hu3


1School of Computer Engineering, Weifang University, Weifang 261061, Shandong, China

2School of Information Science and Engineering, Shandong University of Science and Technology, Qingdao 266590, Shandong, China

3School of Computer and Information Engineering, Hunan University of Commerce, Changsha 410205, Hunan, China

Phase unwrapping is one of the key steps in InSAR data processing. In condition of steep terrain, excessive stripes reduce the conventional phase unwrapping algorithms’ implement, resulting in error propagation of unwrapping phase. Therefore, this paper presented a nonlinear Kalman filter phase unwrapping algorithm based on terrain. This algorithm uses local fringe frequency estimation as input control variable. Chirp-Z transform is added into Fourier transform in local frequency estimation, and this improves the unwrapping result accuracy. Results obtained with simulated and real data validate effectiveness of proposed method through analyzing and comparing with Kalman filter method, nonlinear Kalman filter method and quality map guiding method.

Multibit-flipping decoding algorithm for low-density parity-check codes PDF

Yingying Peng1, Xuegang Ren1,Defa Hu2


1Department of Management and Information Engineering, Hunan University of Chinese Medicine, Changsha 410028, Hunan, China

2School of Computer and Information Engineering, Hunan University of Commerce, Changsha 410205, Hunan, China

Aiming at the Low-Density Parity-Check Codes, a reliability-based multibit-flipping decoding algorithm is proposed in the paper. The multibit-flipping criterion is based on the reliable bit position and the threshold in the flipping-decision (number of flipping bits) can be dynamically adjusted during the decoding process. The proposed algorithm is on the basis of the belief propagation decoding algorithm, and then can be derived from its theory. Compared with the traditional weighted bit-flipping decoder and the multi-bit flipping decoder, the proposed decoder can provide a faster converges faster convergent rate and better performances. Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm achieves a better balance between performance and complexity.

A coherence-checking algorithm for ontology integration PDF

Kun Liu1, Xiaogao Yu1, Weifeng Pan2


1Department of Information Management, Hubei University of Economics, Wuhan, China

2School of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Zhejiang Gongshang University, Hanzhou 310018, Zhejiang, China

Ontology integration can be used to solve heterogeneity of different information. Different to the usual global interpretation, distributed interpretation based on DDL is taken to interpret its semantics. As a result, traditional coherence checking algorithm is not suitable any more. In this paper, we propose an algorithm to measure coherence of ontology integration under distributed interpretation. In our proposal, ontology integration is taken as global ontology and local ontologies connected by ontology mapping. Consistency and coherence are viewed as different things. Then a two-phrases checking algorithm is designed to test coherence of ontology integration. Some experiments are made to test its feasibility. We compare checking results with other algorithms, especially with that under global interpretation. Our algorithm can improve efficiency to some degree, but it is subjected to mapping relations which are found by mapping tools.

A fault detection model for microgrid detection based on Bayesian network and association rule mining PDF

Wenhao Zhu1, 2, Qiyi Guo1


1Department of Electrical Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai 200092, China

2Schneider Shanghai Low Voltage Terminal Apparatus Co., Ltd. Shanghai 201109, China

In view of the problem that current fault detection methods exist large error in microgrid detection, this paper presents a model based on Bayesian network and association rule mining. It firstly adopts Hash technology to optimize Apriori algorithm and remove the undesired candidate item set, conducts data mining of original data set, introduces Bayesian network for sample training to reduce detection error, and finally obtains microgrid detection result. Simulation results show that the proposed fault detection model based on Bayesian network and association rule mining is efficient in microgrid fault detection with detection error far less than that of traditional algorithm.

An AM-MCMC cleaning algorithm for multi-reader RFID redundant data PDF

Yinju Lu, Guoquan Shan


College of Information and Engineering, Zhongzhou University, Zhengzhou, China

The inherent characteristics of RFID device and the environmental noise cause the uncertainty of RFID raw data and, in the RFID event detection, decrease accuracy of the query results. In this paper, the recognition model of RFID reader is defined and, by using the maximum entropy method, 3-state recognition model in this recognition model has been proved to have the optimal performance. Using Bayesian principle, the posterior probability distribution of parameters to be estimated can be got from the condition likelihood observed and prior distribution of unknown parameters. Based on adaptive sampler, a Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) simulation is proposed to do data cleaning on the redundant data from RFID multi-reader. The simulation test results, carried on a large number of simulation data, verify the accuracy and efficiency of the proposed data cleaning algorithm.

Sufficiency of the solution for multi-objective simi-infinite programming with K – (Fb, ρ)– convexity PDF

Hong Yang


School of Mathematics and Statistics, Yulin College, Yulin 719000, Shanxi, China

In this paper, some nonsmooth generalized convex functions called uniform K – (Fb, ρ) – convex function,uniform K – (Fb, ρ) – pseudoconvex function, uniform K – (Fb, ρ) – quasiconvex functionare defined using K – directional derivative and K – subdifferential. Nonsmooth multi-objective semi-infinite programming involving these generalized convex functions is researched, some sufficient optimality conditions are obtained.

Dynamic model checking for concurrent programs in control system PDF

Hao Liang1, Yunfeng Ai2, Huairong Shen3, Yongchao Zhao4


1Company of Postgraduate Management, the Academy of Equipment, Beijing 101416, China

2College of Engineering & Information Technology, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049, China

3Department ofspaceequipment, the Academy of Equipment, Beijing 101416, China

4National Defense University, Department of battle command and training, Beijing 100091, China

In recent years, the complexity of programs incontrol systems continues to increase with the growing of automation. Concurrent programming methods have been widely used in designing. However, it is a lack of effective concurrent error checking tool for control system programs. Therefore we proposed a statefull DPOR method with sleep set, and designed a dynamic checking tool for control systems Multithread programs, in which we expand Labelled Transition Systems to record the priority of interrupt and the enabled flag as a system model. We gave formal description for deadlock, data race and atomicity violation three concurrency errors. Finally we realize the testing tool which can detect multi-threaded and multi-interrupt concurrent errorsin the control system. The result of Experiment shows that our method has higher efficiency and accuracy.

Semantic integrity and K-anonymity PDF

Liming Huang1, Jinling Song1, Yan Gao2, Qianying Cai1


1Hebei Normal University of Science & Technology, Qinhuangdao 066004, China

2Liaoning Institute of Science and Technology, Benxi 117004, China

The data set in data base have certain semantic commonly, and these mantic need to be satisfied with the form of some constrains, such as functional dependencies (FDs) and multi valued dependencies (MVDs). Never the less, the k-anonymity model may be destroyed the semantic integrity in the process of k-anonymization because of the incontinent generalizations. So, in this paper we address the issue of how to preserve the semantic integrity of data set in the k-anonymization process. We define any data dependency named k-multiset dependency (K-MSD), which can ensure a data set satisfies k-anonymity constraint. In addition, we propose K-MSD algorithm to realize k-anonymization through constructing K-MSD between attributes, and propose K-MSD-AG algorithm to preserves FDs or MVDs as while as constructing K-MSD.

A modeling approach fora class of static nonlinear systems PDF

Xiaoping Xu1,Feng Wang1, Fang Dai1


1School of Sciences, Xi’an University of Technology, No.58 Yanxiang Road, Xi’an, China

2School of Mathematics and Statistics, Xi’an Jiaotong University, No.28 Xianning Road, Xi’an, China

As the first step of any system analysis, modeling is an important task in scientific studies field. The mathematical modeling has a long research history. However, nonlinear system modeling has still not been well solved. System identification is the theory and methods of establishing mathematical models of systems. In this paper, by using a hybrid technique, a novel identification method for a wide class of static nonlinear system with unknown structure is proposed. The basic idea is as follows. Firstly, the proposed method employs a system model composed with classical models so as to transform the system structure identification problem into a combinatorial optimization problem. Then, the bacterial foraging optimization algorithmis adopted to synchronously implement the identification on the system’s structure and parameters. Finally, compared with the existing method in simulation experiments, some examples are given to illustrate the validity of the proposed method.

The application of MuPAD in the plotting of analytic geometry PDF

Nada Wu


Department of mathematics and statistics, HanshanNormal University, South Dongxing Road, Chaozhou, China

MuPADis a toolbox in the well-known software MATLAB. The paper mainly talks about how to use MuPAD to plot all kinds of Graphics in Analytic Geometry, including cylinders, cones, surfaces of revolution and all kinds of surfaces and curves with equations.

A new bivariate control chart for monitoring the mean vector and covariance matrix simultaneously PDF

Yongman Zhao, Weijiang Mei


School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Shihezi University, Shihezi, 832000, China

A new bivariate single control chart is proposed to simultaneously monitor the process mean vector and the process covariance matrix. This chart, called CSDW chart, is based on the cumulative sum of the diagonal elements of Wish art distributed matrix. Through our average run length(ARL) comparison, the results of the simulation show that the new chart outperforms the joint T-square and |S| charts, the Max-MEWMA chart, and the VMAX. Examples are also given to illustrate the new chart procedure.

Pre-obfuscation model based on COIL intermediate language PDF

Yubo Yang1, Wei Huang2, Wenqin Fan2, Zhengming Hu1


1Information Security Center, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, 100876, Beijing, China

2School of Computer Science, Communication University of China, 102600, Beijing, China

Code obfuscation techniques changes and complicates the logic and structure within the program on the basis of assuring the procedures being implemented correctly, which needs to transform the original program to an intermediate form which can be analyzed. Most of the pre-obfuscation models at present are lack of unified and formalized intermediate language, and the results of the pre-processing cannot accurately extract the information needed in obfuscation. A pre-obfuscation model COTOOL which is based on COIL is put forward in this paper to accurately locate the distribution and weight of the obfuscation node in the program taking advantage of the pre-processing algorithm of COIL intermediate language. The experimental data shows that this model improves the obfuscation efficiency and effectiveness greatly.

Localization algorithm of preferred beacon nodes based on ZigBee network PDF

Ying Ni1, 2


1College of Electronic and Information, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing, JiangSu, 210016, China

2College of Power and Electric Engineering, Nanjing Institute of Industry Technology, Nanjing, JiangSu, 210023, China

A new localization algorithm was proposed to enhance positional accuracy of ZigBee from improving distribution of beacon nodes. In this algorithm, beacon nodes were distributed as regular hexagon, with preferred appropriate beacon nodes in location calculation. RSSI was adopted as the distance reference. Moreover, Multimetering Averaging Method was used to reduce the impact of Gauss noise on RSSI.

On the theoretical properties of bipartition dissimilarity measure PDF

Shuguang Li1,2, Shuying Chen1, 2, Mengtian Cui3


1 Key Laboratory of Intelligent Information Processing in Universities of Shandong (Shandong Institute of Business and Technology), Yantai,
264005, China
2 College of Computer Science and Technology, Shandong Institute of Business and Technology, Yantai, 264005, China
3 School of Computer Science and Technology, Southwest University for Nationalities, Chengdu, 610041, China

Bipartition dissimilarity is a new measure introduced by Alix Boc et al. They proposed an algorithm for inferring horizontal gene transfer events which can rely on different optimization criteria. Simulation results suggested that the strategy based on bipartition dissimilarity provided better results than those based on other three existing tree comparison indices. However, no theoretical analysis on it has been conducted since then in the literature. The present paper reports some useful new results for this measure. The theoretical properties studied include minimum positive value, neighborhood, and local modifications.

A note on generalized stationary iterative method for solving saddle point problems PDF

Li-Tao Zhang1, Hui-Li Meng2


1Department of Mathematics and Physics, Zhengzhou Institute of Aeronautical Industry Management, Zhengzhou, Henan, 450015, P. R. China
2College of Computer and Information Engineering, Henan Normal University, Xinxiang, 453007, P.R. China

Recently, Miao and Wang [Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing, 35(2011):459-468] studied the convergence of the generalized stationary iterative (GSI) method for solving the saddle point problems. In this paper, based on Miao and Wang’s convergence theorem, we perfect it and give new convergence conditions. Moveover, by using relaxation technique, we present an improved generalized stationary iterative (IGSI) method for solving the saddlepoint problems and analyze the convergence of the corresponding method.

Comparisons of numerical experiments about GRNMM methods PDF

Shaohua Cheng, Litao Zhang


Department of Mathematics and Physics, Zhengzhou Institute of
Aeronautical Industry Management, Zhengzhou, Henan, 450015, P. R. China

Based on the global relaxed non-stationary multisplitting multi-parameter (GRNMM) methods, we give comparisons of numerical experiments about GRNMM methods and show the efficiency of GRNMM methods associated with TOR multisplitting for solving a large sparse linear system whose coefficient matrix is an H-matrix.

Consistency analysis of Clough-Tocher macro-elements PDF

Wenbo Yu


Jiangxi University of Science and Technology

In this paper, we are concerned with Clough-Tocher macro-elements of any smoothness in any dimension. An n dimensional Clough-Tocher complex is a split of an n simplex by connecting its centroid with its vertices. By using the Bernstein-Bézier representation of polynomials, we first make a unified analysis of the data compatibility in bivariate macro-element and a rule is given in a general case that the underlying macro-triangle can be wildly subdivided. Then Clough-Tocher macro-elements are setup in a recursive way that the n dimensional case can be obtained based on the n − 1 dimensional case with n ≥ 3.

An empirical analysis on the trade structure and trade competitiveness of Chinese creative industry: 1996-2010 PDF

Deling Zou 1, Haibin Cong2,3 


1Institute of Modern Logistics,Zhejiang Wanli University, No.8 Qianhu Road,Ningbo 315100,Zhejiang, China
2 Business School , Ningbo University, No.818 Feng Hua Road, Ningbo 315211,Zhejiang, China
3 School of Economics, Nanjing University, No.22 Hankou Road, Nanjing 210093, China

With the extensive adjustment of world industrial structure & range, the trend transforming from the capital concentrated industry to the knowledge & technology intensive industry is more and more obvious. The creative capital with the core of knowledge creativity has become the key power for the core competitiveness and economic development of a country. The paper analyzes the industrial structure of Chinese creative industry by reviewing and researching related materials about Chinese creative industry trade, and studies Chinese creative industry’s trade competitiveness using the trade competitiveness index and the Michaely competitive advantage index by collecting the trade data of Chinese creative products in 1996~2010 and creative service royalty & license fee in 1997~2010. Results show that China can be called a “creative nation”, but its road to be a “creative power” is still long. On the one hand, the creative product shows strong competitiveness, but the advantages concentrate in labor intensive products and the competitiveness is still far from the creative powers for the creative products with strong original creativity and high technical input. On the other hand, for the division of creative product, sectors of handicraft, design and visual arts have relatively strong competitiveness, and printing sector shows a significant enhancing trend in international competitiveness according to the analysis on related indexes although its international competitiveness is not high and competitive advantage is not clear at present

An improved viscous fluid elastic registration algorithm of medical images based on parallel computation PDF

Wang Yangping1, 2, Wang Bing1, Du Xiaogang1


1School of Electronic & Information Engineering, Lanzhou Jiaotong University, 88 An Nin West Road Lanzhou,Gansu, China
2 School of Mathematics and Statistics, Lanzhou University,222 Tian Shui South Road Lanzhou,Gansu, China

Image elastic registration based on the viscous fluid model is time-consuming to solve partial differential equation (PDE) to obtain the velocity and displacement field of the floating image. The method is also sensitive to the gray-scale transformation, with a moving force generated by the gray difference between the two pre-registered images. This paper proposes an improved algorithm which employs the mutual information as a particle moving force, thereby moving the floating image space to obtain the reference image. Conjugate gradient iteration, which is suitable for parallel computing is used to solve the PDE. The proposed registration processing is designed to perform on compute unified device architecture (CUDA) which coordinates CPU and GPU to accomplish concurrent computation. The solution of the PDE is effectively performed on multi-GPU. Experimental results show that the presented method improves the robustness and efficiency of the registration based on the viscous fluid model.

Application of ActionScript3 language algorithm in animation image design PDF

Han Yu


University of Science and Technology Liaoning, Anshan City, Liaoning Province, China

Animation became increasingly popular with the rapid development of creative culture in recent years, thereby earning increased attention and emphasis in the process. Images enter people’s consciousness because of new technologies and different situations. Scholars have studied its application in animation image-making and design with ActionScript3 language algorithm routine theory under Flash. Relevant mathematical calculations are used for language code design. The function of ActionScript3 language is interpreted from five perspectives, namely, graph and image, text field, grain effect, transition effect, and 3D effect of animation film and television. Feasible language algorithms are designed to achieve vividness, exaggeration, and art. Research lays the foundation for further studies on ActionScript3 language algorithm and is beneficial for the development of image animation industry.

Application of cloud model theory to construct an evaluation model for network courses on College English PDF

Jiao Guilan


Department of Foreign Languages, Heze University, Heze 274015, China

The cloud model is a model that mutually transforms the qualitative concept described in linguistic terms and the uncertainty in its representations using numerical values. Cloud model theory integrates the fuzziness and randomness of evaluation subjects and adopts an improved backward cloud algorithm to convert a qualitative concept into a quantitative value of an evaluation index such that the practical situations of each evaluation index can be described. Unlike traditional algorithms, this method does not use single numerical values alone for expression only but can also reflect the practical development trends of each index comprehensively and ideally. Thus, the theoretical model is of practical significance in evaluating the degree of satisfaction with network courses.

Construction and application of a Web text-oriented integrated sentiment feature library mined by a big corpus PDF

Meijuan Liu 1 , Shicai Yang 2


1 School of Foreign Languages, Zhejiang Ocean University, Zhoushan, 316022, China
2 Ningbo University of Technology, Ningbo, 315016, China

This paper describes the implementation of a system containing a web text-oriented integrated sentiment feature library (hereinafter referred to as WTISFL) and its application in sentiment analysis. Sentiment library plays an important part in sentiment analysis. A quicker and more complete method of constructing new sentiment library is presented in the paper. Firstly, the structure of WTISFL which sentiment analysis needed is proposed. Besides, WTISFL is mined from the big corpus database. Moreover, our sentiment word set is extended on the basis of existing sentiment resources, semantic similarity calculation of HowNet and computation of Chinese Synonym Thesaurus. Finally, the WTISFL is checked manually. Based on the above WTISFL, Web texts are studied from the perspective of sentiment analysis with the method of maximum entropy classifier. The experiment shows that WTISFL in this paper is extremely effective in sentiment analysis, which can evidently improve the performance of web texts sentiment classification.

Design on role-based multi-area access control method in electric power unified application platform system PDF

Cheng Zhou , Jian Shi


China Electric Power Research Institute, NARI Road.No.8, Nanjing, China, 210003

With the further promotion of smart grid and the concentration of business systems, the State Grid Corporation put forward higher information security protection requirements. This paper proposes a Role-based Multi-area Access Control Method (RMACM), which provides a generalized and effective mechanism of security management in Electric Power Unified Application Platform System. RMACM provides a set of items constraint specifications. These constraint specifications are organized to form a construction, and an enact process is proposed to make it scalable and flexible to meet the need of diversified service application systems. Concerned on the problem that the standard role-based access control mechanism does not consider the implementation in multi-area secure, RMACM erases the downward information flow by extended rules of read and write and some authorization constraints while still keeping the expressive power and flexibility of standard RBAC, which makes up the limitations when applying standard RBAC on multi-area systems.

Ecological quality assessment of urban green spaces based on landscape metrics: A case of Nanjing, China PDF

Hao Xu 


College of Landscape Architecture, Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing, China

China’s ongoing urbanization is having a profound effect on the environment, and Nanjing, as one of the most important metropolitan areas of the city cluster in China’s Yangtze River Delta, is not immune to this development; as such, it is greatly affecting the scale and structure of its urban green spaces. An ecological quality assessment of Nanjing’s green spaces is fundamentally significant to appropriate spatial planning and the implementation of sustainable development ideas. This study uses ALOS (Advanced Land Observing Satellite) remote-sensing image data to map the distribution of urban green spaces in Nanjing, and employs various landscape metrics to analyze and evaluate the city’s spatial layout and ecological quality. Results of the study reveal that the distribution of urban green spaces in Nanjing is highly uneven, with most located in suburban areas and few within the city’s core. Green space within the urban area is highly centralized around the Zijin Mountain woodlands, while green space in the suburbs is highly dispersed and fragmented. A large proportion of Nanjing’s green space comprises farmlands, primarily distributed on the outskirts of the city and in the suburbs. The amount of farmland, however, is continuously decreasing, as the land is being used in the ongoing urban development. This is expected to rapidly lower the ecological quality of the region’s green spaces. In order to improve the ecological quality here, both recreational and ecologic functions of green space should be considered during the phases of spatial planning. It also is suggested that more core green spaces be built, such as ecological country parks, to increase the ratio of woodlands, enhance the management of ecological spaces in suburban areas, establish ecologic greenways, and strengthen the connectivity of green spaces.

Choice of Emergency Logistics Center Location based on Particle Swarm Optimization PDF

Yuan-Yuan Zhang


College of Transportation and Civil Engineering, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China, 350003

A programming model applied to location selection for an emergency logistics distribution center is established on the basis of shortest time. Then, particle swarm optimization (PSO) is introduced to solve the model. The selection of a distribution center is solved using the discrete PSO algorithm, and the distribution of goods is solved using the traditional PSO algorithm. A C++ program was written to solve the problem and enhance the efficiency and accuracy of the solution for the location selection problem. Experimental results show that the method is feasible and efficient..

Energy management system (EMS) based on WebGIS PDF

Guohai Zhang 1, Mingxin Zhang


1 School of Agricultural and Food Engineering, Shandong University of Technology, Zibo Shandong 255049, China
2 Department of Computer Science and Engineering, ChangShu Institute of Technology, Changshu Jiangsu 215500, China

The study on the energy management system (EMS) is not perfect at present research, the energy database, knowledge database; model database has detailed design in this paper. This system (EMS) has several functions include energy consumption analysis, alerts, reports and recommendations. EMS will compatible with existing devices and systems in order to make the system more convenience. The program modules and parameter tables were selected to store energy prediction model, this EMS system can predict the desert evolution through energy early warning system. The results show that, the simulation of the energy distribution can reached 90%. At the same time "Auto Set Energy instrument - Monitoring Platform" can conducted energy data and make an analysis at anytime. In addition, the WEBGIS platform can provides necessary decision support for the local government.

Farmland scale develop benefit evaluation in ecologically vulnerable areas—taking Songyuan land consolidation project as example PDF

Ying Nie 1, Ke Li2 , and Yun Xia Wang 3


1School of Economics and Management, Jilin Agricultural University, 2888 XinCheng Street, 130118 Changchun, China;
2 School of international economics and trade, Jilin University of Finance and Economics, 3699
JingYue Street,130117 Changchun, China
3School of Economics and Management, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, 306 ZhaoWuDa Street, 010019 Hohhot,

It is the most important issue in smoothly carrying out of agricultural land development project that the ecologically vulnerable areas can withstand the environmental impact brought by large-scale development or not . By using the Songyuan City, Jilin Province which is an agricultural land consolidation project area as a typical study area, using analytic hierarchy process to build a hierarchy and index system of agricultural land development and consolidation benefit evaluation, using the multi-level fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model to calculate the overall efficiency of agricultural land consolidation, it is concluded that the agricultural land development and consolidation in the ecologically vulnerable area can get good benefits, but needs to pay attention to the environment maintenance. Therefore, the benefit evaluation index setting should also highlight the ecological benefits and it needs to protect arable land, increase arable land vegetation, and the land use structure optimization. It is the first time to set an index system for an agricultural land development and consolidation project in western Jilin, and to discuss the feasibility of the benefit evaluation by using the multi-level comprehensive fuzzy evaluation model on the ecologically vulnerable area of agricultural land consolidation project, then in the expect of giving references to the land consolidation work in similar area and the relevant theoretical studies.

K-nearest Neighbor Skyline Queries in Mobile Environment PDF

Jing Nie1,Wei Weng 1, Linan Sun2


1Department of Software Engineering, Xiamen Institute of Software Technology, Xiamen,361024, China.
2College of Computer and Information Engineering, Xiamen University of Technology , Xiamen 361024, China;

With the popularity of portable mobile Internet device, the applications based on query are increasingly enriched. This kind of skyline query problems is not only related about the positions, but also the constantly moving queries. Range-base queries are widely used to solve the problem in recent algorithm, but focusing more on computing all skyline points. However, users are interested in nearby skyline points in mobile environments. Two different algorithms are proposed and the characteristics and applied range are analyzed in the paper to solve the problem, after researching relevant properties based on the basic concept of the skyline query.

Numerical Simulation on Gas Drainage of Boreholes in Coal Seam Based on Gas-Solid Coupling Model PDF

Bo Li 1,2 Jianping Wei 1 Peng Li 3


1 State Key Lab Cultivation Base, Henan Province Key Lab of Gas Geology & Gas Control, Henan Polytechnic University, 2001 Shiji Road, Jiaozuo, Henan, China
2. Henan Key Laboratory of Biogenic Traces & Sedimentary Minerals, 2001 Shiji Road, Jiaozuo, Henan, China
3. Faculty of Resource and Safety Engineering, China University of Mining & Technology (Beijing), Ding 11 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China

Gas pre-drainage of boreholes in coal seam is considered to be the main effective measure for preventing coal and gas outbursts. In order to research the stress changes in surrounding coal mass of drainage boreholes and the distribution of pore pressure, as well as the evolution of permeability, the methane in surrounding coal mass of boreholes was classified into two different parts, namely free gas and adsorbed gas, which were based on the law of mass conservation. Then the gas migration model of coal mass around boreholes was proposed considering the Klinkenberg effect. The deformation field equation and gas seepage equation of coal seam were deduced, and the evolution models of permeability and porosity were derived under the combined contribution of the adsorption swelling and pore-fracture compression. Afterwards, the fluid-solid coupling model was imported on the basis of the basic theory of porous media fluid-solid coupling, and the two-dimensional geometric model was implemented into the multi-physical coupling simulation software. The conclusions were obtained as follows: (1) The initial stress state was disturbed due to the presence of drainage boreholes, and the concentrated stress in the coal mass around boreholes was gradually transferred into the deep zone, which was consistent with the evolution of permeability; (2) As time goes by, the gas drainage radius gradually increased, however the growth rate reduced by degrees.

Research on emergency facilities location problem and its greedy dropping heuristic algorithm response to public health emergency PDF

Hu Jiaxiang 1,2 , Li Jian 3


1 College of Economics & Management, Nanjing Agricultural University, 1 Weigang, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
2 China Center for Food Security Research, Nanjing Agricultural University, 1 Weigang, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
3 College of Engineering, Nanjing Agricultural University, 40 Dianjiangtai Road, Pukou district, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

When a public health emergency, such as an anthrax attack, happens in many areas, it is vital to deploy the medical supplies to the affected people quickly. In this condition, emergency facilities, which provide medical supplies, play an important role in rescue management. The decision of where to locate the emergency facilities becomes very critical, as it determines the efficiency and effectiveness of the emergency management. In this paper, a multi-objective programming model that balances the total cost of emergency facilities and effect of rescue is proposed, and the effect of rescue is measured by the ratio of the arrival quantity of the rescue material to the demand. And then the model is solved by the Greedy Dropping heuristic after the multi-objective function is transformed into a single-objective. Finally, a practical example is given to illustrate the application of the model.

Research on liquefaction process of FLNG unit with propane precooling device and double nitrogen expander PDF

Chen Xingyi1, Yuan Zhongming1, Xie Ying1 and Wang Shuhua2


1Oil and gas engineering Institute of Southwest Petroleum University, Cheng du, 610500-China
2Schulich School of Engineering, University of Calgary, Calgary, T2N 1N4-Canada

Along with the further development of global natural gas exploration and development, more and more deepwater gas fields, marginal gas fields and associated gas fields have been found. As a new development technology of offshore deepwater gas fields, a floating LNG unit which integrates production, storage and offloading into one (FLNG), with its advantages of lower investment, shorter construction period and reusability, is warmly welcomed today. By investigating the latest liquefaction technology of natural gas both at home and abroad, and combining with the FLNG production project under construction, the study reported in this paper concluded that the nitrogen expansion liquefaction technology with precooling device is the first choice for liquefaction technology of natural gas for FLNG equipment. And based on that, this paper conducted optimized analysis of the FLNG equipment liquefaction process, and established a HYSYS simulation. The result indicated that three-stage propane refrigeration technology adopted in the precooling period is able to reduce the temperature to 273.16 K, 258.16 K and 238.16K respectively, and thus the compression power during the precooling period is reduced, while the precooling effect of natural gas is improved. In addition, double nitrogen expansion refrigeration technology is employed during the super-cooling period, the division temperature of two-stage refrigeration is chosen to be 178.16 K, the total compression function drops to the lowest value, the refrigeration effect is improved and the liquefaction ratio during the whole process reaches 95%. Therefore, the three-stage liquefaction technology with propane precooling device and double nitrogen expander is better adapted to offshore gas fields, and is suitable for FLNG equipment.

Research on rejuvenation analytical models for a virtualized system with live VM migration PDF

Yi Zhong, Jian Xu, Jing Zhong, Fengyu Liu


School of Computer Science and Engineering Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China, 210094

With the widespread use of virtualization technology, availability of Virtual Machines (VMs) in server virtualized systems became an important issue. In aspect of availability of virtualized systems, software rejuvenation is a favourable technology, which can postpone or prevent failures caused by software aging in VMs and underlying Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM). During the rejuvenation of the VMM, live VM migration can further improve availability of virtualized systems. In this paper, we will analysis rejuvenation process of virtualized system with live VM migration, propose a time and load based rejuvenation analytical model in Stochastic Reward Net (SRN) to describe state change during system rejuvenation, find the optimum combinations of rejuvenation trigger intervals that maximize the availability of VM, and do a experience to analyze and compare the model in this paper and the time based model. The experience result shows the time and load based rejuvenation analytical model is better than the time based model in respect of system availability and throughput rate, and is more stable in face of the dynamic change of system load.

Research on the characteristics of overlying strata movement in downward and upward mining longwall panel in steeply inclined seam by similar physical simulation PDF

Jingyi Cheng 1, 2, Yidong Zhang 3, Peng Zhang 4


1 School of Mines, Key Laboratory of Deep Coal Resource Mining, Ministry of Education of China, China University of Mining and Technology, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, 221116, China
2 Department of Mining Engineering, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV, 26506, USA
3 State Key Laboratory of Coal Resources and Safe Mining, China University of Mining and Technology, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, 221116, China
4 Carlson Software, Watertown, MA 02472, USA

To study the failure and collapse rule of overlying strata movement in the downward and upward mining longwall panel in a steeply inclined seam, panel B in mine A was used as the engineering background. Experimental methods for similar physical simulations were applied to study the overlying strata movement in different mining stages. Experimental results showed that during the upward and downward mining stages, the main breaking span for the crack development rule inside the overlying rock was significantly different. During the downward mining stage, the internal vertical fissures tended to close, whereas crack development of the vertical fissures was exacerbated in the upward mining stage. In addition, the main breakage span in the upward mining stage was obviously less than that in the downward mining stage. Field measurement results validated the experimental results, which were significant to the retreating panel under similar conditions.

Research on training mode of information security application-oriented personnel on the basis of engineering practice in China PDF

Yuping Zhou 1, Rufeng Huang 1, Dongmei Yu 2


1 College of computer Science, Minnan Normal University, Zhangzhou, Fujian 363000, china
2 College of electrical and Information Engineering, Jiangsu University of Technology, Changzhou 213001, china

Information security is now a key component to maintain national security, social security and economic security, and the training of high quality information security personnel is urgently needed. This paper would start from analyzing purposes and current situations of information security personnel training in China, and then discuss about training mode of China information security personnel from aspects of optimizing curriculum system, cultivating outstanding teachers, constructing engineering practice system, and regulating personnel training evaluation system.

Risk forewarning mechanism of ship investment: model and numerical analysis PDF

Yuhua Zhu 1, Yujuan Chen


1 College of Transport and Communications, Shanghai Maritime University, No.1550 Haigang Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai 201306, China
2 College of Mathematics and Statistics, Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics, Hangzhou 310018, China

The ship investment is a capital intensive and high risk industry with a huge amount of investment and long payback period of investment. Therefore, ship owners, shipyards and banks are very concerned about ship prices fluctuation. This paper takes the containership new building prices as an example. The paper analyzes the causes of the containership new building prices fluctuation risk, and analyzes the trend of the containership new building prices by applying the ARIMA model, a classical time series analysis model. Then it establishes the containership new building prices forewarning mechanism model for ship owners, shipyards or banks to control price risk and improve management level.

Search results optimization approach based on semantics PDF

Li Li 1,2, Qiang Yao 3


1 School of Computer and Communication Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing, No.30 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China
2 Beijing Key Laboratory of Knowledge Engineering for Materials Science, No.30 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China

3 Lenovo Corporate Research & Development, Beijing, No.6 Shangdi West Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China

Search results optimization technology studies how to process and optimize the original search results so as to improve the user experience. This paper proposed a search results optimization approach based on semantics. This approach represented user query as its semantic structure expression, and represented each original result page as a word list. A correlation calculation model was constructed by combining WordNet, large-scale corpus and users’ evaluation data, based on which the correlation between each result page and user query was calculated. When calculating correlation, different module was adopted according to the type of user query. This approach forms a new results list at last. The experiment showed this method can improve retrieval results to some extent.

Study of the influencing factors of compressive characteristics for the foundation layer of undersea immersed tube tunnels PDF

Gang Wei 1, Jian-jian Xing 2, Hui-jie Qiu 2, Ze-fei Yang 1, Dong-di Wang 1


1Department of Civil Engineering, Zhejiang University City College, Hangzhou 310015, China;
2 Institute of Geotechnical Engineering, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310058, China

Shenjiamen undersea immersed tube tunnel in Zhoushan, Zhejiang was taken as prototype to establish a 1:10 scale model with 30m in vertical length. The formation process of sand grouted foundation layer in seawater environment was simulated in the experiment considering the interaction of gravels during the formation of foundation layer. Different construction factors were examined by incorporating different design boundary condition, back-silting condition and sand grout density. Results showed that in the boundary condition of one end fixed and the other free, the settlement at the free end of the tube increased significantly (approx. 3 times) and the timeframe for settlement to stable increased; back-silting increased the overall condensability of the foundation layer and leaded to non-uniform compression; the reduction of sand-water ratio of the grout reduce the compressive modulus of the foundation layer. Further settlement occurred when the load exceeded the limit which is detrimental towards the global stability of the foundation layer. Comparing the effects on the settlement of foundation layer or compressive modulus, the factor of one end fixed and one end free was most significant, followed by back-silting and reduced sand-water ratio.

Study on identification of structural damage to wind turbine blade based on modified fruit fly optimization algorithm PDF

Gu Guimei, Wang Zheng


School of Automation and Electrical Engineering, Lanzhou Jiaotong University, Lanzhou 730070, China

A damage diagnosis method was proposed based on modified fruit fly optimization algorithm for the identification of structural damage to wind turbine blade. By transforming the identification of structural damage into constrained optimization, this method identified the structural damage to wind turbine blade by fruit fly optimization with minimum inherent frequency and oscillation mode error as target function of constrained optimization. Given that the basic fruit fly optimization (FOA) has problems of partial optimization and low optimization accuracy, so chaos optimization algorithm was used to modify FOA. The numerical simulation of single- and multi-damage to wind turbine blade and various experiments of damage to small-scale wind turbine blade showed that modified fruit fly optimization (MFOA) can not only accurately identify the damage position, but also effectively identify the damage degree in detection of structural damage to wind turbine blade. Therefore, the identification accuracy of MFOA was obviously better than that of basic FOA and genetic algorithm (GA).

Study on the financing mode selection of overseas investment for coal mining projects PDF

Li Fang 1 , Jin Cong


1 School of Mechanics and Civil Engineering, China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing), Ding 11Xueyuan Road, Beijing, China

Outward foreign investment of coal mining project needs a large amount of money and has the characteristics of high returns and risks. The transnational financing is more difficult to manage and make decisions, under the complicated financial and legal environment. From the perspective of project sponsors, the selection of the financing model not only affects the project ownership, the cost of capital, risk sharing, etc., but also is the basis of development work of follow-up. This paper found out the influence factors of financing model selection through the ISM method, and calculated the index weight through the ANP model with unknown expert weight, based on the analysing of the existing financing modes and their respective characteristics. Then the grey target decision model was established for financing mode selection, with index weight got by the previous step.

Super-sampling method during decoding for fractal image compression PDF

Jie He 1, Hui Guo 1


1 School of Information and Electronic Engineering, Wuzhou University,Wuzhou, Guangxi,543002,China

A super-sampling algorithm is presented to avoid the need for recoding when magnifying a reconstructed image after fractal image compression, thus making the fractal image compression method more practical. The sizes of and coordinates of range blocks and domain blocks in the decoder are adjusted according to the proportional relationship between the decoded initial image and the encoded image; then, the bilinear interpolation method is applied to complete the re-sampling process; and then, iterations are conducted. Thus, image magnification is directly completed in the decoding process. Image magnification with this algorithm does not lead to change in image texture or loss of image quality, and also image quality through super-sampling mainly depends on the size of sub-blocks during coding, according to experimental results. The method put forward in this paper can broaden the application scope of fractal image compression by effectively avoiding the excess time consumption resulting from re-decoding.

Technological structure determination of Chinese creative cultural product export PDF

Haibin Cong 1,2, Deling Zou3 


1 Business School , Ningbo University, No.818 Feng Hua Road, Ningbo 315211,Zhejiang, China
2 School of Economics, Nanjing University, No.22 Hankou Road, Nanjing 210093, China
3 Institute of Modern Logistics,Zhejiang Wanli University, No.8 Qianhu Road,Ningbo 315100,Zhejiang, China

This paper adopts Technology Content Index and Relative Technological level Index to determine export structure of Chinese creative cultural products in the past decade. The results show that creative cultural products exported from China are mainly of middle or low technology content; the overall technological level of export structure of creative cultural products is lower than the world level, which has not been improved for a long period of time. Therefore, China should strengthen originality and technological innovation, bring cultural resources into full play, and further optimize industrial and export structure of creative cultural industries.

The correlation analysis between exercise dependence and exercise motivation PDF

Menglong Li 1,2, Jingsong Nie 2, Yujia Ren 3


1Physical Education Institute, Hunan University of Science and Technology, Xiangtan, 411201, China
2 Hunan Provinceial Research Institute of Education, Changsha 410001, China
3 Xiangtan Vocational Technical College, Xiangtan 411000, China

Purpose: Study the correlation between exercise motivation and exercise dependence behaviour for female university students’ involvement with extracurricular physical exercise. Method: Refers to domestic and overseas relevant literatures, employ the exercise dependence scale and exercise motivation scale, conduct a survey among 617 exercise-loving female university students. The result shows: positive correlation of exercise intensity and exercise dependence; the 2 dimensions appearance motivation and ability motivation included in the exercise motivation appeared to be correlative to exercise dependence, while other motivations appear to be uncorrelated to exercise dependence. Conclusion: the main reasons of female university students’ dependence on exercise are appearance motivation and ability motivation and other motivations are not the cause of their dependence, should start with the 2 motivations to prevent female university students from their dependence on exercise.

The coupling mechanism between key resources acquisition capabilities and technologies innovation capabilities under open innovation pattern PDF

Junshu Du, Yi Guo


School of Business, East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai, China, 200237

This research investigates the mechanism of coupling relationship between enterprise key resources acquisition capabilities (KRACs) and technological innovation capabilities (TICs) in open innovation pattern. An evaluation model of coupling relations is set up by means of synergistic theory, which including efficiency function, coupling degree function, coupling degree index system, as well as coupling coordination function. Then, by taking SY corporation as a case, the study employs the evaluation model to evaluate the coupling degree of KRACs and TICs. The results show that the two factors of SY company both are in the state of middle coupling degree and coordination degree. The paper, on the one hand, fills the gap about the theory research between business KRACs and TICs in open innovation. On the other hand, this present provides a theoretical basis and practical guidance for enterprises to evaluate properly and monitor the coupling coordinated development between KRACs and TICs.

The empirical research of the relationship between knowledge integration and service capability in service outsourcing PDF

Wenhua Liu ,Licheng Ren, Tiangang Jiang


School of Economics and Management,Taiyuan University of Science and Technology,66 Waliu Road, Wanbailin District, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, China

A relationship model among knowledge integration influence factors, knowledge integration and enterprise service was built in this paper based on the fundamental theories of organizational learning, knowledge management, learning organization, intellectual capital and ability. Corresponding hypothesis has been put forward on account of this model to do the empirical test using survey data from questionnaires and site interviews, the assumptions of which in the model have been all passed the inspection further proved that knowledge integration factors have important effects on enterprise knowledge integration capability,and simultaneously the ability and degree of knowledge integration have important influence on enterprise service ability.

The subjective evaluation on sound quality for interior noise based on customer satisfaction PDF

Peng Xing 1,2 ,Lin Hua 1,2 ,Song Deng 1,2 ,Songze Du 1,2


1 Hubei Key Laboratory of Advanced Technology for Automotive Components, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan 430070, China
2 Hubei Collaborative Innovation Center for Automotive Components Technology, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan 430070, China

Customer satisfaction is proposed to evaluation a product quality whether good or not in the development of market with customer-oriented. In this paper, the importance of the customer requirement is introduced in sound quality evaluation. During the subjective evaluation procedure, the roughness coefficient and average roughness interval are applied to calculate the basic importance of customer requirement. Subsequently, the amending factor set is conducted to correct the basic importance of customer requirement based on the Kano model. As a result, the final importance of customer requirement is obtained, which can transform the customers’ subjective requirements to engineering improvement targets. Moreover, the test on noise working condition is carried out. The results indicate effectiveness of the proposed method.

A method for probabilistic decision making with distance measures under 2-tuple linguistic environment PDF

Fengjuan Gu 1, Shouzhen Zeng 2


1 College of Computer and Information, Zhejiang Wanli University, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China, 315100
College of Mathematics and Statistics, Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics, Hanzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China, 310018

In this paper we develop a new approach for 2-tuple linguistic multiple attribute decision making with probabilistic information, named the probabilistic 2-tuple linguistic ordered weighted averaging distance (P2LOWAD) operator. The main advantage of this operator is that it uses the probabilistic information in a unified framework between 2-tuple linguistic distance measures and the OWA operator that considers the degree of importance of each concept in the aggregation. Some of its main properties and different families are also studied. Moreover, a practical method based on the P2LOWAD operator for multi-criteria decision making with 2-tuple linguistic information is presented. Finally, an illustrative example demonstrates the practicality and effectiveness of the proposed method.

Effect of coal price on the economy in China PDF

Zhaoxia Si 1,2, Xiangjun Chen 2


1 School of Environment and Spatial Informatics, China University of Mining and Technology, Xuzhou, 221116, China;
2 College of Safety Science and Engineering,Henan Polytechnic University, Jiaozuo, 454000, China.

Coal is the main economic resource in China. To study the effect of coal price on the economy, a vector auto regression model was established through a co-integration test based on the coal price and economic variables. An empirical analysis of the relationship between coal price fluctuation and economic variables was conducted by using an impulse response function and variance decomposition method. Results demonstrate that a co-integration relationship exists between the coal price and economic variables. Coal price fluctuation has a short-term and long-term positive effect on CPI, a short-term negative effect and long-term positive effect on PPI, a short-term positive effect and long-term unobvious impact on GDP. From the impulse response analysis, within the forecast period, coal price fluctuation has an obvious positive effect on CPI in long time and PPI unobvious positive effect on GDP at beginning, its positive effect on GDP enhances as the forecast period increases. The analysis of the contribution shows that coal price fluctuation influences economic variables to different extents. A coal price management mechanism should be established and perfected to reduce the impact of coal price fluctuation on the economy. Furthermore, the energy consumption structure should be improved.

Multivariable panel data cluster analysis and its application PDF

Bingyun Zheng, Sui Li


School of Management Science and Engineering, Anhui University of Finance and Economics, P.R. China, 233030

Although the research on statistical analysis is very mature, the study on cluster analysis of multivariable panel data is little in China. This paper firstly analyses the numeric characteristic of multivariable panel data, and reconstructs a new the distance function of multivariable panel data and the function of sum of squares. On the base of clustering analysis basic thought, the paper explains the arithmetic and process of cluster analysis. At last, an experimental analysis is done on productive efficiency of the industrial enterprises in China, this example results shows good applicability.

On echo signal of complex cloud background based on narrow pulse laser detector PDF

Jing Li 1 ,Mengyao Li 2 ,Wentan Li3


1 School of Computer and Control Engineering, North University of China, Taiyuan, Shanxi 030051, China
2 School of Information and Electrical Engineering,China University of Mining and Technology,xuzhou,jiangsu 221116,China

3 The Nanjing Branch of Shanghai Baosight Software Company, Nanjing, 210039,China

In consideration of the poor ability of anti-interference to cloud of the present laser detector, the characteristics of laser back scattering is studied according to the extinction coefficient of cloud, so as to build a signal-to-noise ratio model under the
backgrounds of uniform and non-uniform cloud. In addition, under the condition of certain laser energy, the simulation and experimental analysis on the echo signal of laser detection with different pulse width of 100 ns, 10 ns and 1 ns are conducted. The analysis shows that the result of the experiment and calculation are perfectly in accordance with each other, and the narrower the pulse width of lasing is, the higher the signal-to-noise ratio of the system is, that is, the higher the ability of anti-interference to cloud of the laser detection system is. Undoubtedly, this is of great significance in the improvement on the ability of anti-interference to cloud, the enlargement of the distance and the enhancement of the accuracy of the laser detector.

Laser cladding technology in the repair of shearer picks PDF

Lei Che, Wenlei Sun, Yong Huang, Yongsheng Chao


School of Mechanical Engineering, Xinjiang University, Urumqi Xinjiang 830046, China

Xinjiang is rich in coal mineral resources, and the consumption of machineries in mines wear is quite great. In order to improve the wear of mining shearer picks, laser cladding technology have been used in the repair of worn shearer in this paper, and the result is very satisfactory. The conclusion provides some reference and guidance for similar problems of repair, and its application prospects are extensive.

A hybrid method for intuitionistic linguistic decision making with distance measure and aggregation operator PDF

Zhimin Mu1, Linyun Zhang2 , Shouzhen Zeng3, 4


1College of Basic Science, Tianjin Agricultural University, Tianjin 300384, China;
2Research Institute of Economic and Social Development, Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics, Hangzhou, 310018, China
3College of Mathematics and Statistics, Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics, Hangzhou, 310018, China
4College of Computer and Information, Zhejiang Wanli University, Ningbo, 315100, China

In this paper we propose a hybrid method for intuitionistic linguistic decision making and introduce the intuitionistic linguistic hybrid weighted distance (ILHWD) operator. It is a new aggregation that uses a unified model between distance measures and hybrid aggregation operator considering the importance degrees of both the individual distances and the attitudinal character of the decision maker. We study different families of the ILHWD operator. Finally, based on the presented operator, we develop a decision making approach and illustrate it with a numerical example under intuitionistic linguistic environment.

A kernel vector quantization codebook designing for image compression based on simulated annealing into genetic algorithm PDF

Mengling Zhao 1,2, Hongwei Liu 1


1School of Mathematics and Statistics, Xidian University, 710071 ,Xi’an,China
2School of Science, Xi'an University of Science and Technology, 710000 ,Xi’an,China

To solve premature phenomenon and falling into local optimum of genetic algorithm, the simulated annealing algorithm is
introduced to the genetic algorithm and a simulated annealing is presented based on genetic clustering algorithm, a new effective SA, crossover operator and mutation operator proposed for fitting the partition-based chromosome coding. In addition, the Euclidean distance is replaced by the kernel function distance to improve the performance of the proposed algorithm further. We also applied the proposed algorithm to image compression. Experimental results indicate its superiority in terms of peak signal to noise ratio (PSNR).

Non-Darcy properties of gas flow in different metamorphic grade coals PDF

Junwei Yuan 1,2, Gaowei Yue 3


1 College of Safety Science and Engineering, Henan Polytechnic University, No.2001 Road, Jiaozuo, Henan, China
2 State Key Laboratory Cultivation Base for Gas Geology &Gas Control, No.2001 Road, Jiaozuo, Henan, China
3 School of Civil Engineering, Henan Polytechnic University, No.2001 Road, Jiaozuo, Henan, China

Under different confining pressure, gas seepage tests are carried out in different metamorphic grade coals, which tests is used to discuss gas penetration mechanism in coal. The tested and theoretical results show that under different confining pressure, gas seepage laws are consistent in different metamorphic grade coals, but under the same confining pressure and the same gas pressure at the entrance, the metamorphism grade of coal is higher, the gas seepage flow is bigger. In the higher gas pressure section, the percolation curve of Q and Δ2p/L meets the linear relationship, but the gas pressure is lower, the percolation curve of Q and Δ2p/L deviates linear relationship of Darcy's law. The critical point lies from nonlinear to linear segment of gas flow in coal, and it is a gradual process from Non-Darcy flow to Darcy flow. At high Reynolds number, gas percolation obeys Darcy's law, but at low Reynolds number, the gas seepage in different metamorphic grade coals is non-Darcy flow. The collision of gas molecules and coal wall is the physical mechanism of gas non-Darcy flow phenomenon, which is determined by the mean free path of gas molecules and pore structure of coal, and the theoretical calculation well reveals the mechanism of gas non-Darcy seepage in coal.

Table tennis video data mining based on performance optimization of artificial fish swarm algorithm PDF

Hai Wang 1, Wenbo Qu 2 , Qunli Shen3


1 Department of Physical Education, Shanghai Business School, Shanghai, 201400, China
2 School of Humanities and Law, Shanghai Business School, Shanghai, 201400, China
3 College of Computer and Information , Shanghai Business School, Shanghai, 201400, China

In view of the traditional AFSA still has problems such as the low optimal performance and poor efficiency in data mining for table tennis video, a video data mining model for table tennis match is proposed based on improved AFSA. First, the traverse range of chaotic motion enlarges to the value range of AFSA optimization variables by leading in chaotic Logistic mapping. And then it increases the optimal artificial fish state information on the basis of original artificial fish behaviour, so guides the artificial fish to quickly close to the global optimal, improves the speed of the algorithm. Finally, adaptive optimize the search strategy of traditional AFSA, and apply the improved algorithm to the video data mining for table tennis match. The simulation experiments show that the video data mining model for table tennis match based on improved AFSA has better ability of optimization, and can dig out more attributes and types in the table tennis game video.

Instantaneous overload optimization of scheduling algorithm for real-time systems of Linux operating system PDF

Fuhuai Ding, Jinyi Chang


Changshu Institute of Technology, Changshu 215500, Jiangsu, China

Aiming at the real-time scheduling algorithm in practical application of Linux operating system and some problems such as instantaneous overload, this article proposed a based on local pheromone updating path optimization ant colony algorithm optimization and excitement factor of Linux operating system real-time scheduling model, first of all we use local pheromone update strategy, we introduce the ant- cycle model, and improve the convergence performance of standard ant colony algorithm, then we use the concept of excitement in artificial fish algorithm, the standard ant colony algorithm optimization process is divided into two stages of optimization, in order to improve the searching capability of the ant colony algorithm, finally improve the algorithm of pheromone persistence parameters, in order to improve the original routing capabilities of the algorithm. The simulation experiments show that the ant colony algorithm proposed in this article which is based on local pheromone updating optimization and excitement factor in comparison with the standard ant colony algorithm, has better convergence performance and convergence speed, and can better solve the Linux operating system real-time scheduling of instantaneous overload problem.

Performance optimization of wavelength conversion ADMH algorithm in WDM optical network PDF

Wei Feng1, Yurong Ma2, Bojiang Zhu1


1State Grid YiChun Electric Power Company, Yichun, 336000, Jiangxi, China
2State Grid JiangXi ShangGao County Electric Power Supply Company Limited, Yichun, 336000, Jiangxi, China

Aimed at the poor application performance issues of adaptive dynamic minimum hop routing algorithm (ADMH) in the wavelength conversion of WDM optical network, in this paper we present an improved ADMG algorithm based on ant colony algorithm. By using ant colony algorithm, we optimize the update rules of local and global link of ADMH algorithm when selecting route and obtain the global optimal value. Then, we set priority for links with different number of optical fibers. According to different number of available wavelengths, we calculate different selection probability and optimize the priority of wavelengths. Simulation results show that the performance of improved ADMH algorithm proposed in this paper based on ant colony algorithm is better than ADMG algorithm when the network traffic load is large.

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Part A: Cumulative Index PDF

Part B: Content PDF

Part B: Information and Computer Technologies

A new surface recovery method based on hybrid reflectance model PDF

Yanfeng Li1 Jiquan Ma2

COMPUTER MODELLING & NEW TECHNOLOGIES 2014 18(12B) 9-13                                                                                       

1Department of Information Science and Technology, Heilongjiang University, 72 Xue Fu Road, Harbin, China

2Department of Computer Science and Technology, Heilongjiang University, 72 Xue Fu Road, Harbin, China

Generally, the surface shape of a object can be recovered from a single image, that is called shape-from-shading (SFS), which relies on the assumption of Lambertian, although the specular reflectance component often exists in the original image. In order to improve the quality of the surface reconstruction in SFS, hybrid reflectance model is introduced firstly and is applied on SFS method. Firstly, the reflectance component is estimated using simulated annealing based on the distribution of the surface’s normal. Secondly, a new surface recovery algorithm is designed under a hybrid reflectance model, which is a linear model composed with Lambertian and specular reflectance. Finally, Experiments are performed on synthetic and real images.

Application of cluster mining and the apriori algorithm in the management of library books PDF

Li Ming

COMPUTER MODELLING & NEW TECHNOLOGIES 2014 18(12B) 14-18                                                                         

Library, Heze University, Heze 274015, China

Data mining technology has strong data processing ability. A library is a data resource center in which numerous, potentially correlated data are located. Thus, library management is greatly challenged in terms of determining the internal value of this information and using it effectively. Data mining technology is used for clustering and association rule analyses on library management systems, locating popular books and categories in numerous book resources, and determining the correlations among books. Moreover, the mined data are applied in library management systems to provide new books and recommendation services to readers and to introduce opinions on other analytical methods, thereby enhancing the theoretical research basis for data mining.

Attribute-based encryption with hidden threshold access structure PDF

Fugeng Zeng1, 2 Chunxiang Xu2

COMPUTER MODELLING & NEW TECHNOLOGIES 2014 18(12B) 19-22                                                                 

1School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu, 611731, China

2School of Science and Engineering, Qiongzhou University, Hainan 572000, China

This paper proposes attribute-based encryption schemes in which threshold access structures are hidden. With these schemes, an encryptor can encrypt data with hidden attributes. After receiving the ciphertext from the encryptor, a decryptor first tests which block of ciphertext is associated with which attribute. Decryption will be successful if the attributes associated with the secret key of the decryptor satisfy the access structure associated with the encrypted data. The security of the proposed construction is proved in the selective model based on the decisional bilinear Diffie-Hellman assumption. The proposed scheme shows greater flexibility than other hidden access control encryption schemes.

Design of intelligent bus control terminal based on ARM9 PDF

Haixia Zhang 1, Suyi Liu 2, Yin Cui 3

COMPUTER MODELLING & NEW TECHNOLOGIES 2014 18(12B) 23-27                                                                  

1 School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Wuhan Textile University, No1 Fangzhi Road Wuhan, Hubei, China, 430073

2 School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Wuhan Textile University, No1 Fangzhi Road Wuhan, Hubei, China, 430073

3 Ericsson (XiAn) Information Communication Tech Ser, Middle of Software Park Road Wuhan, Hubei, China, 430074

With regard to urban increasing traffic congestion problems, an intelligent bus control terminal, which based on embedded system is studied and designed in this paper. It adopts AT91sam 9260 produced by ATMEL company as the processor, realizes positioning information access and completes network data transmission with peripheral GPS and GPRS module. Linux is selected as the operating system, and many advanced technologies such as the linux interrupt handling and multithreading are used in software design process, which bring about high efficiency, less resource consumption, stability and reliability. At the same time, sites and the communication network configuration information are processed by configuration files treatment, convenience for system maintenance in case of modification of later stage circuit, giving full play to the characteristics of embedded system. Compared with similar products, this terminal has advantages with compact structure and low cost. This study provides reference value for the similar product development from software angle, and has great significance. 

Real-time physically cloth simulation with CUDA PDF

Li Huaming, Kang Baosheng

COMPUTER MODELLING & NEW TECHNOLOGIES 2014 18(12B) 28-32                                                                         

College of Information Science and Technology, Northwest University, Xi’an 710127, China

With the development of the simulation technique, deformable cloth simulation has become highly desired. It can be widely used in many fields such as game, animation, virtual surgery, etc. Real-time algorithm is the most urgent bottleneck problem that needs to be solved. This paper introduces a solution to implement deformable simulation of cloth in real time, accomplished through using a meshless simulation technique, which is known as position-based dynamics, implemented using CUDA parallel framework. The simulation results are directly sent to vertex buffer object for rendering to avoid the costly communication between CPU and GPU. The experimental results show significate improvements on performance in comparison to CPU algorithm. 

Study on next generation of in-vehicle network protocol for passenger vehicles based on CAN FD PDF

Qijin Cai, Yong Xu


School of Electronic Engineering and Automation of Guilin University of Electronic Technology, Guilin, Guangxi, China, 541004

Aiming at the next generation of in-vehicle network protocol system for conventional passenger vehicles and new energy passenger vehicles, an in-vehicle network protocol named as IOCAN is proposed using information-oriented idea based on CAN FD. By using longer ID field of extended frame and concepts of PDU, PGN, SPN in SAE J1939 protocols, the information management-oriented protocol frame are designed. With variable and higher bit rate of CAN FD and its maximum 64 bytes of data field, a data segment transmission strategy is put forward. Then the practicality of the system is demonstrated with the analysis of the application. Finally described is the framework of the in-vehicle network protocol of passenger vehicles with universal, normative and greater information capacity. 

A novel image segmentation algorithm based on multi-motive reinforcement learning and OTSU PDF

Qiao Sun1, Feixiang Chen1 , Hui Han1, Fu Xu1, Yanan Shi2

COMPUTER MODELLING & NEW TECHNOLOGIES 2014 18(12B) 39-44                            

1 School of Information Science and Technology, Beijing Forestry University, Beijing 100083, China

2 College of Computer Science and Technology, Jilin University, Changchun 130012, China

Image segmentation is one of the key technologies of computer vision. Among the image segmentation algorithms, the threshold-based approach is a simple and effective one. OTSU algorithm is considered to be one of the best approaches for threshold selection, but its drawbacks are the high time complexity and poor real time capabilities. In order to solve this issue, an efficient image segmentation algorithm based on multi-motive reinforcement learning is proposed in this paper, in the framework of OTSU, multi-motive reinforcement learning algorithm is adopted to get the optimal threshold for image segmentation. The learning motivation and action for threshold learning are defined in this article, and the original State-Action dual-layer structure is extended to State-Motive-Action triple-layer structure. Compared to traditional approach, the proposed approach has more flexibility, and is easier to integrate priori knowledge. The experimental result validated the effectiveness of the proposed approach.

Data clustering based on particle swarm optimization with Lévy mechanism PDF

Xiaoyong Liu


Department of Computer Science, Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University, Guangzhou, Guangdong, 510665, China

Clustering analysis is a popular approach in data mining field. It is often used to automatically find classes or groups for unlabeled datasets. This paper looks into the use of Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) for cluster analysis. In standard PSO, the non-oscillatory route can quickly cause a particle to stagnate and also it may prematurely converge on suboptimal solutions that are not even guaranteed to local optimal solution. In this paper, Lévy Mechanism is proposed for the particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm and applied in the data sets. Results show that the new PSO model, named LPSO, provides enhanced performance for clustering data.

Research on WEB user behavior mining of personalized recommendation PDF

Xufang Li1, 2

COMPUTER MODELLING & NEW TECHNOLOGIES 2014 18(12B) 50-53                                                                          

1 School of Economics and Management, Tongji University, Shanghai, 200092, China

2 School of Management, Shanghai University of Engineering Science, Shanghai, 201620, China

Personalized recommendation directly decides the result set pushed to users and affects the quality of personalized information service. And analysis of user behavior is the key to realize personalized recommendation. The paper studies the user behavior mining based on content and VecPat-tree. When mining based on content, compound word judgment is joined in segmentation process, and the concept of keyword position factor is added to keyword weight calculation. When mining based on VecPat-tree, the paper proposed the algorithm based on VecPat-tree to process user behavior mining. The algorithm based on VecPat-tree uses the strategy of binary tree growth to avoid unnecessary projected database and effectively distinguish distribution and partial support. The paper simulated 193000 browse records of users in the experimental database to compare PrefixSpan algorithm and the algorithm based on VecPat-tree in many aspects, such as running time. And the experimental results show that the algorithm based on VecPat-tree can be more effective than PrefixSpan algorithm in achieving personalized recommendation to improve the quality of personalized information service.

An error recovery transmission mechanism for mobile multimedia PDF

Min Chen,Ang Li


Schoolof Computer Scienceand Technology, HunanInstituteof Technology, Hengyang,China

This paper presents a channel coding transmission mechanism in wireless and mobile networks by using the cross-packet transmission method of the sub-block structure to solve the problem of the poor quality of the network mobile multimedia. The present channel coding technology has the protective effect aiming to the data transmission in the mobile network. However, the present channel coding technology faces many kinds of network transmission phenomenon under the limited bandwidth constraint, including those comprehensive problems caused by the network congestion and the signal error. The poor efficiency of the data recovery and the bandwidth utilization is still one of the channel coding’s main defects. Compared with the present technologies, the experimental results demonstrate that the proposed method can achieve better bandwidth utilization by means of using sub-block coding structure to combat with small amount of transmission errors. Furthermore, the data recovery performance can be improved based on the two following facts about the cross -packet transmission: 1) the channel coding capacity is beyond a single packet and 2) both packet loss and signal error can be recovered simultaneously.

Research on the cloud platform resource management technology for surveillance video analysis PDF

Yonglong Zhuang1,Xiaolan Weng2,Xianghe Wei2


1Modern Educational Technology Center, Huaiyin Normal University, Jiangsu Huai'an 223300, China

2College of Computer Science and Technology, Huaiyin Normal University, Jiangsu Huai'an 223300, China

As the cloud computing provides the characteristics of the computing resources which can be randomly used or rented, it has become a topic issue to develop a method for dynamically adjusting the computing resources in terms of the service. The paper introduces a method for dynamically adjusting the computing resources on the basis of the surveillance video analysis result. The contents of the surveillance video in the method are cut into many segments, distributed into many computing nodes and to be analyzed. In the meantime, the estimated method for the workload can be sensed through the introduced contents and the system workload can be predicted. The numbers of the computing nodes can be dynamically adjusted without affecting the quality of the service, and the utilized computing resources can be reduced to the minimum as soon as possible. The experimental result shows that the method introduced by the paper can effectively predict the system workload, and can show its advantages in the computing cost and work completion under the situation of not affecting the service quality.

A continuous integration environment building based on the research of C#.NET PDF

JintanZhu1,XiangfengLiu2,Wei Wei3,PeiyiShen4


1Xi’an Railway Vocational and Technical institute, Xi’an 710014,China

2Shaanxi Institute Of Technolog Shaanxi, Xi’an 710300,China

3School of Computer Science and Engineering, Xi'an University of Technology,Xi’an 710048, China

4National school of Software, Xidian University, Xi’an 710071, China

In the software development process of the past, integration is a very painful thing, usually a long time to do integration, as a result, it can cause many problems. Continuous integration, which is the core of the agile development practice, was integrated in one day more than ten times or even dozens of times, so often integration can minimize conflict. Due to the frequent integration, there are few changes to be made each time, even under integration failure conditions; it is easy to locate errors.

Face recognition based on the invariant single training sample PDF

Zhaonan Yang1,2, Shu Zhang2


1College of Computer Science and Technology, Harbin Engineering University No.145, Str. Nantong, Harbin, China
2College of Computer Science and Technology, Heilongjing University of Science and Technology No.l2468 Str. Puyuan, Harbin, China

Despite the constantly change of human face pose, illumination, expression, and occultation, one major problem of the face recognition technique arises from the difficulties of gaining training samples. When everyone just can gain an image for face recognition, the training samples are so insufficient that the extracted feature vectors can not support the whole face sample subspace and the performance drop is expected. This problem is called the face recognition with the single training sample and has received significant attention during the past years. Researchers have proposed image-strengthen method, sample-expansion method, and generic learning framework, etc, which mostly aim to expand the number of the training samples by using computer techniques to create several combining virtual images based on the original one. Therefore, the problem simply becomes a general face recognition problem. However, these methods result in enlarging the calculation volume and requiring bigger storage space. It also needs to be retrained once a new person is put into system. These problems make it extremely difficult to popularize these methods. In this paper, we try to exclude training and to extract features directly from the hybrid Taylor-ATMT, which has constructed a set of invariants. The recognition errors caused by the change of human face expression, illumination and partial occultation could be reduced after projecting it to wavelet space to lower the dimension, and then classify categories with the use of Bayesian Decision Theory, which results in a better effect. Experiments are implemented on YALE and ORL face databases to demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed approach. The experimental results show that the average recognition accuracy rates of our proposed method which are higher than those of previous methods.

Fast depth coding techniques using early termination scheme PDF

Fengsui Wang, Guanling Wang


College of Electrical Engineering, Anhui Polytechnic University, Wuhu, 241000, China

Depth video coding is a new technique that permits lower storage and transmission bandwidth compared with multi-view video coding (MVC). Therefore, fast depth video coding is necessary to reduce the computation complexity of the encoder for realizing the practical use. This paper proposed a fast encoding algorithm for depth video coding based on early termination scheme using texture and depth video correlation. Based on the observation that the Direct mode and Inter16×16 mode were highly possible to be the optimal mode, the proposed algorithm first computed the rate distortion cost of the Direct mode and compared with an adaptive threshold. If this rate distortion cost was smaller than the adaptive threshold, Direct mode was selected as the optimal mode. Otherwise, our approach proceeded with the early termination scheme and further checked whether the current microblock belonged to the low motion region using motion complexity for excluding impossible modes. Experimental results have shown that our proposed algorithm can significantly reduce encoding time with a negligible loss of coding efficiency of depth video, compared with the original joint multi-view video coding encoder.

Dynamic optical transfer function: a function to characterize random motion degraded image PDF

Yanqiao Zhao, Jiubin Tan, Jian Liu


Center of Ultra-precision Optoelectronic Instrument Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin 150080, China

Previous DOTF model is only for static, uniform motion and high speed harmonic vibration. In order to characterize random motion-blurred image, an arbitrary motion DOTF model was built, and it is a function of displacement s(t) of the motion image. The displacement function is no limits to any motion type, and we rigorous derived previously known DOTF expressions for static, uniform motion and high speed harmonic vibration, it is therefore concluded that our DOTF model can be developed for random motion. At last, an experiment was developed to verify our DOTF model.

CityGML-based 3D GIS visualization in the cloud environment PDF

Fenghua Huang


Sunshine College, Fuzhou University, Fuzhou 350015, Fujian, China

CityGML provides an effective approach to the sharing and inoperability of 3D GIS spatial data. However, due to the large amount of data, CityGML’s resolving, transferring, and rendering processes during visualization are inefficient in a standalone system, causing considerable delays in viewing the information of large 3D maps for users. The cloud computing technique is introduced to address these problems in this paper. The Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) is employed to store the huge amount of CityGML data. A MapReduce-based parallel CityGML data visualization scheme is proposed. A Hadoop-based public cloud for a 3D city information service is constructed in the cloud, allowing cloud users to interact with the cloud via the service interface and obtain the desired high-quality 3D city scenarios. The visualization effectiveness and interoperability efficiency of the large-scale CityGML 3D virtual city data are improved.

Domain unlimited false data filtering scheme in wireless sensor networks PDF

Jinguo Zhao1, Qingyun Luo1, Xin Li1, Junbin Liang2


1School of Computer and Information Science, Hunan Institute of Technology, Hengyang

2School of Computer and Electronics Information, Guangxi University, Nanning

The false data filtering scheme of WSN has no way to detect the false data injected from the non-forwarding area of the compromised nodes. For this, two schemes are proposed in the article. The first one is that false data are filtered by combining the information of the forwarding path with threshold method. Each forwarding sensor not only checks the correctness of the MAC carried in the report, but also validates two security threshold parameters. The second one does not utilize the information of transmission path, but filter false data in the course of transmission, based on the distribution of secret keys in the whole key pool. Theoretical analysis and simulation experiment show that both the two schemes can detect the false data injected from any area on the network, with low energy consumption and high security.

Multi-hop routing design based on the asymmetric wireless sensor networks PDF

Min Chen, Ang Li


School of Computer Science and Technology, Hunan Institute of Technology, Hengyang, China

In multi-hop wireless sensor networks, the information collected by the sensors requires to be transferred by the sensors. As each sensor has different positions, each sensor can withstand different pressure so that the network bottleneck is caused. In order to achieve the purpose of the load balance, all pressures in each layer sensor should be analyzed and the transmission distance should be adjusted according to the characteristics of the multi-hop wireless sensor networks in the past references. The sensor in each layer allows the data to be transferred to the next one or the next two layers so that the needed hops transferring the data can be reduced and the load can be loaded. The transmission distance rate in each layer just forms the Fibonacci sequence. The simulation results show that the proposed transmission distance adjustment strategy can indeed improve the whole network efficiency and the data delivery rate.

The improvement of a variational level set formulation for image segmentation PDF

Minghua Jiang1, Xiaosuo Luo1,2


1School of Telecom, Chongqing College of Electronic Engineering, Chongqing, 401331, China

2School of Automation, Chongqing University, 400030, China

This paper shows a new improvement variational formulation for geometric active contours that make sure the level set function to be close to a signal distance function. The variational formulation consists of an internal energy term that penalizes the deviation of the level set function from a signal distance function. An external energy term that drives the motion of the zero level set toward the object boundaries. Therefore eliminates the need of the costly re-initialization procedure. Upon simulation experiments present that the method is fast and applicable way for application in image segmentation. This method not only simplifies the calculation, but also the iteration can be set longer than the traditional method in time-step so that the evolution of the curve faster. Its flexibility in initializing level set function makes the selection of initial contour has more freedom, and calculations are a lot simpler.

Detecting trap region with assortativity measurement in temporal networks PDF

Zheng Yi1, Liu Fang2


1College of Electronic Science Engineering, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Nanjing, 210003, China

2Jiangsu Open University, Nanjing, 210036, China

Based on the threshold model of Watts, the effect on cascade dynamics induced by temporal shuffling according to assortative structure was investigated in this paper. Two assortative rewiring schemes were introduced and explored, by considering the topological parameter of nodal degree and the average degree of nodal neighbors. Temporal behaviors are generated by edge breaking and rewiring, according to the assortativity coefficient of links. Analysis shows that the trap region on cascade dynamics identified by edge assortativity based on degree of the neighbors is better than the nodal degree-based one. The correctness of the analysis is validated with simulations on scale-free module networks.

Interaction between propagation and consensus on module networks PDF

Fang Liu1, Yi Zheng2


1Jiangsu Open University, Nanjing, 210036, China

2Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Nanjing, 210003, China

The effect on spreading dynamics induced by collective consensus is investigated in this paper, on the basis of epidemic model for spreading dynamics and phase synchronization model for collective consensus. The interaction between propagation and collective synchronization is explored by theoretical analysis and numerical simulation. We found that the spreading dynamics and synchronizations are highly affected with the increasing of coupling strength on sparse links between communities. With the level of collective consensus about awareness increasing, both oscillation amplitude and mean prevalence are suppressed, and the inter-community coupling strength have great effect on time spent on reaching consensus.

Robust hand gesture detection by fusion of depth and colour information using kinect PDF

Shuai Yang, Prashan Premaratne, Peter Vial, Qasim Alshebani


School of Electrical Computer and Telecommunications Engineering, University of Wollongong, North Wollongong, NSW, Australia

Microsoft Kinect camera has drastically changed the world of human computer interaction based computer vision, due to its low cost and high quality of depth information for visual images. This has made the depth data to become common place at a very low cost allowing myriad of computer vision related application including hand gesture recognition. Hand gesture recognition research suffered severely from the clutter and skin tone regions in any background. With the availability of depth information, background clutter and skin tone regions which are not part of the hand gesture can be removed improving the performance of any classification strategy. This article discusses a novel hand detection strategy based on Kinect camera by combining depth and colour image information. In the detection procedure, the Kalman filter is applied to the study to achieve a good detection result. The experiment results show this detection method is reliable and stable in the clutter background, and works well in various light conditions.

Research of QoS routing protocol for underwater wireless sensor network PDF

Bin Liu1,2, Jianghong Han1


1School of Computer and Information, Hefei University of Technology, Hefei 230009, China

2Department of Computer Science, Qilu Normal University, Jinan 250202, China

With the constant strengthen of detecting activity underwater in recent years, the research of underwater wireless sensor has been gradually paid more attention to. This paper mainly introduces the basic concept, main advantages and network structure of underwater wireless sensor network and stress on analyzing the relative characteristics of the QoS routing protocol of current underwater wireless sensor network under the application background of large scale of hydrometry monitoring. Besides,it also elaborates network topology architecture and data forwarding mechanism of the QoS protocol and attempts to put forward the improved QoS protocol on the base of colony. And this QoS (Quality of Service) routing protocol selects the routing mechanism of a route or a dynamic routing protocol covering all kinds of QoS parameters according to the available network resources and business flow requirements of QoS with a extremely essential realistic research significance.

Research of concurrency control protocol based on the main memory database PDF



Shijiazhuang University of economics, Shijiazhuang, Shijiazhuang, China

The concurrent access of data can cause the inconsistency. How to control it efficiently is one of the question of the first importance in the database application system.In this paper a management mechanism called dynamic multi-grain lock and a related concurrency control protocol were given.

A face recognition method of integrated technology PDF

Ma Ning, Zhiyan Wang


College of computer science and technology, JilinUniversity, ChangChun 130012, China

In this paper, based on the study of the Two-Dimensional Principal Component Analysis (2DPCA),Two-Dimensional Principal Component Analysis (2DPCA) and fuzzy set theory, we propose a new face recognition algorithm integrating 2DDCT,2DPCA and fuzzy 2DLDA. This method can make good use of the advantages of each single method, and also can make up for the defect of each other. The comparison of the results of the different methods identification effect on the ORL,YALE and FERET face database show, the integrated method proposed in this paper improves the recognition rate, and it also reduces the training and classification time as well.

Intrusion intention recognition and response based on weighed plan knowledge graph PDF

ZengyuCai, Qikun Zhang, Ran Zhang, Yong Gan


School of Computer and Communication Engineering, ZhengzhouUniversity of Light Industry, Zheng Zhou 450002, China

With the development of the network, security has become the focus problem of network. To be effective, current intrusion prevention systems must incorporate artificial intelligence methods, such as plan recognition and adversarial plan. Plan recognition is critical for predicting the future actions of attackers and the adversarial plan is critical for planning appropriate responses to attacks. In this paper, an attack intention and plan recognition method based on weighted planning knowledge graph is presented to predict the anomaly intentions of potential intruders to a computer system according to the observation data. And the adversarial planning method based on HTN planning to response the future actions of attackers is also presented. The experimental results show that the plan recognition method based on weighed planning knowledge graph has a good accuracy in predicting the intrusion intentions. The experimental results also show that the adversarial planning method can prevent computer system correctly and effectively.

A general method to solve problem of blind signal separation using tensor decomposition PDF

Yanliang Zhang,Geng Li


School of Computer Science & Technology, Henan Polytechnic University, Jiaozuo 454001,China

The estimation of mixing matrix is a key step to solve the problem of blind signal separation. The existing algorithm can only estimate the matrix of well-determined, over-determined and under-determined in condition of sparse source. Scaling and permutation ambiguities lie in both factor matrix of tensor Parallel factors decomposition and mixing matrix in blind signal separation. With this property, the estimation of mixing matrix can be transformed into tensor parallel factors decomposition of observed signal’s statistic. The decomposition can be realized by the method of alternating least squares.The theoretical analysis and simulations show that the method proposed in this paper is anefficient algorithm to estimate well-determined, over-determined and under-determined mixing matrix.

Multi-view object recognition based on sparse representation PDF

Jin-jin Cai, Bo Liu, Wei Yao


College of computer science and technology, Agriculture University of Hebei, Baoding, China

In recent years, sparse representation has emerged as a powerful data representative model to draw much attention. In term of the intrinsic structured characteristic of signal itself, this model decomposes a signal as a linear combination of a few atoms from an over-completed dictionary. As it turns out, we obtain the parsimonious representation of signal with regularization by different sparsity-inducing norms. Through the adaptivity and robustness of sparse representation, it is well applied to the field of signal and image processing. In this paper, the problem of recognizing an object from its multiview images with unconstrained poses and context was considered. A novel framework called metasample-based supervised dictionary learning for multi-view object recognition exploiting the sparse property of intrinsic information was proposed. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm exhibits better performance than the recent state-of-the-art methods.

Review on the technology of network public opinion monitoring system PDF

WenyiHe1,ZhuolingBai2, ShiyuanXu3


1School of Public Administration, Central South University, Changsha Hunan 410083, China

2School of Public Administration, Central South University, Hunan Urban Professional College, Changsha Hunan 410083, China

3School of Software, Central South University, Changsha Hunan 410075, China

This paper introduced the technology related to the network public opinion monitoring system. According to the work flow of public opinion monitoring system, the paper summarizes the research status from three aspects of network information collection, pre-processing and analysis.

Research on personalized information recommendation platform for CSA users PDF

Zhao Sheng1,Lu Yiping1,Qin Jing2


1Hebei North University, Zhangjiakou,Hebei 075000, China

2HebeiUniversityofArchitecture,Zhangjiakou,Hebei 075000, China

This paper analyses the demand in personalized recommendation service and the characteristics of classification content for CSA users. Then it proposes a personalized information recommendation platform based on the interests of agricultural users. For the interest update in push service, we integrate mathematical modeling, three-dimensional synthetic techniques and the quantization techniques, to establish user interest model. For the distribution problem in push service of agricultural information, we propose an improved classification model based on genetic algorithm, BP neural network and multiple linear regressions. The process of feature extraction and algorithm implementation are also provided in this paper. The experiments show our recommendation algorithm based on user interest has obvious improvement in precision and recall compared to traditional algorithms. It can further excavate the users’ interest to cater to the preferences and make effective and in-time information recommendation.

A key agreement scheme for identity authentication based on multiple security factors PDF

Ying Wang1, Xinguang Peng1, Jing Bian1,2


1College of Computer Science and Technology, Taiyuan University of Technology, Shanxi, Taiyuan China,030024

2The Center of Information and Network, Shanxi Medical College of Continuing Education, Shanxi, Taiyuan China, 030012

By the study of Li-Hwang's three-factor authenticated key agreement protocol, we find there exists multiple attack in it. Therefore, this paper proposes a remote user authentication protocol based on ECC to improve the protocol. The new protocol only needs one point multiplication of elliptic curve cryptography in login and authentication protocol, so its computation efficiency is high. The protocol can resist all the attack mentioned in this paper, smart cards loss attack included. It is also suited to three-factor authentication protocol including password, mobile devices and biometrics. The comparisons with related schemes in computation price and efficiency show that though it costs a little more computation consumption than relative protocols, it has better performance in robustness.

Research of batik image classification based on support vector machine PDF

Qing-Ni Yuan, Jian Lu, HaisongHuang, WeijiPan


Key Laboratory of Advanced Manufacturing technology (Guizhou University), Ministry of Education, Guiyang 550003, China

The digital protection and development of batik is applied in the digital design of the arts and crafts by the digital image acquisition of batik to construct a graph database. Its key technology is the automatic classification of image. In this paper, we use image analysis and recognition technology to image classification recognition of five type of batik: Bronze drum lines, Butterfly lines, Bird lines, Fish lines and Flower lines etc. On the basis of the segment image of batik, we extract the shape and texture feature by Histogram of Oriented Gradient (HOG). Then, we respectively use Support Vector Machine (SVM), Minimum Distance Method and BP Neural Network to classify test. The result shows that the classification recognition ability of SVM is better than the Minimum Distance Method and the BP Neural Network. Therefore, the classification recognition method of the Histogram of Oriented Gradient (HOG) and the Support Vector Machine (SVM) is feasible to the automatic classification of batik image.

Development and application of lightweight cloud platform workflow system PDF

Qing Hou,QingshengXie, ShaoboLi


Key Laboratory of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Ministry of Education,Guizhou University, Guiyang Guizhou 550003, China

Based on the principle of colored Petri net, this paper introduces a lightweight cloud platform workflow system, which will deliver BI services in Hadoop. The system aims to achieve the quick development and deployment of business processes via the workflow engine and to provide BI personalized application construction and service by way of rental. The paper expounds the workflow engine’s creation principles, activity analysis, scheduling algorithm and specific application. Furthermore, it illustrates the BI parallel cloud platform deployment and system implementation. That platform is applied in the project management of operator construction and achieves some results.

OPT-UFR algorithm for distributed environment PDF

HuijuanWang, QuanboYuan


North China Institute of Aerospace Engineering, Langfang, Hebei, China

As a novel relevance filtering method, some experiments are done to illustrate the performance of UFR since this algorithm is proposed. However, there is no any comparison between UFR and some other relevance filtering mechanisms. This paper compares UFR with VON in scalability and efficiency. By changing the peer number and changing the AOI when setting the peer number fixed in experiments, it is proved that UFR is more efficient than VON in these two cases. Then some experiments on group based moving model prove the result more sensitive. To counter that the original “strip” algorithm to calculate the UFR border is not very efficient, we proposed OPT-UFR to reduce the useless update messages, and finally proposed a new algorithm to solve the heavy traffic problem for the joining node. Experimental results show that OPT-UFR always has better performance than both random based and group based moving models.

Secure group ownership transfer protocol with independence of old owner for RFID tags PDF

Lei He, Yong Gan, Yifeng Yin


School of Computer and Communication Engineering, Zhengzhou University of Light Industry, Dongfeng Road 5, Zhengzhou, China

It is important to transfer the ownership of multiple tags efficiently. We proposed a secure group ownership transfer protocol with independence of old owner. It can transfer multiple tags ownership simultaneously. Moreover, the protocol runs regardless of the location of old owner. We analyzed the protocol by using GNY logic. The result indicates that the protocol provides mutual authentication, independence of old owner, forward security and backward security. It resists replay attack, man-in-the-middle attack, desynchronization attack and tracking attack. We implemented and simulated our protocol and other protocols and obtain experimental data. The performance comparison infers that our protocol is efficient and suitable for low-cost tag.

Based on IPC-610Hindustrial control computer low voltage self-starting control system of motor group PDF

Hongyu Zhao1,Yan Li2,Tao Xu3,Weichong Zhang3,Yunning Zhao4


1Engineering Training Center,Beihua University, Xinshan Str. 1, Jilin, China

2Department of electronics, Jilin Industry and Trade School,Changyi Str. 1, Jilin, China

3Departmentof computer science and Technology,Beihua University,Xinshan Str. 1 Jilin, China

4Department of Management and Economics,China University of Geosciences, Lumolu Str. 388, Wuhan, China

This paper proposed taking IPC-610H as the controlling core, a monitoring picture is established via configuration software, implemented with a remote or local monitoring and control,a low voltage self-starting system of motor group are achieved with accurate determination and rapid response.

Evaluation of portal sites for enterprises using normal cloud model PDF

Er-nuanWang,Chun-yanZhang, Liang Chen


College of Information Science and EngineeringHenan University of Technology, China

The existing schemes for evaluating the portal sites of enterprises suffer many problems. A novel evaluation scheme based on the normal cloud model is proposed, where two layers of indicators are created and their weights are specified. Cloud generators are used to enable transition of indicators between qualitative description and quantitative data. Three characteristic values of the cloud model are obtained through the use of the assigned weights. The final evaluation results are achieved using the cloud drop distribution. The real-data experiments show that the proposed scheme is simple, efficient and practical and can act a guide.

Study on the LEACH protocol based on hierarchical cluster heads probability PDF

Sanshan Du


School of mathematics and physics, LanZhou JiaoTong University, Lanzhou 730070, China

In this paper, we systematically analyze the clustering routing LEACH protocols, and make an in-depth study of how the protocol works. The ECHNL routing algorithm based on the probability of hierarchical cluster head is proposed and the improved algorithm simulation environment is built using NS2 platform. Then we compare the algorithm performance of ECHNL, LEACH and RPUCDH. The results show ECHNL algorithm performs well in optimizing the clusterhead election, balancing energy consumption of the network nodes, and effectively enhancingnetwork lifetime.

Image collection and processing system for welding pool and proximate seam using multiple image detectors PDF

Yanming Quan, Qilin Bi


School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, Guangdong 510640China

Because of the dynamic nature of welding parameters and power characteristics, the arc ignites and extinguishes too rapidly. The length and luminous intensity of the arc is unstable. This makes the imaging of the welding pool and seam problematic for selecting and fixing time of exposure for the camera. Moreover, the luminous intensity of region being welded decreases sharply along the welding seam. The seam that is not in the proximity of the welding pool is too dim for imaging by the camera, making the length of the seam imaged too short. In this study, an image-capturing system based on multiple image detectors and image fusion are used to image the welding pool and proximate seam during MAG welding process. The offset between center point of the welding pool and centerline of seam and the seam width are determined by innovative measuring techniques that include collection of images of the pool and seam using multiple image detectors. The results obtained have shown that the accuracy of offset between welding pool and seam is ±0.5mm, and the accuracy of seam width is ±0.5mm. This imaging and measuring method developed in this study is promising for tracking and monitoring of high-speed welding, especially the MAG welding where interference from the arc is a problem.

Image classification method based on improved bag-of-words model PDF

Li Li, Zhou Yan


School of Computer, Henan Institute of Engineering; Henan Zhengzhou 451191, China

Image classification is one of the basic problems of image analysis and understanding. An improved SIFT algorithm is proposed for BoW model, which includes feature extraction and generation of visual dictionary. Caltech 256 database and Caltech 101 database are used for experiment to test the classification accuracy of proposed scheme. The experiment results show that the proposed scheme has higher classification accuracy than BoW model based on SIFT.

Design and verification of GPS IF software analogue signal simulator PDF

Huang Feijiang1, LuXiaochun2,3,Li Xiaoyong4,ZhangWenxi1,Liu Guangcan1


1Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, ChangshaUniversity,Changsha 410022, China

2National Time Service Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xi’an 710600, China

3Key Laboratory of Precision Navigation and Timing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

4School of Information and Electronic Engineering, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, Hangzhou 310023, China

For the need of GPS intermediate-frequency(IF) analogue signal in various dynamics and disturbances, this paper has proposed a design to realize GPS IFsignal simulator with software. Based on the given GPS satellite clock error and GPS signal transmission error, it analyzes their influence on signal acquisition and tracking as well as position calculation; deduces the mathematical model and analogue method of the ionospheric disturbance, the tropospheric disturbance and the multipath interference in the transmission of the navigation signal; designs the GPS IF analogue signal method based on software and chooses to use MATLAB software to realize GPS C/A Code IFsignal simulator in L1 frequency. Through a software receiver which can successfully acquire and track the actual GPS signal, it verifies the correctness of the IF signal simulator; uses GPS IFsignal simulator into GPS receiver development and gets arbitrary signal to noise ratio and the analogue GPS signals in various dynamics and disturbances for the developers of GPS receivers to investigate the influence of various errors on the receivers.

Local-structure-based community detection in firm network PDF

Liang Zhang1, YulingLiao2, Xing Cao1,GuodongHao3


1Business School, Central South University, Changsha 410083, China

2Department of Legal and Public Administration, Hunan University of Finance and Economics, Changsha 410205, China

3School of Information Science and Engineering, Central South University, Changsha 410083, China

The community detection algorithm based on label propagation could discover latent community structure in a complex network by propagating the label of node between neighboring nodes. Due to the uncertainty and randomness involved in the propagation process, the output community structure is often unstable and lacks precision. The Local-Structure-Based Community detection algorithm propagates the label as an entity instead of propagates the labels of individual nodes, while defying the influence of label on the basis of the local structure in the network. Experiments shows that, applied on complex network data-bases, the algorithm can output high quality community structure, and the output was stable.

A complementary hybrid classification algorithm based on Webtext PDF

Lili Xing, Bing Zhang, Yuhong Lu, Zhong Li


Institute of Disaster Prevention, Information Department, Yanjiao 065201, China

In view of the insufficiency of existing weight computation methods and SVM algorithm, a weight computation method of variable precision rough set based on Web text and a complementary hybrid classification algorithm are proposed; In the hybrid classification algorithm, the rough set is used as a front-end processor of SVM, the traditional SVM is optimized from classification efficiency and precision through the reduction theory and weight computation method proposed in this paper. The experimental results show that the reduced and weighted data are classified using SVM, and then the performance of classification is further guaranteed.

TCP ADaLR+: Enhanced TCP Scheme for GEO Satellite Networks PDF

Liang Zong1,2, Wencai Du1, Yong Bai1


1College of Information Science & Technology, Hainan University, Haikou, Hainan 570228, China
2Department of Information Science and Engineering, Hunan University of Humanities, Science and Technology, Loudi, 417000, China

TCP performance is essential for data transmissions over the satellite network. The TCP ADaLR is congestion control algorithm that the sender judgments the relevant window change and measures round-trip time to control congestion window. It can adapt to the characteristics of the satellite link and improve the performance of TCP than conventional TCP (New Reno). However, it doesn’t take into account distinction of random packet loss and congestion packet loss like the TCP Veno. In this paper, we propose further enhancement scheme of TCP ADaLR, called TCP ADaLR+, which can distinguish between random packet loss and congestion loss. The improved performance of proposed TCP ADaLR+ is demonstrated by simulations. In all simulation scenarios, TCP ADaLR+ outperforms TCP ADaLR and TCP Veno in terms of satellite link throughput and FTP download response time.

Afair scheduling for power line communication network PDF



1School of Electronic Information, Shanghai Dianji University, Shanghai 200240, China

2Department of Information Science and Electronic Engineer, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310027, China

Power line Communications (PLC) has gained a lot of interest for the last mile or access because the normal electric power line is utilized for transmission also communication signals. Considerable research effort has been extended on investigating the technologies. But the transmission scheduling is still a key design problem in the PLC networks. In this paper, a transmission scheduling for providing fairness (FTRS) between users is proposed. It assigns the users time slots with special reuse and makes them achieve fairtransmission speed. So that the users can achieve the goal of a relative high throughput, as well as the fairness of channel share. FTRS is an appealing concept for PLC networks, since there is always a manager controlling the network, and PLC networks are often master slave structure with tree topologies. The simulation results show that the proposed protocol can achieve a trade-off between the high throughput and the fairness of channel share in PLC networks.

Cloud resource scheduling research based on intelligent computing PDF

Xianquan Zeng


School of Information Engineering,Xuchang University, Xuchang City, Henan Province, China, 461000

Load balancing is an important problem of cloud computing. Due to the particularity of cloud computing, it puts forward higher requirements for load balancing. Thus a kind of load balance scheduling model of cloud computing based on improved ant colony algorithm is put forward. A new pheromone update strategy is proposed for the traditional ant colony algorithm. Through the improvement strategy, load balance scheduling algorithm of cloud computing resources based on ant colony algorithm is more in line with the characteristics and requirements of cloud computing. The experiment result shows that performance of load balancing degree and time efficiency of the proposed algorithm are better than the performance of genetic algorithm and traditional ant colony algorithm.

A scheme for logistics tracking and monitoring based on internet of things PDF

Chong Dong


Huazhong University of Science and Technology; Hubei Wuhan 430074, China

This paper proposes an IOT-based scheme to solve the problems of long transportation time, low transparency degree and high operation costs for logistics vehicle monitoring and trackingsystem. At the vehicle terminal we adopt integrated sensor techniques with SunSPOT platform. It integrates the information of temperature, humidity, light intensity and so on to make real-time and multi-dimensional control for rapid response and locating. All the collected parameters or audio-video information can be uploaded and sent to the monitoring centre via 6LoWPAN. For the controlling centre, we provide the processes of design and implementation for key modules. The scheme in this paper is proved to offer defamation and informatization for vehicle transportation, with stowage optimization of vehicles and effective monitoring control.

Personalized requirements oriented data mining and implementation for college libraries PDF

Zhao Xiang1, Zheng Hao2


1Shandong University of Finance and Economics Library, Shandong Jinan 250014, China;

2School of Business Administration, Shandong University of Finance and Economics, Shandong Jinan 250014

By the study of data mining technologies and systematic theory of personalized service, this paper introduces data mining to the college libraries to provide personalized requirements oriented service for readers. It analyses the demand for college library database at the phase of data mining, and explains the necessary for modelling in theory. Then the structure of model is designed. During data mining, we adopt ClassIndex number to establish index distribution trees. We compute the interest distance among the readers according to the depth of ClassIndex numbers of books. Inspired by Cruskal’s method, we use minimum spanning tree to establish a weighted undirected liaison graph to perform clustering analysis for the readers. In the association rule mining, by the clustering of readers’ borrowing information we find the results are ideal. So we can offer corresponding rules pattern to provide personalized recommendation service for readers.

Image segmentation method based on fuzzy Markov random field PDF

ZhaofengLi1,XiaoyanFeng1, LanqiLiu2


1Henan Institute of science and technology, Henan Xinxiang 453003, China

2Henan Universities of Economics and Law, Henan Zhengzhou 450046, China

Fuzzy theory is introduced into the Markov random field model, a kind of algorithm for image segmentation based on fuzzy MRF model is put forward. Firstly the definition of membership function is given. Then fuzzy prior distribution and likelihood distribution are given. The specific steps of segmentation algorithm based on fuzzy MRF model are carried out. The simulation results show that the proposed segmentation algorithm based on the fuzzy MRF model can better deal with the problems of overlapped gray, partial volume effect, and low contrast. It also has more accurate segmentation effect.

Research on the management pattern for fragmentation knowledge in organizations under the Web 2.0 environment PDF



School of Economics Management, Wuzhou University, Wuzhou City, Guangxi, China

Fragmentation of knowledge in organizations has become more evident in the Web 2.0 environment.At the same time, key Web 2.0 applications such as microblogs, Really Simple Syndication feeds (RSS) and wikis provide effective technical support for management of knowledge fragmentation through efficiently helping communication and interaction between organizations' employees. Management of knowledge fragmentation in organizations in the Web 2.0 environment aims to convert fragmented knowledge into effective knowledge within the organization. This is achieved thought identification, collection, mining, extraction, dissemination and sharing knowledge, taking advantage of Web 2.0 technologies.

An improved fuzzy adaptive predictive control method for network control system PDF



University of Science and Technology Liaoning, Anshan, Liaoning 114000,China

In view of the random time-varying time delay of networked control system, a kind of method using least square support vector machine to forecast the network time delay is put forward. Network time delay is modelled as a nonlinear time sequence firstly, and then the radial basis function is used as kernel function of the least square support vector machine, so that the prediction model of time delay for network control system is established. Then the estimated time delay is used as the parameters of the fuzzy adaptive predictive controller for predictive control of networked control system. Simulation result shows that fuzzy adaptive predictive controller based on least square support vector machine time delay identification enables the system output to track the desired output very well.

Key technology analysis of wireless sensor networks networking PDF

Yang Zhongguo, CaiTianfang


College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering,Zaozhuang institute, 277160, China

This paper studies the networking mode of heterogeneous network in wireless sensor network and put forwards the hierarchical and distributed networking architecture suitable for large-scale heterogeneous wireless sensor networking. This structure achieves the unification of heterogeneous sensor network networking without changing the existing sensor network internal networking mode. By LBA addressing algorithm, we can convert the address-based addressing mode to content-based addressing mode by the map between label and address. The result shows that LBA is more suitable for large-scale WSN addressing requirements in hierarchical structure.

Facial expression recognition based on ASM and Multi-Instance Boosting PDF

Shaoping Zhu


Department of Information Management, Hunan University of Finance and Economics, 410205, China

In this paper, a novel method for facial expression recognition in dynamic facial images is proposed, which includes two stages of feature extraction and facial expression recognition. Firstly, Active Shape Model (ASM) is used to extract the local texture feature, and optical flow technique is determined facial velocity information, which is used to charaterize facial expression. Then, fusing the local texture feature and facial velocity information get the hybrid characteristics. Finally, Multi-Instance Boosting model is used to recognize facial expression from video sequences. In order to be learned quickly and complete the recognition, the class label information was used for the learning of the Multi-Instance Boosting model. Experiments were performed in the JAFFE database to evaluate the proposed method. The proposed method shows substantially higher accuracy at facial expression recognition than has been previously achieved and gets a recognition accuracy of 95.3%, which validates its effectiveness and meets the requirements of stable, reliable, high precision and anti-interference ability etc.


Research of distributed IDS based on mobile agent and genetic algorithm PDF

WeiminGao1, LizhenXiao2


1School of computer and information science, Hunan institute of technology,Heng yang 421002,China

2School of electronics information, Hengyang finance economics and industry polytechnic, Heng yang 421001, China

The special radiation and openness of the propagation channel during wireless communication will lead great threats to security of network management and communication.In recent years, there are more and more application of genetic algorithm and the mobile agent in IDS. As traditional knowledge based IDS has to build artificial rules and patterns from expert of field with human interventions, limitations of expert rules will be highlighted with the change of time and space, resulting in unsatisfied detection correctness and effectiveness. As a result, we need to optimize the performance of IDS. In this paper, we first introduce the mobile Internet network architecture and security problems, and put forward a general IDS model and classification, then design aintrusion detection system based on mobile  Agent and genetic algorithm, with flexibility, scalability and strong adaptability and low error rate, which meets the needs of mobile IPv6 environment to use. Experimental results show that the proposed design model has advantages in the performance of the detection efficiency, which is suitable for mobile network.

An efficient image compression method based on SPIHT algorithm using run-length coding PDF

Li Zhu


School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Wuhan Textile University, Fangzhi Str. Wuhan, China

EZW (Embedded Zerotree Wavelets) coding algorithm has not only high compression rate but also some new features such as progressive coding/decoding, low computational complexity, etc. Based on EZW, many improved algorithms have been developed in recent years. SPIHT (Set Partitioning in Hierarchical Trees) is an outstanding one among them. Statistical experiments show that some directional and positional dependencies still exist between significant coefficients in each subband. Based on this structural characteristic, this paper incorporated RLC(Run-length Coding) into SPIHT and proposed a new scanning scheme to cluster significant coefficients’ 1-D distribution, which reduced coefficients’ such structural redundancy to the largest extent. Theoretic analysis and experiments indicate: after introducing RLC into SPIHT, not only is the low computational complexity preserved, but also increases the PSNR up to 2 dB at very high compression ratios, and the average improvement is about 0.1dB at 0.3-0.7bpp for standard test images used. The visual quality of reconstructed images is also significantly improved.

Task scheduling in multiprocessor systems using inertial velocity differential evolution PDF

XiaohongQiu1, YutingHu2, BoLi1


1Software School, Jiangxi University of Science and Technology, Nanchang 330013, China

2School of Information Engineering, Jiangxi University of Science and Technology,Ganzhou 341000, China

Task scheduling in multiprocessor systems is a challenge NP-complete problem. All practical real-time scheduling algorithms in multiprocessor systems present a trade-off between their computational complexity and performance. In this paper, An improved Differential Evolution algorithm combined Particle Swarm Optimization idea is proposed to solve the Task Scheduling Problem (TSP) in multiprocessor system. The proposed algorithm called Inertial Velocity Differential Evolution (IVDE) consists of an additional inertial velocity factor based on adaptive differential evolution algorithm. IVDE optimizes task scheduling to the minimum of the overall schedule length. The simulation results show that IVDE algorithm not only reduces the computational complexity, but also is easy to get the global optimum compared with GA and Ant Colony Optimizer to solve the task scheduling problem in multiprocessor systems.

Light weight one-time pad RFID bidirectional authentication protocol research PDF

XiaohongZhang,JuanfengXiao, LifengDong


School of Information Engineering, JiangxiUniversity of Science and Technology, Ganzhou, China

Today the RFID system is widely applied in the open system environment, the communication between reader and tags is easily influenced by a various kinds of interferences and attacks, so the safety performance is threatened. This paper proposes a light weight one time pad RFID security authentication protocol, associates chaotic map with hash function. In the certification process,this protocol takes a filtering operation, reduces the back-end database search calculation load, and avoids pretence, retransmission attack, tracking and so on. At the same time, takes some flag variable of the RFID system as the initial value of chaotic mapping and parameters, combines with the certification process to make the original information position scrambling, then executes XOR or encryption. Experiment simulation results show that this scheme security relies on the RFID system itself parameters and encryption process, so can solve the RFID system problem of illegal access, forge coaxing, data leakage and so on.

Video-based face recognition using tensor and clustering PDF

JidongZhao1, WanjieZhang2, JingjingLi1,KeLu1


1University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu, 610731, China

2Beijing Up-tech Harmony Co., LTD, Beijing, China

Video-based face recognition has become one hot topic in the field of pattern recognition recently. How to fully utilize the spatial and temporal information in video to overcome the difficulties existing in the video-based face recognition, such as low resolution of face images in video, large variations of face scale, radical changes of illumination and pose as well as occasionally occlusion of different parts of faces, is the focus. In this paper, we propose a novel manifold-based face recognition algorithm using tensor and clustering(TCVLPP), which can discover more space-time semantic information hidden in video face sequence, simultaneously make the best of the intrinsic nonlinear structure information to extract discriminative manifold features. We also compare our approach with other algorithms on our own video databases. The experimental results show that TCVLPP can get a higher recognition accuracy rate for video-based face recognition.

Data fusion algorithm analysis and realization based on wireless sensor networks PDF

Na Wang


CAPF Of Engineering University, wujing road NO 1,Weiyang District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, 710086, China

In the premise of ensuring the veracity of model prediction result as well as simplify the model and prediction algorithm, this paper introduces a wireless sensor network data fusion algorithm based on ARMA time series model. This algorithm aims at reducing the energy consumption of wireless sensor network and improving the accuracy of fusion result. It conducts reliability analysis to node collecting data and removes the abnormal data. By analyzing ARMA model, we find that the construction of prediction model and cost of predicting is related to order of the model. The experiment result shows that this algorithm can not only reduce the network energy consumption but also detect abnormal data. ARMA model that determinates by BIC&F applicability test methods can adapt the wireless sensor network well.

A cost optimization model and its heuristic algorithm for a content distribution network PDF

Junfang Guo


Wenzhou University, Zhejiang, 325035, China

Content Distribution Network (CDN) is an effective approach to improving the quality of Internet service. In a CDN, it is an important problem how to minimize the connection cost over all input requests. This paper firstly reviews some state-of-the-art research works related to the classical facility location problem. Secondly, based on existing Facility Location Models, the this paper proposes a mathematical programming formulation for optimizing the connection cost in a CDNand then presents a corresponding heuristic algorithm for solving this optimization problem. Finally, the theoretical analysis demonstrates that our proposed algorithm performs better than previous algorithms in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.

An improved handoff scheme using SIP for time-shifted service in heterogeneous network PDF

Lin Xiao1, Jun Liang2


1College of Applied Science and Technology, Beijing Union University, Beijing, China

2Training Center of Electronic Information, Beijing Union University, Beijing, China,

Multimedia service is widely developed with the convergence of network, but it is sensitive to the data delay and packet loss introduced by mobility. The time-shifted service is a typical application in multimedia service. An improved application-layer handoff scheme using SIP is proposed in this paper to reduce the delay user experienced in time-shifted service under IMS architecture. The improved handoff scheme includes horizontal handoff and vertical handoff which supports terminal mobility and mode mobility in time-shifted service. Theoretical analysis and simulation results show the delay user experienced is greatly reduced by the improved handoff scheme which ensuresthe seamless experience for time-shifted service.

Active defense technology and its developing trend PDF

Qing Zhang, Caixia Liu,Ganqiang Lu


National Digital Switching System Engineering & Technological Research Center, Zhengzhou, China

Active defense technology has attracted more and more attention in the field of network security. This paper introduces the main threats of computer network and traditional network security defense technology. Aiming at the shortcoming of the traditional defense technology, the active defense technology is proposed. Finally, according to the current research hotpots, this paper presents the new direction of active defense: Moving Target Defense and Mimicry Security Defense.

The GPS information acquisition system based on Zigbee PDF

ZhenghuaXin1,LiangyiHu2, GuolongChen1,QixiangSong1, Hong Li1


1School of Information and Engineering, Suzhou University, Anhui Province,234000, China

2School of Economics and Management, Suzhou University, Anhui Province, 234000, China

This system designs the global positioning system (GPS) module in the CC2530 chip. So it is called the GPS wireless sensor node. It makes the GPS combine the Zigbee node. The Zigbee is the communicating protocol for the wireless sensors. The location information is sent from the terminal sensor through the Zigbee protocol to the coordinator wirelessly. The coordinator sends the GPS information to the PC or other terminal via the serial. At last, the personal computer can communicate the position information with other users via a wired or wireless network. If the GPS information timely can be transmitted by the Zigbee wireless network, then you can get the more accurate positioning system through the software in the upper host computer. It will be widely applied in the field of the industry and the agriculture.

Research on general foundation platform based on MDA PDF

Qingfeng Wu, Minwen Wu, Huailin Dong


Software School, Xiamen University, Xiamen, China

With the rapid development of informatization in various industries, the needs of information systems for government and enterprise continues rising, and the scale and complexity of such systems is increasing as well. Therefore, lack of reusability and reliability has become one urgent issue in traditional software design. Based on the core idea of model-driven development, this paper designs a J2EE-based business platform which hasthree subs systems: model generation subsystem, workflow information subsystem and role-based permissions subsystem. The implementation and practice of this platform indicates that such software development method based on platform can significantly improve the development efficiency. The basis functional modules and workflow applications can be implemented by configuring the software.Through the built-in user management, menu management, rights management and other public module,the platform can greatly improve software reusability, reducing the development effort and achieving perfect results.

Research on small embedding rate of universal steganalysis based on rich model PDF

Rui-hong Dong, Qi-chang Shang, Qiu-yu Zhang


School of Computer and Communication, Lanzhou University of Technology, Lanzhou, 730050, China

In order to solve the problem that detection rate will belower than normal value when the embedding rate is small, this paper proposes a small embedding rate of universal steganalysis method based on rich model. This method is that corresponding featureset is extracted from the noise component model and texture component model. First, some features, which are extracted from wave contour analysis, neighborhood linear prediction and image de-noising analysis, are calibrated so as to reflect variation due to embedding secret informationpreferably. Finally, use ensemble classifier, which verifies whether the image contains hidden information,to classify. Simultaneously, this paper adds a predictive image in order to remove the characteristic of the image itself. The experimental results show that the correct detection rate exceeds eighty-four percent when the embedded quantity is higher than 1 KB and this method has higher reliabilityby comparing with the existing literature.

Influence estimation method of network factors in Internetware reliability PDF

JingZhang1,2, HangLei1


1School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu, 611731,China

2Computer School, Panzhihua University, Panzhihua,617000, China

The reliability of Internetwaresystem is greatly influenced by the network factors. In some classical reliability calculation methods, thecomponent reliability, the connection reliability between components, transition probability and so on, all are set into some fixed values, without considering the network factors. the mainfactors of network influence for reliability estimation are analyzed and researchedin Internetware system, according to these factors, the Markov characteristics of Internetwareis analyzed. Using the principle of DTMC and the minimum quadratic difference, the estimation method for reliability isproposed, the new models are defined, and the algorithm for reliability estimation is designed. The experiment proves that the presented method and the designed algorithm can effectively quantitative estimationwith great value in Internetware reliability analysis,also provides effective reference value.

Development of smart home environment based on internet of things technologies PDF

Qiao Shi


Computer School of China West Normal University, Nanchong, Sichuan, 637002, China

Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have been becoming increasingly essential in recent years because of their ability to manage real-time situational information for various novel services. Recently, the scope of WSN technologies has been expanded to places such as the home, in order to provide the residents with various intelligent services, such as home automation services or home energymanagement services.The ubiquitous home network has gained wide-spread attentions due to its seamless integration into everyday life. This innovative system transparently unifies various home appliances, smart sensors/actuators and wireless communication technologies. The ubiquitous home network gradually forms a complex system to process various tasks.The proposed intelligent home control system divides and assigns various home network tasks to appropriate components. It can integrate diversified physical sensing information and control various consumer home devices, with the support of active sensor networks having both sensor and actuator components. We develop a new routing protocol to improve the performance of our active sensor networks. This paper introduces the proposed home control system’s design that provides intelligent services for users. We demonstrate its implementation using a real test.

The study on workflow retrieval using knowledge flow mechanism PDF

Ke Han, Liangong Song


North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power, Zhengzhou, Henan, 450045, China

A workflow can usually be described using formal or informal flow diagramming techniques, showing directed flows between processing steps. Workflow often have to meet different users’ requirements that have imposed diverse constraints on data oriented workflows such as cost and speed, etc. Data oriented workflows are often designed based on open, distributed and heterogeneous environments, and have been widely applied in many fields such as ecology, utility computing services, earth science, and so on. In the situation, it becomes a challenging problem for reusing workflows to retrieve such constrained data oriented workflows. However, there is no clear solution for retrieving constrained data oriented workflows. In this paper, we propose an approach for retrieving constrained data oriented workflows, which seamlessly combines semantic and structural information of workflows by computing the similarities between constrained data oriented workflows. First, a graph based representation is proposed for modelling constrained data oriented workflows. Second, the semantic and structural similarities for data oriented workflows are respectively discussed. Third, a distance measure based on matrix is adopted to seamlessly combine semantic and structural similarities for retrieving constrained data oriented workflows by similarity comparison. Finally, we make some related experiments to show the effectiveness and efficiency of our approach.

Research and design of multi-robot wireless control system based on ZigBee PDF

Dan Zhao, ShaoTao


Department of Electrical Technology, College of Automation Engineering, Beijing Polytechnic, Beijing 100176, P.R. China

Combining wireless communication technology and the multi-robot technology, this paper designed a multi-robot wireless control system based on wireless sensing ZigBee network technology. ZigBee node is introduced in the hardware system of the robots, multiple robots depend on ZigBee to form a star network, each robot can keep communication with each other through the center node, so as to achieve simple wiring, the collaborative communication between the multi-robots, and improve the work efficiency of the robots.

The differentiation strategy for proprietary software firms when Open Source software appears PDF

Mingqing Xing1,2


1School of Economics and Management, Weifang University, Weifang, 261061, China

2Neural Decision Science Laboratory, Weifang University, Weifang, 261061, China

By extending the Hotelling model, this paper studies the software location and differentiation strategy for proprietary software firm when open source software emerges. It assumes that proprietary software firm pursues profit maximization and open source software can be freely available andmainly finds that: (i) Higher (resp. lower) the learning (maintenance or development) costs of open source software, smaller (resp. greeter) the software differentiation. (ii) the compatibility degree between open source and proprietary software affects the software differentiation strategy for proprietary software firm. (iii) the impact of network externalities or user’s software development skills on proprietary software firm’s software location and differentiation strategy may depend on the compatibility degree between open source and proprietary software.

A defeasible policy based access control approach for semantic web services composition PDF

Luokai Hu1,2, Chao Liang1, Ying Lu2, Yan Zeng2


1Lenovo Mobile Communication Technology Co. Ltd., Xiamen China

2Hubei Co-innovation Center of IT Service for Basic Education, Hubei University of Education, Wuhan China

Semantic Web services have brought great convenience to service-oriented software development. However, during the semantic Web service composition because the component Web services and licensing issues often require repeated dynamic binding, which greatly affect the efficiency of the service execution. To address this problem, we propose a defeasible policy based access control approach for semantic Web service composition. Firstly, before the semantic service is bound to a component of Web services, static analysis can avoid unnecessary service binding in the semantic Web service composition and execution time. Then we give the access control enforcement process in composition and execution time. Finally, the feasibility of this method has been verified through experiments. Our approach can increase the efficiency and successful rate of semantic Web service composition.

Study on Fidelity evaluation method of visualization simulation PDF

Yanjun You


College of Information Management, DezhouUniversity, Dezhou, Shandong,253023, China

With rapid development of visual simulation in the various fields, simulation fidelity evaluation ought to extend indicator in order to adapt different simulation evaluation. But now, most of visual system evaluations are based on subjective feeling of experts with indicators ignored. Fuzzy AHP method was presented in order to decrease the influence of field specialist's opinion. First, the characteristic of visualization simulation system is proposed. Second, fidelity evaluation method of simulation system is given, and a set of evaluation indicators were presented. And then, the value of evaluation result was given, and shows that the evaluation method of visual simulation system has better practicability and prospect in project.

Computer vision in the exploitation of vehicle contour dimension automatic measurement system of technology and its application PDF

Xingliang Li


Nanjing Forest Police College, Nanjing, 210023, China

This paper researched and realized a measuring system of the vehicle gabarite based on the computer vision, in order to meet the requirements of vehicle management department to measurethe vehicle gabariteautomatically. The accurate measurement of the vehicle gabarite with non-contact and speediness was realized.

Implementation of neotype simple Bayesian algorithm by mapreduce and the application of discreteness and continuity in data mining PDF

Xiliang Yan


Zhengzhou University of Industrial Technology, Zhengzhou, China

MapReduce is a programming model that can run in a heterogeneous environment. Its programming is simple and used for the parallel arithmetic of large-scale data sets. We do not need worry about the underlying implementation details. MapReduce is applied into the three arithmetic of data mining: simple Bayesian algorithm, K-modes clustering algorithm and ECLAT frequent item set mining algorithm. This paper put forward an improved simple Bayesian algorithm which was implemented by MapReduce based on MapReduce programming model and the existing research. It could deal with the application of data mining which both with the nature of discreteness and continuity. At the same time, combined with the ideas of each algorithm and the running mechanism of MapReduce, this paper put forward K-modes clustering algorithm and ECLAT frequent item set mining algorithm which was implemented by MapReduce. These implementations expanded the application range of the two algorithms from stand-alone to cloud computing platform. When facing huge amounts of data, it can effectively improve the work efficiency of the algorithm.

Study and implementation of algorithm for pencil drawing automatic generation based on computer PDF

Lixia Liu


Academy of Fine Arts,Gannan Normal University, 341000, China

Non-photorealistic rendering (NPR) as the iconology branch corresponding to photorealistic aims to generate artistic effect using computer. At present, NPR technology can successfully simulate oil painting, watercolor, cartoon, pencil drawing, etc. and has been widely applied in many fields. Pencil drawing is the monochrome that uses lines to present light and shade of objective image, and its rendering mainly includes detection and rendering of contour line and rendering of textures. This paper first introduced the research status of pencil drawing, then analyzed operator and improved algorithm based on effect implementation, used algorithm to rendering the input image into pencil drawing, and finally made the rendering effect closer to the practical drawing style of artists.

Analysis of selecting the optimal threshold in image segmentation based on the evolution of feature field PDF

Shuqin Liu, Jinye Peng


Information Science and TechnologyCollege of Northwestern University, 710127, China

In order to select the optimal threshold in image segmentation, this paper raised an image segmentation method based on the data field evolution mechanism. Integrating the local gray feature with the metric texture, it enabled to extract sufficient image information. Imaging that every pixel with multi-features was a particle with physical meaning, it built a feature field in the space of image feature. Under the supposition that the optimal threshold was the potential direction of evolution, particles would self-adapt to attract or repel each other because of the interaction in the dynamic data field among particles. In this way, the co-evolution was achieved and we further got the segmentation result. The experiment result shows that this method acquires quite good segmentation performance and is quite practical, without significantly increasing the time complexity.

The research of rural land loss based on data mining technology PDF

XusenZhu1,2, ZhongchengWang3, JiqiangNiu4


1Southwest University, Chongqing, 400715,China

2Chongqing NormalUniversity, Chongqing, 401331, China

3Central SouthUniversity of Forestry and Technology,Changsha,Hunan, 410004, China

4College of Urban Environmental Science, Xinyang Normal University, Xinyang, 464000, China

As for Chinese society, land has bearing thousands of years of culture. Land change not only pulls social development, but also relates to the life of hundreds of millions of farmers. With the development of urbanization and industrialization, land resource is facing with the dilemma of constant loss. Thus a kind of technology is eagerly needed to excavate and utilize our land territory. This paper proposed the objective function and constraint system of land use regionalization, and designed the system framework of land use regionalization based on spatial data mining. This paper selectively analyzed the content and implementation strategy of data layer, knowledge layer and spatial data mining layer in system, and realized land use regionalization coupled and integrated by GIS and application analysis model.

Digital signal processing methods of hammer vibration energy analysis based on FPGA PDF

Peng Wang, Run Sun, Xi Ju, Zhigang Lv


School of Electronics and Information Engineering, Xi’an Technological University, Xi’an 710032, Shaanxi, China

The hammer of 630 KJ is an advanced forge device, whose hit energy and hit power during forge process are the key elements to forge quality. Therefore, from analyzing mathematical model of hit power, the forge quality can be developed. In this paper, the device we designed can measure acceleration change during forge, from which the mathematical model between acceleration and hit power can be constructed according to the change discipline between them. The digital signal processing system of functional model based on FPGA is designed, in which Verilog HDL program language compiled by Quartus II environment is downloaded into FPGA to implement all the functions. Such method can improve the speed of digital signal processing, from which the max hit power and the max hit energy can be got according to acceleration and displacement.

Optimization of detailed information based on retinex algorithm for image enhancement PDF

Jing Chen


School of Electrical Engineering &Mechano-Electric Engineering, Xuchang University, Xuchang, 461000, Henan, China

To solve the problem of poor processing of detailed information in image enhancement based on traditional Retinex algorithm, this paper proposes a kind of Retinex algorithm for image enhancement based on luminance block, which first introduces the background intensity to represent the stimulus intensity according to the Webb law in psychology, so as to segment the luminance block of image, and then use enhancement factors with different scales to enhance the segmented blocks; finally, after segmentation of the edge information of pixels, fuse the information of blocks in a way of proportion solution. Simulation results show that, the Retinex algorithm for image enhancement based on luminance block proposed by this paper has improved the information entropy than the original Retinex algorithm, and this method has a good effect in the application of image enhancement.

Spreading mechanism of underground mine fire based on the complex network PDF

Na Lu, CaiwuLu


Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, Xi’an, 710055, Shaanxi, China

Underground mine fire system often refers to an open and dissipative system with complex structure and behavior features. The purpose of this study is to investigate fundamental questions of structure, connectivity, information exchange and causality by complex networks to built system model and network model of underground mine fire. The complex network theory is employed to analyze model of underground mine fire network including the whole and individual attributes. The former consists of density, average degree, clustering coefficient and distance, while the latter contains degree centrality, betweenness centrality and closeness centrality. The relationship between nodes and disaster is gained, which has a great influence on fire network. The degree distribution of function is used to test and determine whether underground mine fire network has a small-world effect of complex network as well as scale-free property and network centrality to verify the underground mine fire system as a kind of complex network. Therefore, the topological structures of complex networks and changes of key parameters are applied to study evolution and spread dynamics of fire network.

Image scrambling algorithm based on image block and zigzag transformation PDF

Changjiu Pu


Network Center, Chongqing University of Education, Chongqing 400067, Chongqing, China

Image scrambling has wide application field in the protection of image information and secret. To achieve a satisfactory level of security, this paper introduces a color image scrambling algorithm based on image block, extended zigzag transformation and bit exchange technology. First, the algorithm converts the three-dimensional color image into two-dimensional gray image using matrix transformation according to the order of each component of image, then divides the image into blocks and completes block matching in couple, finally, the image is converted to cipher image using matrix transformation after permutation, substitution and bit exchange. Experiment simulations and theoretical analysis show that the algorithm can completely reach good scrambling effect and has the advantages of a large space of keys, high security, strong robustness and high sensitivity.

Database accessing middleware based on factory pattern and strategy pattern PDF

ZhaohuiLi1, HongxiaYang2


1TransportationManagement College, Dalian Maritime University, Dalian116026, Liaoning, China

2Schoos of Management,Liaoning Normal University, Dalian 116029, Liaoning, China

On the detail discussion of database accessing technology, this paper puts forward a database accessing middleware with combination of factory pattern and strategy pattern, andapplying this database accessing middleware in the construction of a deli network trades platform. The actual application shows that this proposed middleware contributes to simplification of code fragment. Moreover, it enhances system extensibility and maintainability through the Factory and Strategy design pattern, and makes data processing more flexible, easier to modify and reuse.

Power constraint communication-aware task scheduling in reconfigurable multiprocessors PDF

Xiaoming Chen, Yan Liu, Renfa Li


College of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, Hunan University, Changsha 410082, Hunan, China

Heterogeneous multiprocessors with FPGA component have recently received a lot of attention due to its low cost and power consumption. However, most of existing works about task scheduling algorithm focus on minimization of system cost or power consumption. Actually, optimizing multiprocessor performance within a given power budget has recently received a lot of attention. Peak power consumption should be carefully controlled than directly improve computing performance. Furthermore, FPGA component in multiprocessors has essential parallelism ability to execute multiple tasks at same time using dynamic reconfigurable features. In this environment, tasks and communications should be carefully scheduled because their execution orders affect the performance of the whole chip. This paper presents an Integer Linear Programming (ILP) formulation that integrates the resource delay model and FPGA-component with pipelined scheduling and global power control. Moreover, to enhance the computation efficiency, a heuristic algorithm namely PCLS that integrates pipelined scheduling and global power control for heterogeneous multiprocessor architecture is proposed. Experiments show that our ILP method obtains the optimal results when task nodes are less than 35. Proposed PCLS heuristic algorithm achieves on average 10% higher makespan compare with DLS. For heavier synthetic task application, PCLS can provide only about 12% performance degradation under 70% power budgets based on different heterogeneous multiprocessor architectures.

Application of artificial fish swarm algorithm in image registration PDF

Yang Wang1, Wei Zhang2, Hongxing Li3


1School of Economics and Management, Qiqihar University, Qiqihar161006, Heilongjiang, China
2The center of technology, Xian North Electro-Optic Co., Ltd, Shaanxi, 710043, Xian, China

3Measurements and Control Division, the 39th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, Shaanxi, 710065, Xian, China

As one of the fundamental tasks of image processing, image registration is the premise of image fusion and target recognition. This paper has discussed the principle and the detailed description of artificial fish swarm algorithm; analyzed the convergence performance of the algorithm and the effect various parameters of the algorithm play on convergence; applied artificial fish swarm algorithm in image registration; adopted normalized mutual information as the registration similarity principle with artificial fish swarm algorithm as the optimization search strategy and proposed an image registration method based on mutual information and artificial fish swarm algorithm.The experimental result shows that it has higher accuracy and reliability as well as rapid speed and that it can effectively perform image registration to apply artificial fish swarm algorithm in the image registration.

Image edge detection based on quantum genetic algorithm PDF

Lin Tang


School of Information Engineering, Chongqing Vocational Institute of Engineering, Chongqing,402260, China

In asymmetric fingerprinting, the merchant can trace the traitors from a pirated copy by means of the embedded unique fingerprint, while the customer is immune of being framed due to the asymmetric property. In this letter, we propose an asymmetric fingerprinting scheme based on 1-out-of-n oblivious transfer, which is efficient from the bandwidth usage point of view. First, multicast that is an efficient transport technology for one-to-many communication is exploited, which can reduce the bandwidth usage significantly. Second, symmetric encryption instead of public-key encryption is performed on the multimedia content, which can reduce the complexity and communication cost.

Self-adaptive wavelet threshold denoisingbased on multi-resolution analysis PDF

Xiaojun Yu


School of Computer Engineering,Jiangsu University of Technology,Changzhou 213001,Jiangsu,China

Various noises are usually mixed in the collection, processing or transmission of digital image, which reduces the image quality and which is bad for the subsequent image analysis; therefore, the image denoising processing is an essential link to conduct subsequent image analysis. With continuous development and improvements of wavelet theory, its excellent time-frequency characteristics have led to its extensive applications in image denoising. By analyzing the basic principle of wavelet threshold denoising, this paper has proposed a denoising algorithm of self-adaptive wavelet threshold. This algorithm decomposes and reconstructs the signal by using multi-resolution analysis; designs and constructs appropriate threshold function and realizes a new self-adaptive threshold denoising algorithm by optimizing the threshold with the threshold function. The experimental result demonstrates that compared with median filtering algorithm and mean filtering algorithm, the algorithm of this paper can improve the signal to noise ratio; maintain the detail information and texture features of the image over denoising and have better denoising effects.

Application of ant colony mixed algorithm in image enhancement PDF



Hunan Technical College of Water Resources and Hydro Power, Changsha 410131, Hunan, China

Image enhancement is a method of image processing to highlight some information and weaken or eliminate some irrelevant information in the image or transform the original image into an image which is more suitable for humans or machines to perform analytical processing by using some specific methods. Applying intelligent algorithm in image enhancement, this paper has proposed a mixed algorithm, namely the genetic-ant colony mixed algorithm based on genetic algorithm and ant colony algorithm and found the optimal combination point between these two algorithms by analyzing theirtime-speed curves. Then it designs the algorithm for image enhancement, including the image pre-processing, the computational steps of the early genetic algorithm, and the connection of genetic algorithm and ant colony algorithm according to certain conditions and the operations of the later ant colony algorithm. The experimental simulation result shows that the algorithm of this paper is superior to simple genetic algorithm or ant colony algorithm and it greatly improves the visual effects of the image, effectively supplements the weak information of the image and reduces the influence of image overexposure for ease of the subsequent image processing.

Multi-focus image fusion based on multi-resolution analysis PDF

ZhaonanYang1,2, Shu Zhang3,ZeyuanGu3


1College of Computer Science and Technology,Harbin Engineering University, Harbin,150001, Heilongjiang, China 

2International Education College, Heilongjiang University of Science and Technology, Harbin,150022, Heilongjiang, China

3College of Information Science and Technology, Heilongjiang University of Science and Technology, Harbin,150022, Heilongjiang, China

In order to further improve the effect of image fusion and the performance of fusion algorithm and on the basis of the in-depth analysis of various different image fusion strategies, this paper has proposed a multi-resolution neighborhood energy contract fusion algorithm based on wavelet analysis.This method can better abstract the important features and detail information of the source image and improve the information entropy reflecting the information richness, the average gradient of the image details and marginal information as well as the overall activity level of the image compared with other fusion methods. More over, it has better evaluation parameters than other fusion methods, suggesting that this method is effective in multi-focus image fusion and that it can achieve good effects.

Image denoising based on wavelet analysis and quantum-behaved particle swarm optimization PDF

JunhuiZhou1, JieLiu2


1School of Information, Hunan Vocational College for Nationalities, Yueyang 414000, Hunan, China

2School of Architecture, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin150006,Heilongjiang,China

This paper investigates the basic principle of threshold denoising based on wavelet transform, including the selection of wavelet basis, the determination of wavelet decomposition level, the selection method of threshold and the threshold estimation method of wavelet coefficient. Additionally, it proposes an image denoising method based on quantum-behaved particle swarm optimization (QPSO), gives the optimization value based on the experiments and theoretical analysis and optimizes the dynamic threshold by using numerous advantages of wavelet transform in the field of image denoising and QPSO so as to realize the self-adaptive denoisingof wavelet transform and reduce the influence of subjective factors. The simulation experiment shows that in addition to the effective denoising, the algorithm of this paper protects the image details and obtains better image denoising effects.

Security framework for cloud data storage based on multi-agent system PDF

Hui Zhou, ShigangQin


Hunan electrical college of technology,Xiangtan411101, Hunan, China

Cloud computing environment involves many aspects, including data, users, technology, resources, transactions, etc. It is necessary to establish effective security technology to ensure cloud computing reliable. Multi-agent system architecture is an effective framework to maintain system security. Therefore, we build a multi-agent architecture for cloud data storage issues. This security framework can bring better confidentiality, availability, accuracy, coordination of the operation of the cloud data for cloud computing. Through the analysis of the safety performance of this framework and operating data test, the effectiveness of cloud data storage security framework had been confirmed.

An event-oriented real-time architecture for cyber-physical systems PDF

Pengliu Tan, Sheng Zhang, Yunfeng Nie


Internet of Things Institute,Nanchang Hangkong University, Nanchang330063, Jiangxi, China

Cyber-Physical System (CPS) is an exciting emerging cross-over research area that faces many challenges. A CPSis a distributed and deeply embedded real-time system, which involves sensing, computation, communication, and control through heterogeneous and widely distributed physical devices and computational components. This paper extends our previous proposed CPS architecture and presents anevent-orientedreal-time architecture (EORTA) for CPS. CPS event is defined in words and formal method respectively. A CPS event is uniformly represented by a seven-tuples. According to the methods generating CPS Events, they are divided into Physical Event, Synthetized Event, Fused Event and Combined Event. Not only is EORTA characteristic of time-space, but also it can support the real-time QoS (Quality of Service) for CPS, which will meet the intrinsic real-time requirements of CPS.

Optimizing precision of SIFT algorithm in feature extraction of tennis video PDF

Changhong Wu1, Haiyan Geng1, Tianlin Geng2


1College of Sports, LangfangTeachers College, Langfang, 065000, Hebei, China

2BaodingGaoyangHongrunMiddle School,Baoding, 071500, Hebei, China

The traditional SIFT algorithm still has problems such as running slowly and low accuracy in the tennis video feature extraction and matching, an improved SIFT algorithm is proposed based on a tennis video feature extraction and matching. First, it limits the number of feature points to SIFT algorithm by adding the image texture features, which make the feature points to evenly distribute in each set of different scales of video image. Then measures the similarity of feature points by Euclidean distance, the measurement results transform with projection transformation relations, and then uses iterative arithmetic of random sampling consistency (RANSAC) algorithm to obtain maximum satisfy feature points of geometry model. Finally, uses the minimum root meansquare error (RMSE) to determine the accuracy of registration. The simulation experiments show that the proposed improved SIFT algorithm based on tennis video feature extraction and matching has faster running speed and better matching precision.

Real-time video transmission system based on embedded middle-ware TAO PDF

Jiangyan Sun1, Xiaoqiang Jia2


1Modern EducationTechnologyCenter, Xi’anNormalUniversity, Xi’an,710077,Shaanxi,China

2School of Mathematics and Information Science, Institute of Applied Mathematics, Weinan Normal University, Weinan714000,Shaanxi,China

Analysis of the application of real-time video transmission system in the cluster operation platform, use thin clients Model, introduce the CORBA middleware, designed a program tailored to ACE + TAO dynamic program, development program as far as possible use smaller memory and smaller storage space, Combined with embedded real-time Middleware technology to construct distributed heterogeneous video transmission system. In order to verify the feasibility of the scheme and real-time, CORBA A/V services and CORBA NamingService are combined with, and the real-time video transmission system of Embedded Middle-ware Based on TAO is realized. The system is composed of client and server, the client is composed of two parts and divided into sender and receiver according to the role, UseMFC and MiniGUI to develop user interface, runon Windows system and Linux system, the server is in VxWorks system for data forwarding function. With a 100Mbit/s bandwidth LAN environment, video of the subscription, the release, playing, pausing functionhas been realized by testing. In the aspect of real-time, video data, from collecting to playing with delaying in 150ms. Bandwidth in 352×288 pixel single collection of pictures, in case of 32 frames per second, the bandwidth consumption occupies only 500-540 kbps, and realizes the low bandwidth consumption.

Analysis on aerospace software health metrics based on multi-factor reliability growth model PDF

WeiqiXie1, YuanwenCai2, LongCheng2


1Department of Graduate Management, Equipment Academy, Beijing, 101416,Beijing, China

2Department of Space Equipment, Equipment Academy, Beijing, 101416,Beijing, China

Software health management technology main includes the processes of real-time detection, fault diagnosis, health metrics and taking mitigation measurement, and health metrics is the important basis for taking mitigation measurement. An integrated software health metrics is put forward in this paper, and the software health is measured from the layer of task, function and resource. By constructing a multi-factor reliability growth model, the health of task is measured by reliability; the health of resource is measured by the usage of various resources; and the health of function is measured by the risk of failure models and their propagation distance. Finally, the integrated health metrics is builton the basis of the three areas, and the status of software health is divided by the number of health. Then, the status of software health provides theoretical basis for which mitigation measurement should be taken

Energy efficient routing protocol of wireless sensor network PDF

Bing Lan, Bingbing Li, Xiang Li


Xidian University, Shanxi,Xi'an, 710071, China

The characteristics of traditional wireless sensor network (WSN) determine the constraint of its various properties. Combining the advantages of energy balanced and cross-layer optimized routing protocols, the paper proposed multiple-hop routing protocol of energy balancing, in whichcross-layer optimization as well asmulti-hop factor as a measure of the residual energy of cluster head nodes to make a reasonable judgment on its forwarded data. The constraint of multi-hop factor made cluster head nodes unable to forward information to the base station, thus balancing the energy consumption of the whole network and further optimizing the lifetime of sensor network nodes. Simulation results showed that the routing protocol could balance the energy consumption of the entire sensor network, which greatly prolonged the life cycle of wireless sensor network.

An unbiased crawling strategy for directed social networks PDF

Xuehua Yang1,2, HongbinLi2


1School of Software, Shenyang Normal University, Shenyang 110034, Liaoning, China

2Shenyang Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Science, Shenyang 110168, Liaoning, China

Online Social Networks (OSNs) is a hot research topic and data crawling or collection is an important and based task for OSN analysis and mining. Due to the large amount of data, not open and other factors, the acquisition of social networking is different from the ordinary crawling technology. The quality of the data determines the effect of the majority of social network data mining analysis, data crawling technology is essential. Micro-blog is different from social network such as Facebook, the need for better crawling strategies to obtain the data set is huge. Improving Random Walking (RW) algorithm, an unbiased crawling strategy is proposed to crawling directed social networks. By contrast with the uniform sampling method, the strategy has been proved to ensure data crawling with all similar data at the same time to ensure the unbiasedness of the sampling data.

Partner selection of cloud computing federation based on Markov chains PDF

Liang Hong1,2, ChangyuanGao1


1School of Management,Harbin University of Science and Technology, Harbin 150080, Heilongjiang, China

2Schoolof Management, Heilongjiang University of Science and Technology, Harbin 150022, Heilongjiang, China

Cloud computing is currently a hot in the field of information technology, and cloud computing alliance is an important direction.In order to make the league better development of cloud computing and solve the problem of selecting partners of cloud computing federation.This paper builds the structure of cloud computing federation system and evaluation indicators system of federation partner selection, and proposes a dynamic comprehensive evaluation model based on Markov Chain and AnalyticHierarchy Process, further to get exact values of evaluation for different evaluating targets in different time periods. Based on the assessment analysis and simulation results there are a reasonable selection coalition partners.The example demonstrates the feasibility and rationality of the evaluating method and builds in this paper, which would guide partner selection of cloud computing federation.

Estimating fundamental matrix from uncalibrated images PDF

JiangmingKan, Chuandong Zhan, Shuo Feng,Wenbin Li


School of Technology, BeijingForestryUniversity, Beijing, 100083 China

Estimation of the fundamental matrix plays a significant role in the field of computer vision. Two different approaches are presented to estimate the fundamental matrix from uncalibrated images: one is an improved iterative approach; the other an improved robust estimation. The improved iterative approach, utilizing the least-squares technique, makes use of several point matches to compute the initial fundamental matrix and weights and determines the computation loop by concerning the Euclidean distance between matched points and epipolar lines. The improved robust estimation extends the original RANSAC approach by removing outliers from the points set every five inner loops after being evaluated with corresponded scores to get the optimal points set and then estimating the fundamental matrix through the orthogonal least-square algorithm at each iteration. Experimental results that the improved iterative performs better when both the variance of Gaussian noises and the percentage of outliers are small. Results reveal that the proposed technique of removing outliers works successfully and fine, especially with a high level of outliers; and it is superior to the original RANSAC in terms of means and standard deviation on real images.

Energy-saving mechanism design for 6LOWPAN wireless sensor network PDF

Jianjun Chen


Yuanpei College, Shaoxing University, Shaoxing312000, Zhejiang, China

Combined with the wireless sensor network and distributed multi IPv6, IEEE802.15.4 technology is introduced into the network design and wireless sensor network carries out seamless misaiming with the internet, finally a new 6LOWPAN wireless sensor network energy saving mechanism will be obtained, its mechanism combines with the comprehensive power of optical fiber line, wireless sensor network node distribution optimization multi distributed IP technology to design energy-saving model, and uses C language to program the algorithm. In order to test the effectiveness and reliability of energy-saving mechanism, the energy-saving wireless sensor network is built, and the integrated Contiki environment is developed, finally the use of Firefox browser with B/S architecture tests the energy-saving mechanism. Through the test, it can be found that when sending, receiving, idle and sleep in wireless sensor network, 6LOWPAN wireless sensor network can realize the network energy-saving effectively.

Image processing system based on space transformation PDF

Bo Wang


School of Computer and Control Engineering, North University of China, Taiyuan, Shanxi, China, 030051

This paper proposes a novel method of shadow fast detection and recovery of remote sensing image based on color spatial alternation in light of the analysis and research on experimental data of remote sensing image on different color space. Compared to traditional shadow detection algorithm on the basis of pixel, this method enhances the precision and scope of application of detection. Meanwhile, on the recovery of shadow information, it is able to recover shadow information rapidly by analyzing the statistical characters of image element within the shadow. This method is to feature high speed, high automation and wide scope of application. Numerous tests on the application of high spatial remote sensing image show that this method has brought about satisfying results.

Wear particle image segmentation using a two-stage strategy PDF

Heng-guangGuo1, Jun Qu2


1Graduate Students’ Brigade, Naval Aeronautical Engineering Institute, Yantai, 26400,China

2Departmentof Airborne Vehicle Engineering, Naval Aeronautical Engineering Institute, Yantai, 264001, China

Wear particle image analysis is an effective and reliable method for equipment condition monitoring and fault diagnosis. Segmenting wear particle from image is an important but challenging problem. In this paper, a two-stage wear particle image segmentation strategy is presented, which consists of a rough segmentation stage and a fine segmentation stage. In the first stage, a wear particle image is divided into blocks, and clustering method is used to group blocks. This stage aims to get the rough boundary of the wear particle. In the second stage, color gradient is introduced into GVF snake to establish colorGVF snake model, and rough boundary from the first stage is used as initial contour. This stage tries to extract the accurate boundary of the wear particle. Experimental results shows that the method proposed in this paper offers an accurate, minimally interactive, and efficient scheme for wear particle image segmentation, and increases the quality of wear particle image segmentation in compare with some state-of-art segmentation methods.

Sparse representation of intricate natural image with multi-scale geometric dictionary PDF

XingyuYang1,JinshanSu1,Jing Ma1,ZhengfangDeng1,JingJin2


1College of Electronic and Information Engineering, Yili Normal University, No.448,Jiefang West Road, Yining,China

2School of Electronic Science and Engineering, Nanjing University,No.163, Xianlin Dadao, Nanjing, China

Sparse representation of natural image is the fundamental problem of multi-scale geometric analysis, deep learning and K-SVD learning method. Traditional multi-scale geometric analysis is based on simple mathematical model which cannot express intricate natural images, and learning methods rely on prior knowledge. In this paper, a complex sparse representation mathematical model of natural images which have non-smooth area, non-smooth contours and intricate texture features is proposed. The model is established from the perspective of highly nonlinear approximation and according to the theories of wavelet, ridgelet, contourlet, and dictionaries such as wavelet dictionary and multi-scale ridgelet dictionary. The model can represent all natural images without any learning and priori knowledge. Simulation comparison experiments which established by a new multi-scale geometric dictionary show that this model greatly improves the sparse ratio and peak signal noise ratio and has the progressive optimal expression of intricate natural images.

Analysis and study on the association of Website based on named entities of Websites PDF

Bo Gao, Zhiqin Zha


Chang Zhou Institute of Technology ChangZhou 213002, China

The vertical search engine is searched more in-depth with the professional website, it search in-depth into an industry, and depth mining for information need to use more technology and achieve it. This paper presents an analysis method based on the relation of the named entities for the professional website: use the traditional high-frequency words as features of webpage in a website, and then analysis the relation between the named entities. This method first uses extraction algorithm extracted the named entity of webpage from the website; then use the analyses method analysis the relationship between named entities of the website; finally using correlation analysis method to improve relations between named entities, obtained the feature information of the website and the characteristic of the website.

An 3D face recognition approach based on facial curve analysis PDF

Xuexian Hou, Xinzhi Zhou, Yinjie Lei


School of Electronic Information, Sichuan University, Chengdu 610065, China

In this paper, we present a novel 3D face recognition approach based on the analysis of facial curves, which are extracted from the semi-rigid facial regions. Our approach excludes the facial region which is most affected by facial expressions (non-rigid region) resulting in a set of indexed open geodesic curves. A novel open curve analysis algorithm combining the geodesic and Euclidean distances is used to match the same level pairs of open geodesic curves of a probe and the gallery faces. In order to increase the accuracy of face recognition, a curve ranking and weighting algorithm is also developed to select, during a training phase, the most reliable curves and to assign different weights to the selected ones. During the testing phase, the selected reliable curves and their corresponding distances are weighted fused to perform face recognition. The proposed approach has been tested on the Face Recognition Grand Challenge (FRGC v2.0) dataset via a number of experiments and a superior recognition performance was achieved.

Comparison of Kalman and H∞ filtering algorithmin the integrated navigation system PDF

Wanxin Su


Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, East Nanhu Road No.3888,Changchun, China

The integrated navigation (SINS/GPS) makes the outputvelocity or position difference between strap-down inertial navigation SINS and GPS as the measured values, and thenthe error of integrated navigation system is estimated and corrected byone filtering method in real time. In this paper, Kalman filtering algorithm and H∞filtering algorithm are compared by estimating the error, in colored noise conditions.It can be seen thatKalman filter estimate value error larger than H¥ filter’s, in the velocity and position of the three directions.Proved by simulation and experiment, H∞filtering algorithm has better stability and robustness.

The Grid with golden section PDF

Pirong Yao1, Lin Meng2


1Department of Computer and Information Engineering, Yibin University, 8 Jiusheng Road, Yibin, Sichuan province, China
2The President Office, Yibin University, 8 Jiusheng Road, Yibin, Sichuan province, China

In a certain plane or space, the human creative act such as architecture, painting, calligraphy, etc., So the basis on certain rules and laws are not entirely out of conjecture; role in dividing the plane and space, Grid which originated in the Chinese civilization and the Golden Section for Western culture. They are consistent and uniform, but the Book of Changes in the Grid philosophy is based on more levels, also in the Sudoku game, it only represents the position, neither is the area of the region of space division. In the area of regional space segmentation, traditional Grid adopted Rule of Thirds segmentation method is not rigorous, but also not fully consistent with the actual application. If the Golden Section is introduced into the dividing line of the Grid positioning, can draw a consistent picture aspect ratio has nothing to do with the dividing line position; Grid dividing line that is no longer the average but by 28:44:28 the proportion of distribution. This new division ratio of the plane can provide more scientific and convenient help, including quick picture composition for photography and video, hieroglyphic writing exercises, architectural space layout and so on.

Cloud computing based mountain flood disaster monitoring and forewarning platform PDF

Yunjia Niu, Hua Yan


College of Electronics and Information Engineering, Sichuan University, Chengdu 610065, China

Aiming at the disadvantages of undeveloped data disaster recovery and inefficient data sharing measures of existing mountain flood disaster monitoring and forewarning platforms,this paper analyzes the defects and designs a new platform architecture based on cloud computing. From the perspective of practical application, a customized data disaster recovery plan is provided. To integrate platform resources,a design of SaaS architecture and applications is presented afterwards. The introduction of cloud computing provides a new way for the construction of mountain flood monitoring and forewarning platform.

Telecom Data processing and analysis based on Hadoop PDF

Guofan Lu, Qingnian Zhang, Zhao Chen


Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan 430063,China

For call tracking system to adapt to the needs of large data processing, combined with a strong competitive advantage in recent years in large data processing Hadoop platform, designed and implemented a Hadoop-based call tracking data processing model, in order to verify its feasibility. The call tracking processing system model contains an analog data source module, data processing module, and a GUI interface. Analog data source module from real data samples in the simulated data, and the data is written directly to the Hadoop distributed file system, then using Hadoop's MapReduce model to write appropriate Mapper and Reducer function, the distributed processing of the data. Detailed study based on the system design and implementation, system deployment topology, hardware and software conditions, and designed several comparative experiments to analyze some static indicators of system performance.

Research on communication model of IPv6-based intelligent lighting system PDF

Rui Li, Shilong Ma


State Key Lab of Software Development Environment School of Computer Science & Engineering, Beihang University, Beijing 100191, China

Intelligent Lighting is the development direction of urban municipal lighting construction. IPv6 technology is considered as the key to solve the problems such as point light source controlled separately, multi-scene controlled flexible and user-friendly, control signal with minimal latency, plug and play heterogeneous devices, green energy and so on. In this paper, we introduce the IPv6 into the intelligent lighting system; build the communication model from three aspects which are information model, information exchanging model and general protocol according to the characteristics of information transmission in intelligent lighting system. At last, the usability of the communication model is analysed and verified by the landscape lighting control system which deployed in the Olympic central area.

EEG-based identification system for mobile devices PDF

Jianfeng Hu, Zhendong Mu, Jinghai Yin


Institute of Information Technology, Jiangxi University of Technology, Nanchang, China

The brain is the most mysterious and powerful of human organs, with the development of science and technology on the brain brainwave applied research, more and more brain-computer interface technology matures, making people use brain waves to control peripheral devices ideas become possible. With advances in hardware technology, portable EEG acquisition instrument has emerged, portable, miniature brain wave EEG acquisition instrument enables application developers to use in daily life has become a development trend of brain wave study. The development of mobile-related hardware and software technology, making all kinds of intelligent terminals become everyday essential goods. Mobile equipment has now become a new platform for information exchange, spend a lot of information exchange, how to effectively protect the mobile platform information security? Research has shown that, EEG signal can be used as identification tool, the user's information protection and good, this paper to protect the information security of mobile devices to research how to use EEG; the EEG signal is feasible for mobile equipment identification.

FPGA-based implementation of task management in μC/OS-II operating system PDF

Shihai Zhu


Institute of Information Engineering and Art Design, Zhejiang University of Water Resources and Electric Power, Hangzhou, China

Task management is one of the most basic functions of an operating system. We took μC/OS-II real-time operating system as an example in this paper, put forward hardware design scheme of task management based on FPGA, and carried out the simulation and verification by means of Xilinx ISE software. We mainly designed and implemented hardware logical circuits of task management module so that the potential parallelism of multitasking was greatly improved; In the meantime hardware logical circuits of interrupt task management module was also designed and implemented. Specifically speaking, as interrupt tasks, external interrupt requests enjoyed higher priorities than those of ordinary tasks. If external interrupt arrived, then corresponding task was set to ready state, thus task scheduling was triggered, and then interrupt task was given higher priority for processing in order that the response time was improved. The simulation results showed that task management implemented by hardware could obviously reduce the executing time of a task, thus greatly expanded the application ranges of μC/OS-II operating system.

Data classification using Sparse and Robust model: least squares support vector machine with L1 norm PDF

Liwei Wei1, Hao Yu2, Junhua Liu1


1China National Institute of Standardization, No.4 Zhichun Road, Beijing, China
2China Agricultural University Library, No.2 Yuanmingyuan West Road, Beijing, China

Least squares support vector machine (LS-SVM) has an outstanding advantage of lower computational complexity than that of standard support vector machines. Its shortcomings are the loss of sparseness and robustness. Thus it usually results in slow testing speed and poor generalization performance. In this paper, a least squares support vector machine with L1 norm (LS-SVM-L1) is proposed to deal with above shortcomings. This method is equivalent to solve a linear equation set with deficient rank just like the over complete problem in independent component analysis (ICA). A minimum of 1-norm based object function is chosen to get the sparse and robust solution based on the idea of basis pursuit (BP) in the whole feasibility region. Some UCI datasets are used to demonstrate the effectiveness of this model. The experimental results show that LS-SVM-L1 can obtain a small number of support vector and improve the generalization ability of LS-SVM.

A seamless switching system and method for continuous playback of audios PDF

Yi Guo1, Qiong Li2


1School of Electronic and Information Engineering, Xihua University, Chengdu, China
2School of Automation Engineering, UESTC, Chengdu, China

The stability and continuity are very important for a Radio Digital Audio Workstation. The output of a workstation may be discontinuous because of audio file error, network and database connections error, broadcasting system software or hardware error, and the virus infections, etc. This paper presents a seamless switch method of the broadcasting audio files, which can ensure continue broadcasting of the file while the program file error, network and database error and other error statement. In addition, a realization of this method is given by DirectShow technology. This technology has been applied for Chinese national invention patents, which patent No is 201110144970.5.

Image processing strategy used for simulated phosphene map of artificial vision PDF

Longmin Chen, Fanghua Yan, Zezhi Gong, Yayu Zheng


College of Information Engineering, Zhejiang University of Technology, No.288 Liuhe Road, Hangzhou, China

Phosphene generating mechanism is the most important theoretical foundation and key technology for artificial vision. Simulating the mapping relationship between visual image information and limited phosphene maps remains a difficult problem. To satisfy the practical requirement of clinical trials, we present an image processing strategy for simulated phosphene map. Based on block segmentation, a reducing pixelated image processing method is proposed. Meanwhile, an electrode intensity control strategy based on brightness grading is carried out as well. Finally spatial response experiment is performed on the artificial vision platform based on DSP to prove the algorithm availability. The experiment indicates that under the premise of ensuring the electrode stimulation accuracy, this system can precisely extract the brightness information of the pixel block and the contour information and transform them into electrode stimulus. The speed of the image processing strategy based on DSP is up to 30 frames per second after being optimized, which meets the real time needs of visual centers system completely.

Improved image analysis using digital media technology PDF

YangBo Li1, ZeYu Xu2, Dong Sun1


1Department of Computer Science and Technology, Henan Mechanical and Electrical Engineering College, Xinxiang Henan, China
2Material Science and Engineering, Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou, Henan, China

Digital image correlation and image registration or matching are among the most widely used techniques in the fields of experimental mechanics and computer vision, respectively. Despite their applications in separate fields, both techniques primarily involve detecting the same physical points in two or more images. In recent years, with the requirement of high-resolution and real-time measurement, the computation speed of digital image correlation (DIC) has become increasingly important. At present, the DIC algorithms based on the iterative spatial domain cross-correlation algorithm are widely recognized as the most robust and rapid. In this paper, the integral image technique is extended to handle the complex items in the equations of the DIC algorithm in order to accelerate the calculation process. The influence of the interpolation method on the performance of the DIC algorithm is also investigated. In addition, the analysis of computational complexity and numerical experiment results are presented to illustrate the effectiveness of this method. The results successfully verify that the proposed method can improve the computation speed of the DIC algorithm greatly, and the improvement is more notable when the fast interpolation method is utilized. In this paper a modification of a high-speed correlation system for the purposes of mechanical structures modal parameters estimation is described. Together with hardware modification an original version of a program Modan 3D was created, which is a complex tool for execution of an experimental and operational modal analysis.

The adaptive intelligent information processing system PDF

Huan Li, Wenhong Wei, Qinhua Hu, Chun Wang


Department of Computer Science, Dongguan University of Technology, Dongguan, Guangdong, China

With the fast development of computer science and the wide application of multimedia technology, a mass of digital videos have become an indispensable part of our lives. However, it takes too much time and manpower to check the monitor. In order to solve these problems, this paper proposes the adaptive intelligent information processing system. The method extracts video abstracts from the original monitoring videos and analyzes these video abstracts one by one. So within a short period of time, users can get those video events that are interesting to them. The realization of the system can help users find the monitoring information quickly and efficiently. This system can be used in public places such as airports and stations, where traffic accidents are most likely to happen.

Face recognition based on EEG PDF

Jinghai Yin1, Zhendong Mu2


1, 2 Institute of Information Technology, Jiangxi University of Technology, Nanchang, China

Human face is a mutual understanding between our daily life is an important factor, different face will reflect different people play different, this reflects the different components of the brain waves can be interpreted in the same context, one's own photos and others brainwave ingredient photo is there a difference too, this paper respectively, from P1, N1, P2, N2 and P3 components in different modes to analyze the differences, in order to reveal the source of the photograph to stimulate brainwaves and the reasons for the difference between component .

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Part C: Operation Research and Decision Making

The development of inference machine model for vocation psychology based on rough set theory PDF

CaiHong Li


Xi'an University of Science and Technology, Xi’an, China

In the paper the inference machine model for vocation psychology was build and developed by a rule-based rough set theory. At first, the rough set is used to optimize the rules for career psychological identification, by which the complexity of the neural network can be avoided. Second, the features used by the questionnaires are selected for input parameters of the classifier to incorporate more human like decision-making, whereas in other works, only a few of features or different characteristic options on the questionnaire, are used as deterministic parameters. A knowledge base of the behaviour characteristics and questionnaire analysis is developed from the feedbacks of some reputed career guides. These features are extracted from the carefully designed questionnaire. A rule-based rough set decision system is developed from these features to make an inference engine for career psychological identification.

Application of optimized PLS-SEM measurement model and empirical research on Chinese cultural and creative industries competitive formation mechanism PDF

Zeng Tao1, Wangbing Qi2


1School of Management, Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology, Xi'an, China

2Shaanxi TCM College, Xianyang, China

Based on reviewing the PLS-SEM measure model, and summarizing the theory and reference of other scholars, the PLS-SEM measure model is optimized, in order to contain many latent variables and relatively scientific operations. At the same time, we make comments on the framework of industrial competitiveness referring to diamond model theory. Summarize the factors affecting the competitiveness of cultural and creative industry and measurement standard, and construct the framework of mechanism model for the formation of the cultural and creative industries’ competitiveness. Using PLS-SEM measurement optimization model’s 62 sets of data on Chinese provinces’ cultural and creative industry in 2011 and 2012 to do the empirical analysis. The final optimization model is verified rationally. The study finds that the ability of sustainable development, capacity requirement, the government support and the overall innovation capability influence on cultural and creative industries’ competitive strength are the most important keys.

Crisis prediction in e-learning through data mining technology: an empirical investigation PDF

Ke Zhu, Jin Zhang


Department of Information Technology, Henan Normal University, East of Construction Road, Xinxiang, China

Crisis warning is a kind of semi-structured or unstructured problems with a lot of uncertainties. In order to examine learners’ actual achievements and timely warning the problems of the students' learning, crisis prediction techniques are imperative as they assist the teachers in monitoring learners’ progress and, determining their development and competencies. Many factors have no historical data and corresponding statistics, therefore crisis prediction is difficult to calculate and evaluate scientifically. There are many conventional methods of analysis has a lot of limitations and the results are not accurate enough. In this paper, a crisis prediction technology method for e-learning courses, based on data mining techniques and detailed student data, is proposed. An empirical field experiment involving 129 university students was conducted. The results were found to be significantly better than those reported in relevant literature.

US army aviation’s battlefield POL assurance model simulation based on system dynamics PDF

Jian Tang1, Qingzhong Zhou2, Peng Xu3


1Logistical Engineering University, Chongqing, CPR, 401331, China

2Logistical Engineering University, Chongqing, CPR, 401331, China

3Logistics University of CAPF, Tianjin, 300309, China

To solve the issue of the US Army Aviation’s battlefield POL assurance, this paper proceeds from the principle of fully guaranteeing the army POL supply to establish the army aviation’s POL prediction model and puts the POL parameters of US conventional helicopters into the model. Besides, this paper establishes the system flow graph of the transportation and information delay function based on System Dynamics (SD) to simulate three different battlefield situations. The transportation and information delay are formulated according to the real examples. This paper integrated them into the SD model. The simulation results show that the SD-based model can directly reflect the changing trend of various factors of the POL Assurance. Then accord the result of simulation, input different parameters can be derived the changing curve that can help to realize the computer aided decision.

The application of improved back propagation neural network model PDF

Fang Li1, Changze Wu2


1Chongqing City Management College, Chongqing 400031, China

2College of Computer Science, Chongqing University, Chongqing, China

During the granulation process of Iron ore sinter mixture, there are many factors affecting the granulation result such as chemical composition, size distribution, surface feature of particle, and so on. Some researchers use traditional fitting calculation methods like least square method and regression analysis method to predict granulation result, where exists big error. In order to provide better performance in prediction, we use improved BP (Back propagation) neural network model to do data analysis and processing. Granulating effect neural network model with a shooting rate of 92%, has a good prediction accuracy, robust, and the high ability of recognition to new sample, which can give a good guidance to granulation process. It obtains better effect than traditional fitting calculation methods.

A hybrid minimum spanning tree method for traveling salesman problem PDF

Hehua Li1, Wei Xiong1, Yong Wang2


1Institute of Information Security Technology, Chongqing College of Electronic Engineering, Chongqing 401331, China

2North China Electric Power University, Beijing 102206, China

Traveling salesman problem (TSP) has a wide range of applications in communication, transportation, manufacturing etc. However, it is proven to be NP-complete in mathematics. An approximate method based on the Minimum Spanning Tree (MST) with an optimal four-vertex path is presented for the triangle TSP. We first compute the MST with a complete weighted graph. Then an Eulerian graph is generated by doubling the edges of the MST from an initial vertex. The optimal four-vertex path is used to simplify the Eulerian graph into a Hamiltonian cycle. Different from the common MST heuristics for TSP, all the generated four-vertex paths in the Hamiltonian cycle are the optimal four-vertex paths. Therefore, the approximation computed with the hybrid MST method is generally shorter than that produced with the common MST heuristics. The experiments for the Euclidean TSP examples also give the same conclusion.

A secure authentication scheme based on fuzzy extractor PDF

Lihua Zhang1, Yaoping Nie2


1School of Electrical and electronic engineering, East China Jiaotong University, Nanchang, China

2School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai, China

The biometrics-based authentication schemes are more security and reliable than the traditional authentication schemes, and it is the inevitable trend of future development. However, between the existing schemes, the security of user’s biometric template usually be ignored, the user’s information security suffering from a great threat because of that. Recently, Yan et al. proposed a secure biometrics-based authentication scheme for telecare medicine information systems (TMIS), however, we found that Yan et al.’s scheme could not ensure the security of the user’s biometric template and forward security. To overcome the above weaknesses, in this paper, a security enhanced scheme combine with the characteristics of the Fuzzy Extractor is proposed. Security and performance analyses show that the proposed scheme not only could overcome the weaknesses in Yan et al.’s scheme but also has a better practicability. We also propose the scheme with a formal security proof under the random oracle mode.

Financial distress prediction model of dual constraint LS-SVM based on neighborhood rough set index optimization PDF

Guanhua Zhao1, Tang lu2, Lin Gao3


1Accounting Institute of Shandong Finance University, Shandong Accounting Science Research Center, Ji'nan, China

2Accounting Institute of Shandong Finance University, Ji'nan, China

3Qingdao Vocational and Technical College of Hotel Management, Qingdao, China

In order to improve the accuracy of financial distress prediction and the effect of model forecast, and make the neighborhood rough set and genetic algorithm apply to the dual constrained least squares support vector machine. This study proposes a dual constrained least squares support vector machine prediction model based on the neighborhood rough set attribute reduction. At the same time, this study gives the steps to improve this model. The empirical results show that, after the pre-treatment of neighborhood rough set index and optimization of parameters of genetic algorithm. It not only improves the model prediction accuracy, but also reduces the model run time, therefore it confirmed that the application of the improved model to the financial distress prediction is effective.

Analysis of land-use change and its mechanism based on graphical information and statistical model PDF

Jiafu Liu1,2, Ping Wang3, Bai Zhang1


1Northeast Institute of Geography and Agro ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changchun 130012, China

2College of Tourism and Geographical Sciences, Jilin Normal University, Siping, 136000, China

3School of Urban and Environmental Sciences, Northeast Normal University, Changchun, 130024, China

Investigation of land-use change is important to economic development and analysis related to climate change. Using the spatial analysis tool in GIS, the land use change information was generated and analyzed quantitatively. Results indicate that: (i) The arable land gradually increased; the grassland and forestland decreased firstly but then increased gradually; there was little change on water surface and residential area; and unused area increased annually. (ii) Square index and fractal dimension of forestland, grassland and unused land increases when the area increases, however, nearly circular index decrease, area caused by the change of shape index and fractal dimension change is much less. (iii) We constructed a linear fitting of the graphic information of land use, this model fitted well the relationship between 1991~2000 land use change and its graphical information.

Simulation study on short-term load forecasting of electric power parameter optimization based on phase-space reconstruction theory PDF

Huanyu Cai1, Juhui Cao2, Zhiqiang He2


1School of Logistic Engineering University, Chongqing, 401311, China

2Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, Lanzhou 732750, China

With the combination of theoretical achievements related to parameters study on phase-space reconstruction and short-term load forecasting of electric system in physics. The short-term load forecasting of electric power parameter optimization based on phase-space reconstruction theory is put forward, and through theoretical and simulation researches and qualitative analysis, the impact of each parameter on the precision of the power load forecast is obtained and forecasting steps of this method are summarized in this paper. According to the optimized parameters, the prediction is conducted to load, and as a result, the accuracy is improved greatly when compare forecasting results to immediate prediction. A load example is forecasted by using parametric optimization prediction method, and the result shows that parametric optimization prediction method improves the accuracy of load prediction to some extent.

The research of the interval density cluster method for piecewise linear membership function determination PDF

Liu Qi1, Li Sheng2


1School of Physics and Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Zhoukou Normal University, Zhoukou, Henan, China

2Department of Public Security, Railway Police Collge, Zhengzhou, Henan, China

Triangle and monotone membership functions have simple forms and clear physical meaning, which are commonly used in the research work. In this paper, a density clustering method based on the interval is brought forward, which has avoided the cluster results falling into a local minimum, also by using this method, the cluster center can be quickly obtained. Through simulation, the piecewise linear membership function of variation of total volume in petroleum drilling is determined, which solves the problem that the function is hard to be defined.

Using data mining technologies to find learning activity rules for online learning PDF

Ke Zhu


Department of Information Technology, Henan Normal University, East of Construction Road, Xinxiang, China

Researchers are interested to improve learners’ and instructional designers’ performance in online learning systems. Learning Activity are of great importance at present, since they are the building blocks of different types of online learning systems. As the number of learning activity grows exponentially and our needs for learning expand equally dramatically, the lack of information or rules about the usability of learning activity places a critical and fundamental constraint on our ability to discover, manage, and use learning activity. This study presents a new approach of data mining and an assessment scheme by combining four computational intelligence theories, i.e., the Clustering Algorithms, the Classification Algorithms, and Association Algorithms, to identify the learning activity rules in online learning systems for learner and instructional designers. Experimental results indicate that the evaluation results of the proposed approach and scheme are improving the work of teachers in designing and searching, and also in the management of Los in a web-based learning environment according to the obtained learning objects usability rules.

Modelling and simulating adoption behaviour of enterprise environmental innovation technology under niche strategy PDF

Aiwu Zhao1, Hongjun Guan2


1School of Management, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang Jiangsu, 212013, PR China

2School of Management Science and Engineering, Shandong University of Finance and Economic, Jinan Shandong, 250014, PR China

Due to the complexity and diversity of human behavior, social system is unpredictable and difficult to be quantified. In this paper, we used computational experiment method to simulate the adoption behaviour of enterprise environmental innovation technology under different scenarios. The model was rebuilt referring to the abstraction of real world. It analyzed the relationship between internal dynamic mechanism and policy intervention during the emerging of stable innovation niche. The experimental results showed that policy intervention can influence the adoption of enterprise environmental innovation technology. Especially, through the combination of a set of policy, the advantages of environmental innovation niche can be fully employed in different market. By reducing the risks of adopting environment innovation technology, new product market can realize the phenomenon of “long tail”. This would inspire more enterprises to adopt environmental innovation technologies.

Fault diagnosis of analogue circuits based on improved genetic algorithm and neutral-network PDF

Wang Mingfang1, Wang Jie1, Zhao Xuejun2, Yuan Xiujiu2


1The College of Missile Air Force Engineering University, Xian, Shaanxi 710051, PR China

2The College of Science Air Force Engineering University, Xian, Shaanxi 710051, PR China

This paper proposes a novel method for optimization of BP neutral network using improved genetic algorithm to diagnose the circuit fault in power-supply system. First, BP neutral-network's structure is determined so that its threshold values and weight values can be optimized by GA. Second, stable threshold values and weight values are obtained via the calculation of GA's operators. Finally, the values are utilized in BP neutral network as initial parameters to conduct sample iteration training. The results show that, during fault diagnosis, BP neural network and genetic algorithm combined with each other to achieve complementary advantages between the two methods.

Research the sweet spot on a baseball bat based on optimization algorithms PDF

Ke Zhu, Jin Zhang, Tianyi Wang, Miao Zhu


Department of Information Technology, Henan Normal University, East of Construction Road, Xinxiang, China

With the popularity of baseball, numerous studies have been conducted to find methods to improve performance during a baseball match. However, it's still unclear that how the batter should hit a ball so that the batted ball speed is largest. In other words, where is the sweet spot that maximum energy is transferred to the ball when it's hit? In our paper, we take three factors into consideration to determine position of sweet spot. We build three models to confirm corresponding factors: (1) relationship between batted ball speed and distance from hit point to pivot point when the pivot point is fixed, (2) loss of energy caused by vibration of bat, (3) loss of energy caused by rotation of bat. At last, by considering the above three models to get the final energy of ball. We find that the COP (Centre of Percussion) point is just the sweet spot. What's more, by considering variation of mass, centre of mass and moment of inertia of bat after corking a bat, we get the new position of COP. Our conclusion is that when a batter does the same work to the two types of bat, corking a bat doesn't change batted ball speed dramatically. Therefore, "corking" doesn't enhance performance during baseball match even though it may lead to better control of the bat. At last, by statistical processing to results of baseball match in the last more than 30 years, we find that the aluminium bat shows a marked increase in hit-ball speeds. So different materials have different behaviours during a match. In addition to that, we also give reasons why Major League Baseball prohibits metal bats according to our model.

The research of camping along the big long river based on optimized model PDF

Jin Zhang


Department of Information Technology, Henan Normal University, East of Construction Road, Xinxiang, China

This paper establishes a model to schedule trips down the Big Long River. The goal is to develop the best schedule and determine the carrying capacity of the river.  This paper set out essential limits in the process of calculating the utilization ratio of the campsite to simplify the model preliminarily. It proposes scheduling groups down river in order to maximize the campsite utilization. In order to ensure each group enjoy a wilderness experience, this paper simplifies the model by the hypothesis that the travel groups behind could never catch up with the groups which are in front of them. This paper calculates the camp utilization ratio in a six-month season, and regards it as the objective function. Eventually, this paper determines the schedule to launch an optimal mix of trips, of varying duration and propulsion that will utilize the campsites in the best way possible.

Study on prediction and spatial variation of PM2.5 pollution by using improved BP artificial neural network model of computer technology and GIS PDF

Ping Zhang1, Tao Zhang2, Liang He3, Cailiang Wei1, Sui Luo1, Huan Miao1, Peishu Huo4


1School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering, Xi`an Polytechnic University, Xi`an 710048, China

2Institute of Grassland Science, Northeast Normal University, Key Laboratory of Vegetation Science, Ministry of Education, Changchun 130024, China

3Xi'an Environmental Monitoring Station, Xi`an 710054, China

4School of Environment, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China

Atmospheric pollutant PM2.5 seriously harm to human health, to accurately predict its pollution condition, can avoid or reduce the risk of pollution events. In this study, we used the different algorithms and number of hidden layer neurons to improve BP artificial neural network model of computer technology, coupling GIS to evaluate the impact of different algorithms on the prediction and spatial variation of PM2.5, the results showed that, mean relative error and correlation coefficient of monitoring and predictive value by the six different algorithms and three different number of hidden layer neurons, were 14.02% and 0.97, respectively, indicating that improved BP artificial neural network model can be used to predict PM2.5 pollution. Optimization algorithm of trainrp and trainlm had the highest prediction accuracy while the number of neurons in the hidden layer is 20. In contrast, the same algorithm, different number of hidden layer neurons had a greater influence on the simulation of PM2.5. Spatial variation of PM2.5 by different algorithms and Inverse Distance Weighted interpolation method has various degrees of difference from that of the observed, although the simulation of north-central high risk area and southeast low risk region are basically consistent to interpolation analysis of monitoring data.

E-commerce pattern analysis and strategy of Tibet lamp in Yanchi county PDF

Chen Wang, Jianbei Li, Shuping Wen


Ningxia Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, Ningxia, Yinchuan, 750001, China

The article analyzed situation of Ningxia Tibet lamp breed and the necessity of realizing e-commerce. It also came up with design principle of e-commerce pattern about expand-ability of using Tibet lamp, maintainability of the system and parameterization of business regulation, the technical frame including intelligent system and functional system. It continuously optimized the raising clients and enterprises by using digital information technology. It also used computer technology, network technology and remote communication technology to realize technical service and information communication and to let commerce running as its eletronization, digitization and networked.

Modelling and simulating for coupling development mechanism of regional logistics-economic complex system PDF

Yaowu Wang, Zhibin Lu


School of Management, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, 150001, China

The concept and composing parts of Regional Logistics-Economic Complex System have been established firstly. System dynamics model for the coupling interactive development of RLECS has been constructed. According to Heilongjiang Province Economic and logistics data, the effectivity of the model has been tested. Coupling development evolution paths for adaptive development, logistics system exceed moderately and other industry priority have been simulated. The results show that adaptive adjustment mechanism exists in RLECS. Logistics system exceed moderately is the most favorable for priority to the long-term growth of the regional economy.

A method of short term traffic flow prediction that based on the time series theory PDF

Mingjun Deng


School of Civil Architecture, East China Jiaotong University, Nanchang 330013, P.R. China

Road flow is an important base data for traffic control and management, especially, short term future traffic flow is a critical parameter for dynamic travel induction and its control. Many methods have been developed for the problem. But previously models have some deficiency, such as bad adaptability, large amount of calculation needing and many history data requirement. The purpose of this study is to develop a model that can estimate traffic flow on road using the theory of time series treatment and prediction. Karhunen-Loeve transform and spectral analysis have good performance in time series evaluation, describes the method that applied the function of Karhunen-Loeve transform to decompose the history detection traffic flow data series, at the same time get the eigenvector coefficients, use the coefficients and current detection flow reconstructed the future some step traffic flow series, so get the goal of short term traffic prediction. The case study suggest that, the proposed method has a good performance on the prediction, furthermore, a fewer history data needing and several step can be predicted.

Challenges made by digital transmission pattern to the Chinese society in the internet era PDF

Yu Cao1, Meishi-Jiang1, Liangwei-Chen1, Guisheng Zhang1Guizhen-Wang2


1School of Public Administration, Central South University, Changsha Hunan 410083, China

2School of Foreign Languages, Xiangtan University, Xiangtan Hunan 410005, China

This paper finds that the rapid developing Chinese digital publishing and spreading is challenged by serious political challenge, economic crisis, cultural conflict and social confrontation. In view of that, this paper tries to propose countermeasures from aspects of the government, guilds and business: The society needs to treat the ecological environment of the digital publishing and spreading, establish a scientific and reasonable regulatory mechanism, clear the responsibility of the regulatory body in various aspects and increase investment to promote technological innovation.

Design of the differential chaos shift keying communication system based on DSP builder PDF

Zhiping Liu1, Jinhua Zhang2, Hanyu Liu1


1School of Electrical Engineering and Automation, Henan Polytechnic University, Jiaozuo, China, 454000

2Beijing Ripeness Sanyuan Instrumentation CO. LTD, Beijing, China, 100027

Chaotic communication has the good secrecy. It is an important branch of the modern secure communication. Differential chaos shift keying (DCSK) communication system adopts shift keying to separate the reference signal and data signal. It has a strong resistance to the multipath channel. For FPGA systems design shortcomings using a hardware description language directly, the DCSK communication system is proposed in DSP Builder software method. The simulation results show the correctness of the design system. The DSP Builder platform can be linked with FPGA seamlessly. It makes the development convenient for chaotic communication system design based on FPGA, and the designed DCSK communication system has practical value.

Design and implement of a university archives management model PDF

Xinxin Yu


Jingchu University of Technology Archive, 448000, Jingmen City, Hubei Province, China

Recent years have seen instructional technology and online learning join academic computing, administrative computing and library services as a major focus of investment and planning on campus. Many universities are now embracing the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in search for more efficient and competitive processes both in delivery of lectures as well as in administrative processes. This paper shares the experiences of a public University of China in implementing an archives management System (AMS), challenges faced, how it tackled these challenges, what has been achieved so far and important lessons learnt in the process. The paper concludes by proposing improvements in implementing similar systems in other institutions in the continent.

Research on eco-community comprehensive evaluation model based on improved fuzzy method under the circumstance of new type urbanization development PDF

Liya Fan


Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Nanchang University, Xuefu road 999, Honggutang newly-developed area, Nan Chang, China

In the planning of town development, the concept of eco-community is widely accepted and gradually applied to practice, which has become an important content of the new urbanization construction now. The establishment of eco-community comprehensive assessment is of great significance for the practice and development of eco-community. By the empirical analysis of the eco-community, establish a set of eco-community assessment index system that is in accordance with China's situation and combine qualitative and quantitative by adopting improved Fuzzy method, follow the detailed index reference standard of relevant research results both at domestic and foreign, carry out a quantum chemical calculation of various indexes and its weight.

Apriori algorithm in the improvement and implementation of e-commerce based on data mining PDF

Gan Tao


Zhoukou Normal University, Henan Province, China

With the rapid development of e-commerce business traffic increases rapidly. The traditional technology and infrastructure, it is hard to meet the increasing data management and rational utilization. E-commerce businesses overcome difficult, using data mining tools of implicit rule algorithm in the data mining, look for opportunities. Study a recommendation system using data mining algorithm is improved Apriori algorithm of association rules technology the most classic. Experimental results show that the improved Apriori algorithm efficiency is improved, the processing time in support of smaller more obvious.

Special and temporal effects of the urban rail transit on the real estate values PDF

Hongping Wang, Qian Huang, Hailing Sun


Henan University of Urban Construction, Pingdingshan, P.R. China

Urban rail transit is the combination of an urban underground rail, light rail, monorail, tram, new traffic, high-speed maglev trains, suburban trains and other rail traffics. Because of its many advantages, such as fast and efficiency, safe and comfortableness, energy saving and environmental protection, urban rail transit is welcomed by the public and urban transportation systems and it is a major part of the urban public transport In order to research the effects of urban rail transit on real estate value. First, this paper introduces the concept and characteristics of urban rail transit, then sorts out the influence factors of the real estate value and points out the primary factor, which is the rail transit. Through building mathematical function model, we discover that property value and the rail transit are the differential multiple relationships. The study benefits the research and practice in related industries.

Cooperative capability evaluation model of construction organization to implement cleaner production PDF

Feng Xu1, Chen Jianguo1, Wang Yujing2


1Research Institute of Project and Management, Tongji Universty, Shanghai, China

2Management School, Shanghai University of Engineering Science, Shanghai, China

Cleaner production (CP) has been considered to be an important means for effective pollution control and lead to a win-win situation of improving economic and environmental benefits. Cooperation is essential for project-orient construction organization to implement cleaner production. In the paper, the factors of cooperative capacity for construction organization will be analyzed and the evaluation model will be developed. There includes six capabilities: Consistency of project plan, Project information share, Stakeholders collaboration, Environment strategy alliances, Coordination with outside institutes and Market adaption. According the problem exist complex interaction between indicators, the Analysis Network Process (ANP) model is used to deal with the internal and external dependence relationship between various indicators, and SuperDecisions software is applied to the complicated calculate process of the data. The paper provides an new effective tool to evaluate and improve the cooperative capacities of construction organization for Cleaner Production.

Significant multiple regression algorithm of construction occupation based on micro-optical characteristics and matrix correlation degree PDF

Na Lu1, Tianyan Wu2


1School of economics and management, Tongji University, Shanghai, China

2School of Urban Construction and Safety engineering, Shanghai Institute of Technology, Shanghai, China

In order to research whether the career plateau is negatively related to organizational identification and engagement, whether organizational identification has a positive correlation on engagement, and whether the career plateau has an intermediary role between organizational identity and engagement. The significant theoretical analysis is first introduced into the construction industry organizational behaviour’s the relationship model among occupational plateau, organizational identification and engagement, which uses linear regression method to achieve significant computing, and in the analysis of intermediary role the introduced genetic algorithm can accelerate the convergence and cross speed of the calculation. Then, the use of VC program designs the assumptions parametric and algorithmic of significant test, and using the data interface of VC and MATLAB will directly call MATLAB program in VC, finally through the MATLAB program to realize the linear regression analysis, so as to greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of data analysis.

Energy consumption optimization method of cloud computing platform based on customer satisfaction PDF

Chuansheng Xie, Xinyu Ren, Gerilemanda


North China Electric Power University, Beijing, 102206, China

With the global climatic change and the increasing dependence on energy, energy efficiency becomes one of the main obstacles entering the new era of green cloud computing. As a new high-end computation, green computing attracts extensive attention of people, which has great influence on the development of cloud computing. The paper analyzes factors satisfaction degree of cloud computing customers on cloud computing service, and proposes the fuzzy subjection function evaluating customer satisfaction. Based on the function, the objective is to maximize customer satisfaction and minimize cloud computing energy consumption, cloud-computing scheduling optimization model based on customer satisfaction is established, and customer value evaluation is the basis of selecting the weight coefficient of satisfactory function in the model. As cloud-computing scheduling optimization model based on customer satisfaction is multi-target optimization model, the paper optimizes objective functions in the model, uses linear weighting method to convert multi-target functions of the model into Single-objective functions, and applies improved genetic algorithm to solve the model. Finally the paper takes the examples to verify the effectiveness of the model and the algorithm.

Choreography modelling based on π calculus PDF

Jiulei Jiang, Jiao Zhang, Wenxing Bao


College of Computer Science and Engineering, Beifang University of Nationalities, 750021, Yinchuan, China

Business process modelling is a key step in business process management, and it plays a crucial role in process analysis and optimization. When modelling complex business process interaction, the original BPMN modelling approach is not applicable, need special modelling language and methodology for process choreography. In order to solve semantic ambiguity and integrity of business process modelling, proposed a formalize business process choreography modelling method based on π calculus. First business process choreography graphical instance design is presented by BPMN2.0 choreography. Then formal definition based on π calculus of BPMN2.0 choreography's basic activities and structured activities is presented. Then an instance of business process choreography auction scene model is given, and the model is analysed and validated manually and automatically respectively. Finally, we propose a π calculus model validation algorithm with the model XML document of Visio BPMN2.0 Modeller tool as input and then implement the algorithm. Theoretical analysis and experimental results show that this method can describe BPMN choreography by π calculus and be able to validate the semantic error of BPMN in terms of translate semantics and automatic deductive of π calculus, which makes choreography modelling more precise and specification.

BPM Software Adoption in Enterprises based on TOE Framework and IS Success Model PDF

Yusi He, Wukui Wang


School of Economics & Management, Beijing Forestry University, Beijing, 100083, China

With rapid advance of enterprise management informatization, traditional methods of business process management gradually fail to meet the demand of current enterprise development. Business Process Manager (BMP), one business process management software, has become the new favourite of enormous enterprises due to the huge profit and more efficient business process it creates. The work explored BPM software adoption in enterprises with innovative combination of TOE framework and IS success model in order to provide the real-time software demand for BPM software manufacturers. This work focused on the reasonable integration of the two models above. With analysis on all aspects that influenced adoption decision and long-term acceptance in the two models, the main influence factors of BPM software adoption in enterprises were finally determined. In this work, the correlation among all influence factors of BPM software adoption was obtained by questionnaire survey and data analysis. The completed research can provide effective and reasonable adoption suggestions for enterprises as well as BPM software manufacturers. 

Teaching Management System Based on Particle Swarm Algorithm PDF

Wei Xie


Mudanjiang Normal University, Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang, 157011, China

The core of school teaching management is comprehensive utilization of human, material and time resources. The work aims at building an optimization model of the above resources and solving scheduling problems of teaching management system based on particle swarm algorithm. This method is proved effectively by simulation, thus providing technical means for informatization of school teaching management. 

Similarity measure based on characteristic values for intuitionistic trapezoidal fuzzy numbers and its multicriteria decision-making method PDF

Shapu Ren


Department of Electrical and Information Engineering, Shaoxing University, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province 312000, P.R. China

A similarity measure and a weighted similarity measure based on the distance between characteristic values for intuitionistic trapezoidal fuzzy numbers are proposed in this paper. Then an intuitionistic trapezoidal fuzzy multicriteria decision-making method is established based on the weighted similarity measure between the characteristic values, in which the preference values of alternatives on criteria are the form of intuitionistic trapezoidal fuzzy numbers and the criteria weights are known information. By means of the ideal alternative, the weighted similarity measure between an alternative and the ideal alternative based on the intuitionistic trapezoidal fuzzy numbers is presented to derive the optimal evaluation for each alternative. The ranking of alternatives and the best one can be determined according to the values of the weighted similarity measure for all alternatives. Finally, an illustrative example demonstrates the effectiveness of the proposed method. 

The Study on Evaluation of the Tourism Economics Impaction PDF

He Huang


School of Economics and Management, Yibin University, Sichuan, 644000, China

During the last three decades, tourism industry in China has been witnessed impressive development, and China has become one of the world’s most important tourism destinations as a result of the rapid growth of its economic and tourism development since economic opening and reforming in 1978. Tourism environmental impact has been a core issue in Tourism studies and its investigation has originated from 1960s abroad while it attracted researcher’s attention till early 1980s in China. Although the impacts of tourism development on natural and social environment has been recognized, systematic studies of destination environment and its sustainable development in evaluation models, measure approaches, determinant factors, mechanism, integrative measures and management are still relatively rare. An evaluation index  system on urban tourism radiation power that  can reflect the  level  of the  overall urban tourism economy  growth,  social  development  and  ecological construction has been built based on respects like urban tourism revenue, scale of tourists,  quantity of tourism resources, tourism employment and area of natural  ecotourism sites. However, during the fast development, the quality issue in general has become an inevitable problem that seriously affected the competitiveness both of Chinese tourism industry and Chinese tourism enterprises in the global market. Consequently, motivating quality revolution of tourism industry in China for its sustainable development is so urgent. This paper firstly uses quantitative and qualitative methods to review total quality management (TQM) movement in China and emphasizes the need to implement TQM which is a holistic managerial approach for improving the quality of one industry’s product for its further sustainable development in Chinese tourism industry.

Analyzing Model of Enterprises Cluster Learning Competence in Airport Economic Zone based on Self-Organization Theory PDF

Yang Changhui 


School of Business, Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou, Henan, China, 450001,

Airport Economic Zone, as the new economic mode, gathering capital, technology and labor, formating enterprise cluster, resulting in the agglomeration and diffusion effect, will affect the economic development of surrounding areas. This paper expounds the connotation of enterprise scluster, think out spatial structure of enterprises cluster system consisting of the core layer, support layer and environment layer. And then analyzes the self-organization feature and mechanism of enterprises cluster evolution, discussed the prerequisite, cause, route, action mechnism and dynamisms of enterprises cluster evolution. Finally, construct the analysis model of enterprises cluster learning ability, analyzes the relationship between enterprise cluster openness, learning ability and competitiveness.

A framework for improving urban noise map PDF

Zhang Bin 1,2, Hu Wencheng2,Peng Linhui1


1 College of Information Science and Engineering, Ocean University of China, Qingdao 266071, China

2 Beijing Municipal Institute of Labour Protection

With increase of urban noise, urban planning and design use noise maps increasingly, and 3D noise map are also paid attention increasingly. This paper investigates the possibility of developing a 3D(three-dimensional) acoustic interactive scene base on VRGIS platform for the creation of noise maps. This involves building simple 3D city model, generation of 3D observation points and noise calculation using standard noise calculation models. Beijing Olympic Center was selected as study area, fictitious data was used to calculate the noise levels of study area. Appropriate spatial interpolation methods were used to develop noise surface. Measurements were also carried out at various locations throughout the test area, which were then used to investigate the accuracy of predictions. 

A rational threshold signature with hierarchical structure PDF

Xiurong Li 1, Yongquan Cai2, Yali Liu 3


1,2 College of Computer Science and Technology, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing 100124, China

3 School of Science and Technology, Beijing City University, Beijing, China

Rational secret sharing module combines Game theory with cryptography by taking rational behavior into consideration thus has a wider range of application. We apply rational secret sharing into threshold signature so as to construct a hierarchical structure that is described by extended game. Dynamic game of complete information is applied into partial signature’s distribution and reconstruction phase where a probable value is calculated that can maximize the payoff. In each round of the game, secret key is iteratively generated in a way that any forge secret key will be detected by PKG system. Mixed strategy model is adopted instead of pure strategy model to prevent deviation, which is proved to be Nash equilibrium. Correctness and anti-deceive feature is proofed. The security is based on solving BDH problem in group so the scheme is high effective and chosen cipher text security.

Research on construction exhibition integrated information service system in airport economic zone PDF

Yang Changhui   Wang Xi


School of Business, Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou, Henan, China, 450001,

Information technology has been widely used in the daily management of enterprises. Through the use of it, construct the integrated information service system which is based on exhibition services and takes exhibition organizer, exhibitor and audience as the main service object. Implement digital exhibition service, integrated information service, scientific activity management and customer service network and meet the needs of exhibition service, information service, activity management and customer service. This paper analyzes the service object and domestic demand of exhibition integrated information service system, proposes the system structure of exhibition integrated information service system and analyzes communication platform, operation platform and application platform of the system. Application of exhibition integrated information service system is contribute to realize the interaction among the information flow, capital flow and logistics, implement the purpose of information resources sharing, efficient management and decision science, drive the comprehensive development of enterprise informatization, business electronization, logistics internationalization and supply chain informatization and promote regional economic prosperity and social progress. 

Classification algorithm of regression support vector machine and its application to make a mixed refrigerant in ground source heat pump system PDF

Yan Manfu 1, Wang Jiuhai 2


1 Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Tangshan Normal University, Construction of North Road NO.156, Tangshan, China

2 Department of Physics, Tangshan Normal University, Construction of North Road NO.156, Tangshan, China

To solve the problem of the refrigerant performance in a ground source heat pump system, the paper improved the existing proximal support vector machines [1], constructed a classification algorithm model of regression Support Vector Machine (SVM), and further applied it to a new classification method of making a mixed refrigerant for the system on the basis of analyzing the refrigerant performance of ground source heat pump systems. 

The Performance Evaluation of the Listed Security Companies in China Based on the DEA Model PDF

Yan-liang Zhang, Ran-ran Chu, Xiao-qi Zhao


Shandong University of Finance and Economics. Jinan China

With the continuous development of domestic stock market, the listed security companies have stepped into a stable growth period, the study of their performance becomes also deeper. This paper firstly introduces the methods of evaluating the performance of the listed security companies, and discusses the DEA method in detail. Then we evaluate the corporate performance of 16 domestic security companies by the DEA method. Finally we analyses the empirical results from three aspects, which are technical efficiency, pure technical efficiency and scale efficiency. This paper evaluates the performance of the listed security companies with a more scientific method.

Privacy Preservation in Social Network Based on Anonymization Techniques PDF

Pingshui Wang1, Xuedong Zhang1, Pei Huang2


1College of Management Science and Engineering, Anhui University of Finance & Economics, Bengbu 233030, China;

2College of Computer Science and Technology, Jilin University, Changchun 130012, China

Social network data can be released for various purposes, such as statistical analysis, cluster queries, data mining and so on. However, when social network data are released, the privacy of some individuals and organizations may be disclosed. Serious concerns on privacy preservation in social networks have been raised in recent years. In this paper, in order to reduce the privacy disclosure, we propose a privacy preservation model and algorithm based on anonymization techniques for social network data, that is ( ) -anonymity algorithm. The proposed ( )-anonymity algorithm anonymize social network data to prevent privacy attacks including both content and structural information, while minimizing the anonymization cost and reducing the privacy disclosure. Extensive experiments have been conducted on synthetic data sets comparing with previous work. The result shows that the proposed anonymity algorithm could improve the security of the released social network data while maintaining data utility.

Changes in Science and Technology Policy for the Equipment Manufacturing Industry Collaborative Innovation Impact Prediction PDF

Zhaoji Yu1, Songtao Zhou2


,1,2School of Management, Shenyang University of Technology,Shenyang, 110870, China

This paper takes the Equipment Manufacturing Industryas the research object, drawing on the National Innovation System, building­science and technologypolicy-drivencollaborative innovationsystem model ofthe Equipment Manufacturing Industry. Through­modeling and simulation, respectively forecasts under the existing conditions of Science and Technology Policy, Equipment Manufacturing Industry trend of patent applications 2012-2017; changes of different Science and Technology Policies, Equipment Manufacturing Industry collaborative innovation effect; changes of different combinations of Science and Technology Policies, Equipment Manufacturing Industry collaborative innovation effect. The results can provide scientific decision basis for improving the Equipment Manufacturing Industry innovation ability.

Quantitative analysis of translation texts PDF

A Kiv, L Bodnar, E Sedov, O Britavska, N Yaremchuk, M Yakovleva


South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after K D Ushinsky

Ukraine, Odessa, Staroportofrankovskaya 26, 65020

A new, stylistic-mathematical approach for analysis of literary works, particularly for analysis of translation works, is developed. The important requirement to the translation is its compliance with the structure of language in which the translation is done. We showed that this analysis can be carried out using Zipf’s laws and information characteristics of literary work.

E-Commerce Recommendation System based on MapReduce PDF

Wei Zhao1, HongTao Zhang1


1 ZhengZhou university software college, ZhengZhou,450002, China

According to the Present Situations were that there is an urgent demand for large data analysis in Electronic Commerce, by using cloud computing’s advantage in storing and analyzing mass data, the solution of new project which can analysis data was proposed, based on the cloud computing.Firstly, aiming to the advantages of the cloud computing platform, the novel data- analysis architecture was designed, then the business flow chart by using cloud computing analysis on the architecture. Finally the project is validated by practical application and possesses certain reference meaning in E-Commerce Recommendation System based on cloud computing.

Research on Land Utilization Intensity Control and Urban Design Fusion Mechanism Based on Spatial Hierarchy Coupling Model PDF

Quanhua Hou 12, Shuang Xia3, Wenhui Wang2


1Highway College, Chang’an University, Xi’an, 710064, China

2School of Architecture, Chang’an University, Xi’an, 710064, China

3China Machinery International Engineering Design Research Institute Liability Co. , Ltd, Changsha 410001, China

Under the work of vigorously promoting the “whole cover” regulatory plan across the country, urban design also desiderates the regulatory plan of land use intensity. And of which urban design conducts fusion influencing mechanism in three levels under the engineering of fusion compilation system. This paper put forward the control of land use intensity and the fusion compilation of urban design in hierarchical regulatory plan. Through analysis on the spatial level of regulatory plan compilation in various cities, the content and scale of regulatory plan system engineering were shown. As to coupling and relevancy of the division of compilation spatial level, based on the coupling model of spatial level and the fully grasp of the connotation of spatial level system engineering, this paper presented the framework of coupling model with the consistency of its principle, scale and content. Moreover, this paper conducted the research on influencing factors of the control of land use intensity and the fusion mechanism of urban design in hierarchy. Its mechanism avoided the control and guidance of comprehensive urban design mainly on macro space, which was difficult to achieve the practical requirement in urban design.

Analysis of the guiding role of skill factor model in college talent entrepreneurship PDF

Yunli Bai1 , Miao Miao2, Yaowei Li2


1 Academy of Art & Design, Hebei Vocational & Technical College of Building Materials

2 Commercial Colleges, Shi Jia Zhuang University of Economics

Compared with traditional music production technology, advantages of wireless sensor network system mainly reflects in high intelligence, convenient deployment, long term autonomous working in no intervention environment, which greatly reduce operation and maintenance cost [1]. This paper discusses on the application of wireless sensor technology in MIDI production, concludes practical application of current wireless sensor technology and studies future development trend of wireless sensor technology.

Symbiosis Model of Rural Tourist Attraction Based on Sustainable Development PDF

Lanlan Yi


School of Business and Management, Hebei Normal University of Science & Technology, 066000, China

Through the analysis on the concept of rural tourism sustainable development, this paper summarized the tourist content based on sustainable development, and pointed out the existing problems of current sustainable development in China. Combined with practical development situation, this paper put forward the countryside—scenic spot symbiosis model under sustainable environment. It elaborated from its model connotation, framework, operation and economic efficiency, with the hope of playing a good reference for the development of rural tourism.

Evaluation Analysis of College English Standard Language Ability Based on Environment Adaptive Model PDF

Guilan Jiao 


Heze University, Heze, Shandong, 274015, China

Through analyzing the concept of environment adaptive English ability assessment, this paper summarized the content of college English markup language ability evaluation based on the environment adaptive model and pointed out the role of environment plays in, put forward environment adaptive English ability evaluation model combined with the current actual situation, stated the aspects of its model framework, content, operation, in order to play a reference role in assessment and analysis for college English standard language ability.

Establishing of Basketball Coach Evaluation System Based on the Grey Relevance Evaluation Model and Analytic Hierarchy Model PDF

Jirong Zeng 


Gannan Normal University, Jiangxi, 341000, China

This article evaluated the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) coach problems through the establishing of grey relevance evaluation model and hierarchical analysis model and tested the models using the relative error method, in order to compare and evaluate model with more accurate results.

The Sharing Mechanism Study of IT Enterprises’ Knowledge Alliance PDF

Haiwen Yang1,2, Changqi Tao2 


1 School of Mathematics and Physics, Jinggangshan University, Jinggangshan, 343009, Jiangxi, China

2 School of Information Technology, Jiangxi University of Finance & Economics, Nanchang 330032, Jiangxi, China,

Knowledge alliance is a kind of strategic alliances, which is to analyze the alliance motive and content from the point of view of knowledge. This paper analyzes the impact factors, mechanism of knowledge sharing and spillover effect between IT Duopoly by building a two-stage game model and Prisoner's Dilemma model. In addition, IT enterprises’ knowledge sharing process is also simulated by using MATLAB software. The results suggest that the optimal sharing level of technical knowledge will be reduced with the increasing of network effect of IT product and the equilibrium profits will increase; the bigger the complementary of technical knowledge, the lower the level of technical knowledge sharing which leads to more equilibrium profit and less equilibrium profit; with the increasing of network effects of IT products, company will share less technology and the equilibrium profit has increased; with strengthen of complementary capabilities of technical knowledge, company will share less technology, whereas the equilibrium profit increases firstly and then decreases. 

An Analysis on the Facilitating Effect of Sino-Burmese oil and gas pipelines on the Regional Economy by System Dynamics PDF

Zhang Hailiang, Lu Man, Lin Yaxi


Faculty of Management & Economics,Kunming University of Science and Technology, Kunming 650093, China

Based on system dynamic theory, this article analyzes the influence of the Sino-Burma pipelines on the southwest of China. Taking the Anning Refinery Project as an example, a model of economic development for oil refinery industry has been set up. The paper differentiates the causal relationship between Sino-Burma pipelines and refined oil price in Yunnan province, and analyzes the influence of Anning Refinery Project on Yunnan refined oil supply structure, refined oil price and the promotion of regional economy using Stella software. The results reveal inner mechanism and trends of fluctuations of refined oil price and economy development. It shows that the establishment of the Sino-Burma pipelines will change the structure of supply of energy in Southwest, alleviate the contradiction of supply and demand for energy, help to improve the comprehensive layout for the capacity of oil refining, and optimize resource allocation. 

A logical framework for describing machine knowledge PDF

Yuanxiu Liao1,2,  Shengming Zhou1,2,  Zhixin Li1,2


1 Guangxi Key Lab of Multi-source Information Mining & Security, Guangxi Normal University, Guilin 541004, China

2 College of Computer Science & Information Engineering, Guangxi Normal University, Guilin 541004, China

Knowledge acquisition and autonomy has been a bottleneck in machine intelligence research. This paper proposes a logical framework for describing machine knowledge. The so-called "machine knowledge" refers to the knowledge acquired by robot systems in the following way. A robot uses its sensors to sense the external environment, and the sensors transfer the external states (environment) to the robot's memory in the form of sensing data, then the robot converts the data into knowledge through the system mechanisms, and the knowledge is stored in the robot’s knowledge base, forming its own internal state(for environment awareness). Robots can autonomously use their knowledge when planning and making decision without any external intervention. The aim of our work is modelling the above process including formal representations for sensors, sensing data and knowledge, a mechanism converting sensing data to knowledge and automatically updating the internal state of the robot. The main contribution of this paper is to present a new approach for researching machine intelligence, which develops along the direction of “machine code—machine data—machine knowledge—machine intelligence”. The proposed logical approach does not involve the modal logic, and its semantics is based on the sensing data rather than possible world models.

The construction and application of impact model for social networks PDF

Liguo Huang, Lufang Mi  


Department of Mathematics, Binzhou University, Huanghe Str. 5, Binzhou, China

The co-authorship network of scientists represents a prototype of complex evolving networks. In addition, it offers one of the most extensive database to date on social networks. The focus of our work is to analyze influence and impact in research networks and other areas of society. Through the analysis over 18000 lines of raw data in the Erdos1.htm, we infer the structure of this network containing 9784 nodes and 17273 edges. Global metrics such as degree centrality, closeness centrality and betweenness centrality can be used to identify the influence. Based on the influence measurement model, we find that Alon Nogam, Harary Frank and Shelah Saharon have significant influence on the network. By analyzing the important works from its publication, we build another influence measure model, which includes the impact factor of researchers, publications and journals, to determine the papers’ relative influence. The conclusion is that the second paper possesses significant influence on the network. 

Short Term Forecasting for Wind Power Based on Cluster Analysis PDF

Yang Gao, Jing Xing, Aoran Xu, Liu Zhang, Gang Wang, Quanping Zou


Electric power college, Shenyang Institute of Engineering, Pu Chang Str.18 of Shenbei New Area. Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, China

In order to make full use of historical wind speed information behind the data, according to daily similarity of the wind speed and wind power, short term power forecasting method based on cluster analysis is presented in this paper. Through the original sample data is preprocessed, election history daily data that is similar with characteristic parameters of NWP of forecast day,  so as to establish training samples of model. NWP information of forecast day provided by Meteorological Department will be as the characteristic parameters of forecast day, and calculating Euclidean distance between characteristic parameters will be regarded as a basis of similarity measure. Finally forecasting model is founded by adopting similar samples based on cluster. Using NWP data as input parameters, the actual wind power as a target value, many kinds of short-term wind power forecasting model is gained by training. Through the actual wind farm test, forecasting accuracy is improved obviously.

Comparisons of Firefly Algorithm with Chaotic Maps PDF

Shoubao Su1, Yu Su2, Mingjuan Xu3 


1 School of Computer Engineering, Jinling Institute of Technology, Nanjing 211169, China;

2 School of Information & Software Engineering, University of Electronic Science &Technology of China, Chengdu 610054, China;

3 School of Information Engineering, West Anhui University, Lu’an 237012, P.R. China

Firefly Algorithm (FA) is one of the new bio-inspired algorithm driven by the simulation of the flashing behavior of fireflies. To deal with the problems of low accuracy and local convergence in standard FA, the chaos theory is introduced into the evolutionary process of FA. Since chaotic mapping has certainty, ergodicity and stochastic property, by initializing the population of fireflies and replacing the constant value of absorption coefficient with four chaotic maps, the proposed FA increases its convergence rate and resulting precision. Comparisons experimentally show that convergence quality and accuracy are improved, which testify that modified FA with chaos is valid and feasible. 

The Study on Collaborative based Marketing Sales Strategy PDF

Chen  Qun1, LI  Fang2


1 Hubei Polytechnic University, Huangshi Hubei, 435003, China

2 Hubei Normal University, Huangshi Hubei, 435002, China

Deregulation of electricity markets throughout the world requires that markets be constructed so as to insure low prices and high efficiencies. However, the electricity markets are always oligopoly markets rather than being perfect competitive ones because of the special features of the power system such as a limited number of producers, large size of the investment (barrier to entry), transmission constraints which may isolate consumers from some generators, and transmission losses which may discourage consumers from purchasing from distant suppliers. Market power (MP) is the ability of a firm to raise its price significantly above the competitive price level and to maintain this high profitable price for a considerable period. This ability is usually linked to the size of the companies with respect to the whole market, which is known as market concentration. In this paper, we propose a method based on the SF in which the producers bid the slope of the SF to simulate the strategic bidding behaviour of producers under the network constraints with a DC power flow model. Different situations will be considered in order to analyse the different impacts on producer surplus and average weighted prices in network constrained electricity markets: the perfect competition without network constraints, the perfect competition with network constraints, the oligopoly condition with network constraints in which the line flow limit is unknown to producers when they bid strategically, and the oligopoly condition with network constraints in which the line flow limit is known to producers when they bid strategically.

Intermediary Role of Job Burnout between Individual-Organization Matching and Turnover Intention Based on Regression Analysis PDF

Li Hui1, Wang Qun2 , Chen Lin3


1,2,3 Business School, Hohai University, Mailbox 490, the 8th of Focheng West Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

Lots of researches have been conducted on relationship between individual-organization matching and job involvement at home and abroad, while less are related with job burnout. Under the background of commercial banks in Chinese cultural context, the influence of individual-organization matching on job burnout and turnover intention was studied using multivariate hierarchical regression. The results showed that three dimensions of individual-organization matching and three dimensions of job burnout had significant negative effect on turnover intention; some job burnout behaviors played an intermediary role in the influence of individual-organization on turnover intention. Therefore, individual-organization matching should be improved to reduce the level of employee burnout, thereby reducing their turnover intention. It has important significance for Chinese commercial banks to remain competitive in future financial reform through excellent human resources.

Blind Sources Separation Based on Short-Time Discrete Cosine Transforms PDF

Zeng Yanni1,2, ZhangYujie1, QI Rui1,3


1School of Mathematics and Physics, China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, China

2 Faculty of Statistics and Applied Mathematics, Hubei University of Economics, Wuhan, China

3School of Science, Naval University of Engineering, Wuhan , PR China

This paper presents a sparse blind source separation method which uses short-time discrete cosine transform (STDCT) to obtain the transformed domain information from a set of linear instantaneous mixtures of these sources. Unlike short-time Fourier transform (STFT) determining the single source point or area by using the ratio of the real and imaginary parts, we remove these points which are away from the mean direction of the cluster using the orthogonal distance between the point and the line. For the clustering part, we use, in this paper, an algorithm inspired from K-means. The final algorithm is easy to extend for any number of sources. Because the STDCT is a Fourier-related transform similar to the STFT, which using only real numbers, so it reduces the computer cost on clustering and improves the algorithm accuracy. Experimental results are provided to evaluate the performance of the proposed algorithm through comparing with STFT from the normalized mean-square error (NMSE) and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).

A Logical based Framework for the Research on Knowledge Management PDF

Ke Han


School of Software, North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power, Zhengzhou, Henan, 450045, China

Nowadays, there are a lot of experiences that show no success in operationalizing knowledge management project in an organization despite using different means, indicating that huge sums have been wasted and sometimes the predicted objectives for organization have faced failure. The success or the failure of incorporating a knowledge management project depends on the specialized aspects as well as the non-specialized aspects which try to provide a comprehensive outlook about organizational, technical and specialized interactions for successfully incorporating knowledge management projects within enterprise. The existence of knowledge architecture (KA) has been always necessary for ensuring the successful operationalization of a knowledge management (KM) project. With regard to the deviations from classical architecting to large-scale architecting from one hand and the lack of an appropriate KA framework within large-scale area from the other hand, the developing of a conceptual framework for conducting KA within large-scale organizations would lead to the main aims of this paper. The initial structure of the framework was established based on the information architectural framework of Zachman. Then, we arrived at the ideal KA framework by adding service abstraction and architecture level dimension besides changing the field of all the cells within Zachman’s framework from information into knowledge. This research is descriptive in method and its validity is confirmed by executing a case study and soliciting the opinions of some KA experts. The results indicate feasibility of applying framework to other knowledge-intensive large-scale firms and the findings of paper may be beneficial for architects in the knowledge area.

Comprehensive evaluation to distribution network planning using principal component analysis PDF

Wang Ruilian1, Shengjian Gao2


1School of Electric Power, North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power, Zhengzhou, Henan, China,

2School of Civil Engineering and Communication, North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power, Zhengzhou, China,

This paper proposes a new comprehensive evaluation method by nonlinear principal component analysis in allusion to the problem in distribution network planning, such as a large number of factors, intense fuzziness and the nonlinear relationship between the factors. The method is presented for three different processes. Firstly, according to pre-existing achievement and considering long-range development of distribution network, the comprehensive evaluation index system taking into account the technical, economic, environmental and adaptability factors and so on is constructed. Secondly, by disposing all of the factors in the index system using fuzzy consistent matrix model to get the relative membership degree matrix of every scheme, the initial data matrix in fuzzy nonlinear principal component analysis is obtained. Thirdly, the weight of every principal component is acquired by means of the entropy conception. The superiority of the method in the paper introduced is that the method can dispose the fuzzy problem in complicated planning, simplify the computation process in comprehensive evaluation, reduce the subjectivity and arbitrariness, and can make the conclusion more scientific and more reasonable. A combination of a flow diagram based and a concrete example, the algorithm is proved to be correctly and practically. 

Parameter estimation for nonlinear system using intelligent algorithm PDF

Xiaoping Xu1, Feng Wang2, Fucai Qian3


1 School of Sciences, Xi’an University of Technology, No.58 Yanxiang Road, Xi’an, China

2 School of Mathematics and Statistics, Xi’an Jiaotong University, No.28 Xianning Road, Xi’an, China

3 School of Automation and Information Engineering, Xi’an University of Technology, No.5 Jinhua Road, Xi’an, China

Mathematical models are the basis of all control problems. The movement law of things described by equations is the mathematical model. The traditional paradigm of system identification employs prior information on system structures and environments and input/output observation data to derive system models. Accordingly, system identification becomes one of the current active subjects in engineering problems. It is well known that nonlinear systems widely exist in people’s production and life. Consequently, in this paper, a parameter estimation method of nonlinear system is put forward based on an improved artificial fish swarm algorithm. Its basic idea is as follows. Firstly, the parameter estimation problems of nonlinear systems are changed into a nonlinear function optimization problem over parameter space. Then, the estimates of the system parameters are obtained based on an improved artificial fish swarm algorithm. Finally, in simulation, compared with other algorithms, the simulation results indicated that the presented method is rational and effective.

Two-stage grey support vector machine prediction model PDF

Huaping Zhou , Yue Yuan


Faculty of Computer Science & Engineering Anhui University of Science and Technology, HuaiNan, China

Two-stage grey support vector machine prediction model (D2GM-SVM) is put forward by analysing the grey model GM , support vector machine model (SVM) and one-stage grey support vector machine prediction model((DGM-SVM). The prediction accuracy of grey model is improved through two-stage buffer operators D2 to predict the various relevant indexes. At the same time, genetic algorithm is used to find the optimal parameters of the support vector machine model, RBF kernel parameter and penalty parameter, which are the optimal parameters (c, g). Thus, the regression model of the optimal support vector machine is determined. Finally, the final output value is predicted by inputting the predictive value of each index into the support vector machine model. The results show D2GM-SVM has a higher prediction accuracy compared with grey prediction model , BP neural network prediction model and DGM-SVM in this case, and that grey forecasting model combined with the support vector machine model has practical value in solving practical prediction problems.

The Research on Cross-Language Emotion Recognition Algorithm for Hearing Aid PDF

Xia Shulan, Wang Jilin


College of Electrical Engineering , Yancheng Institute of Technology , Yancheng 224051 , Jiangsu, PR China

To improve the emotional perception of hearing-impaired people, the speech emotion recognition cross language algorithm is proposed. The mutual features of speech emotions in the Chinese and German corpora are analyzed and a speech emotion recognition algorithm using the Restricted Boltzmann Machine based on Parallel Tempering is proposed. First, the algorithm calculates 375 acoustic features. Then, by using the method of Fisher Discrimination Ratio combined with weighted feature fusion, 20 features are selected to be used in the speech emotion recognition. Afterwards, it sets up the Restricted Boltzmann Machine to recognize 5 types of speech emotions (anger, fear, happiness, neutral, sadness). The experiments show that this algorithm can effectively recognize the cross-language speech emotions except the neutral emotion.

Error evaluation for IDW mineral reserve estimates PDF

Li Zhanglin, Wang Ping 


Computer Faculty, China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, China

Inverse distance weighting (IDW) is a well-known method for computer aided mineral reserve estimation. In practice, however, how to evaluate errors of the estimates has always been a problem for this method. This paper proposes an alternative solution to this issue. Firstly, based on a series of discussion and analysis, implementation procedure of IDW mineral reserves estimation method in computer software was designed and explained in detail. Secondly, two methods, comparing with measured values in a developed or developing mine and with different IDW interpolation parameters in the framework of cross validation, were proposed to evaluate error of mineral reserves estimates. At last, the procedures of this method in detail has clearly been illustrated through a typical practical application, from which the practicability of the solution based on cross validation is clearly shown. Thus, it can be concluded that the proposed method is valid and practicable both in theory and practice. 

Study on the optimization of maintenance strategy based on life cycle cost estimate of transformer PDF

Zhang Han1, Qian Hai1, Chang An1, Zhou Quan2, Sun Chao2 , Wang Youyuan2


1 China South Grid Extra High Voltage Transmission Ltd., Guangzhou, China

2 State Key Laboratory of Power Transmission Equipment & System Security and New Technology, Chongqing University, China

As the key equipment of power system the status of power transformer impacts the security and stability of the grid. Make appropriate maintenance strategies for life cycle according to its operating status is important for the safe operation of the power grid. The power transformer life cycle cost (LCC) is analyzed through the establishment of the power transformer LCC decomposition model from the perspective of the life-cycle management. The cost - effectiveness of maintenance strategy is studied based on the analysis of maintenance costs and military age change under different maintenance level. Then a power transformer maintenance cost-performance optimization model and introduce genetic algorithm to solve the model. The maintenance optimization model operational, scientific and effective through case studies. 

An Approach to Comprehensive Health Status Evaluation of Oil-Immersed Transformers PDF

Feng-bo Tao1,Chao Wei1,Cheng-bo Hu1, Bi-junChen2,You-yuanWang2


1JiangSu Electric Power Company Research Institutes, Jiangsu, Nanjing, 211103, China

2State Key Laboratory of Power Transmission Equipment&System Security and New Technology, School of Electrical Engineering, Chongqing University, Chongqing, 400044, China

The oil-immersed transformers take upon important position in transmission and distribution engineering. The operation life cycle of oil-Immersed transformers is far and away lower than its designed life for the most part in Jiangsu province of China. One of its major reasons is the insufficientof running status evaluation. As everyone knows, the health condition ofpower transformer has a high degree of availability, and provides the foundation forcondition based maintenance (CBM) and decommission. The article puts forward a comprehensive health condition assessment model based on non-repairable model (aging failure model) and repairable model (status evaluation model).Therein, the first mentioned of two contains parameters which have irreversibledamage to insulation, such as long-term loading and operating environment, and the other one includes parameters which would be able to recover from the damage trough maintenance, such as oil quality test and partial discharge test.The health status value is quantized into scores between 0-100 by means of mathematical toolslike conditionclassification and fuzzy inference and so on. The model represents health condition intuitively, and modified by defectivework condition information, which has anirreversibledamage on insulating materials, and enhances theaccuracy rating. The article provides a visualized and reliable basis of CBM. 

Hawkeye technology using tennis match PDF

Yan Baodong


P.E. Department, Yulin University, Yulin, shanxi, China,

In recent years, tennis has been widely spread and development of electronic information technology and popularization application in tennis. Hawkeye technology is through the trajectories of the high-speed cameras to capture the tennis, and through the digital imaging displays it on the electronic screen, thus provides the more impartial decision basis for the game. In view of this, this article through to the present situation and the application of hawkeye technology architecture, influence value are detailed analysis, trying to provide effective feasible Suggestions for it. 

Comprehensive Economic Strength Assessment Based on Decision Tree Algorithm PDF

Yuan Hou, Min Wu


 Shanghai Key Lab of Trustworthy Computing, Software Engineering Institute, East China Normal University, Shanghai 200062, P.R.China

In this paper, we apply some computer software techniques in socio-economics to study an economic decision-making problem, the comprehensive economic strength assessment problem. To achieve delicacy socio-economical decision, we first conduct an assessment of various influencing factors involved in the decision problem based on analytic hierarchy process, and then apply two decision-tree algorithms to establish the appropriate models with corresponding classification rules. We also use Matlab to fit the data for the purpose of prediction and validation. The experiments show the effectivity and accuracy of decision-tree algorithms in supplying valuable suggestions for economic decision-making problems.

Review of Human-Robot Interactive Modelling and Application for Elders PDF

Jing Han, Lun Xie, Shangmou Xu, Zhiliang Wang


School of Computer and Communication Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing, No.30 Xueyuan road, Beijing, China

As the psychological problems of the aged are increasingly obvious in the aging society, the human-robot interaction technology making psychological adjustment for the aged becomes one of the most important directions of robotics’ research. Firstly, this paper describes the current development situation of interaction technology that can be applied for the service robot of elderly psychological adjustment. Next the methods of feature recognition and sentiment analysis in facial expression interaction, speech interaction, and other interactions are discussed. Then several typical emotion models are analyzed in detail. Finally, the possible research directions of robot interaction technology for elderly psychological adjustment are summarized and prospected.

The application of PLSA features in the automatic assessment system for English oral test PDF

Ding Ming 1, Dong Bin 1, Yan Yonghong 1, Ding Yousheng 2


1 The Key Laboratory of Speech Acoustics and Content Understanding, Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, No. 21 North 4th Ring Road, Haidian District, 100190 Beijing, China

2 College of Light Industry, Wuhan Polytechnic, No.463 Guan Shan Road, Hongshan District, 430000 Wuhan, China,

As an efficacious statistical tool for the analysis of co-occurrence data, the PLSA (Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis) is usually applied to the information retrieval. However, the theory foundation of PLSA is document data mining. So PLSA should also be a content understanding tool. In this paper, we try to develop its potential as an content assessment feature extraction tool for the auto English oral test rating system which need more precision and comprehensive content assessment. In the contrast group, word frequency which is extracted from the test data  is used to assess the content correlation in the A&Q item as a data mining feature and it has proved to be a success .But, the word frequency feature has a significant weak point: When the system lacks test data, the capability of the feature will drop sharply. Oppositely, building the PLSA model of word frequency with the data prepared before the exam and extracting the probabilistic feature from the examinee’s speech can avoid the problem above. In the result, the single dimension feature performance of PLSA feature is better than the simple word frequency feature and the assessment performance will also be improved, if the choice of PLSA model parameters is appropriate.

Depth Induced Feature Representation for 4D Human Activity Recognition PDF

Runlin Zhao1, Yang Zhao2


1Department of Computer Science and Technology, Yuncheng University, Yuncheng, China

2School of Automation, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu, China

Human activity recognition based on RGBD data has drawn considerable attention due to recent emergence of low-cost depth cameras. Essentially, human activities are composed by human bodies moving in four-dimensional space, (x,y,z,t). The traditional human activity recognition approaches usually ignore depth information thus degrading its discriminative performance. In this paper, our contributions are two-fold. First of all, we learn an Activity Depth Mapping (ADM) over each activity from training samples, where Activity Depth Maps are represented by Gaussian Mixture of Models (GMM) and encode depth distributions of activities. Second, we propose a novel feature representation, called Depth-Induced Multiple Channel STIPs (DIMC-STIPs), for activity representation with RGB-D data where both color and depth channels are available. The proposed feature representation is evaluated on the public dataset RGBD-HuDaAct and it remarkably improves the classification accuracy over state-of-the-art approaches.

Research on Strategies of Pricing and Coordinating in Reverse Supply Chain for Duopoly Recovery Competition PDF

Zhou Zhanfeng 


School of Mechatronic Engineering, XI’AN Technological University, China

By using the Game Theory, this paper studied the pricing problem in multi-level reverse supply with a single manufacturer, a single retailer and duopoly recycler. Pricing model was established in non-cooperative game and cooperative game separately and the optimal pricing strategy was got. Considering that there are many procedures in multi-level reverse supply and the preference for the contract of each enterprise maybe distinct, this paper built a combined contract with price discount contract and revenue sharing contract. At last an example was given and the result shows that the combined contract is effective to coordinate reverse supply chain 

Research on remote oil and gas pipeline leakage detection system PDF

Zhang He, Y Q Tang , P Ren


Mechatronic engineering College, University of Southwest Petroleum, Xindu Str. 8, CHIN-610500 Sichuan, China

The pipeline transport is the main mode of transportation of oil and gas which is the most important source of energy in modern society. However, leakage has become the major failure of oil and gas pipeline operation, especially the leakage accidents caused by pipeline corrosion and perforation occur frequently, which seriously interferes with the normal production, and causes huge economic loss and environmental pollution. In this paper, the remote oil and gas pipeline leakage detecting system based on the technology of Internet and ZigBee was studied. Through the wireless Internet and ZigBee network, this system realizes the remote detection of oil and gas pipeline leakage with CC2430 communication chip at the core. Experimental results show that this detecting system is capable of judging and positioning pipeline leakage in time and accurately.

Benefits balance mechanism of network finance based on e-commerce platform PDF

Huang Lingling1, Zhao Yuan1


1North China University of Technology, No.5, Jingyuanzhuang Road, Beijing, China.

Information asymmetry is one of the main reason which leads to the financing difficulties of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), while network financing based on e-commerce platform can reduce information asymmetry degree and provide a new approach for SMEs to solve their financing difficulties. In this article, we built some games model based on the theories and methods of game theory to analysis profit distribution and Nash Equilibrium of each participant in e-commerce financing, and we differ the finance model into accounting-based lend and network finance based on e-commerce platform. The results show that the introduction of e-commerce into financing can play a positive role in increasing the financing scales of SMEs, reducing the risks of bank, and enhancing the value-added service of e-commerce platforms. There is also an optimal solution about profit distribution, thus achieving a win-win outcome for all stakeholders.

Safety analysis for expressway based on Bayesian network: a case study in China PDF

Ling Wang1,3, Hua-pu Lu1, Yi Zheng2,3, Zhijun Qian4


1 Institute of Transportation Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

2 School of civil Engineering, Tianjin University, Tianjin, china

3 National Defense Transportation Department,Military Transportation University,Tianjin, China

4 Logistics Department of Air Force, Beijing, China,

The accident rates and the mortality rates of expressway in china show an obviously opposite trend compared with most countries, and they are significantly higher than other classes of highways. Moreover, the rate of devastating accidents on expressway in china is higher, and road safety on expressway in china is still serious. The aim of this research is to attempt to develop the causation of traffic accidents occurred on expressway and seek the accidents mechanisms. This paper presents a safety  analysis for expressway in China, analyzes the accidents occurred on one expressway of Shanxi Province in China, and selects 8 variables from four influence factors including driver characteristics, highway characteristics, vehicle characteristics, and atmospheric characteristics. The authors consider the relationship of these variables and use the Netica Software to develop BN model involved 8 nodes. Then, the sensitivity analysis is processed for each variable. The research draws a conclusion that four variables including cause (the driver’s illegal behavior), experience, weather and lighting were the main cause of the occurrence of accidents on expressway in China.

Coordination and Risk Sharing with Considering Supply Chain External Quality Fault PDF

Li Yongfei 1,2


1 School of Economic and Management, Xi'an University of Posts and Telecommunications South Road of Changan, 563, Xi'an, China

2 Shaanxi philosophy and social science research base - Information Industry Development Research Center,  Xi'an, China

Based on theory of Stackelberg non-cooperative game, this paper studies the coordination and risk-sharing problem in a supply chain under considering external quality fault. The Supply chain is consisted by one supplier and one retailer around a single product within one period. This paper presents the optimal profit, the optimal order quantity, coordination and the risk sharing problem in a supply chain by buyback contract under considering external quality fault. This mainly contributes of the paper are as follows. First, the supplier should avoid external quality fault and allow the retailer return his order quantity with wholesale price in a coordinated supply chain. Second, the optimal expected profit in a supply chain without quality fault is smaller than it when the external quality fault occurs, but the risk sharing in the case is larger. Third, the risk sharing of all parties in the coordinated supply chain are all positively correlated with the quality fault rate, the scrap rate, the wholesale price and the retail price but non-correlated with the buyback contract.

Apriori algorithm for economic data mining in sports industry PDF

Yaguang Xiang


Sports Institute, West Anhui University, Liu'an, 237012,Anhui, China

Current data mining model cannot meet the increasing requirement of economic data mining in sports industry. In view of it, this paper put forward a data mining model based on improved Apriori algorithm, firstly took Hash technology to remove unnecessary candidate item sets to improve the algorithm efficiency, and then translated the transactional databases to the form of matrix to decrease the memory consumption. The simulation experiments show that compared with standard Apriori algorithms, our proposed data mining model based on improved Apriori algorithm greatly shortens the running time, decreases the space consumption, and can be completely applied into the sports industry economic data mining.

Proportionality of component factors in shipping safety cost based on GA-BP model PDF

Hao Li, Qingnian Zhang


School of Transportation, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan, 430063, Hubei, China

Security is the base of development. Shipping safety is of great significance in promoting rapid and sound development of shipping economy, and the efficient investment of shipping safety cost is the guarantee of the increase of shipping safety economic benefit and shipping security level. Shipping safety cost consists of the guarantee-purpose safety cost and the cost of safety failure. It is found that the guarantee-purpose shipping safety cost composition also influences the cost of shipping safety failure, and the relationship between them is complex nonlinear. The component factors of shipping safety cost are discussed from the perspective of shipping business actual. Genetic algorithm is adopted to optimize neural network, which improves the convergence rate and precision of neural network. The genetic algorithm optimizing neural network model (GA-BP) is established to quantify the proportionality between the guarantee-purpose shipping safety cost composition and the cost of shipping safety failure through network training. This research provides data support for the effective investment decision of shipping safety cost.

Knowledge structure analysis of college physical education teachers based on latent class modeling PDF

Jie Kong


Department of Basic Course, Jinling Institute of Technology, Nanjing 211169, Jiangsu, China

Objective To survey the intellectual structure of PE Teacher at colleges and investigate the distribution of university teachers' intellectual structure by the latent class model .Methods Questionnaire to collect information, to describe the knowledge of the distribution of the knowledge structure of university teachers and to use MPLUS software exploratory latent class analysis Results According to the latent class model, based on the knowledge structure, cognitive differentiation of PE teachers for four latent class groups and the lack of type (0.4169), respectively, for the general basic knowledge of cognition; appropriate knowledge structure and cognitive type (.2544); sports technology-driven(0.1658); knowledge structure, cognitive "smart" (0.1629). Conclusion College of Physical Education should be based on the different types of knowledge structure of targeted training to enhance the overall strength of the PE teachers, the gradual completion of the teaching of modern sports transition from sports to strengthen the theoretical knowledge to the higher capacity "smart type".

The Real Estate Enterprise Performance Evaluation Model Study. Empirical Research on the Real Estate Enterprise Statistics in China: 2009-2013 PDF

Shubing Qiu


School  of  Management Engineering,Anhui Polytechnic University , Wuhu,China

Based on our real estate business development, for the shortcomings of traditional performance evaluation methods, combined with hierarchical fuzzy neural network evaluation method, using BP neural network training corporate financial indicators, and fuzzy neural network training non-financial indicators, and then to build a fuzzy neural network evaluation model integratedly, so the value of enterprise performance evaluation results can be calculated. The results show: the model is of high accuracy, which can more accurately reflect the performance of the real estate development business. 

Data analysis of basketball game performance based on bivariate poisson regression model PDF

Ke Shen


Physical Education Institute, Hunan University of Technology, Zhuzhou 412007, Hunan, China

Conventional methods used to process two-dimensional discrete data will produce large errors and have a narrow scope of application. Along with the development of mathematical theories and computer technologies, some scholars propose to process two-dimensional discrete data by bivariate Poisson regression model, which takes correlation among data sets into consideration and has excessive variability so that results of data analysis can be more accurate. This paper firstly introduces bivariate Poisson distribution and bivariate Poisson regression model, and then uses this model to analyze performance data of each team in regular seasons of 2013-2014 CBA (China Basketball Association) and 2012-2013 NBA (National Basketball Association), and predict performance in post seasons. Through comparison between actual results and results of double independent Poisson distribution, this model can better predict game performance.

Evaluation model of college basketball teaching based on fuzzy AHP theory PDF

Lei Li


Institute of Physical Education, Shandong Normal University, Jinan 250014, Shandong, China

Fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (AHP) uses fuzzy matrix on the theoretical basis of original AHPs, so it overcomes difference in judgment among different people well, accords with people’s thinking logics and mental judgment decisions to a larger extent and has a simpler form. Physical education classroom acts as an important approach by which college students do physical exercise and improve physical quality. This thesis takes college students’ basketball teaching for example and establishes an evaluation model about college students’ basketball teaching based on fuzzy AHP theory according to classroom learning status. In accordance with features of fuzzy theory and AHP and in combination with quantitative and qualitative methods, it selects evaluation factors of classroom learning, constructs comprehensive and scientific evaluation system and uses this model to implement instance analysis of students’ classroom learning. Then, it obtains evaluation results, proposes corresponding promotion countermeasures and verifies effectiveness of the model.

Microgrid distribution system dynamic reactive power optimization based on improved particle swarm algorithms PDF

Wenhao Zhu1,2,  Qiyi Guo1,  Jianyun Lei3


1 Department of Electrical Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai, 200092, China;

2 Schneider Shanghai Low Voltage Terminal Apparatus Co., Ltd. Shanghai, 201109, China;

3 College of Computer Science, South-Central University for Nationalities, Wuhan, 430074, China;

Due to the low accuracy and convergence of existing particle swarm algorithm in the micro power dynamic reactive power opti­mi­zation in distribution system, this paper proposes an improved particle swarm algorithm based on the state of the particle and inertia weight optimization. This algorithm first adjusts the status of the states of the particles. Then using Sigmoid mapping to optimize the search ability of the inertia weight in particle swarms algorithm. Finally, using the optimal learning strategies to improve the con­ver­gence of particle swarm optimization algorithm. Through simulation experiments, the proposed improving particle swarm algo­rithm based on particle state and inertia weight optimization owing better convergence than traditional particle swarm opti­mi­zation. Only small error was obtained during dynamic reactive power optimization in micro power distribution system.

Risk-aversion revenue sharing contract in financial industry chain PDF

Zhu Chen1, Lin Li2 , Song Tang3, Jia Zhu3


1School of Econmics and Management, Wuhan University, Wuhan 430072, Hubei, China

2School of Sociology, Central China Normal  University, Wuhan 430079, Hubei, China

3Guangzhou Key Research Bases of Regional Financial Policy, Guangdong University of Finance, Guangzhou 510521, Guangdong, China

Revenue sharing contract is one of the effective ways in the coordination of entity industrial chain. However, the specificity of finan­cial industry chain leads to more risks and more complicated coordination. Therefore, this paper constructs a risk-aversion revenue sharing contract to analyze the coordination method of financial industry chain, and also makes empirical analysis on it. The result shows that the risk-aversion revenue sharing contract can play a coordinating role in the financial industrial chain, and the more strengths of peculiarity on risk aversion, the larger benefit share of the enterprise should be.

Application of definite integral methods in solving the problem of digitization PDF

Gaixia Song


Vocational Technical College, Tibet Lhasa 85000, China

Definite integral methods are widely used in solving practical problems. The methods of solving practical problems in geometry, physics, economics, and so on are discussed in this paper. Mastering some certain integral calculation methods will certainly help to solve some practical problems in life. From these few simple examples, we can see that to solve the practical problems of definite integral, the most important thing is to digitize the problem, and then writing out the formula by using the mathematical theory, and finally calculating the results by using integral principle.

Strategic decision of competing supply chain network with multi-criteria decision making PDF

Qinghong Zhang1, Kai Kang2, Ming Li2


1School of Information Science and Technology, Shijiazhuang Tiedao university, Shijiazhuang 050043, Hebei, China

2School of Economics and Management, Hebei University of Technology, Tianjin 300401, China

In this paper, we propose a rigorous modeling and analytical framework for the design of decentralized supply chain network with a rival chain present, which involved in the production, storage, and distribution of a substitutable product to markets. The different tiers of firms, consisting of manufacturers, distributors, and retailers are assumed to be multi-criteria decision makers who seek to not only maximize the total profits, but also to minimize the emissions quantities with an appropriate weight. Qualitative properties of the equilibrium solution to the infinite-dimensional variation inequality formulation are provided. In particular, the existence and uniqueness of the results are derived. The algorithm is provided and applied to compute solutions to numerical examples in order to illustrate our approach.

Profit distribution model of industry-university-research alliance based on Shapley algorithm PDF

Tao Wang, You Jiang


Marketing management, Wuhan University, Wuhan, 430072, Hubei, China

Traditional Shapley algorithm is unfair in the profit distribution of industry-university-research alliance. In view of this situation, this paper puts forward a profit distribution model based on improved Shapley algorithm optimized by fairness factors. It firstly evaluates the contribution ratio of each member in the alliance with contribution factor, and then evaluates the risk each member bears with risk factor, evaluates the technological innovation ability with technological innovation factor, and finally adjusts the profit distribution with these evaluation results to get the final distribution. Simulation results show that compared with traditional Shapley algorithm, the improved Shapley algorithm is fairer and more stable, and makes the satisfaction degree of each member in accordance, which is conducive to the sustainable development of industry-university-research alliance.

An M/G/1 retrial queue subject to disasters and N-policy vacation PDF

Peishu Chen1,2, Guoxi Zhao3, Yongwu Zhou1


1School of Business Administration, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou 510000, Guangdong, China
2Mathematics Department, Chaohu University, Chaohu 238000, Anhui, China
3Department of mathematics and information science, Xinxiang University, Xinxiang 453003, Henan, China

An M/G/1 retrial queue subject to disasters and N-policy vacation is investigated in this paper. Both positive and negative customers arrival in Poisson processes independently, and positive customers receive service immediately if the server is idle upon their arrivals. Otherwise, they enter a retrial orbit and repeat their attempt again after a random time period. Once negative customers arrive, they not only remove all the customers in the system but also make the server under repair. The server leaves for an N-policy vacation as soon as the system empties. By using the supplementary variables method, we obtain the steady-state solutions for both performance measures and reliability quantities.

Microblog-oriented hot topic discovery and trend analysis PDF

Chengfang Tan1,2, Caiyin Wang2, Lin Cui1,2


1School of Information Engineering, Suzhou University, Suzhou 234000, Anhui, China
2Intelligent Information Processing Lab, Suzhou University, Suzhou 234000, Anhui, China

Microblog has become an important means for people to obtain the first message. This paper proposes a method for hot topic detection and topic trend analysis in the massive microblog short text data set. Firstly, considering the microblog special style and clustering efficiency, we make appropriate improvements on the classical single -pass clustering algorithm to enhance the quality of clustering, and then put forward the topic heat evaluation method and rank topics of each topic cluster based on this method. Finally, in each time window, we calculate the strength of topics depending on the topic strength calculation formula, and discovery the topic evolution trend. Experiments show that the proposed method can not only effectively detect hot topics, but also can clearly find out the topic evolution process.

Application of rough sets in audience rating prediction PDF

Meimei Wu1, Yan Wang1, Xingli Liu2


1School of Science, Communication University of China, Beijing 100024, China
2College of Information Science and Technology, Heilongjiang University of Science and Technology, Harbin, 150022, Heilongjiang, China

The Audience Rating Prediction plays a significant role in the increasingly fierce competition in the television industry. This paper proposes an approach of combining the rough sets with the back propagation neural network, which can be used to predict complicated audience ratings with dynamic and non-linear factors. The attribute reduction based on rough sets can remove redundant information, weaken the impacts of noise data and interdependency data to BP neural network and reduce the complexity of the neural network system. Therefore, this approach can improve the accuracy of prediction and reduce the training time. Through the experiments of audience rating data, this paper compares the approach based on Rough sets and BP neural network with that of BP neural network only. These experiments represent that the Audience rating prediction based on Rough sets and BP neural network achieves better results.

Weight optimization of transportation routing planning Dijkstra algorithm PDF

Jun Yuan, Peilin Zhang, Liqun Ding


Transportation planning and management, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan, 430063, Hubei, China

As to standard Dijkstra algorithm for planning transportation routing still exists low computing speed, inaccuracy issues, this paper proposes a Dijkstra algorithm which is based on data constraints and path impacts optimization of factors, firstly, pre-process all directed-node pairs in routing traffic network, and then in Dijkstra way for reverse expanding boundary nodes, which limits its path boundary, then mark the optimal node on path nodes and take "target block" as a unit for storage, so as to speed up algorithm’s running speed, at last, in order to improve the accuracy of traditional algorithm’s routing planning, add routing impact factors to the traditional algorithm, and weight optimize it. Simulation results show that, compared with the standard Dijkstra algorithm, the Dijkstra algorithm proposed in this paper is based on data constraints and routing impacts optimization of factors, its speed of operation is greatly shortened, routing planning accuracy is greatly increased, and it has an good robustness.

Contract selection between one supplier and two competing retailers PDF

Rongting Sun1, Yiqun Guo2,3


1 School of Economics and Management, Chang'An University, Xi’an 710064, Shaanxi, China.
2 Xi'an Physical Education University, Xi’an 710068, Shaanxi, China.
3 School of Finance and Economics, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xi’an 710049, Shaanxi, China.

This paper investigates a contract-selection scheme for coordinating a supply chain consisting of one supplier and two competing retailers. The supplier, as a Stackelberg leader, offers a wholesale-price contract and a quantity-discount contract to two competing retailers; the competing retailers have to choose one of the contracts and decide the quantities they would order. On the basis of anticipated responses and actions of the retailers, the supplier designs the contract combination in order to coordinate the supply chain. Adopting the classic Cournot competition model and using game theory, we show that the contract-selection scheme could coordinate the competing supply chain and provide a relative better performance than the single quantity-discount contract. A numerical study is presented to illustrate the findings.

Cooperative benefit allocation mechanism of logistics service integrated supply chain on electronic products PDF

Ying Dai, Yun Shi, Han Song, Yanhong Qin


College of Management, Chongqing University of Technology, Chongqing, 400054, China

Considering the business partnership between logistics service integrator and functional logistics enterprise, we build a cooperative benefit allocation mechanism of logistics service supply chain about electronic products. Then operational effects and influence factors are analyzed. The result shows that logistics services integrator only need to consider output elasticity coefficients of both sides when setting optimal allocation coefficient. The optimal allocation coefficient is negatively correlated with output elasticity coefficient of logistics service quality invested by logistics integrator, positively correlated with output elasticity coefficient of logistics service quality invested by functional logistics enterprises. Optimum logistics service quality is positively correlated with output coefficient, negatively correlated with cost coefficient. The optimal fixed payment is negatively correlated with output coefficient, positively correlated with cost coefficient.

Marxist theory database query optimization based on improved ID3 algorithm PDF

Fan Jiang 1,2 


1 Northeast Forestry University, School of Marxism, Harbin 150040, Heilongjiang, China
2 Harbin Party School of CPC, Department of The party's history and construction, Harbin, 150040, Heilongjiang, China

Focused on the problem that the data query of Marxist theory database requires to be optimized, this paper proposes a database query optimization strategy based on improved ID3 algorithm. It firstly changes the measure of property selection in data set so as to decrease the computational expense and generation time, then adjusts the calculation of information gain to the calculation of residual value of information gain and selects the property with minimum residual value as a new standard to replace the original information gain. Simulation experiment shows that improved ID3 algorithm is superior to standard ID3 algorithm in accuracy and time consumption in the establishment of decision-making tree.

Physical model of virtual human response motion captured in the taekwondo PDF

Guohua Quan


Institute of Physical Education, Jiangxi Science and Technology Normal University, Nanchang, 330013, China

Motion capture technology that sprang up in 1990s is widely used in assisted animation creation. The main work of this paper is to explore new ways for animation creation by capture data. Available technologies includes concurrent route composition based on taekwondo motion graph optimization, computer virtual puppet animation created by exploration of capturing motion, concurrent interactive control based on motion graph optimization and response motions of virtual characters. This article not only establishes a physical model of virtual human response motion captured in the taekwondo, but also establishes the motion frame changes for taekwondo characteristics.

Evaluating electric vehicles demand influence based on fuzzy extended AHP PDF

Junchao Yang1, Liping Wang2


School of Economics and Management, North China Electric Power University, Beijing 102206, China

Vehicle emission is a hot issue for a big city health environment developing, and electric vehicle is a shortcut way to reduce the vehicle emissions. How to enhance electric vehicle’s demand in vehicle’s market is a multi-criterion decision problem. The aim of this paper is to identify and discuss some of the important critical indicators for the decision problem. A totally fourteen indicators are selected for the electric vehicle’s demand influence evaluation system from the aspects of vehicles’ performance, service and personal preference three aspects. Fuzzy extended analytic hierarchy process (FEAHP) is proposed solving the problem because it has the advantages of simple, less time taking and capture the vagueness of human thinking. Finally, a case study and the results show the proposed model is feasibility and effective for the evaluation.

Optimizing of ready-mixed concrete vehicle scheduling problem by hybrid heuristic algorithm PDF

Guochen Zhang1, Jianchao Zeng2


1 College of Electrical and Information Engineering, Lanzhou University of Technology, Lanzhou, 730050, China
2 Division of Industrial and System Engineering, Taiyuan University of Science and Technology, Taiyuan, 030024, China

RMC (Ready-mixed concrete) vehicle scheduling problem is a complex combinatorial optimization problem with intersection of several research areas, such as logistics, just-in-time production and supply chains etc. We integrates RMC production scheduling and vehicle dispatch problems in the same framework by network flow techniques and establishes a mixed integer programming model for ready-mixed concrete vehicle scheduling problem. Then, we put forward a hybrid heuristic algorithm to optimize the RMC vehicle scheduling problem based on the characteristics of ready-mixed concrete vehicle fleet operations. The main idea of proposed hybrid heuristic algorithm is decomposing complex RMC vehicle scheduling problem into simple problems. Finally, the algorithm is used to solve specific simulation examples and to verify the effectiveness of the proposed hybrid heuristic algorithm.

Textual opinion summarization based on Cluster_HITS model PDF

Yancui Li1, Hongyu Feng2, Wenhe Feng2


1 Department of Computer Science and Technology, Soochow University, Suzhou 215006, Jiangsu, China
2 Henan Institute of Science and Technology, Xinxiang 453003, Henan, China

Textual Opinion summarization aims to concentrate and refine the text data so as to generate a summary of the text regarding the expressed opinion. We collect and annotate an English multi-document corpus on product reviews, which provides a basic resource for the research on textual opinion summarization. Specifically, we incorporate the opinion and helpful information into the Cluster_HITS model to consider the impacts of them. Experimental results show that the proposed method apparently outperforms baseline in terms of ROUGE measurement.

Operational risk quantification for loss frequency using fuzzy simulation PDF

Shuxia Liu1, Haijie Mi2


1School of Business Administration, Hebei Normal University of Science & Technology, Qinhuangdao, China
2Chinese Unicom Shijiazhuang branch, Shijiazhuang, China

The estimation of the frequency parameter of operational risk quantification has received increased attention under the new Basel proposal. This paper proposes an advanced measurement approach using fuzzy point estimation. In this approach, prior membership function could be obtained through fuzzy maximum entropy rule. When operational risk loss data is given, posterior membership function can be easily calculated by using fuzzy point theorem. After posterior mean is exploited as fuzzy point estimate, loss frequency distribution is gotten. Finally, an empirical analysis on this model is conducted based historical data obtained from a Chinese commercial bank. The result shows that economical can reduce the complexity and communication cost.

An optimal combined forecasting method to prediction of ownership for private cars PDF

Junchao Yang


School of Economic and Management Administration, North China Electric Power University, Beijing 102206, China

With the high speed economic development of China, the number of private cars is also increasing rapidly. However, car emission has an important influence for air pollution; it needs to consider controlling private cars demand when the government makes automotive industry’s strategy. It should forecast the future private car accuracy. In this article, a combined forecasting model with simulate anneal algorithm optimizing weights of private car is carried out. The proposed model can improve the performance of each single forecasting model such as regression, Grey and SVM. Finally, a case study with Chinese private cars number is presented, and the results are shown that the proposed model is superior to each single model.

Gini coefficient estimation using parabolic model PDF

Xiaoqi Niu1, Baoping Chan 2


1 School of Mathematics and Statistics, Anyang Normal University, Anyang 455000, Henan, China
2 School of software engineering, Anyang Normal University, Anyang 455000, Henan, China

The goal of this paper is to establish a parabolic model for Gini Coefficient estimation. With the help of computer simulation and programming, this paper develops a new method of Gini Coefficient estimation and provides statistic support for the administrative and the decision-making departments of the government to scientifically measure the income gaps and to adjust the distribution policy and macroeconomic policy.

Construction and Implementation of Foreign Language Teaching based on Virtual Reality Technology PDF

Xia Ren


Henan Economy and Trade Vocational College, Henan, 450000, China

The development and progress of technology brings good developing opportunity for foreign language teaching. This paper applied computer virtual technology into foreign language teaching, constructed the teaching model based on virtual reality technology, and deeply analyzed its main functions combined with the characteristics of foreign language, which will produce certain influence on foreign language teaching and achieve good teaching effects.

Qualitative of Real Estate Enterprise Financial Shared Services Center Based on Knowledge Management Model PDF

Yongxia Chen


Civil Engineering College of Nanjing Forestory University, 210037, China

Through the analysis of connotation of the knowledge management model, this paper briefly summarized the framework of knowledge management model and pointed out the present situation of the current real estate organization management in our country and existed risks of financial shared services center construction. In addition, it put forward the establishing of real estate enterprise financial shared services center based on knowledge management model starting from the actual situation combined with financial shared services center concept, stated from its multi-aspects of construction ideas, construction contents and key points for construction and analyzed the running condition, in order to play a reference role in the construction of real estate enterprise financial shared services center.

Green Supply Chain Level Measure and Analysis Model Based on Fuzzy Information Amount PDF

Chang’an Ma


Ningbo Dahongying University, Ningbo, Zhejiang, 315175, China

The management of green supply chain is a method which is aimed at considering environment influence and optimal use of resources synthetically. In this article, we started from the concept and content of green supply chain, schemed out a set of performance evaluation system which is based on fuzzy theory, set up a relevant evaluation model and verified it with example correspondingly.

Comparative Analysis of Experiment on Lower Limbs Flexibility of the Artistic Gymnastics Students Based on the PNF Stretching Training Method PDF

Guangliang Wu1, Fuqiu Wang2


1Department of physical Education Renmin University of China, Beijing, 100872, China
2PE and Sports College of Beijing Normal University, 100875, China

Through the analysis of the concept of PNF stretching training method, this paper summarized its basic principles and common methods, used the method of PNF stretching training under the condition of different resistance time to test the subjects, and tested the forward-backward and transverse and longitudinal split. Combined with the actual results, corresponding suggestion for the artistic gymnastics students of lower limbs flexibility training was proposed to promote the flexibility training of students.

The Mathematical Model Analysis by Direct Negotiation of the Price in Small Procurements for Pharmaceutical Factory Construction Projects PDF

Wei Zeng 


Tongji University Shanghai Tongji Engineering Consulting Co.,Ltd. 200092, China

This paper is to study the mechanism by direct negotiation of the price in small procurements for the pharmaceutical factory construction projects. Provided that two parts estimate the construction price as the sum of cost and profit, the paper forms target price for owners and contractors after adjustment of the profit and price by each other according to the owner and contractor’s principal and subordinate, friendly and information asymmetry situation, then imitates the contract price according to the owner and contractor’s principal and subordinate situation.

The Coupling Mechanism Industry System of Ecological Agriculture and Ecological Tourism Based on The Constraints of Resources and Environment PDF

Yi Luo 


Chongqing College of Electronic Engineering, Chongqing, 401331, China

Coupling development of ecological agriculture and ecological tourism based on the constraints of resources and environment is the upgrade and transformation for the traditional development pattern of agriculture and tourism in our country. Ecological agriculture improves agricultural productivity level, original ecological level of agricultural product and the income level of farmers. Ecological tourism advocates to abandon consuming resources disorderly and immoderately in traditional tourism, and to proceed tourism development under the constraints of tourism carrying capacity, thus to improve the high taste, environment protection and economical benefits. Establishing an industry system based on coupling development of ecological tourism and ecological agriculture, this paper realized the maximum of social benefit of industry system with this industry system, and the optimization of dynamic industry resources allocation under the constraints of resources and environmental carrying capacity. It also described the influence of different types of resources (eg. renewable and non-renewable resources, original resources and secondary resources), pollution (eg. different rate of decay and different environmental capacity) as well as parameters change such as technology progress, size change, structure change on industry growth pathway on the economical growth of coupling industry system. This study provides suggestions and helps for government to formulate development planning and macro policy of coupling industry system.

Analysis on the Efficiency of Engineering Based on Engineering Structure PDF

Jiaqi Yang


Architectural and Engineering Department, Sichuan Vocational and Technical College of Communications, Sichuan, 611130, China

Structural simulation analysis has become an effective and general research means in engineering field. Through the finite element modeling and calculation, we can obtain the engineering performance, stress mechanism, collapse state, etc so as to guide practical engineering application. This paper attempted to respectively elaborate the characteristics of conceptual model, mathematical model, calculation model and construction idea and method by putting forward a kind of integrate system. Whether they had reached to the effectiveness index was examined through comparing the results of effectiveness experiment and simulation analysis. The accuracy of this simulation analysis was obtained through defining the effective index and comparing the results between effectiveness experiment and simulation analysis. It has provided reliable system evaluation for whether the simulation analysis results of effectiveness experiment can be applied or not.

Optimization of Automization Control Project Progress Based on MS Project PDF

Yunhai Hou, Lei Wang


School of Electrical & Electric Engineering, Changchun University of Technology, 130012, Changchun, China

This paper first states theory of project control and theory and method of project progress management, introduced the project management software MS Project; then it introduced the scientific research project management system of institute A, platform C project as well as platform automization control project in detail. Moreover, it used MS Project to make integral WBS decomposition on automization control project of platform C in institute A, found out critical path of automization control project and proposed and concluded various typical problems; after that, the proposed optimization idea and method were applied to make progress optimization on automization control project, and abstract work and WBS decomposition of detailed project were given out after optimization; at last, automization control project of platform C was compared before and after optimization in aspects of project schedule, network planning of project, project personnel and the new added parts after optimization. Finally, it was concluded that, the significantly reduced time limit of automization control project of platform C after optimization was feasible. Afterwards, it analyzed two aspects that affect scientific research progress, that is, plan of scientific research project and personnel management problems of scientific research project and some opinions and suggestions were given out.

Real-Time Dynamic Data Fusion Technology Based on Traffic Information Control Model PDF

Xiangong Yan


Jiangsu Maritime Institute, Nanjing, 211170, China

The safety monitoring capacity of our shipping enterprises on inland craft Have weak place because of geographically separation of ship and shore, and it is lack of effective monitoring to the state of shipping and goods carrying. The advanced computer information technology, communication technology and network technology should be used to combine the safety monitoring management of ship and shore organically. The interactive data at any time and collaborative management of ship and shore can ensure the safety and efficiency of inland water transport. This paper analyzed the multi-level sensor data fusion technology based on the summary of existing data fusion technology, and the data fusion model of navigation environment was put forward. This paper put forward the data fusion model of multiple data sources and its main algorithm based on multi-data fusion of traffic information control model and information collection of research field of Yangtze River shipping.

Promotion of Electronic Product Performance by Optimizing PCB PDF

Linna Wang, Yi Hu, Jinglu Zhang


Department of Electronic Technology, BEIJING POLYTECHNIC, 100016, China

Aiming at the problem of electromagnetic interference exceeding in switching power supply compatibility experiment of electronic system, and combined with the design example of LLC half bridge resonance switch power supply, this paper put forward the optimum design method of PCB electromagnetic compatibility. By taking switching power supply as research object, it firstly analyzed the effect of electromagnetic interference on PCB electromagnetic compatibility. Based on method of field circuit combination, PCB simulation model was established so as to analyze the PCB electromagnetic compatibility of switching power supply. Next, according to the figure of PCB surface current and the near field distribution of electromagnetic field, and based on optimization design process of PCB electromagnetic compatibility, valid rectification measures was taken so as to improve PCB design and enhance PCB electromagnetic compatibility. At last, the simulation results showed that electromagnetic field intensity has widely reduced, which verified the reasonability of the improvement of PCB in design phase.

Design and Realization of Hotel Management System PDF

Fuxiang You


Yiwu Industrial & Commercial College, Yiwu, 322000, China

Under the environment of informatization, key of current development of hotel industry is to effectively design and realize hotel management information system and make clients fulfill online hotel reservation more conveniently. This study provides support for the design and realization of hotel management information system through computer technology, database technology and software architecture technology. It also determines system work flow chart, system business process and data analysis of system by analyzing demand of hotel management information system and attaches importance to hotel service, which provides basis for establishing hotel management system.

Multi-Objective Optimization Algorithm Based on Game Theory and Its Application in Scheduling of Real-Time Tasks PDF

Lin Chen1,2, Xianjia Wang1,3


Institute of Systems Engineering, Wuhan University, Wuhan, 430072, China
2 School of Information Science and Engineering, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, 430081, China

School of Economics and Management, Wuhan University, Wuhan, 430072, China

Biological through survival of the fittest competition, to optimize today’s nature. Optimization is an effective way to draw inspiration from the natural evolution of human beings to solve its difficulties; it provides a general framework for solving complex optimization problems. And compared with the game theory demands completely rational assumption, game is on the premise of limited rational optimization algorithm, the game parties by repeating the game in the process of learning, imitation, competition, finding a good strategy, improve their own interests, finally the structure is achieve a dynamic balance on the basis of the optimization algorithm of game theory, this paper studied the production scheduling problem based on evolutionary game. First outlined the game related theory, optimization algorithm and multi-objective optimization algorithm for a class of real-time task scheduling problem, the corresponding evolutionary game model is established, using heuristic genetic algorithm to obtain the corresponding equilibrium solution, using multi-objective optimization algorithm is demonstrated by the simulation results of game theory to solve production scheduling problem is a good idea and has a broad development prospects.

Development and Research on Remote Online Education Information System Based on Web PDF

Min Liu , Jing Cao, Yanru Xue, Yinghua Yao, Xuezuo Zhao


Hebei Normal University of Science & Technology, Hebei, 066004, China

Remote education is a way of developing education teaching activities which transmits outstanding teaching resources to massive students scattered in different time and space by the Internet, satellite and other methods of communication technologies. The Internet is the most convenient way to participate in distance learning. This paper applies B/S three layer architecture and ADO data access technology to complete the design of the remote online education information system based on Web. The system according to the actual business needs of remote education, carry on the design based on the role of application and division of the task, and it composed of modules of courseware on demand, online management, online examination, online exercise, teacher management, student management, etc.

The Acceleration of the Excellent Document Resources of Medical Colleges and Universities’ Libraries Bring to Key Subject Construction PDF

Chengbi Zheng1, Siqin Sun1, Jingyi Sun2, Qiming Li1, Yu Wang2, Baoliang Sun 3


1Library, Taishan Medical University,Shandong, China
2Department of Clinical Medicine, Taishan Medical University,Shandong, China
3Key Lab of Cerebral Microcirculation in Universities of Shandong, Taishan Medical University,Shandong, China

The document resources of medical colleges and universities’ libraries has great function to the key subject construction and meanwhile is a main route for teachers and students to cognize the medical development at present. This paper discusses the connotation, level and mutual transformation of key subject of medical colleges, including the construction standard of excellent document resource of medical college libraries and the functions to key subject construction. It points out that document resource construction is a manifestation of strength of colleges and universities. Not to be marginalization in the key subject construction, the college must optimize the distribution of document resource and set up management council of key subject document resource. Through research of each research direction of key subject, collecting excellent document resource and reporting back to libraries of colleges and universities, colleges and universities make the document resource adequately functioned.

Professional Talent Competition in Colleges and Universities under the Perspective of “Game Theory” PDF

Runying Qin


Economics and Management School of Wuhan University, Wuhan, PR China, 430072

Talent competition of colleges and universities is becoming fiercer under the background of continuous development in economy, science and technology. Notably, the competition between the similar professional talents is indeed common occurrence. For the above hot topic, this article quoted the concept of the game theory to discuss its main concepts and types, analyzed the view of employment between similar professional talents of colleges and universities and the cultivation ways of the core competitiveness through the exploration perspective of game theory, in order to create an employment environment conducive to the college talents competition.

The Function of New Enterprise Management Mode and Method in the Reform of Enterprise Teaching Management in Colleges and Universities Based on ERP PDF

Jingliang Zhang


Shandong Sport University

Teaching purpose of enterprise management course in colleges and universities is that students can master the basic knowledge of enterprise management, and apply the enterprise management theory skillfully to solve the problems in the enterprise management practice correctly and reasonably. With the deepening of the reform and opening along with the unprecedented fast development of national economy in our country, the management environment of enterprise is changed significantly and profoundly. At present, many enterprises doubt about management ability and business level of students in the teaching status of enterprise management in colleges and universities. For this purpose, enterprise management teaching in colleges and universities should explore restriction factors on their developments by setting out from themselves, carrying out teaching system reform by taking the market as the guidance, building reasonable and effective teaching process, adopting reasonable teaching means and methods under the guidance of advanced teaching idea. ERP (enterprise resource planning) plays an important role in the reform of enterprise management in colleges and universities as a kind of new enterprise management mode and method with the combination of production and learning in the background of knowledge economy. As a result, the detailed analysis is conducted.

Path Analysis Model of Influence Factors in Japanese Keigo Learning PDF

Fen Liu


Qingdao Vocational and Technical College of Hotel Management Tourism and Hotel Management Department Shandong Qingdao 266100

Keigo is a difficult point which perplexes Chinese students in their Japanese learning. This paper aims to analyze the factors which affect Keigo learning through path analysis. We tested the Japanese and Keigo proficiency of 120 Japanese learners and established a path analysis model. After analyzing the causal relationship between the variables, we found there was no causal relationship between the length of Japanese study and the Keigo proficiency; exalted expressions proficiency is directly affected by Jyosi and Hikatsuyogo; there is no direct relation between Katsuyougo and Hikatsuyogo, they have causal relation with Jyosi and they affect Keigo acquisition through Jyosi. The results above suggest, grammar factors such as Jyosi etc directly affect Keigo acquisition.

Evaluation of Sustainable Development Coordinated Ability in Jing-Jin-Ji Region Based on Fuzzy Information PDF

Lichen Dou1, Cui Zhao2, Guirong Cheng1


1Institute of Economics Study, Hebei University of Economics & Business, Shijiazhuang, 050061,China
2School of Accounting, Hebei University of Economics & Business, Shijiazhuang, 050061,China


The coordinated ability of regional development is one of the significant representations of regional sustainable development. This paper adopted the statistical data and materials of each relevant department of social economy, and established the evaluation index and each level evaluation criteria of regional sustainable development. In addition, this paper also analyzed the sustainable development coordinated ability in Jing-Jin-Ji region between 2000 and 2010 by using the harmonious development evaluation model of IDC state sort in fuzzy information method. The results indicated that Beijing and Tianjin belonged to uncoordinated development between 2000 and 2004, and they gradually stepped into weak coordinated development between 2006 and 2010. However, during the research phase, Hebei province belonged to uncoordinated development all the time; compared with the coordinated ability index of Jing, Jin and Ji in 2000, those in 2010 were respectively increased by 27.86%, 8.87% and 18.51%, and the improvement of coordinated development in each province was not apparent and consistent; this paper proposed specific suggestions on the domain development of Jing-Jin-Ji region, but it is still necessary to strengthen the regional cooperation and the definition of each function is especially important. The research results provided scientific basis and guidance for the formulation and implementation of whole planning in Jing-Jin-Ji region, and also established foundation for the sustainable development of Bohai economic rim.

Practice on Green Design of Building Energy Efficiency Based on BIM PDF

Hua Zhu


Civil Engineering Department, Yancheng Institute of Technology, Jiangsu, 224051, China

According to China current situation of building energy efficiency design and from the perspective of building design, this paper conducted digitized expression on the facility entities and functional characteristics of engineering project. It also analyzed and shared the building energy consumption with building energy conservation and environmental protection as research orientation as well as with the technical model of BIM as guidance that is based on three-dimensional digital technology. Therefore, it can provide effective theory, process, method and technological means in building design phase, so as to realize the target of building energy saving.

Exploitation of Network Information Technology to the Development of English Education PDF

Hongzhang Fu


Hebei Institute of Foreign Languages

Network information technology has become the necessity of the reform of modern education. The English education in China has converted from tool subject to cultural subject which is still not mature. This paper firstly summarized the development status of English education and the advantages of network information technology. Then it discussed influence of the advantages and disadvantages of network technique on the comprehensive and modernized development of English education. Finally, in terms of network information technology, it put forward the viewpoint and advises on the development of English education. In order to better realize the resource sharing of the good teaching of English course and improve the English accomplishment of teacher and students, it has established a new teaching thought and teaching platform.

Tourism Development Structure Feature Analysis Based on Ecological Footprint Model PDF

Jianqiang Zhao, Gangmin Weng


School of Economic & Management, Yanshan University, Hebei, 066004, China

With the expansion of human tourism activity scale, the development of tourism brings considerable economic benefits for local as well as a series negative effect for local environment, society and culture. The key point and difficult point of tourism research is how to reasonably construct structural system in tourism development and lead it to a sustainable way. Based on absorbing theories and methods at home and abroad, this paper uses the newest international method for measuring sustainable development-ecological footprint model for reference, and studied assessment of sustainable development of regional tourism in the perspective of theory, method and practice.

The Application of SECI Model Theory in Ideological Teaching PDF

Yan Wang


Zhongzhou University, Henan, 450044, China

Time teaching of ideological course is getting more and more attention nowadays. But there are a lot of problems showed up because of the immaturity of time teaching. This paper started from the core of SECI model theory- the perspective of tacit knowledge theory, introduced the tacit knowledge and implicit knowledge, discussed the function of tacit knowledge in ideological practice teaching, and then obtained the inspiration of ideological practice teaching application.

Research on Assessment Index System and Comprehensive Evaluation Model of Informatization Level of Chinese Top Three Hospitals PDF

Xingjiang Li1,2, Xiaodong Zhao1, Jie Bai2


1College of Public Administration, Yanshan University, Qinhuangdao, 066044, China
2The First Affiliated Hospital of Qiqihar Medical Collede, Qiqihar, 161041, Chian

This paper revealed the problems of Chinese top three hospitals’ informatization thus provided basis for the government to enact relevant policy measure and for the hospital to adjust their informatization construction and planning. We formulated the comprehensive assessment model of informatization level for Chinese top three hospitals, which constituted by 6 dimensionalities and 57 indexes, through document research, comprehensive scoring method and expert consultation method. We checked and evaluated the reliability and validity of the model with sampling survey. The result showed that the model has good reliability and validity, and was appropriate for the comprehensive assessment of Chinese top three hospitals’ informatization level.

The Application of DEA Method in University Employment Service System PDF

Cuiping Hu


Economics and Management School of Wuhan University, Wuhan, 430072, China

This paper established C2R model and the corresponding projection model and evaluation index system using data envelopment analysis (DEA) method. In recent years, the application of DEA method in management of university employment service system has increasing, which produces various effects since efficiency evaluation of data envelopment analysis (DEA) for multiple input multiple output system has unique advantages. Analysis showed that, college students’ public employment service system had efficiency loss in dealing with the problem of college students' employment after 2009, in which indicators of the number of teachers in colleges and universities, the number of public employment service agencies and financial subsidies for college graduates entrepreneurship had bigger influence on the effectiveness of college public employment service system, at the same time there is room for improvement.

Strategy of the Conventional Metaphors in English Study and Construction of Analytical Model PDF

Jing Wang, Lan Jiang, Hui Wang


Hebei Normal Uinversity of Science and Technology, Qin Huangdao, Hebei, 066000, China

In cognitive research of metaphor, comprehending processing of metaphor is always a significant research topic. Research on metaphor comprehending of foreign language learner can not only help us to clearer know the comprehending mechanism of language, but also is beneficial for us to reveal the cognition activities and cultural interaction of learners in second language acquisition process, promote students’ foreign language thought and culture their metaphor competence and concept fluency, thus to improve efficiency of foreign language teaching. This paper discussed the metaphor comprehending strategy and model of Chinese English learners in the form of questionnaire test and in the perspective of thinking process and output of learners. This study found that, English learners in China mainly applied sentence context and literal translation method to understand metaphor; second is to use English background knowledge and mother language background knowledge; in addition, learners also use guess, mental imagery and sentence analysis to understand metaphor. Therefore, English learners in China have specificity in metaphor comprehending process, and use analytical model to deduce the significance of English conventional metaphor.

Influence on Variation in Technology Management Quality Based on the Model of Engineering Cost Index PDF

Jing Wei


College of Construction Management, Jiangsu Jianzhu University, Jiangsu, 221116, China

Development and changes in economic environment encourage the construction enterprises to make and improve their own core competency, as well as transform from the traditional extensive management mode to a meticulous, intensive and low-carbon one. The improvement of professional competence is a necessary requirement for a new development mode of construction enterprises. So as to improve this competence, we should make evaluation of the present management levels of all construction professional technologies at first and then find some weakness within, and further take some measures for improvement. This paper, from the perspective of cost index theory, built an enterprise engineering cost index model reflecting the variation of management levels in construction enterprises. Based on this model, we can calculate the link relative engineering cost index for enterprises every year, and according to the index, we are able to judge the trend and range of variation so as to improve their management quality.

Online school frequency and time service of high precision clock based on the generalized regression model of GPS PDF

Jiazhu Zheng, Yehemin Gao


Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing, 210037, China

In order to improve accuracy and stability of GPS wide area time service, this paper established generalized regression model of clock based on the different characteristics of GPS clock and crystal clock, and estimated crystal frequency by generalized least squares (GLS) method. Algorithm corrected the error caused by measurement value frequency drifting in the existing regression model, thereby realizing accurate estimation when crystal frequency drifting is large or interval of measurement value is long. Based on that, time service of pulse per second that is synchronous with coordinated universal time (UTC) was generated. Through phrase compensation algorithm, the phrase difference between the generated pulse per second and pulse per second GPS was corrected to realize accurate time service, thereby providing accurate time scale for wide area measurement and fault location and meeting the online wide area time service requirements of power system monitoring system.

Evaluation on Ecological Service of Urban Green Space System and Estimation on System Carrying Capacity PDF

Fengquan Ji, Jing Lu


College of Architecture & Urban Planning, Anhui Jianzhu Unversity, Hefei, Anhui, 230022, China

Urban green space system is an important component of urban natural ecosystem, which has significant function of ecological service. This paper evaluated the green system according to the comprehensive index of ecological service efficiency. Based on analysis of landscape accessibility and combined with the street population density, it estimated the service population of green system and the carrying capacity, which provided effective and technical quantization means for urban sustainable development.

Exploration on the Construction and Management of Laboratory for Hotel Management Major PDF

Yanfang Liu 


School of Business and Management, Hebei Normal University of Science and Technology, Hebei, 066004, China

Higher education aims to develop the practical abilities for students, while the practical teaching is an important way to help enhance their abilities. Teaching practice is directly related to whether school can meet the needs of society, develop it own characteristics and reach a high level. This paper based on analyzing and exploring the present problems in the lab construction and management for hotel management major, raised some measures for improvement accordingly.

Research on Affection-based Implicit Interaction in Entertainment PDF

Wang Wei, Huang Xiaodan


School of Information & Electrical Engineering, Hebei University of Engineering, Hebei Handan 056038, China

Achieving implicit interaction in entertainment is a topic worth investigating. For a game or entertainment product to become more interesting, computers must interact and collaborate with human beings actively and adaptively. This paper proposes and applies a method to increase the entertainment value of a computer game. First, the main part of this method, namely, the emotional Hidden Markov Model (eHMM), is investigated. Second, the details on the construction of the emotional state transferring probability and observed matrices are provided. Third, the application of this model in a chess game, particularly with consideration of the current behaviors of the user, is described. Finally, some experiments are performed, during which the gaming process is recorded and analyzed. By adjusting the entertainment process, we find that the proposed model can cause computers to be more active and adaptive to their users, hence demonstrating the favorable application of such model.

Evaluation of Sports E-commerce Service Quality Based on SERVQUAL Model PDF

Dai Kuixiu 


Physical Education Institute, University of South China, Hengyang 421001, China

E-commerce development has progressed increasingly in recent years. A service quality evaluation index system should be established under the background of modern information technology to better understand e-commerce services and effectively supervise and manage e-commerce. Sports online shopping (e-commerce) is regarded as an example in this study to analyze the relevant factors that influence e-commerce service quality through the SERVQUAL model according to the current situation of e-commerce service quality. A comprehensive and scientific evaluation system is constructed through fuzzy theory and analytic hierarchy process. An instance analysis of e-commerce service is also conducted with the aforementioned model. Evaluation results are obtained, and corresponding improvement strategies are proposed.

A Task Distribution Based Q-Learning Algorithm for Multi- Agent Team Coordination PDF

Qiao Sun1, Zhibo Chen1, Feixiang Chen1, Fu Xu1, Yanan Shi2


1 School of Information Science and Technology, Beijing Forestry University, Beijing 100083, China
2 College of Computer Science and Technology, Jilin University, Changchun 130012, China

It is difficult to apply traditional Q-learning algorithm to Multi-Agent environment, because in this case, the size of state-action space is so huge that it is hard to obtain the global optimal solution. In the paper, a task distribution based Q-learning algorithm is proposed to solve this problem. In this algorithm, at each learning step, it first distributes sub-task to each Agent dynamically. The Learning processes include the learning of task-distribution strategy and the learning of action-selection strategy synchronously, and every Agent shares the Q value table. Both Theoretical analysis and experimental results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm outperforms conventional Q-learning algorithm.

Application Research on the informationization Architecture of Diversified State-owned Enterprise Groups Based on TOGAF PDF

Liu Bo1, Chen Hongjun1,2


China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing), Beijing 100083, China;
Chengtong Holding Group Co. Ltd of China, Beijing 100070, China

Enterprise architecture theory provides an effective way to avoid problems related to information construction in diversified state-owned enterprise groups. According to the characteristics of diversified state-owned enterprise groups in China at the present, this paper puts forward a general application framework which is suitable for informationization of diversified state-owned enterprise groups in China based on the enterprise architecture model---TOGAF, and has discussed the establishing steps and key points of implementation for the enterprise architecture of diversified state-owned enterprises group from the following three aspects: clarity of objectives, architecture design and architecture implementation.

Consumer Ethnocentrism and Its Effects on Attitude and Behaviour of Chinese Consumers PDF

Yu Du


School of Economics and Management of Anhui University of Science & Technology, Huainan city, Anhui Province, China, 232001

Recently, China has attracted foreign investment at growing speed, and made many foreign corporations penetrate to domestic market. Even though the competition between domestic and foreign corporations becomes more and more intense, Chinese consumers are reluctant to buy foreign products rather than domestic products. Consumer ethnocentrism (CE) is one of the reasons that people choose domestic products than foreign products. It is necessary to investigate the causes of CE and its effects on attitude and behavior among Chinese consumers. In this study, conservatism has a positive effect on CE of young consumers even though they tend to be liberalized gradually, and collectivism shows relatively strong influence on their CE. In addition, CE has strong effect on purchase intention to mobile phone and household appliances, but not to automobile. This empirical result means that CE has a different effect on purchase intention depending on product categories. This means that people cannot predict the positive effect of CE on purchase intention to all products.

Developing Model of Public Physical Education Teaching Based on Mathematical Theory in the Perspective of College Students PDF

Hongtao Guo1, Qingtao Wang1, Zijie Wang2


1 Teaching and Research Department of HeBei University, Hebei Baiding, China, 071002
2 Hebei University of Chinese Medicine, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, China, 050200

As an important part of college education, physical education (PE) teaching aims to enhance students’ health and physique. This is key factor accelerating students’ growths. PE combines with other subjects of education to cultivate varied talents required by sociology. In this research, the development of Sanda (free combat) teaching in the contemporary society was investigated based on Sanda teaching of modern college students. Firstly, this research conducted the statistics on the cognition degree of Sanda culture for college teachers and students to obtain satisfied results. So that the popularizing degree of Sanda culture in college teaching are recognized; afterwards, using correlation analysis and adaptive filter algorithm, the Sanda subject preferred by college students was analyzed. The results show that college students are likely to prefer Sanda subject which is characterized by low technical content and field limits due to the influence of technical content. The result indicates high stratifying degree and shows that the college teachers and students’ cognition to Sanda culture requires to be enhanced. In addition, the emphasis degree of Sanda teaching should be strengthened. This research provides development research of public PE teaching with a theoretical support.

Exercise Load Research on Common Ball Skill Practice Way of Volleyball Specialized Course in Colleges and Universities PDF

Qingtao Wang, Hongtao Guo


Teaching and Research Department of HeBei University, Hebei Baoding, 071002, China

Teaching of physical education discipline not only requires students to master exercise skills, but also requires students to master teaching techniques of exercise skills. Reasonably arranging exercise load when exercising has significant influences on mastering exercise skills. However, researches on exercise load of common ball skill practice way of volleyball specialized course are still unclear at home and abroad currently. This paper discusses exercise load of common ball skill practice way of volleyball, with the purpose to provide reference basis for teaching design of volleyball specialized course of physical education discipline. This paper mainly adopts the experimental method with students of the volleyball specialized course of 2012 physical education discipline as experimental subject to analyze exercise load of common ball practice way of volleyball. In the experiment, those experiment subjects wear Actigraph instrument to record energy consumption data. Via statistic analysis model on experiment data, it obtains research conclusion as follows: for students of different genders, the same practice way has different exercise loads; practice load of jumping is larger than non-jumping items; similarly, for students of different genders, the same practice means has different practice loads; difference in load may also be caused by psychological factors and skill factors, etc.

Experimental Research on the Properties of Sludge Thickening in Laboratory PDF

Guoli Yang1, Yong Sun1, Lishan Ma1, Yueming Liu2


1 Hebei University of Architecture, Zhangjiakou, China
2 Beijing Boda-Jingkai Construction Engineering Company, Beijing, China

Experimental research was performed to the properties of sludge thickening by increasing the pressure and shortening the path of water flowing in laboratory. And the relations between the diameters of sand columns and pressure on sludge water thickening were obtained. The results show that shortening the drainage path can enhance the compression effect, and the increasing of pressure can force water pass through filter layer quickly. The dosage of flocculants can be generally controlled; hereby can afford flocculants the variety and quantity in the process. The research results will be the guidance to the sewage treatment plants for tomorrow and to improve the current municipal wastewater treatment plants.

Functional Relationship Model-based Research on Participation of Non-government Organization in Social Management Innovation PDF

Huang Chuanli


College of Management, China West Normal University, Nanchong City, Sichuan Province, China, 637009

Participation of non-government organization (NGO) in social management is an inexorable trend of current social progress. Social management innovation needs NGO which can assist government in social management with their advantages. Studying participation of NGO in social management plays an important role in facilitating social prosperity, stability and development. Firstly, this paper analyzed the necessity and significance of NGO participation in social management. Secondly, development problems of NGO were discussed through function relationship and curvilinear relationship. Results demonstrated that development and perfection of NGO are the symbol of social maturity, and NGO is an essential component of the new social management with Chinese characteristics. Finally, suggestions on perfecting participation of NGO in social management were proposed.

Poverty Alleviation Programs, Fiscal Decentralization and Economic Growth: a General Equilibrium Model PDF

Yue Lai, Tian-zhu Cheng


School of Finance and Economics, Guangxi University of Science and Technology, Liuzhou 545006, Guangxi Prov., P. R. China

How to measure and evaluate the effect of poverty alleviation program is an important issue. We should understand that the program expenditures and economic growth are reciprocally affected. The state-level government transfers payments aiming at poverty alleviation to local-level governments, which contribute to the output directly. On the opposite, inefficiency allocation of local public resources caused by distorting local decision-making will bring negative effects on economic growth. A general equilibrium model was established based on the framework of endogenous growth theories, to analyze these complicated effects. The conclusions showed that, as the proportion of poverty alleviation expenditure in the state-level governments increasing, the economic growth rate firstly increased, and then fell down ultimately. Numerical simulation also revealed a negative relationship between poverty alleviation proportion and fiscal decentralization rate. It is suggested that the efficiency improvement of local public resources allocation at practice would be urgent.

Revenue-sharing Contract Coordination in the Tourism Service Supply Chain based on Fairness Concerns PDF

Zhang Cheng, Zhang Zhijian, Zhang Nian


School of Economy and Management, East China Jiaotong University, Nanchang, China, 330013

The paper introduce the behaviour of fairness concerns into the tourism service supply chain system, and study the influence of tour organizing agency’s fairness concern to the effectiveness of tour organizing agency, the revenue of local travel agency and the whole supply chain’s effectiveness, and used the revenue sharing contract to coordinate supply chain, and get the feasible interval and feasible interval length of the income share factor. The research show that the revenue sharing contract could coordinate the whole supply chain system and improve the effectiveness of the tour organizing agency, the local travel agency and the whole supply chain. The degree of improvement is decided by the fairness concern degree. The feasible interval length of revenue sharing factor would get shorter by the increase of fairness concern degree. Finally, the examples are presented to validate the conclusion.

The Evaluation of Stadium Status in China Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation PDF

Chunhua Zhang


Hebei University of Engineering, Handan,056038, China

With rapid development of economy, China has witnessed increasing development of sports industry which is regarded as a social cultural phenomenon. On this basis, the stadium, as the essential part of sports industry, is constantly developing. In this research, questionnaire and literature analysis and cluster analysis were adopted to determine the comprehensive evaluating indexes of domestic stadium status and sorted the indexes determined. Then, by taking Hongkan stadium in Shanghai as research object, the mathematical model of evaluating the domestic stadiums based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation (FCE) was constructed. The conclusion showed that the level of stadium is sorted as level 2 with evaluated score of 71.53. These results indicate that the construction and management of domestic stadiums need to be improved further.

The Study Based on Cross-theory Model and the Application in Physical Exercising Behavior of Contemporary College Students PDF

Yafei Li


Department of Physical Education of Handan College, Handan City, Hebei Province, China, 056005

A good habit of doing sports exercises can improve the physical fitness, and optimize body functions and prolong life. However, in the current society, few college students take exercise because of active consciousness and the physical fitness of overall students is not positive. Regular exercise in school is often arranged by school and it is not enough. Meanwhile the ways to stimulate students to exercise in consciousness are scanty. So the Cross-theory Model should be introduced in physical exercising behavior of contemporary college students and in this way the physical exercising behavior of the students can be gradually improved and their overall physical fitness can be improved.

The Technology Research of The Semantic Text Classification PDF

Guixian Xu1, Lirong Qiu1


1College of Information Engineering, Minzu University of China

Semantic text classification is to classify the text according to the concepts of semantic relation. It can improve the performance of classification. This paper provides an efficient and accurate method of semantic text classification. First, the classification ontology is constructed by using the concepts extracted from Hownet. Second, Text is represented by semantic vector and general vector space. Then the semantic similarity calculation method is proposed among concepts. The similarity of concepts is calculated based on it. At last, semantic text classification is conducted based on KNN. The comparison of semantic classification and traditional classification is studied. Experiments show that the text classification method based on semantic relation can improve the classification accuracy effectively. The research is meaningful in the application of text clustering, information retrieval, natural language processing and construction of high-quality Tibetan corpus.

Virtual Reality Technique-based Digital Restoration of Chinese Ancient Architectural Scene PDF

Liu Yubin1, Feng Yufen2,Deng Xianrui1


1 Department of Computer Science, Tangshan Normal University, Hebei Tangshan, China, 063000
2 Department of Mathematics and Information Science, Tangshan Normal University, Hebei Tangshan,China,063000

By introducing the function of virtual reality technology, this paper starts with the feature of Chinese ancient architecture and takes Yuanmingyuan Imperial Garden, a building in Qing Dynasty, for the research object, to present a key introduction of the system design process in which virtual reality technology is used to reconstruct building landscape. The system includes reconstruction system, real-time rendering system and roam system; the lifelike virtual result proves that virtual reality technology, with an obvious application effect in the reproduction of building landscape, is worthy of approval and promotion.

Analysis on Privacy and Reliability of Ad Hoc Network-based in Protecting Agricultural Data PDF

Yongfei Ye1, Suqin Feng1, Minghe Liu2, Yali Yuan1, Zhisheng Zhao1


1School of Information Science and Engineering Hebei North University,Zhangjiakou, 075000,China
2School of Economics and Management Hebei North University,Zhangjiakou, 075000,China

To analyze the privacy and reliability of Ad Hoc Network-based algorithms used in agricultural wireless data transmission, the paper introduces the routing protocols including DSDV, AODV and DSR, based on which a farmland model is built to simulate the speed and density of mobile node, and regards the success rate of data transmission (R/S Rate), average latency of end-to-end (E2E Delay) and average hops as the evaluation indicator of farmland information transfer system. As a result of the analysis, the privacy and reliability are influenced by the speed and density of mobile nodes; the higher the speed is and the lower the density is, the lower the R/S Rate is; AODV routing protocol is better in R/S Rate while DSDV routing protocol does better in both E2E Delay and average hops. It is concluded that DSDV routing protocol suits most the Ad Hoc network-based farmland information transfer system.

Analysis on the Development Trend of China’s Foreign Trade Structure based on Five Forces Model PDF

Zong Xiaojian


International Trade Department, Shandong Vocational Institute Of Clothing Technology, Shandong Province, China, 271000

It becomes an inevitable era development trend to solve modernization construction by using new technologies. As a model often used to study enterprise competitiveness, Five Forces Model is applied to study development of China’s foreign trade structure in this paper. Five forces in the Five Forces Model take five important influencing factors of China’s trade structure, namely, China’s economic structure and changes, China’s economic policy adjustment, foreign economic structure and changes, foreign economic adjustment as well as word trade demand. Analysis results demonstrate that China’s foreign trade development will slow down in future. Export growth will decelerate, while import growth will accelerate, which will change existing trade deficit of China gradually. Moreover, technical level of import and export products will be increased. Attentions will be shifted to service export instead of resource and product export.

Analysis on the Difference of Dynamic Relationship between Development of Culture industry and Economic Growth of China and the U.S. PDF

Xia Yidan1,2


1College of Finance and Statistics,HuNan University, Shangjiachon, ChangSha city, HuNan Province, China, 410079
2School of Internationa Studies Hunan University of Commerce, YuLu str. 569, ChangSha city, HuNan Province, China, 210025

Nowadays, the viewpoint that culture industry could contribute to economic growth has become the mainstream. Many scholars have proved economic role of cultural industries in their researches, but very few scholars have carried out researches on dynamic relationship of industrial development and economic growth. In view of comparative perspective between China and the U.S., in this paper, the difference of dynamic relationship of culture industry development and economic growth is researched by constructing SVAR model. Results show that culture industry has formed a complete system in the U.S., displaying a significant economic role which is stable and lasting, and in return economic growth also promotes the rapid development of culture industry, both of which shows an obvious interaction promotion mechanism. However, in China, culture industry scale is small, and it does not perform positive economic role, but instead brings economic growth long term fluctuations. Moreover, the promotion of economic growth to the development of culture industry is limited, and no promotion mechanism exists between them. Therefore, the development of culture industry should be advanced gradually, and correspondingly some policies and suggestions are presented in this paper.

Application Analysis of Computer-aided Information Technology in Automatic Assignment and Reservation of Ping Pong Tables in Universities PDF

Zhang Ming


Department of Physical Education, Nanjing Sport Institute, Nanjing 210014, China

A society develops with the development of information technology (IT). Despite the increasing number of materials and category complication, computer-aided IT has provided much convenience for material management and assignment. With computer-aided IT, this study aims to achieve the automatic assignment and reservation of ping pong tables so as to improve the convenience and utilization efficiency of material assignment. In combination with a database for data storage, ping pong table information is preprocessed (including classification and merging). C# programming language is utilized for system design in combination with an SQL server database. A program is compiled to display the design result and thus complete the automatic assignment and reservation of ping pong tables.

Application of Improved GM(1, 1) Model in Predicting Nutritional Status of Youth Athletes from She Minority Group PDF

Wu Songwei


Physical Education Institute, Hubei Engineering University, Xiaogan 432000, China

GM(1, 1) is a gray dynamic prediction model that is applied most extensively in gray system theory. Nutrition is an important issue in the healthy development of youth athletes. In this study, we take youth athletes from the She minority group as an example and predict their nutritional status based on the improved GM(1, 1) model to better determine and effectively improve the nutritional status of these athletes. Based on a nutrition survey of youth athletes from the She minority group, gray system theory and relevant research on GM(1, 1) model are used to conduct data analysis of the nutritional disease detection rate of youth athletes from the She minority group in the past five years as well as construct a comprehensive and scientific prediction system. Moreover, we conduct instance analysis of their nutritional status using the GM(1, 1) model and obtain analysis results and the corresponding prediction conclusions.

Application of the TOPSIS Method and Gray Correlation Model in the Competitiveness Evaluation of Basketball Teams PDF

Huang Changwu 


Physical Education Institute, Hunan University of Technology, Zhuzhou, 412007, China

The technique for order preference by similarity to an ideal solution (TOPSIS) method is frequently used in multi-factor selection, whereas the gray correlation analysis method is used to study uncertain systems. Thus, a comprehensive model is constructed for 12 teams that are participating in the 2012 London Olympic Games, and the competitiveness of each team is evaluated through these two methods. Results show that the American team is strong enough to win. Furthermore, the evaluation results of the other teams were fundamentally similar to the final results, although they also differed. This model can also reflect the strength of each team objectively in terms of offense, defense, and a combination of both pass and exclude subjective interferences. Therefore, this model feasibly assesses multi-factor competition events in the field of sports.

Application Study of the Grey Prediction Model in Emergency Decisions on Accidents in Stadiums PDF

Lu Wenxiao


Hunan Mass Media Vocational Technical College, Changsha 410100, China

Public security is an important problem in the process of social development. Accidents that occur in stadiums are investigated in this study. The focus is on the complicated randomness of such accidents. Grey theory is utilized for modeling, and the grey prediction model is applied to emergency decisions on accidents in stadiums. The GM(1,1) model is adopted to predict accidents in stadiums. Specifically, two models are established: a GM(1,1) model for the number of times accidents occur and a GM(1,1) model related to death tolls in accidents in stadiums. Experimental results show that the two established models satisfy the accuracy required for prediction and exhibit rapid computing speed and small time consumption. These models have good stability in terms of long-term prediction and thus have a potential for practical application.

Causes and Early-warning Model Analysis of ST: Comparison based on Financial and Non-financial Indexes PDF

Wu Xihui


Department of Economy and Management, Henan Polytechnic Institute, Nanyang city, Henan Province, China. 473000

ST is the special treatment of stock exchange to all enterprises with management problems, which all listed companies concern and try to avoid. Although ST generally involves financial problems, it is influenced by both financial and non-financial factors. As a result, a ST early-warning model was established in this paper based on financial and non-financial indexes of enterprises. The established model includes 14 financial indexes (e.g. profitability, debt paying ability, growth potential, operation and management, as well as utilization of assets) and 15 non-financial indexes (e.g. ownership structure, board size and composition, major connected transactions of enterprises and investor protection). Both Z and P of the model can reflect risks of ST. This paper analyzed 9 conditions and ST possibility of enterprises with different Z values for two successive years according to their practical situations. To avoid ST, enterprises are suggested to discover risks promptly and improve their management, organizational structure and cost control.

Channel Safety Assessment in Ship Navigation Based on Fuzzy Logic Model PDF

Wu Yuan, Hu Hao1


1School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Civil Engineering,Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 800 Dongchuan Road, Shanghai, P. R. China

With the progress of economic globalization, international shipping trade is developing rapidly, resulting in a gradual rise in the volume of channel traffic. In turn, maritime affairs occur more frequently due to that than before, and the circumstance of transportation in channel is getting more and more complex. It has a great influence to the safety of ship navigation. This paper establishes a multilevel index system and constructs a fuzzy logic model based on fuzzy set to give an in-depth assessment on the channel safety. Previous researches show that fuzzy logic model can be used to manage multi-factor in safety assessment. However, the application for channel safety is an experiment and innovation. The model is applied to Yangtze Estuary deep water channel, and the output results are consistent with the practice. At the meantime,the assessment system has important value to make integrity planning of the channel.

Classifier Model Based on Neighbourhood Rough Set and Genetic Neural Network PDF

Ganzhou WU1


1 School of Science, Guangdong University of petrochemical technology, Maoming Guangdong, China, 525000

In this study, the backpropagation (BP) neural network data classifier model optimized by genetic algorithm (GA) and neighborhood rough set is proposed. First, we integrate the attribute reduction technique with the neighborhood rough set, which is used to delete the redundant attributes of training samples. Second, we optimize the weights and thresholds of the BP neural network by using GA. As such, the training speed and generalization capability of the BP neural network are improved to obtain the optimal weights and thresholds. Finally, the experimental results show that the proposed algorithm performs well.

Effects of Physical Exercise on Self-concept of College Students Based on Meta-analysis Model PDF

Qi Aili1, Wang Fatao2, Shen Chengchun1


1 Guizhou University of Engineering Science, Bijie 551700, China
2 College of Arts and Science, Beijing Union University, Beijing 100191, China

Meta-analysis is a scientific quantitative comprehensive analytical method. With respect to individual research, meta-analysis is characterized by high effectiveness and extensive and accurate quantification. This thesis uses meta-analysis to conduct quantitative analysis of the effects of physical exercise on the self-concept of college students. The relationship between physical exercise and self-concept is also determined. Therefore, average effect size of intervention of physical exercise in effects on the self-concept of college students is 0.45. This value is classified under medium intervention level. In addition, results of deviation indicate that the effects of physical exercise are relatively stable and have no evident deviation. The results also present a reliable scientific basis for psychological education that colleges provide to their students and intervention methods in mental health.

Establishment of Continuous Business Auditing Model in XBRL Environment PDF

Liu Lei


School of Economics, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China, 430070

XBRL technology enjoys great application prospect by enterprises and plays an important role in their business development. A deep analysis on the content and application range of XBRL was conducted in this paper. Effect of XBRL on enterprise operation and management was analyzed, mainly including higher operation standardization, higher data normalization, internal information systematization and data sharing. Later, based on characteristics and advantages of XBRL, a continuous business auditing model was established using trend analysis approach from financial and non-financial indexes. Due to the XBRL technology, the established model can acquire related indexes automatically and implement fundamental data computation and analysis. Model results can be reflected quickly. To safeguard flexibility and timeliness of the model, enterprises are suggested to keep indexes updating upon development, update XBRL technology in time, improve audit analysis and evaluation capacities of auditors, as well as enhance mutual dependence between obligation and rights of auditing department and other departments.

Evaluation Analysis of Music Education in China Based on Fuzzy AHP Method PDF

Lin Ma1


1 University of Science and Technology Liaoning, Anshan, Liaoning, China, 114001

Music is not only an art, but also an education practice. Currently, education field in China has paid more attention on music education by means of improving the capability of musical teachers, performing music education reform, and cultivating students’ learning interest. By carrying out data mining and exploration, a teaching model for music education in China was established; and the optimal evaluation of the model quantitatively investigated the teaching modes from the aspect of data. To begin with, based on ordinary education mode, relaxed education mode and multimedia assisted education mode, the specific definitions of their secondary modes were explained, and a researching model for music teaching mode was constructed based on optimal evaluation model. Then, the construction of teaching mode evaluation model for music education based on hierarchical structure revealed that the relaxed teaching mode presented a highest weight, and its secondary modes, teamwork and competition teaching modes had a largest response in music education. Therefore, to promote music education, the paper suggested to combining theory and practice, improving classroom efficiency, motivating learning enthusiasm, and building a new situation where teachers and students progress together, and the education situation and teaching mode reform are perfected by technological means.

Evaluation Model and Simulation of Basketball Teaching Quality Based on Maximum Entropy Neural Network PDF

Zhang Xiaodong 


Department of sports training and competition, Shandong Sport University, Jinan 250102, China

Establishment and implementation of models of teaching quality evaluation are important tasks for teaching management in colleges. In this thesis, we use a neural network (NN) model optimized by maximum entropy principle, conduct fitting for complicated nonlinear relationship between many indices and evaluation results to evaluate basketball teaching quality, and implement simulated residual comparison with back propagation (BP) NN model that has not been optimized. Results demonstrate that the evaluation results of maximum entropy NN model are better than those of the BP NN model that has not been optimized in experimental function simulation and example verification, thereby indicating that the optimized model has strong generalization ability and high degree of confidence. This optimization algorithm is feasible in establishing evaluation models for basketball teaching quality.

Evaluation of English Writing Teaching Effect with Output-based C2GS2 Model PDF

Tai Yuanyuan


Department of Foreign Languages, Heze University, Heze 274015, China

An evaluation system for English writing teaching effects with the output-based C2GS2 model is established in this study to better understand the teaching status of English writing teaching effects and allow for effective reform and implementation of teaching methods. An evaluation model is constructed for English writing teaching effects, English writing teaching status, and students’ learning effects. Qualitative, quantitative, and data envelopment analyses are applied. The C2GS2 evaluation model is adopted through teaching example verification and statistical analysis of data. The important function of data envelopment analysis in teaching effect analysis is expounded from different aspects.

Research on Innovation Efficiency Loss of State-Owned Enterprises: An Empirical Analysis in China Based on DEA PDF

Dong Xiaoqing1, Zhao Jian1, Yuan Pengwei1


1 School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing 100044,China

The efficiency loss of state-owned enterprises has recently attracted increasing interest. In traditional view, it only emphasizes the productivity efficiency loss of state-owned enterprises, while it ignores the innovation efficiency loss. The production efficiency of state-owned enterprises has been improved by series reforms which still can’t solve the problem of inefficient in china. It indicates that there are more critical factors affecting the efficiency improvement. Many qualitative studies have proved the technical innovation is the main factor affecting the efficiency of enterprises, but empirical tests are few. Therefore, in this study, we utilize Malmquist index method based on DEA model to disaggregate, evaluate and test the innovation efficiencies of state-owned enterprises and private enterprises in 5 major Chinese high-tech industries. The results show that except for aerospace vehicle manufacturing industry, the state-owned enterprises’ innovation efficiencies in all the industries are significantly lower than private enterprises’. In a word, the innovation efficiency loss is the main factor which makes state-owned enterprises into survival dilemma.

Research on Modeling and Evaluation of Chinese Tourism Competitiveness based on Double Diamond Model PDF

Xia Yang


Land Resources College of China West Normal University, Nanchong City, Sichuang Province, China, 637002

Double diamond model was proposed by Michael Porter in 1990 who is a famous strategic management scientist of Harvard Business School. It is used to analyze how a country develops overall advantages to win strong international competitiveness. In this paper, the evaluation model of Chinese tourism competitiveness was established based on the double diamond model and six influencing factors, including resource factors, demand conditions, supporting industries, enterprise composition in tourism industry, government function and industrial innovation capacity. For the sake of data authenticity and availability, the established evaluation model divided world tourism consumption region into developed countries and developing countries. It evaluated different regions or regional consumers. Finally, some policy suggestions against the poor competitiveness of Chinese tourism were proposed.

Investment-Cash Flow Sensitivity and Financial Constraints–Evidences from British Firms PDF

Zuwei Yu1 , Biao Zhang2 , Ji-shu Shao3, Hongwei Hu4, Sulang Liu5


1 School of Economics and Management, Ningbo University of Technology, Ningbo city, Zhejiang Province, China, 315211
2 Quality Development Institute, Kunming University of Science & Technology, Kunming city, Yunnan Province, China,650051
3 School of Economics and Management, Ningbo Dahongying University, Ningbo city, Zhejiang Province, China, 315175
4School of Humanities and Social Science, North China Electric Power University, Baoding city, Hebei Province, China, 071003
5Department of Economics, Queen Mary, University of London, London, British

This paper investigates the relation between financial constraint and the sensitivity of investment to internal cash flow. The regressions are run by using a large panel of publicly traded non-financial British firms. The sample is sorted and divided into sub-samples by means of applying most objective and commonly used proxies of financing constraints including leverage and other proxies. Our result shows that investment cash flow sensitivity is neither monotonically increasing nor decreasing when the proxies change. The hypothesis of monotonicity is violated empirically in our study. Conversely, an M-shaped curve is observed when leverage is used as the proxy.

Research on the Forecast and Development of China’s Taxation based on ARMA Model PDF

Zhou Jinlin


Department of Economy and Management, Henan Polytechnic Institute, Nanyang city, Henan Province, China. 473000

China’s tax revenue has increased quickly in recent years, significantly higher than China’s economic growth. This not only goes against performance of government functions and economic development, but also increases burden to enterprises and individuals. This paper carried out a deep analysis on the tax changes of China from 1995 to 2013 based on the collected data of China Statistical Yearbook for Regional Economic. Moreover, short-term tax changes in future forecasted by ARMA model and reasons of its quick growth were analyzed. The analysis discovered that China’s taxation still will maintain quick growth in the short run. This indicates that China’s tax growth will be accelerated, which will further increase burdens to enterprises and individuals. To slow down the tax growth and guarantee performance of government functions, it is suggested to: 1) strengthen tax supervision and strictly prohibit increasing tax items and rate blindly; 2) improve tax structure, reduce tax items and prevent double taxation; 3) implement transformation from production-type VAT to consumption-type VAT; 4) promote reform of taxation expenses and correct taxation disorder.

Risk Evaluation about Green Building Engineering Development Projects Based on AHP-MF Model PDF

Xie Gengfang 


School of Architecture, Chang’an University, Xi’an 710061, China

To construct a risk assessment model which is appropriate for green building engineering development projects and provide scientific basis for project decisions and risk judgment, quantitative evaluation on risk indexes of green building project development are obtained based on AHP-MF model algorithm and in combination with example analysis. According to cycle and process of project development, risk factors affecting project objectives are divided into four primary indexes including risk at the decision-making stage, risk at the preparatory stage, risk at the implementation stage and risk at the rental, sales and operational stage. Besides, risk rating of indexes at each level of indexes is analyzed further, by which value of risk evaluation on each risk factor is obtained quantitatively. On the basis of example analysis, good effect is got.

Study on Corporate Identify System of Mercedes Benz 4S Shop PDF

Jie LI, Jiantong SONG, Chunhong ZHU


School of Automotive engineering, Beijing Polytechnic, Beijing City, China, 100026

To improve the promoting effect of corporate identify (CI) system to the China’s enterprise brand, this study constructed the CI model of auto 4S shop. Basing on this model, it analyzed the characteristics, color, material, and effects of the external and decorative CI on the column, glass curtain wall, roof eaves, door bucket, workshop curtain, indoor floor, stairs, and the resting area in the Mercedes Benz 4S shop. The results showed that the internal and external CI systems of Mercedes Benz 4S shop were harmonious and unified. By organically integrating with the enterprise culture, a standard “enterprise individuality” was propagated to the society and promoted the enterprise development. Thus the CI system was the important brand-name trademark strategy of enterprises. China’s national brand should optimize their CI in reference with the CI systems of outstanding enterprises to directly and widely propagate and deepen enterprise culture and establish favorable enterprise brand.

Study on Finance Procedure Optimization of Small-Medium Logistics Enterprises Based on Bayesian Game PDF

Xin Zhang1, Dingzhong Tan1, Cheng Zhang2


1Jiaxing University, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, China, 314200
2 Hubei University of Arts and Science, Xiangyang, China, 441053

Bayesian game is employed to study the applicability of modern financial products for small-medium logistics enterprises, analyze the roles and service procedure of innovative financial products in logistics industry. In loan market, product competitiveness affects market behaviors significantly, while market information asymmetry weakens small-medium logistics enterprises in the game of the market, making them pay more for loans than others. As revealed in Nash equilibrium solution, small-medium logistics enterprises can achieve the fund for their development through innovative financial products including logistics finance and network finance. After the model and procedure of financial service for the small-medium logistics enterprises was changed, the fund needed for their development was the most optimal way. These products include market network design, competition, information technology, perceived risk, trust , information, and process design. Based on the framework, a case study was carried in logistics field.

The Application of Game Theory in Library Booking System PDF

Huirong Cheng1, Ruifeng Wang2


1 Library of Ludong University, Ludong University, China
2 Department of Electronic Engineering, Yantai Vocational College, China

Library booking is an important problem nowadays, which decides budgets of the whole library. Therefore, we should present proper model or method to solve this problem. This paper applies cooperative game theory and non-cooperation game theory when designing a library booking system to analyze the above problem. More especially, we analyze the problems in library booking system towards the view of game theory. Then we present two applications of cooperative and non-cooperation game theory respectively. Simulation experiments are set up according to the applications and the results are of consistence to the former analyses. Therefore, we solve the booking problem with game theory. Finally we conclude that game theory is an efficient tool, which can solve various problems in library booking and can also give credible results to improve efficiencies.

Relationship between Sports Consumption and Economic Growth based on A State-space Model PDF

Wang Hao


Department of Physical Education, Changzhou Textile Garment Institute, Changzhou 213164, China

Research has focused on the application of state-space models to economics. -Such models are also known as dynamic system theory, which assumes that the studied system is decided by an unobservable vector sequence over time. Sports consumption is an important aspect of sports economics and of consumption in modern living. As the economy develops, the social consumption mode and economic structure change significantly, and sports consumption displays good market demand. By establishing the state-space model in relation to sports consumption and economic growth, this thesis verifies and estimates the model parameters and concludes that sports consumption increases by 0.431%—0.439% when Gross Domestic Product (GDP) increases by 1%.

Application Study of All-or-Nothing Assignment Method for Determination of Logistic Transport Route in Urban Planning PDF

Cai Hui


School of Architecture, Chang’an University, Xi’an 710061, China

With the increasing need for urban logistic transportation, the establishment of a reasonable urban logistic transport route with high efficiency has become a critical element in alleviating urban traffic jam, meeting urban logistics and infrastructure construction, and improving the efficiency of urban logistics. The determination of a logistic transport route based on the all-or-nothing optimization algorithm in an urban system is investigated in this study. A logistic assignment model is established, and logistic transportation examples are combined. The optimized method retains the characteristic of simple calculation through the all-or-nothing algorithm. Owing to the consideration of road network conditions in the assignment process, the assignment results are more practical and can adapt to the characteristics of urban systems, such as complicated road networks and heavy traffic volume. Therefore, the logistic transport route in urban planning can be planned and designed with the optimized all-or-nothing algorithm.

Planning mode of the “urban-rural-field-garden” for the new suburban countryside in the Chengdu-Chongqing region of China PDF

Xu Mengdie1,2, Sun Guochun1,2, Xu Yuhui1,2, Huang Ying1,3


1Key Laboratory of New Technology for Construction of Cities in Mountain Area, Chongqing University, Chongqing, China, 40030
2Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Chongqing University, Chongqing, China, 40030
3Chongqing Planning & Design Institute, Chongqing, China, 40030

In China, the construction of a new countryside necessitates the successful implementation of strategic goals that are in line with recent urbanization and the integration of urban—rural development. As a typical site of urban—rural integration planning, the Chengdu-Chongqing region has become the “Overall Urban-Rural Comprehensive Matched Reform Experimental Zone”. In line with this aim, this study proposes the “Urban-Rural-Field-Garden” planning mode that is suitable for the construction and development of the new suburban countryside in the Chengdu-Chongqing region. We base our analysis on the current state, problems, and the requirement for new urbanization and integrated urban—rural development . We then analyzed the constitutional content, function, organization, layout, form, and guarantee mechanism of the proposed mode. Finally, we determined the general applicability of the proposed model given the construction areas of the new countryside, which differ in terms of dominating type, to provide references for the determination of a suitable mode for new countryside construction in other Chinese regions.

An Empirical Study of Dynamic Financial Early Warning Based on Grey Correlation and BP Neural Network PDF

Wang hui zhen1


1School of Business , Xi’an University of Finance and Economics , Shaanxi, Xi’an, China, 710100

Current research on early warning of financial crises mainly focuses on financial early warning such as multivariate linear pre-warning and Bayes discrimination, whereas the research methods are inclined to mathematical statistics, so there are rigorous requirements for data and hypotheses. Nevertheless, corporate financial risks and predetermined indices for early warnings are possibly changeable. In consideration of ineffective control of crises by earning warning, crises were dynamically monitored with a BP neural network based on Grey Model (1, 1) from the perspective of risk and crisis forecast (the only measures available for financial crisis in modern enterprises). Besides, a three-tier BP neural network was constructed by transforming fitting accuracy of exponential functions. The results have suggested that the changing indices about corporate financial crises have direct impacts upon corresponding early warning results. All simulation trainings based on BP neural network have been validated and can be used to further verify dynamic grey correlations in the process of financial early warning. Furthermore, all ST enterprises were predicted to face crisis by the pre-warning mechanism based on grey model, BP neural network training and the analog control, while corresponding non-ST enterprises were forecasted to be sound. Hence, it is helpful for listed enterprises to effectively forecast their possible and potential financial crises.

Analysis and study on the stadium personnel evacuating strategy using performance-based model PDF

Zhao Hong1


1Jilin Normal University, SiPingCity, JiLin Province, China, 136000

To protect the personal safety of people during entertainment in the technologically advanced society, this study investigated the safe personnel evacuation strategy in case of emergencies in stadium, in an attempt of minimizing the personnel losses. Considering the influences of personnel panic, evacuation exit flow, perception time, and the evacuation experience of staffs, the proportions of factors influencing the emergent stadium personnel evacuation efficiency were obtained using analytic hierarchy model, i.e., disorder evacuation, short evacuation time, and slow evacuation accounted for 0.386, 0.272, and 0.342 respectively. This result suggested that disorder evacuation and slow evacuation were the main factors for inducing the low efficiency of stadium personnel evacuation, while short evacuation time took a low proportion. Therefore, it was proved that the evacuation routes in most of the buildings were reasonably designed; the disorder evacuation caused by personnel panic acted as the main factor inducing the low personnel excavation efficiency; the personnel evacuation experience deficiency of most of the staffs resulted in the slow evacuation speed. Therefore, to prevent large accidents, the masses should strengthen the learning for scientifically coping with accidents. Meanwhile, the stadium managers should conduct professional quality training to the staffs at regular time

Chinese Stock Index Futures’ Effects on the A Share Market — A Study Based on the Improved TGARCH Model PDF

Jianxin Bi1,2, Lianghai Lei2


1 Faculty of Management, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology,516 Jun Gong Road, Shanghai, China
2 Faculty of Computer and Information, Zhejiang Wanli University, No.8, South Qian Hu Road Ningbo, Zhejiang,China

The paper improves the TGARCH model, and then builds three state transition models for the population sample of Hushen (Shanghai and Shenzhen) 300 Index. The paper selects the samples in the two years before and after the launch of stock index futures, and then uses the improved TGARCH model for market modelling, and makes a comparison with the original TGARCH model. The paper finds that after the launch of stock index futures, the A share market’s volatility ratio decreased greatly and volatility asymmetry weakened significantly, but still existed. The paper finally analyses the causes why stock index futures can stabilize A share market volatility and comes to a conclusion.

Educational Psychology Analysis Based on Dynamic Game Model PDF

Wang Jian1, Wu Haiyan2


1 College of law and politics, Anhui Jianzhu University, Hefei, Anhui Province, China, 231100
2 Repair Company of Anhui State Grid, Hefei, Anhui Province, China, 230061

Accurately grasp students’ mental, is essential to achieve expected teaching objectives. From the psychological point of view, the behavior of students is generally bounded rationality, and its decisions are often influenced by other students. In this paper, make student as the research content, dynamic game model was constructed based on game theory to analyze whether herding effect swill occur in the process of student enrollment. In the model, investigated exchange proceeds, exchanges scope, cost factors and other conditions in student exchange process. Experimental results show that exchange proceeds is the most important factor to determine whether the student elective behavior will occur herding effect, in addition to the exchange scope, cost factors also have some influence on whether students form a herd mentality.

Empirical Analysis of the Influencing Factors of Human Resource Management Mode of Petroleum Enterprises in China PDF

Jun Shi1, Xiantao Liu1, Guangjiu Chen2


1 School of Economics and Management, Southwest Petroleum University, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China, 610500
2 CCDC Geological Exploration & Development Research Institute, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China, 610051

Human resource management is considered as a practical art. Enterprises in various industries have different human resource management modes. By taking Chinese petroleum enterprises as an example, empirical analysis was performed on the influencing factors of human resource management mode by conducting questionnaire investigation. Results show that there are 8 principle factors influencing the human resource management mode, which can be divided into three categories, including internal constraint factors, external constraint factors, and strategic interests. The research indicates that the construction of human resource management mode of adapting to current economy requires to be green and low carbon, the eight factors can be considered to reduce the blindness and repeatability of petroleum enterprises in human resource management and improve the management efficiency and effectiveness.

Empirical Study of Rhetoric Appeal Based Writing Model PDF

Li Jian, Li Qingming


School of Humanities and Foreign Language, Xi’an University of Technology, No 58 Yanxiang Road, Xi’an, China

Nowadays, there is an increasing awareness of the upset situation concerning English writing among college English teachers. More and more teachers come to expose themselves to various approaches to teaching writing in order to remedy the unsatisfying teaching situation. Process and product approaches are most commonly used in English writing teaching. But with product approach, composing process skills are given relatively small role and to a certain degree students‟ motivation and interests remain undeveloped, while when applying process approach to teach writing, more and more teachers realize the disadvantages of this so-called “enabling” approach. Based on the study of interrelationship between rhetoric and writing, the purpose of this paper is finding an effective model of writing instruction for students from rhetorical perspective, and through an experiment of composition writing, testing the feasibility of rhetorical model in writing action.

Innovation of Small and Medium Enterprises Management Based on Cloud Computing PDF

Wang Rongbing1


1School of Information, Liaoning University, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, China, 110136

Market resources assessment in small and medium enterprise (SME) often shows weak strategic decisions owing to SME have insufficient abilities to cope with the changes in external environment, and is likely to be influenced by big business and market fluctuations. To solve this problem, this paper studied the cloud computing environment. The ways of innovation management for SMEs were investigated also. The results suggest that SME should focus on innovation management as following: the concept of innovation management, human resource management innovation, organizational structure innovation, and business model innovation.

Organizational Innovation of Integrated Design of Infrastructures in Large-scale Park PDF

Dingyuan Wu1, Feng Gang1


1 School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan, China, 430070

Infrastructures in large-scale park are the most basic substance to realize the function of the park, and the important basis for the sustainable development of the park. Because infrastructures in large-scale park involve multi-system and multi-specialty such as municipal traffic, electric power energy and communication network and then were designed by different design units according to different reference standards, infrastructures in large-scale park have inconsistent design standards, unharmonious design schedule, unshared design achievement and so on, therefore, the integrated design pattern should be taken. This paper will give an overview of integrated design of infrastructures in large-scale park in the first place, and then put forward organizational operation mode and communication mode of integrated design of infrastructures in large-scale park on the basis of the thought of organizational adhesion, and finally construct organizational game model of integrated design of infrastructures in large-scale park in virtue of the theory of positive game and analyze income distribution of each member in integrated design organization by the use of Shapley value method.

Regional Spatial Econometric Empirical Comparison for the Input and Output of Research and Development on Environment-friendly Innovation PDF

Aijun Li1,Changyong Liang2


1 The school of Economic and Management College of Chuzhou University, Anhui Province Chuzhou city, 239000
2 The school of Management College of Hefei University of Technology ,Anhui Province Hefei city,230009

With the economic growth and increasing improvements of supporting measures, the innovation, as well as research and development (RD) exhibit apparent output and spillover effects. By taking the patent grand in environment-friendly innovation and RD as a dependent variable, and the factors such as personnel and innovation capital of RD as independent variables, the empirical comparison and validation based on regional spatial econometric model were conducted. The results showed that environment-friendly RD presents a prominent positive implicative effect on the RD innovation output with spatial spillover. Meanwhile, the spatial error model is proved to be more convinced than spatial lag model and ordinary least square methods. Besides, this research also provides some suggestions and countermeasures for promoting further environment-friendly innovation RD and economic growth.

Relationship Analysis between Urbanization and Building Energy Consumption in China Based on a Structural Equation Model PDF

Ma Xianrui, Wang Xia, Du Yongjie, Cai Weiguang


School of Construction Management and Real Estate Chongqing University, Chongqing, China, 400045

In this paper, a qualitative analysis is firstly conducted on the relationship between urbanization and building energy consumption from five perspectives which are: urbanization rate, floor space of newly built residential buildings in urban areas, value-added of the tertiary industry, annual per capita consumption of residents and new urban population. Based on the qualitative analysis, a structural equation model is built and quantitative analysis is carried out. The result confirms that there is a strong positive correlation between urbanization and building energy consumption, as well as, the correlation coefficient is gained. Lastly, some suggestions on building energy-saving are given accordingly with the results of the analysis.

Research on the Identification of the Key Elements of Mega Project System PDF

Shi Xiangang1, 2, Liu Huabing1, Qin Beibei3, Ma Xianrui1, Wang Peng1


1 School of Construction Management and the Real Estate, Chongqing University, Chongqing, China, 400045
2 China Construction Seventh Engineering Division. Corp. Ltd, Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China, 450004
3 School of Construction Management and Engineering, University of Reading, Reading, UK, RG6 6AW

The social attribute of mega project, the complexity of stakeholders and the arduousness of management objectively require managers to identify the key elements of the system from the perspective of social networks. This research constructs a social network structure of mega project to study the centrality of social networks of mega project system with social network analysis (SNA). With Local centrality, Closeness centrality and Betweenness centrality, the key index of elements is established and these elements are reordered according to the importance. This paper makes an empirical analysis in which the key elements of Chongqing Metro Line 6 project are defined with UCINET. The results are expected to simplify the structure of social networks with the key elements identified, and it can improve the management efficiency to achieve the expected management goals more effectively.

Space Syntax Method Based Study on Price Adjustment of Land Location: A Case Study of the Development of GY Island PDF

Du Yongjie, Ma Xianrui, Liu Huabing


School of Construction Management and Real Estate, Chongqing University, Chongqing, China, 400045

Based on theoretical analysis of Space syntax and other associated concepts, the essay developed an innovative method of land location price adjustment. We take GY Island (in the Yangtze River) as research object. With the help of space syntax and Mindwalk software, we conducted detailed analysis on each land block, and finally give rate depending on locations. The results show the convenience and accuracy of adopting space syntax in calculating the land price by the location adjustment coefficient.

Study of Cost Estimation in the Project Design Phase Based on the Gray System Model PDF

Peng Wang1, Runting Gong1, Dandan Li2


1 School of Construction Management and Real Estate, Chongqing University, Chongqing, China, 400045
2 City College of Science and Technology, Chongqing University, Chongqing, China, 402167

With the rapid development and transformation of the construction industry, the construction project cost has been increasing in recent years. It has not only affected mark competitiveness of the construction enterprise, but also consumed the more social resources. Then how to make the construction project cost control precisely and effectively is a key problem, especially in the project design phase. Based on the previous research, the paper summed up that the project managers had a single method of cost control and forecast, and also the accuracy was not high. This paper then explored a fit method for forecasting and controlling the budget in project design phase based on the Gray System Model (1,1).Comparing with several commonly prediction methods on project cost, it summed up their differences and selected a prioritization scheme—Gray System Model (1,1) for testing. In order to control and forecast the budget with a timely and reasonable, this paper lastly applied Gray System Model (1,1) for the project design phase of engineering practice and it proved that the evaluation method was feasible.

The Approach of Improving Environmental Quality for the Industrial Interactive Development of Producer Services and Manufacture Industry PDF

Shen Fei1


1 Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Language, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China 312000

The influence analysis of the interactive association between the manufacture industry and producer services was conducted. On this basis, the factors including energy consumption, capital and labor are selected to construct the STIRPA model concerning stochastic impacts of regression on population, affluence, and technology. The environmental effects of the two industries‟ interaction are analyzed. The results confirm that the structural differences of carbon productivity improvement of industrial development in economically developed eastern and central regions in China is greater than that of other regions, while the latter mainly depends on manufacture industry and producer services to achieve environmental protection growth, so the labor factor should be combined with capital to promote the improvement of carbon productivity.

Analysis and Design of the B/S based Dynamic Management System for the Budgets of University Scientific Research Projects PDF

Chen Zhijun 1


1 Scientific Research Office of Neijiang Normal University, Neijiang,Sichuan,China,

Budget of university scientific research project mainly includes budget preparation, budget execution, budget adjustment, budget control and budget performance evaluation. By managing and the budgets of university scientific research projects using a management information system, the technical director of projects can make full use of the budget in scientific research based on reasonable budget setting. The scientific funds can therefore be effectively utilized. In this research, the series of functions such as source management, budget management, expenditure management and inquiry statistics are realized using B/S frame and NET distributed framework, and Visual Studio 2005 is taken as development tool and SQL Server2005 as background data management system. Therefore, the practical and effective dynamic management and planning of funds and budgets for university scientific research projects are realized.

Research on Effect of Venture Capital to Technological Innovation in China PDF

Chen Zhi1


1 Department of Statistics, Shanxi University of Finance and Economic, China, Taiyuan, 030006

Basing endogenous economic growth theory and incentive-supervision theory, this paper expounds the effect of venture capital (VC) to technological innovation. Referencing the input-output method, technological innovation is thought as common goods, which can be produced during general production process. Then it chooses VC and R&D personnel as input factors, patent applications as output factor, and measures the effect of Chinese VC to technological innovation by calculating the Grey Relationship Degree (GRD). Data shows that VC’s effect is stronger and stronger, even the relevant degree of government capital and technological innovation is high. By using kernel density, six pictures show that VC’s distribution is disequilibrium; they reflect the main features of Chinese regional economic. Conclusions support that VC has significant effect on Chinese technological innovation. a way that using governmental invest to attractive folk and aboard is needed. Government should try to diversify the technology and investment market.

Study on the Relationship of Folk Finance and Rural Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise PDF

Hai-ling Guan1


1 school of Economic and Management of Taiyuan University of Science and Technology,ShanXi Province Taiyuan city,030024

As the integral part of finance markets, the rural folk finance exists extensively and has been playing an important role in small and medium-sized enterprise financing. This paper points out the way to implement the Nash Equilibrium of both the lender and the borrower of rural finance. Based on borrowing behavior of rural finance by the game analysis, we find that establishing folk restriction mechanism, such as reputation mechanism, guarantee mechanism and third-party restriction and supervision mechanism is an optimal way to solve the problem existing in rural finance. With the aid of cob-Douglas production function, which shows that there is a huge financing gap existing in rural small and medium-sized enterprises. So,it’s important to seek more financial support from the rural financial market; the development of the folk finance speeds up the progress of rural small and medium-sized enterprises, and vice versa.

The Processing of business resources using data warehouse based on Hybrid Methodology PDF

Quan Yuan


Hubei University of Technology Engineering and Technology College, Hubei, 430068, China

In computing, a data warehouse (DW, DWH), or an enterprise data warehouse (EDW), is a system used for reporting and data analysis. In working environment resources are commonly shared between tasks, and sometime multiple resources are necessary to commence a single task, this scenario makes the resource utilization complex. Making it simple to understand this, we classify resources into human resources, because the two types of resources behave differently leaving different impact on process performance. Quality of data produces is evaluated though an empirical study, that is confirming the claim of highly relevant information generation. Data warehouse conceptual design is based on the metaphor of the cube, which can be derived from either requirement-driven or data-driven methodologies. Each methodology has its own advantages. The first allows designers to obtain a conceptual schema very close to the user needs but it may be not supported by the effective data availability. On the contrary, the second ensures a perfect trace ability and consistence with the data sources—in fact, it guarantees the presence of data to be used in analytical processing—but does not preserve from missing business user needs. To face this issue, the necessity emerged in the last years to define hybrid methodologies for conceptual design.

Research on Learning Resources Personalized Recommendation Based on Knowledge Topic Ontology PDF

Xiao Jianqiong1


1Experiment Center of China West Normal University, Nanchong, Sichuan Province, China

At present, the connection of network course learning resources are generally formed man-made hyperlinks, which can't reflect inner semantic association of resources. How to set up dynamically and mine various semantic association among network courses resources, it is an important issue to realize network course learning resources associated evolution. Ontology of semantic web is introduced into building model of knowledge, Knowledge ontology is used as the basis of knowledge description and expression in construction of network course learning resources, to establish dynamically and mine semantic association among learning resources and domain curriculum knowledge. The research designed a network courses learning sources personalized recommendation system based on knowledge topic ontology by using the processing of personalized recommendation. Experiments show that the system can recommend dynamically suitable learning sources to learners, promote preferably construction of curriculum knowledge, to realize active recommendation of personalized learning resources recommendation service.

Finite-time synchronization of unified chaotic system PDF

Yaolin Huang, Zhuo Jiang, Chengjun Xie, Shuangli Wang, Jinyan Zhao


College of Computer Science and Technology, Beihua University, Jilin, 132021, China

This paper presents finite-time synchronization for the unified chaotic system. The master-slave system synchronization is achieved within a pre-specified convergence time. Based on the Lyapunov stability theory and the finite-time stability theory, the finite-time controller is derived to make the state of two unified chaotic systems synchronized within finite-time. At the same time, the state of the slave system exponentially synchronizes state of the master system. At last numerical simulations are presented to shows the effectiveness of theoretical analysis.

The research on reasoning of tourism information and knowledge based on semantic Web PDF

Zhiqiang Liu, Yila Su, Fei Wang, Huimin Li


College of Information Engineering, Inner Mongolia University of Technology, Hohhot, 010051, China

As a kind of modelling tool of describing knowledge framework based on semantics and knowledge, ontology provides a standardized description of concepts and lays a foundation for the sharing of knowledge. This paper constructs a tourist information knowledge base body via ontology tools, and meanwhile makes s series of reasoning based on the constructed knowledge base. Furthermore, one can manually construct inference rules to probe into the field of knowledge and complete the key objectives of the Semantic Web-"machine-understandable." For the uncertainty which cannot be described by descriptive logic, this paper recommends the introduction of Bayesian networks, which can not only easily construct conditional probability tables, but can conduct a rapid reasoning of probability and finally provides people with a reasonable travel plan.

Computational model based on the reputation incentive and punishment mechanism in P2P environments PDF

Sun Hua1, Yu Jiong1, Zhang Zhenyu2, Jiang Hong1


1School of Software, Xinjiang University, Urumqi 830008, China
2School of Information Science and Engineering, Xinjiang University, Urumqi 830046, China

Rating reputation of the peers is a key problem in P2P environments, a computational reputation model based on incentive and punishment mechanism is proposed. This model considers both direct and indirect transactions with target peers before their next transactions. The mechanism puts different weights to get the value of reputation, and the model incents the good behaviours and punishes the bad ones through adjustment factor. Through experiment, the model can hold back malicious peers and ensure higher success transaction rate.

Research on customer requirements driven scheme decision-making of product service system PDF

Zhongqi Sheng, Yazi Wang, Shujian Zhang


School of Mechanical Engineering & Automation, Northeastern University, Shenyang 110819, P. R. China

Product service system development aims at making manufacturing enterprises adapt to globalized market development trend, and provide overall solutions to meet personalized customer requirements. Conceptual design process of product service system development is very complicated and time-consuming. As the key process of conceptual design, scheme decision-making directly affects the efficiency and success rate of product service system development. According to the classification result of customer requirements, this paper establishes the indicator system of scheme decision-making of CNC machine tools product service system. For the quantitative indicators, entropy weight method is used to determine its objective weight, AHP method is used to determine its subjective weight, and combined weight method is used to determine the comprehensive weight. For the qualitative indicators, fuzzy AHP is used to determine the weights. Finally, this paper uses improved TOPSIS method based on fuzzy Kano model to carry out schemes sorting for CNC machine tools product service system. Taking ETC series horizontal CNC machine tools as an example, the proposed method is verified.

Application of improved analytic hierarchy process in SME’s competitiveness evaluation PDF

Xianwu Wang


Anhui Business Vocational College, Hefei Anhui, PR China

With small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) becoming a significant engine for regional economic development, it is extremely important to evaluate SME's competitiveness in an appropriate way. So far, many scholars have explored theories and introduced practice on this, yet the theoretical system of the evaluation of SME's competitiveness in China still needs perfection. Therefore, this paper tries to establish an evaluation model of SME's competitiveness in China based on their features and former theories. Also, it proposes an improved analytic hierarchy process (IAHP) with consideration of expert weight applicable to the evaluation. After brought into test, the process can well apply to the evaluation of the competitiveness of SMEs in China..

Complex mechanism scheme design based on knowledge extension reuse model PDF

Tichun Wang 1,2,3, Xiaoyi Chen 1, Shisheng Zhong4, Yongjian Zhang 4


1College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing 210016, China
2Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Precision and Micro-Manufacturing Technology, Nanjing 210016, China
3Wuxi TJInnova Auto-design Co., Ltd., Wuxi 214072, China
4School of Mechantronics Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin 150001, China

Due to the multi-hierarchy, multi-attribute and creativity exist in the structure configuration process of the large-scale complex product scheme design; a reuse model for scheme design knowledge based on extension theory is presented here. The basic-element in model can unified describe the design information with the combination way on both qualitative and quantitative, the retrieval and matching of basic-element are realized by retrieval algorithm based on distance, the best reuse objects are obtained to applied to new scheme design. Finally, an illustration verifies this proposed model.

Improvement of bidding procurement model of engineering materials based on analytical hierarchy process and Delphi method PDF

Wang Youzhen


Capital Construction Department, Qilu University of technology, Jinan, 250353

The bidding procurement of engineering materials aims at selecting cost-effective materials and better suppliers in a fair, just, and open way but the current material bidding procurement model is very unreasonable. This paper will analyse the current bidding procurement model, point out its unreasonableness, and offer suggestions for improvement based on Analytical Hierarchy Process and Delphi method.

The research on agricultural products logistics efficiency in China based on DEA-Malmquist model PDF

Sheng Zhong


School of Business Administration, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics
Nanchang 330013, Jiangxi province, P. R. China


Low efficiency has been the bottleneck that is hindering agricultural products logistics to play the role in improving economic and social development. But relevant research achievements are not many. This paper studies agricultural products logistics efficiency from 2008 to 2011 in China based on DEA and Malmquist index and finds that during later period of study, the total factor productivity of agricultural products logistics industry in the whole nation, east region, central region and west region was in a growing trend, mainly due to technological advance. During later period of study, technical efficiency of national agricultural products logistics was basically at a standstill. Among it, pure technical efficiency did not develop, but scale efficiency kept growing. From the perspective of regions, technical efficiency in east region showed downward trend and the development of pure technical efficiency and scale efficiency kept a standstill. In central region, technical efficiency and scale efficiency both fell, except that pure technical efficiency rebounded during the last period of study. The pure efficiency and scale efficiency in west region both developed, which accelerated the improvement of technical efficiency of this region from 2008 to 2011. Scale efficiency was the major influencing factor on the increase in logistics technical efficiency.

A Compositional regression model based on fuzzy weighted evaluation method PDF

Mengqi Gong, S Cheng


School of Economics and Management, China University of Geosciences, Lumo Road 388, 430074, Wuhan, China

This paper adopts 6 indexes from regression model evaluation criterion, regards the membership grade of the optimal index set of the given equation distance as the weight, linearly weights the corresponding equation and establishes the compositional regression model with the fuzzy evaluation method. The practical applicat i on indicates this method gets better fitting and predicting effect compared with the traditional regression model and it is a relative and perfect optimization method.

SME technical efficiency and scale revenue calculation methods and selection of indicators PDF

Wei Chuan-li1,2


1 School of Economic and Management, Harbin Engineering University, Nantong Str. 145, Harbin 150001, China
2 School of Public Finance and Administration, Harbin Commercial University, Tongda Str. 138, Harbin 150028, China

In the SME technical efficiency and scale gains calculation method, we give estimates of technical efficiency and scale gains SMEs theoretical approaches and models, discuss the DEA method in research methodology and modelling methods. Model can be used to evaluate whether the decision-making unit for both technical efficiency and scale gains effective and to determine the scale of decision making unit gain position. Model can only technical efficiency of decision making units makes evaluations. If organically combined use of these two models, comprehensive analysis, we can get more valuable information. And further clarified the decision making units with DEA method to evaluate technical efficiency and scale gains steps. Also given the choice of indicators and access methods, a clear DEA model is mainly selected input and output indicators.

College students jump performance prediction based on NGA-BP neural network and the computer simulation PDF

Dou Dan1, Feng Suqiong2


1 School of Chongqing university of posts and telecommunications, Chongqing, China
2 School of Sichuan agricultural university, Chongqing, China

In recent years, with the aggravation of the schoolwork burden, the physical quality of the student is declining. In order to encourage the college students to exercise, the State Council promulgated the “National Physical Training Standards”. In this standard, the long jump is a very important physical test project. Using the computer technology to predict the long jump performance can make the targeted training effectively for the long jump performance. In the traditional prediction methods, BP neural network is a very common method. However, in the traditional BP neural network, there exist some questions about the weight and parameter setting. In order to overcome the questions, in this paper, we propose NGA-BP neural network based on k-mean clustering. Then, we use this algorithm to predict the long jump performance for the college students with the computer simulation. The finial computer simulation shows that the method has good results.

Reflections on quantitative analysis of sustainable ecotourism development based on Butler model PDF

Wang Chao


Qingdao Vocational and Technical College of Hotel Management, Qingdao, Shandong, China, 266100

This paper uses the Butler Model to give a quantitative description of the sustainable ecotourism development. It is supposed that the ecological system is stable under the best condition. The increase in the number of tourist has presented the following features: limited, rapid and constant. The number of tourist will not exceed the environmental capacity K. The rising velocity r, the number of tourist N and the rising number of tourist per unit time dN/dt present a symmetric relation. There is a linear relationship between r, N, dN/dt and t. According to the theory of Butler, we can obtain the formula for the prediction and the assessment of the sustainable ecotourism development. This paper takes the Bird Island of Qinghai Lake as an example to account for the Butler Model and conduct the quantitative analysis.

College students' cultivation evaluation index system and grey performance measurement model PDF

Liang Li1, Tao Guo2


1,2 Collegeof information science and technology, Agricultural University of Hebei Baoding, Hebei, China

The performance evaluation of the quality of higher schools’ talents cultivation is an effective way of measuring higher schools’ abilities of cultivating high talents. It also works efficiently for measuring higher schools’ adaptabilities and abilities to serve the society. The process of evaluating performance of higher schools’ talent cultivation is complicated and affected by many factors. With analyses of the factors that can affect the quality of higher schools’ talents cultivation, a talents cultivation evaluation index system is established. With a metric analytical investigation of relevant evaluation criteria of the index system, and based on the grey system theory, a grey performance measurement model of higher schools’ talents cultivation is proposed. The grey relevancy of the performance evaluation of higher schools’ talents cultivation is obtained by considering weights of different evaluations. Then higher schools’ abilities and qualities of cultivating talents can be evaluated and analysed based on the grey relevancy. Lastly, the model and algorithm are analysed and verified through specific application cases: it is proven that the model and algorithm are operable and functional

A novel KMV-based commercial bank credit risk assessment model PDF

Xian Sheng Chen 


School of Management, HeFei University of Technology, Anhui PR China

Commercial banks has great risks. Commercial banks credit risk evaluation, as an effective way of financial regulation, is an integral part of banking regulation system. Given that scholars applied the same credit risk evaluation method to all kinds of banks, error are unavoidable. This paper targets at Z BANK, a commercial bank in China and designs a suitable credit risk evaluation model to evaluate its customer credit and debt credit. This paper draws KMV method when calculating the possibility of default PD. With some adjustments, this method can be applied to other commercial banks, providing an effective approach to financial regulation in China.

An information content model of teachers' teaching ability improvement in higher school based on information axiom PDF

Zhang Yuhong1, Shi Qiuxiang2, Hao Xiaofang3


1 College of Education, Hebei Normal University of Science & Technology, Qinhuangdao, Hebei, P.R.China
2 Department of education, Hebei Normal University of Science & Technology
College of Education,Hebei Normal University of Science&Technology,Qinhuangdao,Hebei,P.R.China

One way to ensure the teaching quality of institutes of higher learning is by improving university teachers’ teaching ability is an important approach to. This paper proposes an information content model of teachers’ teaching ability improvement based on information axiom. Accurate and reliable, this paper analyses factors than influence the teaching ability and constructs an evaluation indicator system by Analytical Hierarchy Process. It works out the calculation model of information content targeting at different indicators with the help of fuzzy theory and information axiom. After weight is taken into account, it acquires the comprehensive information content model and measures teachers’ teaching ability. Case study proves that the model and the algorithm are effective.

A competitiveness model of production-teaching-research cooperation mode for enterprises and universities based on fuzzy ideal domain PDF

Wen Fengan


Chongqing Academy of Social Sciences, Chongqing, China

This paper proposes an improved competitiveness model of production-teaching-research cooperation mode for enterprises and universities based on fuzzy ideal domain to enhance the overall quality as well as the competitiveness of high-tech talents in universities and enterprises. Through the analysis of the cooperation mode and after standardization of indicators, we are able to get the comprehensive fuzzy correlation between evaluation object and fuzzy ideal domain based on fuzzy correlation calculation model. As a result, we can get the competitiveness of production-teaching-research cooperation mode. Empirical study shows that the algorithm and the model are effective.

Return policy and contract design under asymmetric return rate information PDF

Jun Yang1, Taotao Li1 , Lulu Shao


1 School of Management, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan 430074, China

In this paper, we mainly discuss how a manufacturer should provide return service with different market-return rates when offers a partial refund. We consider a supply chain model that a dominant manufacturer supplying a single product to a retailer under the revenue sharing contract, in a single-period. The market demand is assumed to be dependent on the return price offering by manufacturer. We first analyse the model with the full information about market-return rate, which shows that manufacturer can determine the optimal return price according to the consumer’s sensitivity of return price and the market-return rate. However, when the retailer has more private information about market-return rate, manufacturer can screen out the private information of the retailer through the contract menus in the terms of return price and revenue sharing ratio.

Does biomass energy development affect the price fluctuation of international agricultural products? PDF

S Cheng, Y Yang


School of Economics and Management, China University of Geosciences, Lumo Road 388, 430074, Wuhan, China

The price fluctuation of international agricultural products, especially the continuous rising of that, slows down the global economic recovery. In case that measures to control the price of food are not taken in each country, food crisis like the one happened in 2007-2008 would burst out more and more frequently. Based on the related studies, this paper found by building an econometric model that: 1. the uppermost factor that affecting the price fluctuation of the international agricultural products is the change in structure of supply and demand in the global leading market of agricultural products which is caused by the development of the biomass energy; 2. the domestic economic changes in United States do not affect the price fluctuation of the international agricultural products.

Smart city evaluation using non-equilibrium statistical mechanics method PDF

Zhou Zaohong


School of Tourism and Urban Management, Institute of Poyang Lake Eco-economics, Jiangxi University of Finance & Economics, Yuping Str, 888, Nanchang city in jiangxi province, China

In recent years, with the rapid development of network information technology, such as IoT, cloud computing, big data and so on, smart city presents a development trend of networking, distributed, intelligence and systemization. Because smart city system is a dynamic, complex, distributed, uncertainty and heterogeneity system, in which sub-element has large influence on each other in the respective field. More research should be done to smart city, especially in the development evaluation. In this paper, we firstly define and put forward the physical model of complex smart city system which includes smart people, smart economy, smart mobility, smart environment, smart living, smart governance,. Then, a non-linear information dynamics mode for integrated smart city evaluation is introduced based on the maximum flux principle during the modeling process. The integrated evaluation frameworks of smart city can be done by giving reasonable weights of each influence factors to stabilize the system. Finally, using empirical analysis method, we obtain the ideal results to prove the correctness and efficacy of the evaluation model.

Emergency logistics vehicle scheduling based on improved differential evolution PDF

Yazhou Shan1, Kaijun Wu1 ,Yuechun Wu2


1School of Electronic and Information Engineering, LanZhou JiaoTong Unversity, Lanzhou 730070, China
2 Department of Qingdao signal depot, Jinan Railway Bureau, Qingdao 266002, China

Emergency logistics vehicle scheduling is an issue of NP combination which possesses important practical value. In order to overcome the problems such as long computing time and easy to fall into local optimal solution for traditional heuristic optimization algorithm, an improved differential evolution is proposed. In the algorithm, a greedy algorithm is used to generate the initial population, legalized method is used to repair mutation and improved order crossover is used, then, a new selection mechanism is added in after the mutation operator. In the paper, the algorithm is used to solve emergency logistics vehicle scheduling problem, the mathematic mode which minimize total cost with the emergency time constraint is established and the solution algorithm is developed. The simulation results of example indicate that the algorithm can efficiently solve emergency logistics vehicle scheduling problem through the comparison of GA and the DE algorithm.

An evaluation model of teaching quality of universities based on multi-index fuzzy decision analysis method PDF

Tao Guo1, Qi Jian Jia2


1 College of information science and technology, Agricultural University of Hebei Baoding, Hebei, China
Institute of rural development, Agriculture University of Hebei, Baoding, 071001, China

Teaching quality of universities is affected and restricted by many types of factors, thus evaluation of teaching quality of universities is of great importance to enhance teaching quality and ability. For this reason, this paper studies teaching quality of universities and proposes an evaluation model based on multi-index fuzzy decision analysis method. By analysing many factors that can affect the improvement of teaching quality of universities, an evaluation model of teaching quality with hierarchical structure is established and different types of evaluation indexes in this evaluation index system are normalized. On the basis of the Fuzzy system theory, Fuzzy memberships of relevant evaluation indexes are constructed, after which weights of these indexes are gained based on the entropy weight. And then a multi-index Fuzzy decision analysis matrix and related Fuzzy correlation degrees of universities’ teaching quality are generated. Therefore the level of teaching quality of universities is obtained. The paper also attempts to test the effectiveness of the proposed model and algorithm via specific case studies.

Dynamic coverage optimization for wsn based on ant colony algorithm PDF

Yang Tao1 ,Sun Zeyu1,2, Zhang Yong3


1 Computer and Information Engineering, Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology, Luoyang 471023, China.
2 Electrical and information Engineering, Xi’an JiaoTong University Xi’an 710061, China
Mathematics and Computer, Chizhou University, Chizhou 247000, China

In order to better meet the coverage requirements, is presented based on Ant Colony Algorithm for solving the covering problem in geometry, mapping algorithm between the node and the target, effectively cover the use of mobile nodes in the part area coverage model, including process is through the node energy consumption nodes moving strategy to identify the network coverage, coverage hole process to eliminate or not completely covered, so as to realize the multiple coverage. The experimental results show that, the algorithm can not only use the minimum node to complete the effective coverage area of local, and through mobile strategy and scheduling nodes to balance the energy consumption of all nodes, prolong the network life cycle.

Chaos control within finite time of the chaotic financial system based on CLF theory PDF

Wang Yuling1, Si Fengshan2, Luo Yunling3, Xia Qing4


1 School of Economics, South-Central University for Nationalities, Hubei Wuhan, 430074
2 Management science and engineering college, Anhui University of finance and economics, Anhui Bengbu, 233030
3 Schools of Science, Tianjin University of Commerce, Tianjin, 300134
4 Department of Basic Educations, Military Economics Academy, Hubei Wuhan, 430035

In this paper, we deal with the finite-time chaos control in the chaotic financial system. The control law are proposed to drive chaos to equilibria within finite time based on the control Lyapunov function (CLF) theory. Numerical simulations are provided to show the effectiveness of the proposed controller.

An optimization calculation method of transformer operating cost PDF

Liao Yuxiang1, Li Zhiyong2, Xie Jingyu3, Liang Yu1, Li Xue3


1 State Grid Chongqing Jiangbei Power Supply Company, Chongqing 401147, China
2 State Grid Chongqing Electric Power Co. Chongqing Research Institute, Chongqing 401123, China
College of Engieering and Technology, Southwest University, Chongqing 400716, China

In this paper, based on the theory of life cycle cost (LCC), the LCC of transformer was analyzed,and the life cycle cost calculation model of transformer was established. For calculating the cost of transformer loss, in order to make the final calculation results more accurate, the correction coefficient of electricity price is considered to improve the calculation model. Then, in order to reduce the loss of the transformer operation and save cost, the load rate of transformer is combined with efficiency to get the optimal load rate, so as to calculate the operating loss of transformer. Finally, these two improvement scheme were proved through the calculation and contrast analysis of examples.

Research on the food safety supply chain security information resources sharing platform based on multi-agent PDF

Kefei Liu


Henan University of Technology, Zhengzhou, Henan, China

In recent years, the consumers and the food regulators pay more and more attention to the food security works due to the frequent food security problems. Because the food supply chain security information resources sharing platform can prevent the food security problem on the source, it is concerned by the producers, consumers and the food regulatory. In this paper, we propose the food safety supply chain security information resources sharing platform which is based on the multi-agent. And we expound the functions of each agent module. In this platform, the managers, producers and consumers can interact the information effectively. Finally, we analyse the functions of this platform.

The research for effect of aspects extraction of Chinese commodity comments on supervised learning methods PDF

Yan Zhao1, Suyu Dong1, Hua Yang2, Jing Yang 3


1 College of Management, Inner Mongolia University of Technology, Huhhot, China;
2 College of Information Engineering, Inner Mongolia University of Technology, Huhhot, China;
3 College of Mechanical Engineering, Inner Mongolia University of Technology, Huhhot, China;

With the advent of Web 2.0, there are more and more websites for shopping. These websites often allow customers make comments of the commodity which they have purchased. Therefore, three is an increasing number of online reviews. More importantly, these reviews contain a mass of sentiment. The sentiment is meaningful for merchants and customers. This paper focuses on the extraction of aspects of online review of products. We will use Supervised Learning methods to extract aspects of online review of products. Through the experiment of this paper, we found that Machine Learning can be used for aspects extraction of Chinese online review of products. Using ME and presence character representation can achieve 85.6% accuracy.

A multilevel fuzzy analysis model of higher education teaching quality PDF

Hao Xiaofang1, Zhang Yuhong1 , Li Guolin1


1 College of Education, Hebei Normal University of Science &Technology, Qinhuangdao, Hebei, P.R.China,066004

To improve the overall quality of teachers and enhance the teaching ability as well as the teaching quality of institutes of higher learning for the purpose of nurturing high-tech talents, this paper proposes a multilevel fuzzy analysis model of higher education teaching quality based on fuzzy system theory. It constructs a multilevel evaluation system and acquires the fuzzy evaluation set of teaching quality and fuzzy value of a quantity. Through calculation we can get the fuzzy membership between teaching quality and fuzzy evaluation set. Fuzzy membership is applied to standardization according to different types and scales of indicators to get the integrated weighted fuzzy membership. This will realize the evaluation on teaching quality of institutes of higher learning and helps to increase the overall quality of teachers. A case study is introduced to prove the efficacy of the model and the algorithm.

Applied research on data mining platform for weather forecast based on cloud storage PDF

Haiyan Song¹, Leixiao Li2 and Yuhong Fan3


1 Department of Software Engineering t, Inner Mongolia Electronic Information Vocational Technical College, China
2 Department of Computer Science of Information Engineering College, Inner Mongolia University of Technology, China
3 People's Bank of China, Inner Mongolia, China

This paper analyses the weather data mining, cloud storage and Hadoop framework. A cloud storage platform model of weather data mining is constructed based on Hadoop framework. With this platform two major accomplishments are made: 1)a data model is designed for weather data Mining; 2)a Weather Forecast System is set up through experiment design, data set gathering and prediction algorithm compute. The experimental results showed that this platform is expandable, maintainable, and manages the massive meteorological data with high efficiency

Research on performance evaluation in logistics service supply chain based unascertained measure PDF

Juanjuan Suo, Yancang Li, Huimin Dong


Hebei University of Engineering, Handan056038, China

The comprehensive model on performance evaluation of logistics service supply chain was established based on unascertained measure. On the basic of considering the factors influencing logistics service supply chain, the comprehensive evaluation index sys-tem were determined from four aspects, which includes logistics service capacity, logistics service quality, collaborative development ability and social influence. In view of different influencing factors of logistics service supply chain, the index weight was calculated through entropy weight coefficient method. Then, the grade division was finished by credible degree recognition criterion. Finally, the comprehensive evaluation model was used in engineering example. The test result through the application practice showed that the model proposed can carry on reasonably and effectively comprehensive assessment for the performance evaluation of logistics service supply chain.

Correlation between coordination cost and spatial distribution of enterprises PDF

Wu Jian1, Wu Guangdong2, Li Mi3 


1 School of Management, Hangzhou Dianzi University, Xiasha, Jianggan District, Hangzhou,310018, China
2 School of tourism and Urban Management, Jiangxi University of Finance & Economics, Nanchang 330013, China
College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Jiaxing University, Jiaxing, 314001, China,

It introduces the coordination cost to NEG model to analyze the impact of coordination cost on the spatial dispersion of enterprises. By solving the model and numeral simulation it finds that the enterprises’ agglomeration in central place declines when the coordination cost reduce. As long as the coordination cost keeps a constant relates to diversity of worker’s wage and product’s substitution elasticity, the spatial distribution of enterprises will not be affected by trade freedom.

An approach of detecting structure emergence of regional complex network of entrepreneurs: simulation experiment of college student start-ups PDF

Yan Shen1, Bao Wu2,3


Hangzhou Normal University, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, P.R.China
2 China Institute for Small and Medium Enterprises, Zhejiang University of Technology, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, P.R.China
3 Zhejiang Economic &Trade Polytechnic, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, P.R.China

The article explores structure emergence of regional complex network of entrepreneurs, by proposing an integrated detection framework of community structure and its evolution based on social capital theory and complex network approach. Simulation of network dynamics, detection of community structure and tracing of network structure changes are integrated to investigate structure emergence and its link with entrepreneurs’ social capital. And the article gives an experimental case about the emergence of stable network structure among a group of college student start-ups. Simulation result using the framework proposed by the article fits with actual network evolution traced in tracing program. The framework is effective and useful in explaining structure emergence of regional complex network of entrepreneurs.

Characterization of drawing movement as schooling advances in primary school PDF

Sun Zengwu, Lin Qiushi, Luo Jianfei, Ren Tingting, Wu Zhongcheng 


Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 350 Shushanhu Road Hefei, 230031, China

This study was to investigate the development characteristics of several parameters as schooling advances in primary school using computerized movement analyses.Sixty children without handwriting deficits were selected from a Chinese primary school, and they were asked to perform drawing tasks on a digital tablet for kinematic data collecting. In this study four drawing tasks were used: horizontal strokes, vertical strokes, squares and circles. We investigated a series of kinematic parameters such as velocity, acceleration and drawing force, to exam how these parameters change as schooling proceeds. The mean velocity and mean acceleration increase across the grade in all drawing tasks. The mean force of x-axis decreases only in vertical strokes and circles, while the mean force of z-axis decreases across the grade in horizontal strokes and squares. However, there was no significant correlation between grade and the force of y-axis in all tests.The digital tablet is an effective tool to determine the development of hand movement skills of children. This dynamical analysis technique can be used to study the underlying pathology of fine motor disorders.

A simulation approach to model cascading bankruptcy of interdependent business network PDF

Bao Wu1,2, Mingzhu Li1,2, Zihang Ding2


China Institute for Small and Medium Enterprises, Zhejiang University of Technology, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, P.R.China
2 Collage of Business and Administration, Zhejiang University of Technology, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, P.R.China

The article proposed a simulation technique which illustrates the cascading process of financial failure through interdependent business network. Based on theoretical modelling of inter-firm risk propagation, network dynamics of risk contagion was integrated into the simulation model proposed by the article. And the simulation approach was applied to two realistic cases with quite different Network Paradigms. Simulation results showed the method suggested by the article is effective.

A novel overlapping community mining algorithm for micro-blog platform PDF

Zhang Zhaoyin


School of Computer Science and Technology in Heilongjiang University 150010, China

This paper concentrates on the problem of overlapping community mining for micro-blog platform, which is an important problem in social network mining. Firstly, we convert of overlapping community mining to a weighted graph computation problem, in which nodes represent users and vertex denotes the relationship between users. Secondly, we introduce the concept of user influence to solve the problem of overlapping community mining, which is a main innovation point in this paper. To calculate the user influence in the micro-blog platform, two types of micro-blog information are utilized (that is, user properties and micro-blog properties), and then the analytic hierarchy process is used to calculate the weight of each influencing factor. Furthermore, user properties contain user ID, user type, attention number, number of fans, number of micro-blog, number of mentions and so on. On the other hand, micro-blog attributes contain micro-blog number, publishing date and time, forwarding number, comment number and so on. Thirdly, a weighted network based overlapping community mining algorithm is proposed, in which the original overlapping communities are discovered in advance, and then final results are obtained by expanding the original ones. Finally, to testify the effectiveness of the proposed, experiments are conducted on several datasets and compared with other related works. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm can detect overlapping communities in micro-blog platform with high accuracy, and our algorithm is suitable to be modified to run in the parallel mode, hence, the large-scale overlapping communities can also be solved by this proposed algorithm.

Disaster evaluation of debris flow based on hierarchical architecture PDF

Zhao Jianhua


Heilongjiang University of science and technology, Harbin, Heilongjiang 150022, China

The natural factors affecting the occurrence and development of debris flow are discussed in this paper. Some mathematical schemes to evaluate the disaster of debris flow are also studied, to establish an indicator system for existing debris flow disasters. We individually establish a disaster evaluation indicator system from three aspects including point, line and area, to evaluate the disaster of debris flow, and to determine the parameters for relative indictors in disaster evaluations. Meanwhile, quantity scoring method and analytic hierarchy process are adopted to perform consistency test on its results. So a more accurate evaluation of the degree of risk for some specific section or area can be acquired. It is verified to provide scientific direction of the construction of highway and disaster prevention.

Multi-objective optimization of dynamic load balance on smart grid based on economic dispatch PDF

Li Xin1, Liang Tian1


1Shandong Agriculture and Engineering University, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China, 250100

In this paper, hybrid electric vehicles and renewable energy resources are combined to consider as optimization objective to reduce the remission of greenhouse gas. Electric vehicles can provide assistance to the power grid abbreviated as V2G, which changes single interests of power suppliers under the traditional economic operation mode. The intermittence of renewable energy generation and random charging behaviour of electric vehicles owners needs stronger power grid regulation ability. In this paper, we design a dynamic economic dispatch model for smart grid, which contains the plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and renewable energy power resource. By minimizing of power generation costs including V2G service cost, the lowest charging cost of PHEV owners, least air pollution, and maximizing synthetic load ratio, the model contains four optimization objectives. To solve the multi-objective problem, NSGA-II as a popular method to deal with multi-objectives optimizations is employed. Under the premise of keeping up with the demand of power, dynamically adjust the charging/discharging time and power of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles to match the fluctuations of loads and renewable energy generation. In simulations, we applied this model and methods on a 10-generating-unit system. The simulation results show the rationality and validity of the proposed model.

Optimistic and pessimistic decision making based on interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy soft sets PDF

Xue Wen, Zhi Xiao1


1 School of Economics and Business Administration, Chongqing University, Chongqing, China, 400044

This study explores the application of using the interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy soft sets (IVIFSS) approach to the multi-criteria group decision making problem. Firstly, we define the concept of the IVIFSS value vector, including the IVIFSS weighted averaging, the optimistic IVIFSS value and the pessimism IVIFSS value. Then, some of their desirable properties are investigated in detail. Furthermore, we prove that the decision makers, as the parameter sets, and their IVIFSS value vector, as mapping rule, may be consider as a new IVIFSS for all decision makers and the vector of this IVIFSS could be considered as the valuation of the alternatives that all the decision makers decide, whose score functions could be rank the alternatives. Finally, an approach to multicriteria group decision making based on IVIFSS is given and an illustrative example is employed to show the validity of this approach.

Regional tourism competitiveness evaluation method based on fuzzy analytic hierarchy process PDF

Yan Zhou


Business Administration College, Nanchang Institute of Technology, Jiangxi Nanchang, China

To promote the regional tourism competitiveness capability, regional tourism competitiveness should be evaluated objectively and accurately, and then provide useful suggestions to support government decision making. Therefore, in this paper, we focus on the problem of regional tourism competitiveness evaluation using fuzzy analytic hierarchy process. In order to enhance the performance of standard AHP, we exploit the fuzzy theory and then make the comparative judgments through trapezoid fuzzy numbers. Seven types of quantitative factors are used in our evaluation model, such as “Essential factors of tourism competitiveness”, “Tourism enterprises competitiveness”, “Tourism market competitiveness”, “Tourism basic industry competitiveness”, “Tourism Supporting industry competitiveness”, “Government competitiveness”, and “Others”. Furthermore, trapezoid membership functions are defined for each quantitative factor, and then the level of the regional tourism competitiveness evaluation can be obtained by computing the highest membership utilizing the membership matrix. To demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed, we collect related data from ten different regions of China using the Statistical yearbook to make dataset. Then, experiments are conducted to make performance evaluation compared with AHP and Fuzzy DEA. Experimental results testify that our proposed fuzzy AHP based method performs better than others.

The analysis and evaluation method for small samples from the perspective of regression PDF

YIN Boya1, LI Chenyi2


1 Department of Mathematics college of science, Zhejiang University of Technology;
2 JianXing Honors College, Zhejiang Universities of Technology, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China, 310023

It is well-known that regression analysis often suffers from the small sample problem while big data is a necessity to greatly improve the credibility of research. We propose an analysis and evaluation method to judge the quality of small samples accurately through taking full advantage of these representative data. To achieve it, regression analysis was adopted to describe and expand the small amount of data. Meanwhile, principal component analysis would be performed to give the comprehensive evaluation of the forwarded data. We demonstrate the method by taking micro alloying of adding aluminium and rare earth as an example to explain the feasibility and accuracy of this analysis system. It proceeds as follows: stepwise regression data expansion and forwarding principal component analysis. The paper ends with recommendations that adding rare earth benefited the ensemble more to illustrate this analysis method can describe the general trend of data.

A survey on adaptation decision-making of business processes and the affected web service compositions PDF

Qinghua Lu1,2, Shanshan Li1, Weishan Zhang1


1 College of Computer and Communication Engineering, China University of Petroleum, Qingdao, China
2 Software Systems Research Group, NICTA, Sydney, Australia

When changes occur in the business processes and their implemented Web service compositions, the Web service compositions are required to be adapted at run-time to accommodate the changes. To guide development of new decision-making algorithms and corresponding frameworks for management of Web service compositions, there is a need to examine and classify problems involved in adaptation. In this paper, we studied the existing work in the area of adaptation of Web service compositions and performed a classification of problems in adaptation decision-making for business processes and their affected Web service compositions. We classify the adaptation decision-making problems using the 5WH question and propose six dimensions of classifications of problems in adaptation decision-making: causes of the adaptation (corresponding to “When”), goals of the adaptation (corresponding to “Why”), scope of the adaptation (corresponding to “Where”), adaptation decision-maker (corresponding to “Who”), planning of the adaptation (corresponding to “How”), and changes made by adaptation (corresponding to “What”). The classification identifies aspects that are not studied sufficiently in the past works and helps us explore the requirements for adaptation decision-making software. The study observes that autonomic business-driven decision-making is a promising research area, with many unsolved challenges and there is a gap on business-driven decision-making for concurrent adaptation of multiple Web service composition instances.

An effective human resource management mode via analytic hierarchy process PDF

Chi Chen, Zhongyi Zhang, Li Chen, Yongbo Lv


Institute of Systems Engineering and Control, School of Traffic and Transportation, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing, 100044 China

With the rapid development of social economics, there are a large number of enterprises in China. However, the profitability of some enterprises is still not satisfied. The reasons lie in that human resource allocation and management ability of these enterprises should be improved. Therefore, in this paper, we focus on the problem of human resource management mode selection based on analytic hierarchy process. Functions of human resource management consist of basic work, routine work, and strategic work. Afterwards, a three level index system of the human resource management problem is provided which can cover the above three functions. Then, we propose a novel human resource management mode selection approach based on analytic hierarchy process, which is a multi-criteria decision-making calculating method via relative assessment and prioritization of alternatives. Finally, experiments are conducted using the data collected from listed companies. Experimental results show that the performance of the proposed method is quite close to the ground truth, and “Management rules”, “Salary and welfare”, and “Enterprise culture” are the most important factors in the proposed problem. Furthermore, we can find that 1) human resource management mode selection of a specific enterprise must be consistent with its business strategy, 2) enterprise culture and staff incentive mechanism are also have profound impact on modern enterprise development..

Mathematics teaching quality evaluation research based on harmony search BP neural network PDF

Jianhua Que


College of Mathematics and Information Science, Xianyang Normal University, Xianyang, Shaanxi China, 712000

The focus of improving the quality of mathematics education is to improve the quality of teaching, so that teaching evaluation is the key to improve the teaching quality of education. BP algorithm is used to evaluate mathematics teaching quality, but it is easy to fall into local optimum and has low convergence speed. Harmony search is used to optimize weight and threshold of BP neural network. Then mathematics teaching quality evaluation based on improved BP neural network is proposed. The experiment results show that the improved BP neural network has faster convergence speed and is more precise than traditional BP neural network. It can evaluate teaching quality more scientifically and accurately.

Regional large-scale science instruments configuration efficiency evaluation method based on multi-objective optimization and fuzzy decision-making model PDF

Zhang Xiaojun


Henan Institute of Education, Henan Zhengzhou 450000, China

This paper concentrates on the problem of regional large-scale science instruments configuration efficiency evaluation, which is a typical multi-objective optimization problem. As large-scale science instruments have not been utilized with high efficiency, it is of great importance to promote the efficiency of large-scale science instruments configuration. Firstly, the multi-objective particle swarm optimization model is proposed, in which three objectives are considered (such as Economic benefits, Utilization rate of equipment, and Social benefits). Exploiting the proposed multi-objective particle swarm optimization model, Pareto optimal solutions can be obtained. Secondly, a fuzzy decision-making model is provided to choose an optimal solution from the set of Pareto optimal solutions by implementing the intersection of all fuzzy criteria and the related constrains. Thirdly, to make performance evaluation, we collect the data from statistical yearbooks of ten provinces in China to construct dataset. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed method can effectively evaluate regional large-scale science instruments configuration efficiency.

Network intrusion detection model based on improved BP algorithm PDF

Luo Qun1 , Liu Zhen-dong1


1 Chongqing Creation Vocational College, YongChuan, Chongqing, China, 402160

With the rapid development of network, the performance of intrusion detection system that ensures the security of network information has been paid more and more attention. In order to overcome the disadvantages of RBF neural network, a novel RBF scheme based on improved particle swarm optimization is proposed, which can overcome the disadvantage of premature convergence. The experiment result shows that the proposed algorithm has better detection rate and false positive rate than traditional algorithms based on RBF, and it can provide important reference for network intrusion detection system in practice.

A logistics production-distribution scheme based on intelligent computing PDF

Xing Liu1, Hai Liu2


1 School of Management, Tianjin University, Tianjin City, China, 300072
School of Business, Zhengzhou University, Henan Province, China, 450052

How to improve the overall level of the supply chain of the logistics industry has become the focus of enterprises and scholars. Firstly, production-distribution model is investigated, including the object function and constraint conditions. Then the optimized production-distribution scheme based on genetic harmony algorithm is proposed. At last, the experiment results show that the proposed scheme can solve the problem of the production-distribution and can achieve the goal of minimizing cost.

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Part C: Cumulative Index PDF

Part D: Content PDF

Part D: Nature Phenomena and Innovative Engineering

Reconstruction of electrical impedance tomography using improved Newton-Raphson algorithm based on wireless distributed system PDF

Peng Li,Xi Fang, Xiaoyu Zhang, Zhuoqiu Li


Wuhan university of Technology, School of Science, Wuhan, China

In the fields such as non-destructive testing and structural health monitoring, Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT for short) caused concern for people in recent years. This paper introduced the wireless distributed EIT data acquisition system for the advantages of low costing, reliable, accurate and efficient. For this wireless EIT system we have designed the corresponding software which could receive and process data and reconstruct image in one step. On the other hand, based on the existing algorithms this paper proposed the improved Newton-Raphson algorithm to reconstruct image. The experiment result proved that both the system and algorithm was a successful, accurate and optimized for EIT experiment.

Estimation on concrete trench barrier effect: a hybrid experimental method based on neural network model PDF

LiDaniel1, JunWang2,MingjieLi1, XiLi1, ZhenpingSun3,ZhengLeng1


1Concrete Co. Ltd. Of cscec5b, Changsha, Hunan, China

2China West Construction Group Co.,LTD, Chengdu, Sichuang, China

3Tongji University,China

In this paper, the neural network is introduced as the basic model, and the barrier effect of the vertical seismic wave amplitude is estimated by the three dimensional concrete trench. The back propagation training method is adopted in the paper. The main procedure includes inputting the related parameters of trench barrier seismic wave, analyzing by the pre-processed method and factor algorithm, and selecting six parameters such as the trench section, the distance between the epicenter and the trench, the immersed depth in the foundation and the in-filled material property, etc. The disadvantage of the node numbers and the network learning, which is made by the previous trial-and-error method, should be improved by the Cascade Correlation learning procedure, the automatically adjusted learning speed ratio and the inertia factor algorithm. In addition, the neural network should be built up and taken the average vertical amplitude as the output value. The experiment results show that the built neural network model can simulate the barrier effect of the vertical seismic wave amplitude analyzed by the three dimensional concrete trench, and its accuracy of the predicted results is better.

Experimental research on modified polymer concrete PDF

Jin-minGuo1, Yi Wang2


1School of Transportation Engineering, Henan University of Urban Construction, Pingdingshan, Henan 467036,China

2School of Civil Engineering, Henan University of Urban Construction, Pingdingshan, Henan 467036,China

A sort of high performance modified polymer concrete was needed to develop as while as the maturing and function defecting of concrete become one common issue for dam engineering, coffering engineering and foundation engineering of hydraulic structure. In order to researching the compositeadditive of polymer concrete and the influence of silica fume mixing proportion on polymer concrete, A series of orthogonal tests were processed. Firstly, an optimum mixing proportion of the compositeadditive was proposed, the antifoaming agent is 1.5% of polymer emulsion, the water reducing agent is 1.2% of cement and the stabilizing agent is 3% of polymer emulsion. Secondly, the result shows that the compressive strength, rupture strength and splitting tensile strength of polymer concretefirstly increases and then decreases with the increase of themixing amount of silica fume and the mechanical properties will be optimized at mixing amount of 12%. Thirdly, compared with ordinary concrete, the modified polymer concrete raised the compressive strength 11.2%, the rupture strength 8.3%, splitting tensile strength 11.4% and improved the impermeability 4.4 times on the 28th day.Finally, the action mechanisms of the modified polymer concrete are analyzed.

The hardware design of Type B residual current device PDF

Quntai Shen1, Zixing Shen1, Sheng Li2


1School of Information Science and Engineering, Central South University, Changsha, China

2Department of Public Security,Railway Police College, Zhengzhou, China

Conduct the analysis of available type B residual current device in the market, compare their functions and technical characteristics, research their operation principle and feature, then purpose the corresponding solution. Finally, develop a prototype and conduct the test. There are three samples. They are ABB RC223 residual current release, which can be combined with the Tmax T4 four-pole circuit-breaker in the fixed or plug-in version, Socomec earth leakage relay RESYS B 475 and Bender residual current monitor RCMA470LY

Study on steel box girder with partial precast concrete deck by top-down method PDF

Zi-jing Wang


Department of Engineering Management, Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology, No.90, Wangcheng Avenue, Luoyang, Henan, P.R. China

Top-down construction method is one popular used method in constructing steel box girder throughout the world. But the existing method is uneconomical due to using closed rectangular section and full in-situ casting concrete in the deck. An open-trapezoidal steel box-girder cross section and partial precast concrete deck is proposed here. To evaluate practicability of this method, finite element computer model has been set up for simulating the behaviour of the continuous steel box girder during construction, and then the elastic stresses of steel and concrete during construction stages were analyzed by considering the full-scale model of bridge.

Measurement circuit of solenoid inductance sensor PDF

Suming Li, Long Quan


Key Laboratory of Advanced Transducers and Intelligent Control System of Ministry of Education, Taiyuan University of Technology,Wanbailin District,Taiyuan 030024,China

To achieve the accurate measurement of the hydraulic valve opening position, two different measurement circuits were designed respectively for two-coil and three-coil differential solenoid inductance displacement sensors. Compared the pros and cons of their static and dynamic performances. The peripheral measurement circuitbased on the AD698 was improved, so as to enhance the sensitivity of displacement detection. The different sensor measurement circuits were tested to compare the static output characteristics of these two types of sensors. The experimental results show that AD698 sensor measurement circuit is featured with small nonlinear error, high repeatability, and low hysteresis error. Sensitivity varies with the range of the measurement. When the sensor measuring ranges of conditions are defined, it is appropriate to increase sensitivity. In Valvistor hydraulic cartridge valve system, AD698 measurement circuit would be used to test the real-time dynamic detection. When the system pressure is maintained constant, the valve opening size influences the response speed of the sensor measuring circuit. The greater the pressure valve, the faster the dynamic response of the valve. The relationship between main valve displacement and flow rate is also detected in these experiments.

Analysis ofassist characteristic ofelectric hydraulic power steering system PDF

Wenguang Liu, Ren He, Zhuan You


SchoolofAutomobileandTrafficEngineering,JiangsuUniversity,Zhenjiang212013,Jiangsu, China

According to vehicle handling dynamics and multi-body dynamics, the dynamic steering torque geometric model considered the change of the front wheel ground was established. The vehicle mathematical model and thetire model forvehiclesteering system wereanalyzed.Fuzzy PID controlmethod was used to control influence assist steering of electric hydraulic power steering (EHPS). The results show that control method of EHPS achieves the adaptive change of assist steering. This method enhances the stability of driving vehicle and steering portability.

The influence of the steering wheel angle on vehicle handling stability PDF

Qiufang Zhao, Hongge Fu, Tao He, Sitong Lu


Department of Mechanical Engineering, North China Institute of Aerospace Engineering, Lang Fang 065000, China

Based on the ADAMS software, we established a whole vehicle model to study its handling stability. It includes the front suspension system, the rear suspension system, the steering system and four wheels. After the simulation trials, we analyze the vehicle speed, the steering radius and the yaw angular velocity. The influence of steering wheel angle on the vehicle speed is not big, but the influence on the steering radius and the yaw angular velocity is obvious. The results accord with the actual steering motion and can be a reference for researchers on the study of handling stability.

Research of coal gas warning model based on fuzzy clustering PDF

Desheng Liu, Zhiru Xu, Wenping Chen, Jingguo Zhou


College of Information and Electronic Technology, Jiamusi University, Heilongjiang, China

Prevention of coal safety is the major problem that has been a concern around the world, coal mine gas disaster forecast predicted in advance is essential. In this paper, coal environmental parameters and device parameters monitoring data are acquired, coal gas fault symptom information are extracted, the gas concentration level of warning model is established using fuzzy clustering method. Simulation results show that the proposed fault classification model is accurate, reliable, practical value, and that can obtain the integration of coal mine gas fault level decision results.

New performance-based seismic design thought and stability evaluation of underground engineering PDF

Jichang Zhao1,2, Yuanxue Liu1,2, Yu Zhang1,2, Yizhong Tan1,2


1School of Logistic Engineering University of PLA, Chongqing,401311,China

2Chongqing key Laboratory of Geomechanics & Geoenvironmental Protection, Logistical Engineering University, Chongqing, 401311, China

With the rapid development of the national economy and the urban modernization, the traditional intensity-based (or displacement-based)seismic design method can longer meet the demand of the seismic design of modern buildings in recent years, which is much more obviousespecially for the seismic design of underground engineering. In this paper,aimed at the prominent problems for seismic safety of underground engineering at present, the prospectiveperformance level and fortification objective based on specific structural forms, surrounding rock classifications, support types and other factors of underground engineering are determined, to ensure to fully play its functional performance and to minimize the overall lossunder seismic effect that may occur inthe whole life period; Based on the dynamic and static combined cycling loading method and the design strategy of the structure performance, this paper adopts the combination method of similarity physical model experiment and the numerical analog calculation to conduct dynamic damaging mechanism and performance standard design research of underground off-wall tunnel.The research results show that the dynamic and static combined cycling loading method can better reflect the generation and expansion progress of the inner micro cracks of rocks and concrete materials, thus it is an effective method to research into the damaging rules and stability of the underground off-wall tunnel; the plasticity displacement, strain and pressure stress changes of the monitoring point can better describe the damaging status of the underground projects; the increase of load magnitude can obviously result in the displacement of the monitoring point vault, which may cause the first transcending damage of the tunnel, and the cycling loading will show accumulated damage with the load magnitude positively related to the degree of accumulated damage; the strain of the monitoring point will undergo sudden changes when reaching the ultimate pressure value, while the crack width parallel to the tunnel diameter is the reference to the damaging status of the underground tunnel; the experimental and numerical simulated results coincide with each other, and can well represent the performance standard of the underground tunnel, thus providing the reference for the earthquake and explosion effect, as well as the protection a design of the underground tunnel.

A wavelet time entropy algorithm for ultrasonic signal detection PDF

An-ran Xu, Qing-wei Ye, Jia-huan Qiang, Sheng-qi Shan, Dan Zhang


Information science and engineering college, Ningbo University, Ningbo, China

Ultrasonic signal detection is an important method of the non-destructive test. The ultrasonic signal detection can diagnosis the internal defects of materials or mechanical components non-destructively. There are some difficulties of ultrasonic signal detection to check the echo signal within the ultrasonic signal. With the wavelet transform and Shannon entropy theory, an improved wavelet-time entropy algorithm is put forward in this paper. The high-frequency coefficients of wavelet transform are replaced by the low-frequency coefficients, and the optimal width of window is worked out for actual ultrasonic signal. The numerical simulations are carried out to prove the feasibility of this algorithm in abnormal signal detection. The results show that the improved wavelet-time entropy algorithm can detect the echo signal in ultrasonic signal effectively.

The research on thermal expansion and thermal compensation method of Rogowski coils PDF

Hongling Zhang,Bin Hong,Yuan Gui,XiaoqingYang


Hebei construction engineering college, Zhangjiakou, China

Rogowski coils are mostly used to measure AC current, pulse current and transient current in power industry. Thermal expansion can change the structural parameter of the coils when the ambient temperature varies, so it affects the measurement precision of Rogowski coils. The mathematical model of the thermal expansion effect on measurement precision of Rogowski coils is proposed in this paper. The ratio voltage error caused by thermal expansion effect is identical with the ratio error of coils mutual inductance, that is obtained by Matlab simulation. The thermalcompensation method that can eliminate the thermal expansion effectonRogowski coilsis introduced, that is, a compensation ring is embedding in Rogowski coils former. The mathematical model of thermal compensation is proposed, and it is verified by Matlab simulation. The experimental results show that the ratio voltage error tendency with temperature is the same as the error tendency from theoretical analysis and the limitation of measurement precision relates with coils thermal expansion; It may eliminate the thermal expansion effectonRogowski coils to embeda compensation ring in Rogowski coils former.

Shift schedule with dynamic three-parameter brought in angular acceleration of engine PDF

Yan Zhang, Wenxing Ma, Zhe Yuan


College of Mechanical Science and Engineering, Jilin University, Renmin Str. 5988, 130022Changchun, China

In order to make automatic transmission vehiclesmore reasonably select shift points, ensure optimal shift schedule, shift schedule with dynamic three-parameter was proposed through the analysis of thedynamic characteristics of engine and hydrodynamic torque converterunder unstable conditions and establishment of dynamic model of vehicle driveline, where parameters were vehicle speed, throttle opening and angular acceleration of engine crankshaft. Shift schedule with dynamic three-parameter was better than shift schedule with dynamic two-parameter in power performance and fuel economy which was verified by simulation test on a certain type of heavy vehicle, then power performance and fuel economy of the optimal dynamic shift schedule and the optimal fuel economy shift schedule with dynamic three-parameter were respectively compared and analyzed. The results show that angular acceleration of engine crankshafthas a great influence on the selection of shifting points, and shift schedules with dynamic three-parameter proposed have important theoretical significance and engineering application value on improving the performance of automatic transmission vehicles, improving the power performance and fuel economy, saving energy and reducing emissions.

Application of vibration analysis in the condition monitoring of electrical equipment PDF

ChaoFu, Junying Sun


Hebei Normal University, Shi Jiazhuang,China

Condition monitoring of power equipment has become an important research direction of fault diagnosis, then vibration signal analysis technology plays an important role. This paper introduces the research status of vibration signal analysis technique, the emphasis is placed on the main research method in the condition monitoring, fault diagnosis of vibration signal. Through the comparison of several vibration signal de-noising method, focuses on the analysis of the operation state of electric equipment through vibration signal.

Study on the stability of hybrid systems PDF

Honghui Zhang, Wenbo Geng


Department of Physics and Electrionic Engineering, Zhoukou Normal University, HeNan, China

Hybrid dynamic system HDS (Hybrid Dynamic Systems) is also called hybrid system, which is composed of event driven subsystem and the time evolution of the interaction subsystem and a class of complex dynamic system. "Mixed" means the combination of continuous and discrete part of the hybrid dynamic system, means that the system dynamic behavior is decided by the interaction of continuous dynamics and discrete dynamics. So far, the hybrid system definition is quite acceptable for: contains discrete event dynamic systems DEDS (Discrete Event Dynamic Systems) and continuous variable dynamic systems CVDS (Continuous Variable Dynamic Systems), system and interaction between them is called the hybrid dynamic system.

Finite Element Analysis of Mechanism Behaviour of Multi-tower Self-anchored Suspension Bridge PDF

Zequn Zheng


College of Civil Engineering of Fuzhou University, Fuzhou, Fujian, 350012, China

A finite element three-dimension space model is built by ANSYS based on the first multi-tower self-anchored suspension bridge in China. After that, the work aims at developing finite element analysis using backward and forward methods, discussing internal force of main bridge components in different construction stages. Then, linear change law of the main cable in different load conditions is analysed, and mechanism behaviour of this new structure in the whole construction is acquainted. Therefore, the work provides key force analysis for multi-tower self-anchored suspension bridge, making a good example for design and construction of similar bridges. 

Time-related Increase Evaluation in Bearing Capacities of End Bearing Jacked Piles by a New Type of CPT PDF

Yongqiang Hu1,2,Liansheng Tang3,4, Zhizhong Li5, Haitao Sang1


1School of engineering, Sun Yat-Sen University, No. 135, Xingang Xi Road, Guangzhou, P. R. China

2School of civil engineering, Guangzhou University, 230 Wai Huan Xi Road,GuangZhou Higher Education Mega Centre GuangZhou, P.R.China

3School of Earth Science and Geological Engineering, Sun Yat-sen University, No. 135, Xingang Xi Road, Guangzhou, P. R. China

4Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Mineral Resources & Geological Processes, No. 135, Xingang Xi Road, Guangzhou, P. R. China

5Guangdong Yongji building foundation Co.,Ltd, Shunde, Foshan, P. R. China

The time-related increase in capacity of displacement piles after installation(known as set-up) is caused mainly by the shaft resistance. But the shaft and base resistances are seldom considered separately in the set-up evaluation. The time-related increase in capacity depends on the mobilization degree of the shaft capacity at the end-of-jack(EOJ), though this mobilization is closely related to the bas resistance. In this paper, a series of field tests including the jacking installation tests, load tests of model piles and a new type of CPT with a total resistance sensor installed were conducted at the Pearl River Delta alluvial plain. The tests have found that there are three type of distribution curves between the ultimate total shaft resistance and the measured one: the ultimate resistance is greater than, very close to or less than the measured one, and set-up is obvious in the first one, while in the other two are not. This indicates the mobilization of the shaft resistance at the end of jacking installation affects set-up. According to the experimental study, a new evaluation method has been proposed and proved reliably by practice, in which the mobilization of the shaft resistance is considered.

Parallel Algorithm for Collision Avoidance Motion Planning of Dual Arm Grasping of Humanoid Robot PDF

Hua-ZhongLi, Yong-ShengLiang, Qiang-pingTang


Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology, Shenzhen, 518172, China

Aiming at such problems as grasping space limitation, unknown target configuration, DOF redundancy of dual arm and singular configuration for collision avoidance motion planning of simultaneous grasping of high-dimensional space humanoid robot, firstly, forward kinematics for dual arm of humanoid robot and SVD-based inverse kinematics models have been established. Secondly, this paper has put forward a parallel algorithm for dual arm grasping motion planning framework integrating SVD and RRT techniques and DAGRRT collision avoidance motion planning. Finally, the correctness and effectiveness of the algorithm proposed in this paper has been verified via computer 3D visualization simulation.

Fault Diagnosis Model of Transformers Based on Neighborhood Rough Set and Relevance Vector Machine PDF

Chen Jialin1, Zhang Mingyu2, Duan Jiahua1


1Yunnan Province Energy Investment Group co., LTD, Yunnan Kunming, 650021;

2 Energy Industry Development Institute of Yunnan Province Energy Investment Group co., LTD, Yunnan Kunming, 650021)

Transformers are important devices in power supply system. Since the testing data in fault diagnosis of transformers have features such as high dimension, uncertainty and incompleteness, existing fault diagnosis methods are incapable of dealing with the high-dimensional and abnormal data, and the diagnosis precision needs further improvement. This paper innovatively proposes a fault diagnosis model for transformers based on neighborhood rough set (NRS) and relevance vector machine (RVM). It integrates advantages of NRS in handling uncertain and incomplete information and RVM’s capability in dealing with high-dimensional data. Based on data provided by Yunnan Kunming Power Supply Company in fault diagnosis of transformers, case study has shown that the testing diagnosis rate of four classifiers in this model are 92.55%, 93.87%, 93.44% and 92.28% respectively, higher than the diagnosis precision of RVM, which indicates this model enjoys better diagnostic capability.

Near-threshold adiabatic SRAM based on CPAL circuits with DTCMOS technique PDF

Beibei Qi, Jianping Hu, Chenghao Han, Yeliang Geng


Faculty of Information Science and Technology, Ningbo University, Ningbo, 315211, China

An adiabatic SRAM (Static Random access memory) operating in near-threshold region based on CPAL (Complementary pass-transistor adiabatic logic) circuits with DTCMOS (dual-threshold CMOS) technique is realized for low-energy applications. The SRAM using the CPAL circuits can recover the energy of the read driver, write driver circuit, word-line decoder, and sense amplifier in a fully adiabatic manner. The DTCMOS technique can effectively reduce the leakage energy consumption of the SRAM. In addition, near-threshold tech­nique can not only greatly reduce dynamic energy consumption, but also satisfy the requirement of mid-performance systems. Modelling and sizing of adiabatic storage cells are constructed and analysed. The simulations for the function and energy consumption of the SRAM are carried out with a SMIC 130nm CMOS process. The HSPICE simulation results show that the SRAM has ideal logic function and low energy consumption.

Research on seismic response of a large liquid storage tank using equivalent load method PDF

Jingyuan Li1, Hua Wang1, Xiaochuan You2, Min Ding1, Jinsan Ju1


1Dept. of Civil Engineering, China Agricultural University, Beijing, China

2Dept. of Engineering Mechnics, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Based on the principle of added mass method, a method of calculating the dynamic response of the large liquid storage tank under seismic loads is proposed in this paper i.e. equivalent load method. The main idea of this method is converting the added mass to dynamic surface pressure. Compared with added mass method, equivalent load method not only simplifies calculation process but also improves computational efficiency. In order to verify the feasibility of the proposed method, a large liquid storage tank(36m in diameter and 19m in height) was simulated in ABAQUS with added mass method and equivalent load method respectively. The user subroutine UEL was introduced to build added mass element and the different distributions of dynamic pressure was derived in equivalent load method. The results of added mass method and equivalent load method show that they are numerically close. It illustrates the difference and relationship between equivalent load method and added mass method in calculating the dynamic response of the large liquid storage tank under seismic loads, at the same time demonstrates the feasibility of equivalent load method.

Slipping coefficient study of frictional high strength bolt joint PDF

Jingyuan Li1, Qiang He1, Kai Zhang1, Zichen Lin2, Min Ding1, Jinsan Ju1


1Dept. of Civil Engineering, China Agricultural University, Beijing, China

2Dept. of Civil Engineering, Beijing Forestry University, Beijing, China

The finite element model was developed by the software ABAQUS based on the existed test to analyze the slipping coefficient of frictional high strength bolt joint. The effects of connecting plate thickness, distance from bolt axis to the component edge, bolt hole diameter, and pretension on slipping coefficient were discussed. The results show that the simulated slipping coefficient is about 0.23 and agrees well with the existed test results. It is smaller than the corresponding code value 0.3. Increasing connecting plate thickness or edge distance could improve the slipping coefficient slightly. Increasing bolt hole diameter or pretention would decrease the slipping coefficient slightly. At the same time, the minimum and the maximum pretension curves for M20 bolt were obtained for practical usage.

Research on Memristor and LDR Memristor Mathematic Models PDF

Wang Xiao-Yuan, Wang Guang-Yi


School of Electronic Information, Hangzhou Dianzi University, 310018, China

In this paper, the mathematic models used to describe memristors are summarized, including the cubic nonlinear model, passive and active monotonic increasing piecewise linear models, parabolic curve model and memristive system model of memristor. To further understand these models’ characteristics, the definitions on memristor, HP memristor and each mathematic model are introduced first, based on that the basic characters, power characters and circuit characters are studied in detail. And as we known, the LDR(Light Dependent Resistor) memristor which is a novel analogue model of the memristor proposed in 2012 can be used as a two port device like a resistor, it is good in using for future research into memristor applications. So here, by studying the mathematic models of memristor, one of the most suitable mathematic models for the LDR memristor is decided.

The designs of iron roughneck working torque real time monitoring scheme and the hardware system PDF

Hao Wu1, YongPeng1,2


1Mechanical Engineering School, Xi`an Shiyou University, Xi’an,710065, China

2National Engineering Technology Research Centre for Oil and Gas Drilling Equipment, Xi’an,710065, China

The iron roughneck, a full automatic making-up or breaking-out device instead of the traditional hydraulic tongs, has been applied in production practice and become the essential equipment in automatic pipe handling system on marine drilling platform. When the iron roughneck is at working, real time monitoring and controlling of the working torque is necessary. It can ensure the torque value is under control when drilling tools are made up or broken out so as to protect the drill screw threads and prolong the service life of drills. Based on the measurement and control of the working torque of the iron roughneck, the scheme, which treats testing hydraulic cylinder working pressure as the measurement information, is determined. The hardware circuit including sensors, single chip microcomputer, alarm, feedback control and so on is designed to provide hardware conditions for the test and control of the iron roughneck working torque. Finally, the simulation experience used to test alarm function of the system is carried out.

Finite element simulation of stray currents on subway shield tunnel PDF

Guo Wang, Xiaoxiang Pei


Lanzhou Jiaotong University, Lanzhou, 730070, China

Three-dimensional Finite element model and a circuit element model were simulated respectively in homogeneous soil media and stratified soil media by loading different currents of railway. Simulation results show that the potential attenuation is nonlinear from the subway tunnel to the surrounding underground environment and along far away rail loading current of direction; With the loading current increasing, the potential of surrounding media advanced, to increase the resistance of the ragion near the subway railway can reduce the effect scope of the stray current. Compared to the traditional model of circuit elements, the three-dimensional finite element model can calculate the potential value of each position on the running rails and surrounding, resulting in stray current sphere of influence.

Analysis of heavy vehicle rollover and stability PDF

Zhiguo Zhao1, 2


1 School of Transportation Engineering, Huaiyin Institute of Technology, Huaian, 223003, China
2 School of mechanical engineering, Southeast University, Nanjing, 211189, China

Features itself of heavy vehicle led to their poor roll stability and prone to rollover accidents. Vehicle rollover accidents are a significant traffic accidents resulting in loss of life and property, and have become an important issue affecting transport security. Exploration and research of heavy vehicle safety and stability control have become the important topic concerned all over the world. A 3DOF dynamics model is created with heavy truck for example to set the LTR (Lateralload Transfer Ratio) as the rollover evaluation index, study on the relationship between speed, the front corner and centroidal moment with rollover angle, lateral load transfer ratio, then analyse the influence of vehicle condition parameters on the roll stability with both cases of noload and loaded, and make a simulation in SIMULINK. The simulation results show that load mass and centroid position have the greatest impact on rollover stability, vehicle driving stability can be improved by reducing the height mass and increasing the track and wheelbase, the traditional warning method cannot completely reflect the state of rollover of heavy vehicles. All this work finally provides the basis for optimization of heavy vehicles bodies and improves of rollover stability of heavy vehicles.

Thermal management of ARM SoCs using Linux CPUFreq as cooling device PDF

Lei Zhou1, Shengchao Guo2


1Changshu Institute of Technology, Changshu, China
2Freescale Semiconductor, Inc., Shanghai, China

While the performance of modern ARM System on Chips (SoCs) increases significantly than the previous generation, the power dissipation and on-chip temperature becomes dramatically high. The existing thermal management solutions are mostly built on Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) and Dynamic Thermal Management (DTM) model for traditional desktop and server machines. They do not directly apply on mobile ARM SoCs as it is. This paper proposes a solution for thermal management on high performance ARM SoCs based on a model which is built on some ACPI thermal concepts and DTM DVFS mechanism. The thermal model is implemented on Freescale i.MX6Q SoC with Linux Kernel 3.6. It uses a lot of help from Linux thermal infrastructural and CPUFreq subsystem, and builds a cooling device backed by CPUFreq driver. A comparison testing on i.MX6Q shows that the cooling device can effectively controls the on-chip temperature around a designed threshold value. The thermal model is built on generic thermal hardware support and common software infrastructural, and therefore should work universally for other ARM SoCs.

Characterization of water flooded layers of alluvial fan reservoirs in China Xinjiang oil field PDF

Liang Zhao, Lidan Ji


Research institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development, Beijing, China

Alluvial fan reservoirs have strong heterogeneity, which would result in complicated remaining oil distribution in mid-late water injection development stage of oilfield. To assess the flooding degree of water flooded layers and find out the remaining oil distribution law are important and difficult in oil field developing adjustment. The paper took Kexia formation reservoirs in Xinjiang oil field for example, and on base of establishing the criterion of identification of water flooded layers, the reservoir flooding degree and features were analysed. The remaining oil distribution model of alluvial fan reservoirs were divided into 4 categories: injection-production without corresponding, oil layers on top, interface barrier type and lenticular type. The effect of sedimentary facies to remaining oil distribution was concluded: the middle fan reservoirs are the main target of tapping potential, interbeded of multi-period braided river distributary channel deposition and sheetflood fine particle deposition, which has strong heterogeneity and result in low swept volume of displacement of oil by water. And their distribution models mostly are layers on top type and interface barrier type.

Study on the shear capacity of PBH shear connector basing on PBL shear connector PDF

FAN Liang1,2, ZHOU Zhixiang2


1State Key Laboratory of Mountain Bridge and Tunnel Engineering, Chongqing Jiaotong University, Chongqing, China
2Chongqing Jiaotong University, Chongqing, China

According to the structural characteristics of steel box-concrete composite structure, a new type of shear connector with Perfobond hoop is proposed basing on PBL shear connector (Perfobond Hoop, PBH in short). PBH shear connector is composed of stiffening rib and stirrup, the joint work of steel box and concrete is realized without adding any special connection construction. Push out test of the PBL and PBH were performed, results show that the shear capacity and shear stiffness of PBH are higher than that of the PBL; multi-parameters effect on the mechanical behaviour and the shear capacity of PHB were analysed using FEM analysis in terms of the concrete strength, the perforation diameter and so on; on the basis of the test and analysis, three failure modes of PBH were concluded, the construction requirements were proposed to avoid the welding shear failure and compression buckling of the perforated stiffening rib, and the shear capacity formula of PBH was established according to the fracture or large deformation of the steel concrete tenon.

Specialty-oriented “Computer Network” experiment design PDF

Zhao Guang-yuan


School of Automation, Xi'an University of Posts & Telecommunications,Chang'an West St. Chang'an District, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China

In this paper, the teaching usage feasibility of open-source electronics platform Arduino is discussed, with regard to the loosely combination status of "Computer Network" course experiments and measurement and control technology specialty. Then the improved solution of "Computer Network" course experiments is proposed and embedded server simulated industrial applications for experimental teaching is designed based on Arduino. Practice shows that the design cost is low and the development cycle is short due to the use of open source hardware. Moreover, the specialty-oriented characteristics can help students to enhance professional knowledge understanding, increase interest in learning and strengthen innovative practice atmosphere.

The study on computer aided building renovation simulation PDF

Fang Li1, Qun Chen2


1 Hubei Normal University, Huangshi, Hubei, 435002, China
2 Hubei Polytechnic University, Huangshi, Hubei, 435002, China

Many global organizations have invested significant resources to create sustainable environments during the last decade. As the economic, environmental and social aspects of built environment sustainability are considered, building renovation has received increasing attention as a viable alternative to redevelopment or reconstruction, reducing the tremendous cost, abating environmental impacts and maintaining better social relationships with neighbors. Building simulation is very useful to accurately determine the thermal performance and energy consumption of buildings, especially for improving buildings at the design stage. However, the results predicted by the simulations are only valid if the model is properly calibrated. Calibration means technical and operational adjustments of the computer model that represents the building. For this purpose, many techniques have been developed, which are based either on long or short term measurements of some building parameters. It is a laborious process, in which the user has to insert several input parameters in the simulation programmer and, at the same time, collect responses from the actual building operation. The algorithm developed in this study is very effective and suitable for solving complicated and large-scale combinational, discrete and determinate problems. The data module of the system is flexible, and data for cost score and assessment items can be modified or customized according to actual requirements in different regions and countries. Although the system development is based on major characteristics of office buildings, the flexible data module employed in the system can also provide users with high feasibility and flexibility to define different assessment items, renovation actions, as well as their corresponding cost and score for other building types to conduct optimization. Future efforts to continuously improve the system and to promote its application to contribute towards more sustainable built environments are expected.

An intellectual fault detection and alarm system based on multitude of tools PDF

Tao He1, Xinquan Ye2


1 College of Ou Jiang, University of WenZhou Wenzhou 325035, China
2 College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, University of WenZhou Wenzhou 325035, China

Mainly due to the drive to improve safety, reliability and efficiency of process operatios, intellectual fault detection and alarm management has gained significance in the recent years. This paper highlights an inhouse industrial implementation of a multitude of tools used for monitoring, analyzing and reporting alarm and safety system performance at LongLake site of Nexen Energy ULC. These tools mainly used by plant engineers and control room operators in improving the alarm system performance. The efficacy is demonstrated through case studies. A brief overview of the implementation architecture is also presented in this paper.

Numerical simulation of seismic damage evolution of ancient masonry pagodas in China PDF

Shengcai Li, Youjun Zhao, Yu Liu


School of Architectural Science and Civil Engineering, Yangzhou University, Yangzhou, China

The visualization of seismic damage evolution will be useful to elucidate the mechanism of damage progression of ancient masonry pagodas undergoing shock from earthquakes. The typical seismic damage features of ancient masonry pagodas are summarized in this paper. The methodologies for how to construct a dynamic elastic-plastic analysis model of masonry pagodas are probed. In addition, explicit dynamic analysis was conducted with an example of the Longhu Ancient Pagoda which is located at Deyang, Sichuan Province in China, and experienced the Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008. The evolution time-sequence of deforming, cracking, and local crushing of the Longhu Ancient Pagoda during the Wenchuan Earthquake is analysed. The visualization presents the main features of seismic damage evolution in different seismic vibrating stages and could serve as a useful reference for further research.

Suitability of polymer mortars for repairing seismic damaged ancient masonry pagodas PDF

Shengcai Li, Can Wang, Yuewen Gao


School of Architectural Science and Civil Engineering, Yangzhou University, Yangzhou, China

To assess the properties of polymer mortars for seismic damaged ancient masonry to be bonded and strengthened by steel strips, such as fibre-reinforced mortar and acrylic-emulsion cement mortar, it is vital to conserve the cultural relics of ancient masonry pagodas. In this paper, the compressive strength, split strength, carbonation, and weatherability of the polymer mortars were obtained from mechanical tests and freeze-thaw cycling tests. By comparing corresponding parameters and analyzing internal microscopic structures from electron microscopy scanning photos, the reliability of the repair scheme on physico-mechanical properties of the polymer mortars has been evaluated, and some suggestions have been proposed.

The hysteresis characteristics of a sensor with sensing memory function and linearization PDF

Xin-liang Cao, Wei Cui, Xin-cheng Ren


School of Physics and Electronics Information, Yan’an University, Yan’an 716000, China

With the emergence of a memristor, a new opportunity has been brought for further development of electronic information technology. The new memory devices with a self-contraction of hysteretic behaviour, as a sensor, it is usually required linearization, but the linearization result would make sensor to loss the memory function. In the study, the general character of memory sensor is summarized based on the characteristic analysis of a new analog memory device. And, as memristor to an example, according to the duality between the different types of devices, the linearization method is proposed for keeping memory. By theoretical analysis, the conditioning networks of linearization memristor sensor would be not only established a one-to-one correspondence relationship between the input and output of sensor, but also marked the history state of the memristor.

Analysis of conductive particle electric characteristics for anisotropic conductive adhesive film PDF

Hui Li, Yanyan Zhang


College of Engineering, Huang He science and technology College, Zhengzhou, 450063, China

The electric characteristics connected by anisotropic conductive adhesive film were significant affected by the deformation of the conductive particle. In this study, the theory model was set up to calculate the conductive particle resistance after ACF bonding. The effects of the deformation of the conductive particle on its resistance were analysis. The result compared with the experiments was fit well. The rebound of the conductive particle under the high temperature and humidity environment was simulated using FEM, and the deformation was determined. The effects of the rebound of the conductive particle of ACF on its resistance were investigated, and the effects of the number of the conductive particle on the total electrical properties were also studied. The optimal deformation of the conductive particle connected by ACF and the effects of the thermal and humidity ambience on its electric characteristics were obtained.

Demagnetization fault diagnosis of permanent magnet in synchronous motor PDF

Yongming Yang, Yaqiang Li


State Key Laboratory of Power Transmission Equipment & System Security and New Technology, Chongqing University, Chongqing, China

Permanent Magnet (PM) embedded in the rotor simplifies the mathematical model of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM), making its control method simple and flexible, and improving its power factor. But in the actual operating environment, the biggest risk of PMSM lies in demagnetization of rotor permanent magnet material. High temperature would make PM in the rotor suffer demagnetization, which is irreversible. If it develops without sufficient attention, there will be a major accident. From the detection state of the rotor flux, the stator magnetic flux equation is analysed under the demagnetization and the flux observer system is reconstructed, in order to obtain a quantitative analysis of the d-q axis flux and the demagnetization flux angle. Finally, the respective simulations will be made from three perspectives, such as no demagnetization, amplitude demagnetization and angle demagnetization of PM in the motor. It turns out that the flux observer can be used to real-time monitor the demagnetization of PM in the PMSM and the similar case, and can timely make an accurate fault diagnosis.

Theoretical model of materiel quality characteristics metrics PDF

Gang Zhao, Guangyan Zhao, Yufeng Sun


School of Reliability and System Engineering, Beihang University, No.37 Xueyuan Road, Haidian district, Beijing, P.R. China

Facing the continuous enrichment of intension of quality characteristic, a theoretical model of quality characteristics metrics regarding complicated materiel was established in this paper so as to perform systematic metrics of the quality characteristic of complicated materiel. On the basis of definition of metrics, metrics was described, so as to clarify the intension of metrics; conceptual model of materiel quality characteristic metrics including three hierarchies of comprehensive characteristic, single characteristic and metrics element was established; on the basis of conceptual model of metrics, overall and complete quality characteristic metrics system was established from three dimensions including system dimension, characteristics dimension and process dimension; 4 steps of materiel quality characteristic metrics were further specified, so as to clarify the entire process of its metrics. Finally, typical quality characteristic metrics parameter system of the materiel was given by taking aircraft as an example. The model structure is clear and simple, and overall understanding and sorting of all contents of materiel quality characteristic were performed so as to provide energetic support for realization of metrics of quality characteristic of complicated materiel.

Vibration fault processing experiment and analysis of hydropower unit PDF

Ruilian Wang , Yunda Gao


School of Electric Power, North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power, Zhengzhou, Henan, 450045, China

To find the truth of unit vibration fault more accurately and timely, mathematical model is led in archetypal test analysis. The measuring point of vibration is selected reasonably. The caution of vibration fault is judged preliminarily according to the change of the vibration in each measuring point as changing speed, exciting voltage, load and phase modulation operation test. The parameters in sample are chosen on the basis of the vibration fault characteristic and then the mathematical model is established based on fuzzy analysis. The membership grade of vibration characteristic parameters is gotten by the ascended half Cauchy distribution function, the fuzzy relational matrix is gotten from the experience of experts evaluation by fuzzifying the relationship between vibration fault characteristic parameter and fault type, then the membership grade matrix of vibration fault type is composed by the membership grade of vibration character parameter and fuzzy relational matrix. Vibration fault causation is confirmed through the data in the membership grade matrix of the vibration fault type and the disposal measure is chosen. For the example of a certain unit whose upper guide bearing vibrating exceeding standard, the cause judged preliminarily is imbalance of mass in the unit. The swing indexes in the rated speed and rated exciting voltage are regard as sample, and then the imbalance of mass and excessive gap in upper guide bearing are judged as the major causation of the hydroelectric generating set based on the membership of the vibration fault type. Because the vibration fault of unit doesn’t eliminate when the upper guide bearing overhauling, the station decided to conduct experiment of dynamic balance. After the disposal, the fault problem is radically solved.

Effect analysis of the interface design of humanized mobile phones using the structural equation model PDF

Liu Sichen1, Huang Xinyuan2


1 College of Art and Design, Beijing Forestry University, Beijing 100083, China
2 School of Animation and Digital Art, Communication University of China, Beijing 100024, China,

Mobile phones interfaces have been developed according to the “people first” principle, which is a consistent development principle that highlights the need for a mobile phone interface that is increasingly humanized in terms of human–computer interaction. The principle also asserts that mobile phone interfaces should be designed such that it considers the general feeling of users. Users are considered principal objects in studies that examine the significant effect of a humanized interface design. However, investigations into this area are statistically limited. Accordingly, the current study distributes a questionnaire survey to different user groups and applies the structural equation model to calculate the influence of each core aspect of the humanized design. Given this background, this study verifies and analyzes the results of the questionnaire survey and calculates the effect of each influence factor with the structural equation. The result of the effect analysis obtained using the structural equation is rigorous and reliable; furthermore, it provides a basic reference direction for the humanized design of mobile phone interfaces in the future.

The study of wireless signal propagation characteristics under micro-cellular environment PDF

Yucheng Zhang1, 2, Fangtao Yu2


1 Department of Electronic Information Engineering, Xijing University, Xi’an 710123, China
2 Xi’an Aeroengine Controls Corporation, Aviation Industry Corporation of China, Xi’an 710072, China

A wireless signal automatic tracking model is established aiming at radio wave propagation characteristics of micro-cellular environment, which is based on ray-tracing theory and MATLAB simulation, using the method of radiation source tree. Firstly, reflection and diffraction point set are judged theoretically. Secondly, the wireless signal path tracking algorithm is proposed. In order to validate correctness and rationality of the algorithm, the simulated calculations combined with the urban environment of Ottawa are employed; at the same time, the wave propagation path is given and the optimal combination is chosen. Finally, the simulation and calculation results are analyzed and compared, thus the optimum model are obtained. The results show that the algorithm has higher precision and comparatively accurate forecasting results; what’s more, it has the significant reference value for the propagation prediction of the cellular radio and the construction of the base station.

The research on the dynamic compensation and real-time processing method of the shock wave's pressure sensor PDF

Wei Wang, Zhijie Zhang


Key Laboratory of Instrumentation Science & Dynamic Measurement, Ministry of Education, North University of China, Taiyuan, Shanxi, China, 030051

The dynamic compensation technology is an effective approach to improve the dynamic response characteristics of the sensor. Based on the improved Quantum-behaved Particle Swarm Optimization (QPSO), a sensor dynamic compensation method is put forward with the shock wave's pressure testing as background. This method is according to the experimental data of the sensor dynamic calibration experiment for the system identification, thus creating the sensor and the reference model which can get the weight and coefficient of the Dynamic Compensation Filter quickly and accurately. After the MATLAB simulation, the results show that the response speed of the sensor model which is compensated by this method accelerates, the working frequency bandwidth is expanded, and meanwhile the noise is restrained effectively. In addition, based on the FPGA data acquisition system, the distributed arithmetic is introduced, and the parallel structure design of the Sensor is completed so as to realize the real-time correction of the dynamic error of the pressure sensor.

The influences of coupling beam device on the collision response between cable-stayed bridge and its approach bridges PDF

Ping Chen1, Xiaoqing Li1, ShiDong Luo2


1 School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics , Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, Hubei 430074, China
2 China Railway Siyuan Survey and Design Group Co., LTD, Wuhan, Hubei 430063, China

Human beings always suffer huge lost in natural disasters, particularly earthquake, which directly brings catastrophic consequences. Aimed at this, scholars intensify relevant facilities and perfect the structure of affected buildings at all aspects. Regarding earthquake, measures are taken to increase the strength of some earthquake prevention materials and change the construction spot or structure that are in-conformity with the seismic safety evaluation. Bridge, as an important composition of communication, calls for improvement for its earthquake prevention. To begin with, the paper discussed the difference between the dynamic characteristics of cable-stayed bridge and its approach bridges. A bridge was applied as research object, and the influences of coupling beam device on the collision response between cable-stayed bridge and its approach bridges were investigated by analyzing the models, ground motion input, seismic influences and bridge structure parameters. Furthermore, several improvement suggestions were put forward. The research provided reference for the construction of cable-stayed bridge with ideal dynamic characteristics and theoretical basis for reducing damages that induced by the collision of cable-stayed bridge and its approach bridges.

Research on physical parameter damage identification of chimney structure under excitation response of earthquake PDF

Liming Wu1, Zijian Wang2, 3


1 Chongqing Technology and Business Institute, Chongqing, China, 400052
2 Chongqing University of Science&Technology, Chongqing, China, 401331
3 T.Y.Lin International Engineering Consulting (China) Co., Ltd, Chongqing 401121

When seismic load affects structure height direction, it presents time domain correlation feature. According to this feature and on the basis of utilizing total compensation composite inversion algorithm, establish physical parameter damage identification method combining with probability average method in which seismic excitation response is unknown. Taking one typical chimney as engineering background, input stability and accuracy of analysis algorithm under the action of unknown EI seismic wave and do discussion on antijamming capability under low-level noise. Research results show that parameter damage identification of structure without noise jamming keeps high accuracy and stability. Damping has sensitive response on noise jamming in which error amplitude of damping identification obviously enlarges with the increasing of noise level. Meanwhile its accuracy and stability reduce. Response of stiffness on the change of noise level is relatively low and its stability and accuracy are higher. Therefore, research results would provide references for seismic damage and health monitoring method of chimney structure.

Diagnosis and application of carbon footprint for machining workshop on energy saving and emission reduction PDF

Cuixia Zhang1, Conghu Liu2, Lei Liu3


1 Suzhou University, Suzhou, Anhui Province, China, 234000
2 Hefei University of Technology, Hefei, Anhui Province, China, 230009
Changchun University of Technology, Changchun, Jilin Province, China, 130022

This paper takes carbon footprint of the machining workshop as the research object, and carbon footprint connotations of energy, material, and environment were defined, and then standard carbon emission formula of workstation was made with the thought of industrial engineering and the practical production requirement of workshop. We took standard carbon emission as comparison object and constructed uncertain measure model of carbon emission in workshop to describe the control level of workshop carbon footprints quantitatively under uncertainty. A diagnosis method of the station carbon footprints was proposed. The application of this method in a machining workshop demonstrated its effectiveness and feasibility. This diagnosis method on energy saving and emission reduction can provide instruction for optimal control and management of workshop carbon footprint and provide the solution for low carbon production mode. It is an innovative application of industry engineering basic theory in carbon footprint control and management under uncertainty, so it can provide theory and technology support for energy saving and emission reduction, cost saving and production safety.

Design and modelling of the self-propelled hedge trimmer PDF

Men Sen, Yan Lei, Qian Hua, Wu Jian


School of Technology, Beijing Forestry University, Beijing City, China, 100083

Highway hedges need seasonal and periodic trimming and the trimming work is labor-intensive and dangerous. In order to improve the trimming efficiency and ensure the operation safety, a self-propelled hedge trimmer was proposed in this paper, which had the functions of walking and trimming along the central isolation belt in highway. The mechanical structure design and control system design was introduced, and modularized structure was adopted in the design of control system. During the automatic control process, the sensors could collect the environment information in real time, and further determine whether each mechanism worked or not. The proposed self-propelled hedge trimmer is especially suitable for the trimming work in highway, and it can satisfy the requirements in the trimming work.

High-accuracy ultrasonic positioning through optimization of the extended Kalman filter algorithm PDF

Li JunZheng1, Yuan Da2, Wang Bin2


1School of Information Science and Engineering, Shandong Normal University, Jinan 250014, China
2Key Laboratory of Intelligent Information Processing in Universities of Shandong (Shandong Institute of Business and Technology), Yantai, 264005, China

The application of extended Kalman filter algorithm to ultrasonic positioning systems has difficulty in meeting the requirements of precision positioning because the algorithm produces a new calculation error when the system is linearized. Modal optimization of the extended Kalman filter algorithm is thus investigated. The received ultrasonic signal is first decomposed by empirical mode decomposition, the intrinsic mode functions that best represent the original signal are then selected to restructure the waveform, and the transition time is finally corrected. Meanwhile, the ultrasonic wave velocity can be corrected. Traditional ultrasonic positioning can also be improved by combining with a radio-frequency module. It is experimentally shown that the proposed method limits positioning error to within ±5 cm and within ±1 cm after multiple recursions.

A linearly-polarized passively mode-locked yb-doped fiber laser with nanosecond pulses PDF

Xiaojun Zhu, Guoan Zhang


School of Electronics and Information Nantong University, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, China, 226019

A linearly-polarized, all-normal dispersion (ANDi), passively mode-locked ytterbium-doped fiber laser is demonstrated with a master oscillator power amplifier (MOPA) structure. Using a cascaded long-period fiber grating as an all-fiber format spectral filter, the modelocked pulse is achieved by nonlinear polarization evolution (NPE) effect. Nanosecond pulses with a low repetition rate of 1.53 MHz and a output power of 363 mW when the seed source after amplifier, and the pulses duration can be tuned from 0.78 ns to 3.57 ns with a polarization extinction ratio of >20 dB. The preliminary experiment shows that the nanosecond pulses output from the ANDi fiber laser could be used as an ideal seed source for all-fiber amplifier system.

Unstructured meshes calculation method for reponse amplitude operators of TLP wind turbines PDF

H F Wang, Y H Fan


School of Natural Sciences and Humanities, Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Graduate School, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, 518055, China

Here we propose a new method for calculating the pitch Response Amplitude Operators (RAOs) for a Tension Leg Platform (TLP) wind turbine. The traditional method is limited for finding the stability of a body in water; the traditional method is also limited regarding the development requirement of worldwide floating offshore wind energy. The TLP is modeled and meshed in GID software, and a time domain analysis at a particular wind speed was carried out using FEM analysis on an unstructured mesh (UM-FEM). The calculations of mass and hydrodynamic matrices are discussed in detail. Also, translation of these matrices from the origin, which is typically on the free surface of a body of water, to the center of gravity for the platform is discussed in detail. Finally, a linear analysis of a mooring system is discussed, and pitch RAOs were calculated and validated against prior data. The result from the proposed new method closely fits the NREL results and reaches the same conclusion as other studies. This implies that this computation process is correct and that this new method can be used with low error and in conjunction with other methods for offshore wind energy generation applications.

A new 3D graphical representation for similarity/dissimilarity studies of protein sequences PDF

Yan Chen, Kang-Shun Li, Shan Chang, Lei Yang


College of Information, South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou 510642, China

With the development of sequencing technology and the rapid growing number of protein sequences, how to find useful information from these large numbers of protein sequences has become an important research focus. The dominant factor of protein’s characteristic is each amino acid of it. So this paper uses three-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system to represent three important physical chemistry properties of amino acids: hydrophobicity of amino acids, aromatic amino acids, and side-chain conformations.A new 3D graphical representation of protein sequences is proposed, based on the analysis. Using this graphical approach, 1D sequence of the protein can be expressed as a 3D graphics. At the same time, the similarity comparison of protein-sequences, prediction of functional sites, and other sequence analysis operations can be done further. The paper selects 15 protein sequences of ND6 to conduct the experiment, and the result shows that the analysis of the structures is consistent with the actual results of biological evolution. The experiment illustrates the utility of our approach.

Grinding force of profile-grinding bearing rail platform for ballastless track slabs PDF

Jianchao Zhang1, Na Liu2, Yanjun Han3


1 Engineering Training Center, Shijiazhuang Tiedao University, 17 Northeast, Second Inner Ring,Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China
2 Shenyang Heck Machine Tool Co. Ltd., 16 Xihebei Road, Shenyang, Liaoning, China
3 School of Mechanical Engineering,Shijiazhuang Tiedao University,17 Northeast, Second Inner Ring,Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China

High-precision grinding for CRTSⅡ ballastless track slabs is needed before these slabs are laid on high-speed rails. Thus, the current study focuses on the grinding force of profile-grinding bearing rail platforms. First, the formulas of cutting force and sliding friction force of a single diamond grit are analyzed. Second, an experimental method using a scanning electronic microscope is proposed to analyze the samples of bearing rail platform after grinding as well as to calculate the number of cutting grits and sliding grits in the grinding arc. Third, the mathematical models of cutting force and sliding friction force are established based on the four grinding profiles of the bearing rail platform. Last, the grinding force formulas of the profile-grinding bearing rail platform are deduced. The current study analyzes the parameters that influence the grinding quality of the bearing rail platform to promote track slab grinder optimization.

Research on application of inflatable rubber support in actual mining roadway PDF

Zhong-liang Lu1, 2, 3, 4, Yin-zheng Li1, Hong-li Wang5


1 School of Safety Science & Engineering Henan Polytechnic University, Jiaozuo, China
2 Key Laboratory of Gas Geology and Gas Control,Jiaozuo, China
3.Collaborative Innovation Center of Central Plains Economic Region for Coalbed /Shale Gas of Henan Province, Henan, Jiaozuo
4. The Collaborative Innovation Center of Coal Safety Production of Henan Provinc, Henan, Jiaozuo
5 School of Mathematics & Information Science, Henan Polytechnic University, Henan, Jiaozuo

The increasing mining depth lead to severe deformation of surrounding rock and greater ground stress, which brought great difficulties to the support and mining In order to further accelerate the support rate and simplify the support technology, thus solving the supporting problem under high stress, this paper developed an inflatable rubber support which has won the national patent for utility models. It could make the load applied on the steel support have uniform distributed and absorb part of the energy caused by roof weighting, thus effectively reducing the loads; with the weak stiffness, the rubber layer can buffer loads and achieve close contact with the roof of the roadway, so it could bear external loads quickly to prevent the surrounding rock deformation caused by the decoupling of the steel support and roadway in the initial stage. Therefore, the inflatable rubber support is of great significance for the improvement of supporting reliability and the cost reduction.

Ring-shaped array ultrasound imaging using ellipse algorithm PDF

Liu Yang, Chunguang Xu, Xianghui Guo


Key laboratory of Fundamental Science for Advanced Machining, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China, 100081

A ring-shaped array tomography modal consists of 36 ultrasonic transducers is established to study the multi-objects imaging in fluid medium by the ellipse algorithm. The algorithm is based on ultrasonic reflection mode which is a good alternative to transmission tomography when the inspected object would bring about severe attenuation to ultrasound. Ultrasonic propagation inside the ring-shaped array is simulated by COMSOL Multiphysics® software. Air bubbles and solid objects are insonified separately by the propagating waves and the corresponding scattering waves are detected through the ring-shaped array transducers. After the superposition of the numerous ellipses and threshold filtering for the reconstructed images, the shapes, sizes and positions of the tested objects are successfully reproduced.

Spatial model and safety evaluation for water supply and drainage system and fire fighting system of football field PDF

Guoqing Zhang1, Jun Fan2


1Jilin Normal University, SiPingCity, JiLin Province, China, 136000
2Aviation University of Air Force, ChangChunCity, JiLin Province, China, 130000

With the host of World Cup in Brazil, football becomes popular again and more audiences watching games in football field. To guarantee audiences’ personal safety, the water supply and drainage system and fire fighting system of football field are significant. In order to provide a reasonable water supply and drainage system and the standard for evaluating the fire fighting system of football field, the necessity of the design of water supply and drainage system was analyzed and the design plan and layout map of the drainage system were obtained. Afterwards, the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) model was constructed for analyzing the safety evaluation standard for the fire fighting system of football field. In consideration of the influencing factors including personal safety, property safety, construction safety and environment safety, the proportions of each factor that influences the standard for evaluating the fire fighting system were acquired by analyzing. The analysis of the proportions of the factors such as safe evacuation facilities, fire protection, and smoke exhaust and alarm system indicated that there were slight differences among the proportions of these factors; and the safe evacuation facilities factor accounted for a largest proportion. All these illustrated that the safety evaluation of fire fighting system of football field had to be performed based on the standard that whether there were safe evacuation facilities, fire protection, and smoke exhaust and alarm system, and apply the personal safety protection as its main objective.

Study on characteristics of external load of transmission system for cutting unit of shearer under multiple load cases PDF

Yong Wang1, 2, Dongye Sun1, Changzhao Liu1


1The State Key Laboratory of Mechanical Transmission, Chongqing University, Chong Qing, China
2Dept. of Automotive Eng., Chongqing College of Electronic Engineering, Chong Qing, China

To improve the accuracy of dynamics analysis, anti-fatigue design and reliability calculation of transmission system for cutting part of shearer, the accurate external load model of transmission system for cutting unit is required to be firstly built. In this study, the system dynamics model of cutting unit including drum, transmission system and motor is built, the impact of drum load and motor on external load of transmission system is comprehensively considered, and external load characteristics of transmission system during tilt and straight cutting of front and rear drums are studied, when the model is built, the impact of changes in the actual attack angle caused by the axial tilt angle on the cutting resistance is considered. The case analysis is conducted with this model, and the impact of changes in the actual attack angle caused by the axial tilt angle on the cutting resistance is mainly considered, the result shows that: during tilt cutting, the external load acting on the transmission system gradually increases and the fluctuation range also increases; while during straight cutting, the external load acting on the transmission system remains stable; the load of transmission system of front cutting unit is worse than that of transmission system of back cutting unit.

Streaming numerical simulation of cylinder pier laminar flow and control measure research on external concave rib PDF

Zijian Wang1, 2, Liming Wu3, Shengxie Xiao4


1Chongqing University of Science&Technology, Chongqing, China, 401331
2T.Y.Lin International Engineering Consulting (China) Co., Ltd, Chongqing 401121
3Chongqing Technology and Business Institute, Chongqing, China, 400052
4Chongqing Jiaotong University, Chongqing, China, 400074

This paper utilizes FIUENT Software to simulate the appearance, development and change of vortex shedding in cylinder streaming under low Reynolds number, calculates displacement of pressure coefficient and changing rules of lift and resistance coefficients on cylinder surface and introduces working conditions with 10 different rib heights on cylinder surface to do comparative calculation so as to acquire the control measures of concave rib streaming on cylinder surface. Calculation results show that the application of concave rib on cylinder surface could help effectively control vortex shedding of cylinder surface, reduce its resistance and restrain vibration. Calculation results of each parameter are consistent with those in literatures. When height of concave rib is 0.12D, effect of restraining streaming is the best. At this moment resistance coefficient of cylinder surface is 1.0849 which decreases about 39.609% comparing with its resistance coefficient without concave rib. Meanwhile lift coefficient reduces by 79.691%. The results above provide references for control measures of cylinder pier streaming.

Study on ratio of similar materials based on coal mass strength PDF

Xiao Liu1, 2, Haixiao Lin1, Fan Zhang1


1School of Energy Science and Engineering, Henan Polytechnic University, Jiaozuo, Henan 454003, China
2Key Laboratory of Ministry of education and the accumulation process of coalbed methane resources (China University of Mining and Technology), Xuzhou, Jiangsu, 221116, China

In laboratory, studies on the coal mine hydraulic fracturing principle and crack propagation characteristics require a large amount of coal samples, collection and processing are difficult, based on these, put forward a technical idea that using ratio of similar materials to simulate hydraulic fracturing native structure of coal and catalectic coal. On the basis of raw coal physical and mechanical properties tests, through the orthogonal method to allocate different proportion of cement, coal, gypsum, water and processing sample, then test physical and mechanical parameters including compressive strength, tensile strength modulus of elasticity, Poisson’s ratio and so on, regression analysis shows that the higher the proportion of gypsum, the smaller the compressive strength of the material, based on this, we obtained the reasonable ratio of similar materials through trial and error, studies on the condition of the ratio of sample damage characteristics of acoustic emission and comparing with the raw coal, the result shows it is consistent with raw coal. Eventually get the similar material simulation of hydraulic fracturing of coal, cement, gypsum, water ratio: native structure of coal is 2:3:1:3; catalectic coal’s is 1:1:1.2:1.3.

Vibration research of cable-stayed bridge with tower-girder consolidation PDF

Chen Ping1, Li Xiaoqing1, Luo Shidong2


1School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, Hubei, China, 430074
2 China Railway Siyuan Survey and Design Group Co., LTD, Wuhan, Hubei, China, 430063

Cable-stayed bridge is a combinative system of bridge towers, beams, piers and cables. Researches on the vibration of the structure generally use finite element method. And the vibration analysis of structure with the specific geometry is easy to get, while the research on the self-vibration considering the change of the bridge geometric parameters is difficult. Based on the Hamilton principle, this paper studied self-vibration frequency of a cable-stayed bridge whose tower and girder were consolidated. The motion equation of a cable-stayed bridge under the symmetric vibration was gained. Considering the changes of the geometric parameters, comparative analysis of the influences on natural vibration frequency were carried out. Results showed that the natural vibration frequency turned approximately linearly when the stiffness and the cable force changed. And the influence with beam changes on the natural vibration frequency was likely a parabola.

Greenhouse temperature controller design based on the fuzzy PID PDF

Zong Zheying, Wang Chunguang, Zhang Yong, Zhang Chunhui


School of Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia Municipality, China, 010018

Greenhouse temperature system is a system featuring big time lag and huge inertial. Its typical control methods generally fail to achieve good control effect. Therefore, based on the fuzzy PID control method, this paper conducts real-time adjustment of PID parameters through the temperature difference and the temperature deviation variation rate. The numerical simulation result with MATLAB Simulink suggests that to control greenhouse temperature based on the fuzzy PID control method can achieve great control effect. The controller designed is characterized with fast dynamic response good robustness, high stability precision, low overshoot, and strong anti-jamming capability.

Numerical study on Brazilian test of slate with different bedding orientations PDF

Bing Xie1, 2 Yunling Ma2, Wuxiu Ding2


1Luoyang Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Technology, Luoyang, 470123, Henan, China
2Civil Engineering Department, Luoyang Institute of Science and Technolegy, Luoyang, 471003, Henan, China

There are a variety of parallel planes of weakness in slate; consequently, slate's tensile strength can be significantly impacted by different bedding orientations in the weak planes. In order to reveal the anisotropy of tensile strength and difference between the fracture patterns caused by the orientation of weak planes, Brazilian tests were carried out using numerical specimens with ten types of bedding angles by implementing a discrete element method. The anisotropy of tensile strength and fracture patterns were obtained through a series of simulations; the results shows that there are three kinds of failure forms in the specimens, which are as follows: a pure tensile failure when the bedding angle was , a shearing failure when the bedding angle was , and a mixed failure mode when the bedding angle was between 40° and 70°.

The movement rule of rust in primary airflow on fully mechanized heading faces and its numerical simulation PDF

Zhong-liang Lu1, 2, 3, 4


1 School of Safety Science and Engineering, Henan Polytechnic University, Henan, Jiaozuo 454003;
2 Key Laboratory of Gas Geology and Gas Control, Henan Polytechnic University, Henan, Jiaozuo 454003;
3 Collaborative Innovation Center of Central Plains Economic Region for Coalbed /Shale Gas of Henan Province, Henan,Jiaozuo 454003;
4 The Collaborative Innovation Center of coal safety production of Henan Province, Henan, Jiaozuo 454003

Ventilation mode is applied in most coal mines in China for dedusting on fully-mechanized coal faces. On the heading faces, the cutting head of roadheader generates primary airflow of dusts when it works. While, the ventilation flow for discharging dusts produces secondary airflow that moves dusts. Owing to secondary airflow is the major power source of dust movement, how dusts move on heading faces without ventilation flow and the movement rule were investigated. Based on fluid mechanics and by using the discrete phase model in FLUENT software, numerical simulation was performed for the movement of discrete-phase dusts of different sizes on the heading faces. The simulation results indicated that the maximum moving distance of dusts was within 0.5 m to the heading faces. The conclusion provided significant theoretical basis for dedusting on heading faces in coal mines.

Effect of heat treatment on property of brazed joint PDF

Qianzhong Jia, Hongtao Zhang, Man Li


School of Mechanical Engineering, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian 116024, Liaoning, China

Two different filler metal is used to join polycrystalline diamond (PCD) compact into a cemented carbide substrate. The effect of brazing holding technology on shearing strength and microstructure of brazing seam in hi-frequency induction brazing is investigated. Based on analyses of the microstructure of brazing joints by means of scanning electron microscope (SEM) and electron probe microanalyzer (EPMA), it is indicated that the shearing strength of brazing joints increased with the increase of heat preservation temperature; however, the shearing strength increased first and decreased afterward with the prolonging of heat preservation time. And the shearing strength of PCD cutting tools using the way of post-weld heat preservation is higher than that of those using plaster power cooling or air cooling. Thermal damage happened on the PCD cutting tools, and the damage became serious gradually with the increase of post-weld heat preservation time.

Analysis on cushion performance of quartz sand in high-g shock PDF

Yan Wang1, Tiehua Ma1, Jiangjiang Zhu2


1 Key Lab on Instrumentation Science & Dynamic Measurement of the Education Ministry of China, North University of China, Taiyuan 030051, China
2 School of Instrument and Electronics, North University of China, Taiyuan 030051, China

The cushion protection for light mass electronic instruments in projectile is of vital importance to the normal work of an ammunition system. Quasi-static compression tests were conducted on two kinds of quartz sand with different grain diameters and their energy absorption abilities were analyzed. The cushion effect under high g shock was studied by using air gun. The results of experiments show that the quartz sand material takes in energy by grain breakage and the energy absorption ability in unit volume, the energy absorption ability in unit mass and the ideal energy absorption efficiency all improve with the increase of grain diameter. The cushion efficiency of the coarse quartz sand material with grain diameter of 1.0mm to 5.0mm can reach more than 50% under high g shock. This provides a favorable cushion protection for light mass equipment.

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